Joe Biden takes the oath of office as the 46th President of the United States.
(Inauguration of Joe Biden | Wikipedia)

If President Joe Biden was going to write a book, and he was going to write about something he knows about, what would the title be? Well, Biden plagiarizes everything. So, my guess is that the title of his book would be: The Art Of Shifting The Blame. Hence, the title of this post.

Why this post? The author of Let’s Recap The Responsibility For The Afghanistan Debacle | The Independent Knight, Doug, is happily spreading the Biden Gospel, and Doug apparently wrote his post to counter mine. If he wants to debate this way, that is fine with me.

Consider. How do the Utopians like Liberal Democrats justify grabbing all the power they want? They are going to make everything perfect, right? But no one except God can make everything perfect. Therefore, when anything goes wrong, the Utopians have to blame someone else for their failure to achieve what only God can accomplish. The Utopians must make a super villain, the arch enemy of the people, responsible. That is, we must be fooled into giving Democrats all the power they want.

If Donald Trump did not exist, the Democratic Party would have to create a Donald Trump, someone they could label an evil white supremacist terrorist, someone they could accuse of doing what they are actually doing.

Where is Doug getting all his nonsense? The so-called mainstream news media, owned and operated by wealthy crony capitalists, almost uniformly supports the Democratic Party. Why? The Democratic Party, the party of the hugely wealthy, never taxes or attacks the hugely wealthy, the people who contribute the most to their campaigns. The Democratic Party taxes and attacks small business people and high wage earners. Instead, taxing the rich, the Democratic Party rewards wealthy supporters with government goodies.

So, what is Doug‘s post about? So that “history can be the judge who to blame,” Doug cites two sources noted for their objectivity and political neutrality (that is sarcasm, of course), CNN (Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden: How four presidents created today’s Afghanistan mess) and (Timeline of U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan).

Why is Doug letting history judge who to blame? The news media is watching an ongoing story unfold, and that story contains blatantly obvious Biden blunders. What news media is counting on is that Biden won’t do anything so awful they cannot cover it up. The news media hopes we will forget what Biden did by the midterm elections in November, 2022. The news media hopes that we will forget just how disastrously Biden managed our withdrawal from Afghanistan so that they can rewrite the history and tell us what to think about it. Meanwhile, while the evacuation of Afghanistan is still in progress, for the most part we will just get the story that Biden could not have done it any better because he was set up for disaster.

What are some alternative sources we ought to consider?

Anyway, here is one of the comments I left for Doug.


Here are the facts, again.

  1. The jackass pulled out the troops BEFORE he evacuated the civilians. Who does that? Democrats.
  2. The jackass abandoned Bagram Air Base and billions of dollars worth of military H/W to terrorists. Who does that? Democrats.
  3. The jackass deserted the Afghan military. The Afghan military had been fighting for years and taken heavy casualties, but they had not given up. Yet many of these people cannot read. They cannot maintain the H/W we have given them. So, we had provided contractors and we took those contractors away. That is when they gave up. There never was 300,000 thousand Afghan soldiers. It was air support, not numbers, that gave the Afghan military an advantage over the Taliban. Democrats took that advantage away.

Check out several articles that show the scale of the problem.

Even when we left Vietnam, we at least gave the South Vietnamese a chance to fight on their own. Biden did not give a crap.


Nation building is tough work. Because it involves forcing other people (who don’t vote in our elections) to change their ways, it is generally a bad idea. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems like the best alternative. Was it a good idea in Afghanistan? Well, if we were not prepared to stick it out for another 20 years, the answer is “no”. Nevertheless, once we decided to pull out, we had to be prepared to pull out as many people as we could. Biden obviously was not ready to do that, and that is his fault. He had the resources, but he threw them aside. Apparently, he intended to abandon lots of people, including Americans.


