The Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for the widespread use of the word woke. (from here (

What is the latest supposed example of racism by the police? After Patrick Lyoya of Grand Rapids, MI, resisted arrest, the officer trying to arrest him shot him. Here are examples of the usual ridiculous reporting by the so-called mainstream news media.

Was the policeman who shot Lyoya just trying to do his job, or is he guilty of something? In particular, is he a racist? Do we even know enough to say at this point? Well, ignorance isn’t stopping our news media.

Much is being made of the fact that the police officer pulled Lyoya over for a misdemeanor, a bad license plate, but that is all the news media has to say about the police officer’s reason for pulling Lyoya over. Apparently, we are just supposed to jump to the conclusion that the policeman executed Lyoya because of a misdemeanor. Yet the police officer did not shoot Lyoya until after he resisted arrest (Michigan Resisting Arrest Laws (

Did the police officer suspect Lyoya was driving a stolen vehicle? Who knows at this point?

What we do know is that the news media outrageous reporting is drumming up an emotional reaction against the police. Too many are effectively blaming the victims of this mess, blacks and law enforcement officers.

How are both blacks and law enforcement officers being victimized? Our public, government-run schools are run by politicians, and this is a situation encouraged by the so-called mainstream news media. Usually, blacks and Hispanics attend the worst schools, and they lack the financial resources to get their children out of awful schools. So it is that many of the young men who have attended these schools lack the instruction and the wisdom to be good citizens, including the ability to earn an honest living. As a result, a high proportion of blacks commit crimes and have criminal records.

What is the supposed problem the news media is complaining about? What do all of us do? We profile each other. We use our experiences, including whatever media we use to educate and entertain ourselves, to create categories of human beings. Then we observe each other and stick each other into one or more of our categories. Because young black men commit a disproportionate number of crimes, we fear running into them, especially on the streets at night. Because so many acts of terrorism have been committed by Muslims from the Middle East, we get nervous when we have to share a flight on airliner with Middle Eastern gentlemen. Is any of that truly irrational? No. Yet the politically correct would have us pretend that policemen are racists, and government-run schools work well. Instead of assuming the obvious, most policemen just want to do their jobs well, they would have us believe that every time some white person (especially a policeman) shoots a black, it is a racist act. And that’s not bigotry?

12 thoughts on “BLAMING THE VICTIM?

  1. White men literally have a layup in the USA for being born male and white but still want to whine.These are the angriest people on the planet with the LEAST reason to be so.
    The fk you so angry for ? You own EVERYTHING. You run EVERYTHING You’re loved all over the world. Even in non white countries. Fk u so angry for ?
    And I just wanna say about this “Replacement Theory” or “White Genocide” theory I keep reading about.
    Look – He (and others who think like him) need to remember what a genocide really is.
    Is there any racial genocide like this being done to white ppl solely because they’re white ?
    If so, please show me the cattle cars, bullets, machetes, or Zyklon B.
    I’ll wait
    It’s an affront to actual victims of mass extermination to label his wounded sense of entitlement as a genocide..
    Race-mixing is being done by : Who ? White people.
    White people choosing to have fewer children is being done by : Who ? White people.
    If this is a genocide, it’s the first in history to be carried out mainly by its own targets.
    Couldn’t this ugly ass mole rat have just married a cross-eyed inbred girl ? They have plenty of them in Upstate NY. And start making white babies ?
    Honestly ? If it was up to me. I’d bring back public executions and medieval torture methods.
    Drag the white supremacist piece of sh*t by his greasy dog hair into the street and let a crowd form.
    The more I read about this guy the worse it get’s. This MF’ER in his manifesto states he hates “Blacks that choose to INVADE our on our soil
    WTF? This asshole has only been on earth 18 years and thinks everything is HIS!
    Entitled sociopathic b*stard.
    And notice that even though he was in New York he thought it best not to hop on a train to the Bronx or Brownsville and go 1 on 1 with some young brothers.
    Ater all it’s YOUNG BLACK MEN who these cretins want.
    Na. He didn’t want that kinda smoke and deal with brothas who may well be strapped.
    That’s why Dylan Roof got no respect EVEN FROM other white supremacist because he killed OLD CHURCH BLACK PEOPLE.
    It’s young black men – It’s the killings of a Trayvon Martin, a Tamir Rice, a Mike Brown, a Freddie Gray THAT’S what get’s white supremacists juices flowing.
    It’s funny even when we leave these assholes alone, we still occupy space in their minds, And surprise surprise, they managed to take this heavily armed POS into custody alive. No fear for their lives after he just committed mass murder
    I think racial separatists should be allowed to colonize the Arctic tundras……..establish little inbred colonies..they’d love it..the whole world would be white !!

    1. Because of your vulgarity, the spam checker required that I approve your comment before it would allow it to be posted. Since your comment is vulgar and hate-filled, I didn’t see much reason to post it. However, it does illustrate how bone headed people can be about identity politics. So, I reluctantly approved it.

      If you can calm down, take the time to read what I wrote, and think clearly about my post,
      you made discover I don’t have anything against blacks. My beef is with politicians, mostly white, who use identity politics to divide us.

      What is my identity group? I am a Christian. I believe that God has commanded us to love our neighbors impartially. If you can’t handle that, that is a problem only you and God can fix.

  2. I agree that the news media like to sensationalise any shootings, however it is plain understanding from an Australian perspective that the police are quick with their trigger fingers, but it must be mentioned that is mostly because the cops realise every man woman and child may legally be carrying a firearm, racist beliefs or not shoot first.

    1. Resisting arrest had nothing to do with it?

      Either it’s knee-jerk racism or knee-jerk gun control. That’s a silly way to think about these things. Most policemen — the vast majority — never shoot anyone. In fact, police violence is not a problem. The problem is the false perception created by the lying, partisan news media.

  3. Tom,

    Good post which needs to be reported instead of ………

    In my opinion, news reporters seeking to increase readership viewers, instead of presenting objective reporting, are guilty of promoting “socially destructive effects.” In our Nation which needs now more than ever journalists who:….

    We as a nation deserve the best and wisest leadership in our journalism sources in order to obtain the information, we need to be free and self-governing.

    Or in other words, when the story was reported, to include the same statements you made in your post.

    “Yet the police officer did not shoot Lyoya until after he resisted arrest (Michigan Resisting Arrest Laws (”.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  4. There is no doubt that all news is partisan because each outlet plays to the tune of whoever renders it the most financial support.

  5. News media will always play up the emotional side of their presentations because it is intensity of emotional response that draws viewers, listeners and advertisers. Without sensationalizing the news, there is little interest in it because America has become numbed to tragedies through too much media exposure already.

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