Tradition attributes the origin of the motto to Philip II of Macedon: Greek: διαίρει καὶ βασίλευε diaírei kài basíleue, in Ancient Greek, meaning “divide and rule” (from Divide and rule).

Insanitybytyes22 has written an excellent post, Society Is a Social Construct!, with some great observations! Consider this excerpt.

Allow me to shift over to Miss Manners, or Miss Grundy if you prefer. Regardless, indulge me my schoolmarm avatar. Our good manners and kind words towards one another literally build civilization. We speak society into existence. Remember, society is a social construct. We are constantly in the process of constructing it through our words and actions.

For those of you who think you are insignificant, every “please” and “thank you,” every act of civilized behavior, every act of mercy, is like making a deposit in our vision. Investing in cultural building bonds and mutual funds. Laying bricks down on the societal foundation, the literal fabric of our society. We are building a world.

Society Is a Social Construct!

Insanitybytyes22‘s post brought to mind a sermon I had been listening to, Above All, Fervently Love by R.C. Sproul. Sproul preached on these verses.

1 Peter 4:8-11 New American Standard Bible

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one another without complaint. As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the multifaceted grace of God. Whoever speaks is to do so as one who is speaking actual words of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

What does it mean for our love to cover a multitude of sins? Does our love for others cover our own sins? No. When we love others we set aside our pettiness. We forgive those we love for their multitude of weaknesses and imperfections. We set aside our own foolish prejudices. When those we love show remorse, we even forgive the sins that they have committed against us.

Thus, 1 Peter 4:8–11 describes how to knit together a Christian community, not the whole of society. Nevertheless, the goal of Christians, when we spread the Gospel, should be to make Christians out of all within our society, effectively making our society a Christian community.

Was the United States ever a Christian society? Did Christians ever succeed in making the whole of the United States a Christian community? All we can say for certain is that the United States was once much more Christian than it is today. All we can say for certain is that the United States is becoming less and less Christian.

In her post, Insanitybytyes22 speaks to what happens when the people of a society cease to care about and show respect for each other. When their manners and mores decline, their society collapses.

What happens after a society collapses? History tells us.

Usually, the “collapse” of a society is a slow thing. Often, many people may never even notice, or they may just refuse to admit what is happening. Eventually, however, one kind of society replaces another. The replacement can be either an improvement or inferior. For example, the creation of the Roman Republic was relatively peaceful, and so was the replacement of the Roman Republic by the Roman Empire.

On the other hand, the French Monarchy slowly unraveled and then suddenly and quickly collapsed. Then the people found themselves ruled by what rapidly became the French Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror was too dysfunctional. Because we the people need an effective government, Napoleon Bonaparte was able to seize power. After he assumed power, Napoleon spread the terror of French military power all across Europe. That was not really an improvement.

What kind of societal change is the United States experiencing? Here of late the glorious change our lying leaders say we need is not bringing much hope. Consider how former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich puts it.

As I’ve watched the events of the past few weeks – and thought about the nature of Joe Biden’s young presidency – I began to ask myself: How much more of this can we take?

In just seven months, President Biden has overseen a remarkable number of complete blunders. To make sense of them all and consider how to overcome them, I decided to make a list of them. 

Continued => Newt Gingrich: Joe Biden’s top 10 blunders

Gingrich goes onto list Biden’s top ten blunders. Arguably, even though President Joe Biden has only been in office since January 20th, his record has been so disastrous that he is likely to go down in the history books as our worst president.

Biden’s incompetence was predictable. The man is a known liar. He has never had any scruples. He reeks of corruption, and the Socialism his party now supports has never produced anything but failure and despair.

Given their corruption and incompetence, how did Biden and the Democratic Party achieve power? They divided us and conquered us using the pettiness of our pride. They have divided us with superficial concerns, identity politics, that is, the politics of victimhood.

  • I am my Race. Persecuted blacks and browns versus the white privileged white supremacists.
  • I am my Sex. Persecuted birthing people versus their white male oppressors.
  • I am my Creed. Persecuted nonChristians minorities versus bigoted white Christian majorities.
  • I am my Income. The exploited poor versus their rich white exploiters.
  • I am ProChoice. Persecuted ProChoice versus ProLife, white Christian fanatics.
  • I am an Undocumented Immigrant. Persecuted open borders advocates (Immigration is a right.) versus white privileged, white supremacist, secure borders land stealers.
  • I am my Handicap. Persecuted disabled people versus white privileged, white supremacist abled bigots.
  • I am an Environmentalist. Persecuted radical environmentalists versus white privileged, white supremacist, big corporate polluters.
  • I am my Union. Persecuted government employee unions versus stingy white privileged, white supremacist taxpayers.
  • I am my Gender Preference. Persecuted LGBTQ verses straight, white privileged, white supremacist, Christian bigots.
  • I am COVID19 Vaccinated. The supposedly persecuted prochoice vaccinated versus the supposedly unvaccinated white privileged, white supremacist Trumpsters.
  • And so forth. The supposedly persecuted whoever versus the latest enemy of the People.