  1. Tom – Constitutional Insurgent

    After reading your comments and comparing to a logos list to describe various ‘Illogical Fallacies,’’

    I decided all of us would be judged illogical,

    Tom for arguing ‘ a priori ‘

    Constitutional Insurgent for arguing ‘Disciplinary Binders’

    And me for arguing ‘Nothing new under the sun.’

    Oh Well!

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    If Interested

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      You are going to get everyone mad at you. 😆

      I don’t try to be reasonable just for the sake of being reasonable. So, I don’t concede that I used a logical fallacies. I did not presuppose that Biden blundered. I pointed to the blunders and showed how how his decisions caused those blunders.

      Could I be wrong? Been known to happen, but it takes more than just naming a logical fallacy to convince me I need remove my foot from my mouth. First I have to be shown my foot is in my mouth.

      1. Tom, you commented

        “You are going to get everyone mad at you. 😆”
        I never took any formal course in logic and frankly don’t agree with the fallacy I am guilty of when I quote King Solomon’s observation ‘there is nothing new under the sun.”

        I read St Augustine writings to prove using logic of the existence of God which most people are not interested in discerning or believing.

        As for people getting mad, I once tried to explain to my wife her logic fallacy, and only succeeded in making her get angrier with me for implying she was illogical.

        I wonder if perhaps the use of the word ‘argument’ is perhaps the core reason because faith and argue are basically the same as two opposite poles magnetically and spiritually.
        Oh well?

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. @Scatterwisdom

          To say I am an expert in logic would be a stretch.

          Is anything “new under the sun?” Not the way King Solomon used the expression. People have not changed much. Our minds may be logical, but our actions are driven by our hearts. So, we always tend to get angry when corrected, however, as Proverbs suggest, we should be wise and accept a well intended correction for what it is.

          I wonder if perhaps the use of the word ‘argument’ is perhaps the core reason because faith and argue are basically the same as two opposite poles magnetically and spiritually.

          I don’t think that faith and argue are opposites. To have faith in something or someone, we have to understand what we have put our faith in. That is a process of the mind. Faith comes from the heart. Once we understand who God is, for example, that He loves us, then we can choose to put our faith in Him, or not.

          Anyway, I appreciated the correction, but I don’t understand what you think I did that was illogical.

          1. Tom,

            I never said you were illiogical, I sent the link whifh i ran across for information
            because the fallacies seemed to apply to all three of our arguments, in my non qualified opinion of logic fallacies..

            Regards and goodwill blogiging.

          2. @Scatterwisdom

            It isn’t a big deal. I was just a bit surprised. I tend to be more admanant about my views than you. So, I suppose that is the reason you picked that fallacy.

          3. Tom,

            Acurally, I am considering a post to question why having faith is considered a logic fallacy. Same as to use King Solomon’s observation that ‘nothing is new under the sun.

            First. I have to understand logos logic, which I really have never delved into.

            Regards and goodwill blogging,

  2. Biden is not only the weakest president we’ve ever had, at least in modern history, he’s a pathologicial liar whose lust for power is to create a greater legacy as president than Obama. He’s also shown himself to be a dictator by enacting more executive orders than any other POTUS in history in his first 100 days in office. These are the worst possible traits you can have in a leader. He’s a narcissist so he will never accept responsibility for anything. But even more dangerous that all of that, he’s obviously a puppet for the real people in power—the radical woke left. When you have a POTUS who says at a press conference that he was “told to say…” or “told to ask…” you can be sure he’s not in charge.

      1. @ Constitutional Insurgent
        Obama averaged 35 per year.
        Trump averaged 55 per year.
        Biden is on pace for 95 per year. He signed 60 in the first 100 days.

        Personally, I’m opposed to executive orders in general. It should be used sparingly, at best.

          1. You have a point. Again, I don’t think executive orders should be used much by any POTUS. However, during his campaign, Biden specifically said he wasn’t going to lead by executive order like a dictator. He was going to get consensus. He’s done the very opposite since being in office, signing 30 EO’s in the first three days. Biden is on pace to double anything Trump did.

