“My Government Lied To Me…”

Tricia has a post about whether we should trust what our government is saying about the COVID-19 vaccine. Specifically, should we take he government’s advice and get our children vaccinated against COVID-19?

Personally? I have gotten both the Moderna shots for COVID-19, and I am thinking about getting the booster. Why? I live with a senior citizen. Unlike myself, she is especially frail.

At the moment, I am somewhat undecided. Not happy about that. When I was growing up I learned from my parents to respect and trust government officials. Unfortunately, I don’t trust the officials in the Biden administration, and I don’t trust the Liberal Democrat news media. We have caught them lying too many times. Even before Joe Biden became our president, we had caught Liberal Democrats abusing their power too many times.

Trust is like faith. We have faith in someone or something because we have learned from experience we can depend upon that someone or something. What have we learned from the Biden administration and the Liberal Democrat news media about trusting them? We have learned we can trust them to lie to us. Not good, and that is sad. 😥

Freedom Through Empowerment

Please take 2 minutes to watch this heartbreaking video of Mr. Ernest Ramirez talking about the death of his son from the Pfizer vaccine. We owe it to him and all those whose loved ones have died or been grievously injured from the vaccines; to hear their stories and acknowledge the very real pain and suffering they’ve been needlessly subjected to.

And trust me, there are many, many families going though this. Yet what do we hear from the CDC, FDA and all the other self important health officials who normally never miss a chance to bloviate on anything Covid related? Crickets. And more propaganda of course.

So yes, Mr. Ramirez, you’re government lied to you, me and everyone else about the vaccines being absolutely safe…

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17 thoughts on ““My Government Lied To Me…”

  1. Commanders are required (well, with the exception of the C in C) to recuse themselves on decisions were there is a conflict of interest. For example, when my spouse was an installation commander he could not take part in any decisions that involved…say, a contract with SWA (the company he had flown for previously). That should be the case with other leaders/legislators who make policy decisions but it is not.

    In the airplane manufacturing industry they have an “acceptable risk” analysis profile and if the reward/risk ratio is high enough, they keep the design flaws that are determined to be too expensive to fix, and also too unlikely to worry about.
    This isn’t a secret, it happened with wire sheering in the F16.
    It happened with several other accidents that my spouse is aware of that did not make it public.
    Sometimes the analysis is wrong, and a flaw that should only effect a plane one in 8 million times causes an accident the 500th time. At that time they try to fix the flaw.
    When the company is permitted to certify itself the ratio leans more toward tolerating risk.
    We saw this recently with Boeing and the 737 MAX (the FAA essentially allowed them to self certify)

    Look for conflicts of interest on the board of the FDA.
    FDA commissioners should not have served on the boards of directors for major pharmaceutical companies, but this is the case very often. When pharmaceutical companies are permitted de facto self certification, expect a high risk tolerance. Especially when they are protected from liability.

  2. No, Tom, it doesn’t work that way. Fine if you don’t trust government.. but then you have to distrust all humans who serve in government who allegedly do the lying. Dems lie.. or do not lie… just as much a Republicans/Conservatives. Trump lied more than any other president in US history and all that was proven ongoing for his entire term. You don’t like “Liberal” media because they called out Trump’s lies… hence the “Liberal” media is assigned “Liberal” and hence, they lied.
    There is NO such thing as any Conservative on this planet telling the truth or lying, any more or less than a Liberal. It’s entirely a human construct to use and abuse the public trust as a government. You don’t like government then you don’t like it regardless of what party is in place. Human frailties and natural behavioral traits is NOT political.

    1. @Doug

      You almost never talk about anything specific, and with any subject you talk about you find some way to trash Trump. Yet you trash Trump with nonspecific charges because you have not got anything else.

      Apparently, you are still fighting the 2016 election. I guess you are afraid Trump will run in 2024 and win. So, you attack the man and repeat the generalities of news media charges.

      Since Trump is getting up in years and could only serve one term anyway, I would rather the GOP nominate someone else. But I only get one vote. Not a Democrat.

      Do all human beings lie? Yes. Do Liberal Democrats lie more than Conservatives? Of course, they do.

      Here is a little research project for you. Use your favorite search engine to find articles on how lying can be a social good. Then tell me where you find the articles that advocate lying.

        1. @Doug

          So? That makes you wise?

          The framers of our Constitution set up a constitutional republic with numerous checks and balances because they understood people could not be trusted to do the right thing. In fact, most of the checks and balances they setup counted upon public officials to pursue their own selfish interests in order to check or balance the power of a rogue official.

          1. Yes.. exactly. So what’s the Great Divide all about then? Why an insurrection attempt on the Capitol? Why is Trump continuing with his Big Lie? Why are Trumpian Conservative so angry with Liberals and the world? The Constitution, if followed, has remedies. We are a democracy.. then vote. So much anger, so much angst on the Right… when the last 250 years we’ve compromised. You tell me, Tom…. cause I have no answers… and I know sure as hell you don’t either. You’re way too busy being pissed at the world.

          2. @Doug

            The Great Divide has been about good and evil ever since people could sin.

            I have already written plenty about the so-called insurrection. That is all you have got, and it is lame.

            I have written plenty about voter fraud. The Big Lie is that voter fraud only happens when Democrats don’t win. Seriously! How dumb do you have to be to believe Democrats and their news media allies? Do you actually think striping our election system of almost every rule we have for maintaining the integrity of the vote will ensure a fair election? Are you dumb enough, for example, to believe that requiring a voter ID is racist? It is a cinch we won’t have any reports of voter fraud when there is no way to detect it.

            Just think about the sheer stupidity of the vaccine mandates. First the Biden administration says a mandate wouldn’t be constitutional. Then they do it anyway? Meanwhile, they ignore religious objections and immunity of those who have already had COVID-19.

            The “evacuation” from Afghanistan was just plain evil.

            Anyway, I could go on, but what is the point? Biden the moderate is President. Democrats have the majority in Congress, and now it is all sweetness and light.

            Where happened to the demand for reasonableness in 2016?] Orange man bad? Yeah! Sure! Biden is the mess Liberal Democrats predicted Truml would be.

          3. @Doug

            Yeah. I heard about that. Pollsters are always trying categorize us. It is what they do.

            This observation is funny.

            The descriptions are interesting in part because the Republican caricature of Democrats is that they are socialist. The Progressive Left, however, makes up the smallest proportion of both the general public and those who vote or lean toward Democrats.

            What is more important? The polling data or how a political party governs?

          4. Polling data, if collected credibly, can be a measure of the performance of government… as well as a check on media reporting credibility.

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