Big Brother is a fictional character and symbol in George Orwell’s dystopian 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.
(see Big Brother (Nineteen Eighty-Four))

Liberal Democrats and the Biden Administration want to spend extraordinary amounts of money. Why? They will wreak havoc upon our economy and make us all poorer. That is, they will make everyone except the ruling class poorer.

Why? Money in the hands of the state is power. Therefore, the power-mad will spend all they can for the sake of power. They will use the power of government spending to make as many of us as they can dependent upon the government. Do you really want to be dependent upon someone as trustworthy as a Democrat politician?

Contact your congressmen (House of Representatives and Senate). Demand that they vote against this insanity.

REMEMBER! Government does not produce anything. Government has never produced anything. There is no historical precedent.

Government spends our money. It spends wealth produced by people conducting private commerce. When our government buys roads, damns, bridges, and other public infrastructure, to get the job done it hires private contractors. Still, government spends too much. Nevertheless, because private entities need this infrastructure and find it difficult to produce, it is worth the cost.

Most of the so-called infrastructure in the Democrats’ so-called infrastructure bills have nothing to do with what we traditionally call public infrastructure. LOOK IT UP! And the spending on this so-called infrastructure is huge. LOOK IT UP! There is no excuse for it. It is a power grab.

When government spending grows by leaps and bounds, that makes our money worth less. That means our paychecks are worth less. That means our bank accounts have less value. That means our Social Security checks have less value. That means we have less to spend to buy food, clothing and shelter. That’s means the people receiving checks from the government are more dependent than ever upon government. Yet government cannot produce wealth, government as a provider is a mirage. Therefore, tyrants can only “produce” slaves.

Do you want to be slave? Do you want to want your family, friends, and neighbors to live under the boot of Big Brother? Then do nothing. Otherwise, do something before it is too late. Let your congressmen know you want the big spending and the power grabs to stop.


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  1. Yes, we need to pester our congressmen and keep praying. This is a pure neo-Marxist insurrection in the Capitol. And the RINO Republicans are their useful idiots. It was French Marxist, Derrida, who said that the truth doesn’t matter, only power. And that’s exactly what trillions of dollars will give them, as you mentioned.

    One glimmer of hope. They are so blatent and over the top about it that average people, who normally don’t pay attention, are starting to wake up. We need to keep educating people and take action where we can. It may be a long battle but it’s worth the fight. Our freedom is at stake.

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  2. I’m afraid to say that this ‘mandating’ is a wee tip of the proverbial iceberg Tom/

    The deep plans below will also rise up higher- and they are no doubt implemented by they with forked tongues/ but I guess we can at least slow the avalanche by loud voices of protest-


  3. I am not ready to be ruled by Big Brother. I already have a Shepherd who sticks closer than a brother.

    I live in a dark blue state and any odd Republican in the mix is likely a genuine RINO. however, be of good cheer! The laws of physics still apply. Over and over again I’ve watched them build top heavy structures with poor foundations and they will topple over. It is inevitable, like gravity. Chaos and insanity is just not sustainable. It always implodes on itself.

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      The problem with top heavy structure with poor foundations is being under them when they fall. Lots of people can get hurt. So, to the extent we can we want to bring down that unsafe structure in an organized manner.

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  4. It’s fascinating and highly disturbing to watch this slow motion descent in to tyranny. Things are speeding up rather quick and honestly a lot of Republicans are going along with it. Completely agree we have to hound our “representatives”, but unless you live in a swing state it seems a hopeless task.


  5. Tom,

    I wonder if the circus barker phrase “you ain’t seen nothing yet” will be seen in the next act of Congress to dazzle the USA current inflation of the dollar act in progress?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  6. I have and continue to express my concerns to my “representatives”, however, I am in one of those blue districts and Minnesota is right up there with California and New York – I have nothing to hide and expect to be among the first to be rounded up as a dissident.

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      1. I’ve got family members who are mentally packed and ready to be taken to the internment camp. Not me; I’m determined to keep on fighting, to keep on believing that the American way and the Constitution will survive this episode as they have survived prior episodes. But should I be wrong and my family be right, it will be a short move for us; Arkansas is famous for its internment camps. J.

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    1. @jeffw5382

      Well, considering my blog, I don’t expect to be far behind you. Virginia’s two senators are hopeless. My congressman is a Republican. My state and local politicians use to be more reasonable, but … Well, I hope we can still trust elections in Virginia, but the Democrats are obviously trying to corrupt them.

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