          2. @Constitutional Insurgent

            The Bible speaks of the worship of idols as a form of adultery. When we idolize government, we put government before God.

          3. @Constitutional Insurgent

            No. It does not.

            at the cuckoldish aquiesence of the Legislative.

            We have a Christian heritage. Our rulers have tried mightily to secularize us, but they have not entirely succeeded.

          4. @Constitutional Insurgent

            What we believe makes a difference in how we behave. Those of us who are not “shackled” to any belief system don’t exist. If we don’t believe in God, we make an idol of sex, stuff, science, state, or self.

          5. @Constitutional Insurgent

            There is a distinct difference between canceling the order of your predecessor and issuing an order to implement a policy you actually don’t have authority to implement.

          6. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Is there such a thing as absolute truth? Should we avoid moral relativism? Yes and yes. However, when we vote we are stuck with voting for the best candidate, not the perfect candidate. Jesus is not on the ballot. He is King.

          7. I wouldn’t vote for someone claiming to be Jesus either. I want a national candidate who considers legislation through the lens of enumerated powers and whether or not it protects or strengthens individual Liberty.

          8. In a sense. My vote only goes for those who’ve earned it. In many cases that’s for those who don’t have a chance of winning, but it helps grow the Libertarian Party. Any effort against the duopoly, with my lonely vote… worth my effort of voting.

          9. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Throwing your vote away. Been there. Done that.

            The system is rigged for Democrats and Republicans. Until you understand how the system is rigged and eliminate that unfairness, you are throwing you vote away.

            Because of the way state governments recognize the Democratic and Republican parties, getting one of those party’s nominations is required to be taken seriously. So, the general election is effectively a runoff election between the two major party candidates. Thus, all a third party candidate does is take votes from one of the major party candidates. Effectively, when we vote for a third party, we just deprive either the Democratic or the Republican candidate of our vote because he is not good enough.

            It is more effective to campaign for the guy we think would be the best Democratic or Republican party nominee. Even if our choice does not become the nominee, our participation drives the eventual nominee in our direction.

          10. My vote is thrown away when I cast it for someone that I don’t support…..or who doesn’t support my values. Mind you, I’m a card carrying Libertarian not a fair-weather type. I don’t give my vote cheaply….and I work towards breaking the duopoly. I have no doubt that I won’t see that in my lifetime…..but hopefully my children will.

          11. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Because of our education system, most people don’t appreciate what the founders did. It was not Libertarianism. It was closer to Classical Liberalism.

            Anyway, people don’t vote for Libertarians. So, if you want your vote to count for anything, you have to vote for a Democrat or a Republican.

          12. Actually, my vote is more weighted than yours. my vote can potentially cross the threshold for automatic ballot access in the next electoral cycle. Neither your single vote, nor mine….makes the difference in the win or loss of a Democrat or Republican.

          13. No more unprovable than what you penned. And you’re smart enough to know what I’m far from the only one who believes likewise. I’m fine with being in the minority….especially when I survey the moral and intellectual corruption of the majority.

          14. @Constitutional Insurgent

            So your presumed virtue proves the truth of your words? I don’t think it works that way.

            What is corruption? Who defines what is corrupt? What makes corrupt behavior evil?

          15. @Constitutional Insurgent

            That is not what faith is about. I don’t believe something just because I believe it.

            Words represent concepts and ideas. If I support an ideology, I do so because reason and logic demands it. What faith involves is believing that what I have determined from reason and logic is true. When I see what I believe tested, my faith in what I believe increases.

            Why is faith needed. Reason and logic depends upon assuming certain truths to be true. In mathematics, we use expression like axioms and postulates for these assumptions. An example in philosophy would be the law of noncontradiction.

            We each have a “moral law” imprinted upon our hearts. We know we should treat others the way we wish to be treated. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, and it takes a lot of reason, logic, faith, and humility to do it.

