Here is the last line of a column written by Everett Piper.

A little education never hurt anyone.

America was not founded by atheists and deists – Washington Times

Piper’s column was a response to some of the people who criticized a previous column, America’s new religion: Fake Christianity – Washington Times. In America’s new religion: Fake Christianity – Washington Times, Piper observes how a fake form of Christianity, “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism,” has almost replaced Christianity. In America was not founded by atheists and deists – Washington Times, Piper shows how important their Christian beliefs were to the founders of the United States.

Piper’s columns demonstrate how few Americans know true Christianity. Why don’t Americans know what the founding generation knew? What happened?

Is the problem an education issue? There are always people who hate God, people who try to separate us from God and raise themselves above God. For example, tyrants of the worse kind seek to make an all consuming god of government. Thoroughgoing Marxists, for example, wholeheartedly strive to destroy any competitors with the governments they create. In addition to silencing any other voice except that of government, including every other religious belief, they seek to destroy the family. That is, Marxists seek to destroy any institution that teaches us about our true Creator.

To teach us about Him, God gave us three institutions.

  • The Family: When a man and a woman join themselves together in marriage, they model the relationship between God and those who love Him. The love between a married couple provides our first teaching about God. He wants us to love Him and each other.
  • Government: God gave us government to help us protect us from each other. In an ideal world, government would use force to administer impartial justice. Through its example, often bad example, government shows us what justice is and why justice is important.
  • The Church: The Church exists to spread the word that God has revealed Himself to us and to teach us what God has revealed about Himself.

The fact Marxists, even their big government sympathizers, want to destroy the family and have the government take over the role of bringing up children is an astounding measure of the radicalism of Marxism. Imagination the consternation of loving parents when they finally realize that their elected officials want to replace them with government bureaucrats.

In an ideal world, Government and The Church exist as independent institutions.

  • Government exercises control over the use of force. That is why our First Amendment prohibits our rulers from establishing a government or interfering with the free exercise of religion. Nevertheless, Government does have a role in teaching religious belief by modelling justice .
  • The Church instructs the People in what to believe about God and the purpose of Creation, including our purpose. Because the government exercises sole control over the use of force, however, the People have the right to freely choose which church they wish to attend, what they want to learn and what they want their children to learn.

Using “social justice” as their primary justification, Marxists and other advocates for big government have spent the last couple of centuries expanding the role of government. That includes running our education system. Since those who worship government are Secularists, that is why today’s Americans are so ignorant of Christianity and of the importance of Christianity in the founding of America.

Was America founded as a Christian nation? Read DEISM AND THE FOUNDING FATHERS – Citizen Tom


  1. Tom,

    I believe you live in the wrong State of Virginia.

    Check out Links Below on how West Virginia passed school vouchers articles if you are not aware of what recently happened on the issue of school vouchers.




    Now only 50 more States to go.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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      1. Tom,

        I was planning to but frankly am not too familiar with West Virginia. politics and planned to find out why the amount they allocate for each student is under $5000 vs New York at $25,000 and Illinois at $13,000?

        I’ll let you know when I post.

        Regards and goodwill blogging..

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      2. Tom,

        I posted this an article titled ” West Virginia Wisdom and Love Accolades” this morning after discerning the articles did not include full per pupils funding as I originally thought.

        Even though, it is in my opinion a measure to deserve accolades.


        You and everyone are always welcome to re-blog any of my posts with your comments and opinions.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. Well said, Tom. And a little of the right education goes a long way. When you have books like Howard Zinn’s anti-American propaganda book, “A People’s History of the United States” informing our young people about our nation’s history, it’s no wonder why they’re so misinformed and indoctrinated by lies.

    Americans are dangerously ignorant of the Marxist kettle they’ve been cooking in for many decades. Public education founders formed it from the 19th century Prussian schools, which were designed to dumb people down and make them good Socialists.

    Even some churches today naively embrace CRT, which comes from the Frankfurt school, which was influenced by Antonio Gramsci, who we could rightly call the father of cultural Marxism. Here’s what Gramsci said about Socialism:

    “Socialism is precisely the religion that must kill Christianity. [It is a] religion in th sense that it too is a faith…[and] because it has substituted for the consciousness of the transcendental God of the Catholics, trust in man and his best strengths as the sole spiritual reality.”—Antonio Gramsci, “Audacia e Fede”

    What young Americans, especially Christians, who want to embrace Socialism and Marxism don’t understand is that it is, at its core, an ideology that’s anti-Christ and a sworn enemy of Christianity.

    So, it’s no wonder why we are where we are right now. It’s just surprising that it’s taken us so long to see it. Most Americans have not been paying attention. Hopefully, we will now before it’s too late.

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