The fence and guard tower at the Soviet forced labor camp Perm-36 100 km northeast of the city of Perm in Russia, part of the prison camp system operated by the Soviet Union in the Stalin era known as the Gulag. The last remaining example of a Gulag labor camp, the site has been preserved as a museum and is open to the public as The Museum of the History of Political Repression Perm-36. (from Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions)

When this post, ARE YOU READY TO BE RULED BY BIG BROTHER?, starting here, got several lighthearted comments about being dragged off to an internment camp, I experienced a moment of bewilderment. Why? When I think of internment camps, I remember what I have read of the Nazi concentration camps and the Soviet gulags. Millions have died under the rule of totalitarian oppressors, and the people who currently run our country have given us too many signs of loving power too much to give it up.

Signs of loving power too much? In addition to the fact that we now have a government who wishes to engage in massive spending, these signs also include:

  • Using the COVID-19 pandemic to severely weaken election security.
  • Democrats, their news media allies, and even the FBI using the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 to demonize Republicans. The rioters were stupid. They got almost no support from the massive crowd that was there to support Trump, but that doesn’t matter.
  • Streams of executive orders. That includes opening up our southern border to huge masses of illegal immigrants including drug runners, human traffickers, criminals, and terrorists.
  • Increasing efforts to indoctrinate our children, civil servants, and government contractors in divisive ideologies.
  • Increasing censorship by the so-called mainstream news media and Big Tech.
  • And so forth.

Therefore, I must admit I cringe at the thought of being sent to an internment camp. When things reach that point, the people in charge — fearful themselves — will be ruthless. They will brutally punish dissidents and anyone associated with them, including their families and friends.

So, I have some questions.

  • Will we see Christians, Conservatives, and the like being sent to “reeducation” camps, even gulags and concentration camps, where prisoners are either systematically murdered or worked to death?
  • Are you someone a power mad tyrant might see as a threat to his rule? How would you react to midnight raids by thuggish “security” police and the sudden disappearance of family, friends, and neighbors?
  • To “protect” yourself, your family, and your friends, how far are you willing to go to “accommodate” the wishes of a power mad tyrant?
  • What are you doing to prevent our nation from descending into such a terrible state?

Do I have good answers for any of these questions? No. Not really. That is why I experienced a moment of bewilderment. Fortunately, I remembered something Jesus once said.

John 16:33 New American Standard Bible

These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”


    1. @Doug

      I have confidence in how much you care about the rights of your fellow citizens. To avoid Trump as president (or whoever the so-called mainstream news media telling us to hate), I think we can count upon you to put Trumpians in prison. After all, look what happened to the foolish people who entered the Capitol on Jan 6. Compare that to the treatment of the George Floyd riots.

        1. @Doug

          I read. I find history quite interesting.

          Wrongful enslavement and/or imprisonment is a common practice. We are not personally familiar with such practices because in our lifetimes this country has been unusually just. That could change, and it looks like it is changing.

          1. Since you read, perhaps you can tell me who has convinced you that we are soon to be enslaved, and what has been these tell-tale signs.

          2. @Doug

            One of the problems with Liberal Democrats is that they seem to think how they say something is more important than what they say. If you firmly deny, for example, my concerns about the abuse of power, it doesn’t matter that I have already given examples of the abuse of power. You just have to assert I have not given any.

          3. Ok.. so it’s Liberal Democrats that want to enslave the nation. I assume that’s a certified organization or party that has a manifesto or party platform that reflects the desire for them to want to enslave America? Who’s leading this organization and where can I go to read this platform agenda they are trying to push?
            Or… are they all one of those “secret handshake” organizations, operating in the shadows that only Conservatives know exist for sure because Hannity, Tucker, Breitbart, etc. all say so?

          4. I think what you mean is that any “argument” I might have I don’t provide any reason for my conclusions that YOU deem credible.

          5. All I know, Tom, is that every single person who has replied in this thread also has their own blog with their own followers.. and everyone has little or no faith in their fellow man. More a curiosity, every single person proclaims to be some form of Evangelical. Now, I am no where the Biblical aficionado as are others in here (especially the one’s who actually preach it to others) who can quote scripture and verse. I was raised a Christian and my meager Christian training indicated there was a line direct from the Almighty to humanity.. yet I see nothing from the replies in here to suggest faith in each other…. just a blame to the “other”… and lots and lots of fear. For folks claiming to be Faithful, there’s not a lot of faith being displayed. But you know what… it’s just my opinion. I tend to see our national problems greater than politics.

          6. @Doug

            Faith in God means doing what God commands. That includes loving God with all we have and loving our neighbors as we love our self. Such is often at odds with what man demands.