          16. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Libertarians would not have included God in the Declaration. Isn’t Libertarianism the secularization of Classical Liberalism, what passes for Conservatism today?

          17. I agree with you the that they would likely not have [since even then we were a emerging nation with many beliefs and none at all].

            However, not including a reference to a God… not remotely the same thing as “would have never written the declaration. And I’d be fine with that.

            I dispute that Classical Liberalism has much in common with modern day Conservatism….but your mileage will likely vary.

          18. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Read the Declaration. Then consider which parts are most often quoted.

            Have you ever read Abraham Lincoln – Stephen Douglass Debates of 1852? They were about slavery, and Lincoln quoted the Declaration to justify in part his condemnation of slavery.

            The Declaration is our nation’s founding document. It contains the ideas that led to the Constitution. The Declaration was derived from what the men who wrote it believed about God.

          19. @Constitutional Insurgent

            If you want to be a comedian, why don’t you rewrite the Declaration as a secular document? I need a good laugh.

          20. And of course, we both know that the term Libertarian is only a few decades old. I think we might both agree that Classical Liberalism has more in common with Libertarianism than in the platforms of the two major parties.

          21. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Nope, but I supposed you have gone down this rabbit hole =>

            Libertarians would never have written the Declaration of Independence.

            What Libertarianism involves is secularizing Classical Liberalism. When we secularize Classical Liberalism, we create a man without a chest, someone spineless in the defense of what he says he values.

            Think of it this way. Why be a Libertarian? The Classical Liberal says in he stands in defense of God-given rights. What causes the Libertarian to stand up for anyone else?

          22. Obviously, I don’t concur with your perspective, though I respect it.

            I don’t believe whatsoever, that a belief in a supernatural deity is a requirement to be postured and supportive of defending natural, civil and Constitutional Rights.

          23. @Constitutional Insurgent

            When we look at the etymology of words, the term Liberal is one the has changed considerably over time. Hence, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly it meant to be called a “liberal” in 1776. Libertarianism, because that term is of relatively more recent vintage, is also difficult to apply to people who lived in 1776. They never used the expression.

            What is clear? In 1776 people based their ideas about right and wrong, therefore justice and the role of government, upon what they thought God required of them. Whereas, we act like we can separate our beliefs about God and government.

            Please sit down and ask yourself why you believe what you believe. Why are you required to respect the rights of others? Why are others required to respect your rights? Where did these rights come from? Why do we have a moral imperative to pay any attention to these rights?

          24. The sentiment in your first paragraph has already been acknowledged. A host of human conditions and questions had been contingent on what people thought that a particular ‘god’ required of them.

            Intellectual thought and our understanding of our environs, evolves and changes over time – just like the term Liberal.

            If you choose not to separate natural Rights and ‘god-given’ Rights… You do you.

      2. @Constitutional Insurgent

        In addition signing a large number of executive orders, Biden also signed a large number of controversial executive orders. He was legislating. Hence, the courts have been opposing him.

        1. Controversial of course, is in the eye of the beholder. Of those I’ve looked into…..some I find agreement with, some I did not. Regardless, I don’t favor them.

          Every Administration “legislates” via EO……and every Administration faces legal challenges. How is the current any different from its predecessors?

          1. @Constitutional Insurgent

            The president has become very powerful since the beginning of the 20th century. Trump was not perfect, but more than most he showed some respect for the Constitution. Biden clearly does not.

            Trump used EOd to implement and enforce existing laws, not to create new law. Obama and Biden want to transform America, people like you and me. Trump was trying to make America great again. That largely involves allowing us to run our own lives.

          2. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Better is not necessarily an illusion. However, at some point we have to settle for good enough, or we will never even have that.

    1. @Mel Wild

      Frankly, I think there is a good chance he is being directed by the Chinese Communists. What he did in Afghanistan is just too incompetent to be entirely accidental. There is something seriously wrong, and I don’t believe it is senility or some such thing.