Are all these issues petty concerns? Is there racism and sexism? Of course. Do we have environmental problems? Haven’t we always? Try sitting near a swamp without swatting mosquitoes and flies. Why do you think people like to drain swamps? But, because swamps are part of the ecosystem, there is a tradeoff. So, the decision to drain a swamp has more costs than our ancestors realized.

That is why Biden’s speech, Joe Biden Announces New COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Speech Transcript, reeks of arrogance. It isn’t just the fact he claimed authority the law does not give him. The problem is that he claims to have more wisdom than he could possibly have, than he or any other man has ever actually demonstrated.

Republicans have not forgotten that the vaccines were developed during the Trump administration, and Democrats refused to endorse the COVID19 vaccines until after the election. So, the story about who is not being vaccinated is more complicated than Democrat versus Republican. While some Republicans have not done what Biden ordered us to do and gotten vaccinated, nonwhites are more likely to be unvaccinated than, Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race/Ethnicity. The partisan news media is just doing what it usually does with statistics, fomenting strife, helping to divert us from Biden’s shameful debacle in Afghanistan.

Pick any of one of the issues mentioned above, and you can easily find some politician who can go on and on about the seriousness of the problem. That politician will demand authority so that the government can do “something.” Yet it is foolishness to think that our government has a solution for all these problems. It is societal suicide for a constitutional republic to use the Federal Government to impose every belief we have upon our neighbors, but that is what the Democratic Party is trying to do, and these power grabbing politicians are ripping our country apart by pitting us against each other.

Contemplate the nature of men and women who could put together a coalition composed such a diverse assortment of special interests groups (every so-called “identity group” imaginable). Who would believe in all these different causes? No one, of course, but “identity” isn’t about what is good for our country. This is about political opportunists grasping for power. The Democratic Party has become a coalition of myopic special interest victim groups, each self-righteously blind and largely indifferent to the purposes of the others.

What have Democrat politicians done to unite and control these disparate special interest victim groups? They have offered each of them special rights and the prospect of vengeance, vengeance over some largely imaginary hated enemy, mostly fictions created by the news media.

How do we overcome this problem? How do we overcome the insane myopia of people who cannot see anything except the prospect of getting “what’s mine?” How do we overcome politicians leading a coalition of special interest victim groups who exhibit the morality of two-year old stubborn brats? How do we encourage our fellow Americans to unite with their countrymen and save our constitutional republic? We cannot.

Before we can save our republic, we must do something more important, we must spread the Gospel and save the souls of our people. We don’t have a political problem. We have a spiritual problem, one that only our Lord God can overcome.

Still, as good citizens we each have an obligation to vote for someone. We must get behind and support the best leaders we can. We need to seek and elect people who have performed ably and will fearlessly hold those who have failed us to account. So, check out Jeanine Lawson.

Dear Citizen Tom,

The Biden Administration has overseen one of the greatest foreign policy failures in our country’s history.

They ordered a withdrawal before the job was done.

Hundreds of Americans, including dozens of children, and hundreds more of our allies were left behind in Kabul and across Afghanistan.

Now the Taliban has billions of dollars’ worth of advanced weaponry that was left behind in Biden’s botched withdrawal.

What’s worse?

Jennifer Wexton called it “Commendable.”

It’s despicable, and the Biden Administration needs to be held accountable. 

What’s even worse: Joe Biden disrespected Gold Star families he met and, according to one grieving mother, even rolled his eyes at her. 

I am disgusted, as all Americans should be.

Jennifer Wexton refuses to take action.

When elected, I will.

Our Troops, Gold Star Families, and Americans abroad deserved better than being left behind by the Biden Administration’s failures. Joe Biden humiliated Americans around the globe and we deserve answers.

In Congress I will support a full, transparent and impartial investigation into the Biden Administration’s failures.

Copied from an August 31, 2021 email


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