            I don’t have that much faith in myself. It is a big universe. We are lost in it. That is why we need God. That is why we should be thankful that He loves us.

          7. @Doug

            It is sad that God loves us?

            Doug, Genesis 3 teaches us about the original sin. First, Satan caused Adam and Eve to doubt the Word of God. Then, He deceived them. That caused Adam and Eve to deny that God’s Word was good. So, they were disobedient and ate the forbidden fruit.

            What was the great temptation that led Adam and Eve to disobey God? Instead of being happy with the fact that God, their Creator loved them, Adam and Eve wanted to be God.

            Imagine living around people who think they should be God. That is most of the human race. Our inordinate pride is the sin that led to the Fall.

            So, the fact that you cannot be God makes you melancholy? Well, you are not the first, and not alone. The good news is that God still loves us, and, if we accept His gift, He has redeemed us of our sins. Instead of trying to be God, something far beyond us, we can be His children and love Him. We can enjoy Him and what He has created, and we can do so without fear.

          8. So.. what you are saying is that God loves us.. you love God… but you don’t love humanity? I’ve not walked the mile in your shoes, Tom, so if that’s your path to follow as a result of life so be it.

          9. @Doug

            You just illustrated why no one should put much faith in humanity. How in tarnation did you leap to the conclusion that I love humanity any less than you? What do you think it means to love your neighbor?

          10. “How in tarnation did you leap to the conclusion that I love humanity any less than you?”
            (Whoa.. “tarnation”.. been a while on that one!)

            To answer your question, Tom.. just compare posts we make.

  1. Tom, every American should read James Simpson’s book, “Who Was Karl Marx?” The Men, the Motives, and the Menace behind Today’s Rampaging American Left” if they want to understand what’s going on. We need to stop being so naive and complacent.

    For instance, in the book, Simpson introduces us to Sergey Nechayev, a lesser know by highly influentional Russian revolutionary in the mid-19th century who greatly influenced Lenin. He wrote a manifesto titled, “Catechism of a Revolutionist.” In this work, Nechayev lays out how to destroy a society. He believed that to bring man to paradise on earth (the Marxist utopian pipedream), first you have to make things miserable. He said you have to bring man to such a state of distress and abject misery that they will revolt against the government and have a revolution. This is the playbook that the radical left have been following all along. It’s not because the Marxist left are stupid (although their ideology IS stupid) that all this chaos is happening, it’s very intentional in order to overthrow the current American culture and form of government.

    The best antidote to this madness is to expose them with the light of truth and not back down to their bullying. We need to educate ourselves, like with this book and many others on the subject. This evil ideology always collapses under the light of truth and courage. They can only win if we let them.

    1. @Mel Wild

      Have not seen anything that the Biden Administration has done that does not make things worse. Incompetence? Or a strategy? How would you tell the difference?

  2. It’s crazy that we would even be thinking about and discussing internment camps in America and 18 months ago I would never have entertained the thought. Witnessing the hate the government is actively encouraging against unvaccinated folks like myself and the outright lies they’re telling covid stats (vaxxed vs unvaxxed hospitalizations/deaths, pediatric ICU #’s, etc…) to spread panic and fear leaves me extremely concerned with how this plays out. Seeing many in the general public frothing at the mouth to punish us doesn’t make internment camps seem so far fetched anymore.

    I used to wonder how Hitler and Nazism captured an intelligent, educated wealthy nation like Germany, leading to one of the most horrific events in history. I no longer wonder about this.

  3. It is really is scary, Tom. I think most of us who joke about camp are engaging in some gallows humor to alleviate fear and remind ourselves to not be intimidated.

    I pray it doesn’t get to that point and I do everything I know how to try and prevent it, but flat out, people either speak up now in mass and fight back or that’s what’s going to happen.

    1. @insanitybytes22

      Liberal Democrats and their allies in the mass media are preaching the virtue of hating Christians/Conservatives. So, they call us haters, racists, extremists, homophobic, anti-vaxxers, Trumpism, and every other stupid thing they can dream up. It really is a ghastly display they are making of themselves. While dripping with the most ugly vitriol they can muster, they are calling someone else monstrous.

      I suppose we must stand as Christian soldiers (Ephesians 6) and resist until they can see for themselves the evil they do.

      Sorry you lost your job.

  4. See you there. Unfortunately, it’s always been the US who has “come to the rescue” so to speak for other countries and regimes. I wonder who will be willing to return the favor?

    1. @Lisa

      I can imagine meeting under better circumstances, but meeting you in prison would definitely be an indictment of the regime that put you there.

      Who will rescue us? Jesus.

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