      1. Agreed.
        I know I’m being a downer but watching people hanging from our blackhawk helicopters…and now the DPRK has restarted its nuclear facility. Regardless of what anyone thinks about either event, this isn’t going to stop there. Something is going to happen here, and probably not too far into the future.
        Biden hasn’t even been president for a year and he has already fulfilled every imaginary horror Doug and TSalmon had “foreseen” about Trump which never materialized.

        1. And when whatever horrible thing happens, tribalism is so strong a good portion of Democrats will still not care, and blame Trump.
          Real life demo:
          “Trump lies! The vaccine couldn’t possibly be ready so quickly!”
          followed by
          “Well, I will not get that shot, and Trump is responsible for every. single. covid death!”
          Under Biden –
          “Give me 3 doses and another one every five to eight months after that! Biden is doing great!”

          1. Remember when cities were burning and that was mostly peaceful and/or didn’t exist? Remember when our friendly neighborhood liberal posters on this very site said no one was pushing for defunding police, then evidence was provided to the sound of crickets?
            There was an ex military guy on Crenshaw’s podcast (can’t remember the name) who mentioned the Chinese intel were working on undermining the US public perception since the 80s. Their objective is to undermine the credibility of our elections and divide the public, particularly via media. It is working brilliantly.
            Truly, I can see a revolution happening now.
            In the face of all this our own partisan selected joint chiefs say the real problem is conservative “radicalism” as defined by anything the left objects to.

          2. @Liz

            Frankly, I think a significant portion of our leadership is on the take from the Chinese. And now they are afraid to back out. What almost surpasses understanding is why Big Tech and much of our corporate leadership still supports these politicians. Inertia is not a good enough explanation.

            My guess is that much of our corporate leadership has been successfully indoctrinated by our Ivy League schools. My theory is that the best student are often the best indoctrinated. Still, it is difficult to believe they cannot see the problem with putting crooked people in charge, but guess the people giving bribes don’t see much of an issue with taking bribes.

        2. @Liz

          Had not thought of that, but it is sort of ironic.

          The difference is that Trump was supposedly incompetent. Biden may be incompetent. On the other hand, he may be being blackmailed, which is worse.

          Frankly, I am disappointed in our military leaders. Given what they were ordered to do, half of them should have submitted the resignations in protest. The other half should have made in clear they were staying on so that they could protect their subordinates from abuse.

          1. 100 percent agree. Flag officers should be resigning over this. There has been mention of 90 “former” flag officers voicing their condemnation. That’s nothing, you can get some portion of former flag officers to say just about anything (as we’ve seen). My spouse is in 100 percent agreement too. He is wonder why no one has “grabbed their sack” and resigned over this.

  3. Tom,

    Trump would have better managed the pullout in my opinion,

    In hind site, we Americans have never managed or has numerous otherNatios in history to judge, direct, and control permantley Mid-East or Eastern cultures .

    Why we keep trying is beyond my comprehension.

    However, the real blame should be assigned to voters who allow themselves to be judged, directed, and controlled by politicians they themsleves elect into office.

    I published a post titled: Internet – Arizoniza Audit – Founders – Bird Wisdom Conundrum whidh expains my opinions of how foolish we sluggard voters have allowed this to happen to ourselves.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      Nation building is a dubious undertaking. That is mostly because we don’t have the self discipline to perfect other human being. We tend to try to make other people “like us,” and those other people don’t like it. At the same time, when start throwing around billions of dollars trying to build up another culture, the opportunities for graft and corruption are phenomenal.

      1. Tom,

        Your comment: “: At the same time, when start throwing around billions of dollars trying to build up another culture, the opportunities for graft and corruption are phenomenal”

        You bring up a question of one of the best kept secrets of Nation Building history by USA, who really profits when we send American troops to “help” other Nations especially in the Mid-East.

        Anyone who claims the need for oil by USA consumers is considered to be “politically inconvenient:” especially to a family who son or daughter dies in conflicts.

