They Won’t Stop Until We Tell Them To

Trica links to a prophetic video in her post. With very few words, the guy makes his point, and he is spot on. That makes his words well worth listening to.

Still, even after listening to the video, Tricia sounds puzzled. What are the masterminds who lead us trying to accomplish? It is hard to believe they actually know what they are doing.

Are the masterminds insane? Yes. Tyrannical busybodies have always been insane, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Also, let’s not forget that the masterminds trying to work us up into a hysteria over the Delta variant are Marxist tyrannical busybodies. Marxists have an existing strategy and a playbook. Marxist are always trying to do two things: pit us against each other and make us irrationally afraid. Marxists always preach envy and fear of the “enemy of the people.”

Marxism is supposedly all about escaping the boot of the oppressor class and achieving Utopia. In Marx’s original iteration the oppressors were the rich and the oppressed were the poor. In today’s American Marxism, the oppressor is the straight, Christian, white male. Hence, we have:
– rich whites against poor everyone else
– whites against colored
– Bible believing Christians against everyone else
– straight white males against females and the gender confused
– unvaccinated white Trump supporters against the vaccinated
– ignorant white Trump supporters against the educated
– greedy white Trump supporters against the generous
– bigoted white Trump supporters against undocumented immigrants
– the law abiding against criminals/convicts
– those who despise the misuse of marijuana and illegal drugs against those addicted to alcohol, drugs and porn
– those who don’t trust the so-called mainstream news media against those who do
– and so forth.

As strange as it sounds, the battles over vaccination and mask mandates, social distancing, and lockdowns are just one small part of the much larger propaganda/power politics war that Corporate Liberals/Liberal Democrats are conducting against our nation. Keep in mind that last summer’s race riots were about race, not COVID-19, and the Jan 6 storming of the Capitol Building was about a stolen election.

Corporate Liberals/Liberal Democrats really don’t care how they divide us. They just want us so confused and divided we cannot unite to stop them from overturning our Constitution and enslaving us.

What can we do? We can read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We can go back to historical documents like the Federalist Papers and read them. We can read what the framers of the Constitution read. We can also read the Bible. We need to understand the moral character of the people who founded this nation. What did they believe that we have forgotten?

Unless we figure out how our nation was designed to work and why the founders designed it that way, we cannot make our government work properly. How should we start? We can learn by doing. We can participate in the political process, especially at the local level. We can begin by making certain our children receive a proper education by straightening our school boards. We can work to make certain our children receive the education we should have had, the education we now must seek for ourselves.

Freedom Through Empowerment

In light of the CDC’s absolute face plant yesterday in announcing new guidelines for vaccinated folks to mask up and blue state governors threatening Coronavirus restrictions redux over the delta scariant, I thought I’d reblog this post from January. The Brostradamus in the video below was sadly spot on. Do you get it yet?

“The mask is about compliance, next they’re gonna tell you, you have to contact trace, then they’re gonna tell you, you have to take the vaccine and guess what kids, once you take your vaccine, they’re gonna tell you sorry the vaccine isn’t as effective as we thought it was gonna be so now you’re still gonna have to wear your mask, still gotta get contact traced, still have all the restrictions and social distancing and stilltake the vaccine. And what did…

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