        While oil is presently thought to be a dying industry in the future of battery powered machinery, Afghanistan might contain the rare earth mining resources in the future?.
        I often wonder if the USA should stick to King Solomon’s advice to feed our enemies with food, one of our Nations greeted assets, instead of arms.

        Speaking of arms, the USA is leaving behind 80 billion dollars of war equipment in Afghanistan according to some reports. Another subject that the news media is keeping secret.


        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        Why USA Doesn’t Win Foreign Wars Conundrum? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (


  4. I think Biden is under Chinese influence . . . nobody can be that stupid unless they were either being blackmailed or under complete Marxist influence. . . . Bagram was not just an airfield, it was the only in-country base to check China and Iran. . . . Listen to the special ops guys who are being interviewed to find the reality to all of this . . . it is extremely ugly. . . . we left Americans at the gate and locked up . . . no more plane rides out of hell for anybody. . . . I despise that SOB for this and his cowardice in office is unbelievable. . . . . the 85 billion dollars worth of weaponry at Bagram were left there at first for the afghan troops, but the sophisticated stuff was run by us. . . . we had trained these guys to work with air cover . . . we quit. We trained these guys to work under the influence of our stuff, but we left them in one night and they were psychologically broken. . . . . . . Shame on us.
    Right now those weapons are in chinese hands . . . right now there are hundreds, maybe thousands of american citizens who have no clue what to do and are about to be hostages to one of the PROVEN cruelest gangs of terrorists in the world . . . . . I am so ashamed and sorry

    1. @pitybull1

      When I consider what Biden has done since he assumed power, I don’t know what he would have done differently if he was not a Chinese plant.

      What confuses me is why the American news media backed Biden. I know that some of our big corporations what to do business with the Chinese, but you have to be an utter idiot to trust the Chinese Communist Party.

      1. This issue can only be viewed from a distance in order to make sense of it. There is a place where it all (covid/vaccine/American Marxist movement/white racism/ media inclusion/ etc.)meets quite nicely and it all ends at the feet of Clause Schwab, Bill Gates, Fauchi, and the Great Reset.

        It all plays out like a B movie, but once you get around the mental conditioning that everything that goes against the party line is a conspiracy theory, it becomes quite clear.

        we are in grave danger, but like sheep in the kill zone we are just stumbling along playing follow the leader. . . . Venezuela is a good example to study because they are ahead of us with the Marxist takeover angle socialism.

        Australia/New Zealand/Canada are ahead of us in population control.

        We are more difficult because we still have guns (but not for long if they have their way) Once guns are gone the horrors begin for us, even the true believers that Marx called the “useful idiots” will feel the pain.

        There is a video website called Bitchute where you can get videos the fact-checkers from Facebook, Twitter, youtube won’t allow.

        This whole thing is far larger than most think . . . my wife almost died from the vaccine and not one doctor in the hospital had the balls to even question her about it. I brought it up time and again to no avail. They will listen, shake their head and leave the room . . . . anyway I am about to write an essay on it.

        trust nothing . . . research everything . . . and learn to follow that still small voice

        1. @pitybull1

          Trusting government does not work too well.

          I am a bit surprised by the doctors’ reaction to someone almost dying from the vaccine. Some people have back reactions to almost anything. Even water can kill you if you are allergic to peanuts, and there is a large enough trace of peanuts in it. I didn’t think doctors would be getting that much pressure.

          There is an odd thing about our education system, however. The best students are also usually the best indoctrinated.

    2. @ pitybull1
      Biden is both “that stupid” and a useful idiot for the CCP and radical neo-Marxist left who now controls the Democratic party.

    1. @Constitutional Insurgent

      I believe in doing our best to keep the commitments we have made to people. I also believe in speaking plainly. Instead sniping snidely from the peanut gallery, you may want to try plainly stating your criticisms.

          1. Point out the fallacy. Should be easy, no? Point out where I’m ‘ignorant’. Since you haven’t yet been able to, after repeated opportunities…….I don’t expect an on topic response.

          2. @Constitutional Insurgent

            If you cannot be bothered to look up the definition of a word you apparently don’t understand, “ad hominem,” then what good is your attention?🤔

            Besides, I am married, and you are not my type.

          3. @Constitutional Insurgent

            If you know the definition, then you have yet to make it evident. Instead of addressing the issue, you attacked me personally. Yet you are asking me to explain the fallacy? You are just covering up by being willfully ignorant.

            If you don’t want to admit your wrong, then don’t. This is the Internet. I have neither the time nor the interest in chasing you down.

          4. @Constitutional Insurgent

            I have been doing this for over a decade. I don’t do it to waste my time. If you don’t want to discuss the issues, go yawn some place else.

          5. @Constitutional Insurgent

            It is certainly not my main issue. Why? Most of the equipment apparently came from the Afghan military when they surrendered. Kind of difficult to retrieve that equipment once we handed it over to the Afghan government, and there was no way to guarantee the Afghan government would remain standing once we left. However, we did leave a bunch of stuff at Bagram. No excuse for that.

            Still, we are responsible for what we gave the Afghans. When we started arming the Afghan military and teaching them to fight the way we fight, we took a calculated risk. We had to be prepared for the fact that anything we gave to the Afghan government would be handed over to terrorists if the Afghan government fell.

            Biden did not make any serious effort to keep the Afghan government alive. In fact, the way he took our troops out in the middle of the night must have seriously undermined morale.

            The Afghans could have held off the Taliban, but they had to be willing to fight. They had to be willing to take the fight to the enemy. They had to believe they could and would win. Biden’s actions said unambiguously they would lose.

          6. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Thanks for the link. Politico occasionally has something interesting.

            Both the Conservative and the Liberal news media exaggerate. Even when they are trying to tell the truth, they want us to believe their story is the most important.

            The politico story focuses, for example, on the anger of junk dealers, trying to make it sound important. That is kind of funny. They are junk dealers and expect us to give them working equipment? If it isn’t junk, why would we sell it to a junk dealer?

            When the Afghan military would be the obvious choice for a hummer, why would we give one to a junk dealer? Actually the fact we destroyed such equipment instead of giving it to the Afghan military is kind of revealing. Anyway, there is a mixture of truth here. Some stuff at Bagram got taken out or destroyed, and some did not.

            The real problem is what we gave to the Afghan military. We did not give it our most advanced stuff. They would not need it anyway. Nevertheless, terrorists don’t usually need fancy equipment. That is not required for terrorism.

          7. Excluded middle fallacy. There is a vast gulf of choice between staying forever in perpetual war and leaving the way we left.

          8. @Constitutional Insurgent

            Except for the simple fact I have not argued for staying. I argued against flat out abandoning people to the Taliban. Does that make it more difficult to get out? Yes. That is why Biden had to send troops back in.He couldn’t get away with abandoning people.

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"Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.”


Life through the eyes of "cookie"

Rudy u Martinka

What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom. We are the masters of our own disasters.

The Recovering Legalist

Living a Life of Grace

Write Side of the Road

writing my way through motherhood

Freedom Through Empowerment

Taking ownership of your life brings power to make needed changes. True freedom begins with reliance on God to guide this process and provide what you need.

John Branyan

the funny thing about the truth

Victory Girls Blog

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

The Night Wind

Welcome to Conservative commentary and Christian prayers from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

He Hath Said

is the source of all wisdom, and the fountain of all comfort; let it dwell in you richly, as a well of living water, springing up unto everlasting life

quotes and notes and opinions

from a Biblical perspective




The view from the Anglosphere

bluebird of bitterness

The opinions expressed are those of the author. You go get your own opinions.

Pacific Paratrooper

This site is Pacific War era information

My Walk, His Way - daily inspiration

Kingdom Pastor

Living Freely In God's Kingdom

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