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Will we remain one nation under God?

What unifies the United States? Contemplate what happened in 1776. Read the Declaration of Independence. Think about that national holiday we celebrated with fireworks just a few days ago. What unified the thirteen original colonies to drive King George and the most powerful military force in the world from our nation’s shores? Was it the desire to perpetuate slavery, or the desire to remain a free people?

Is Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a threat to our nation’s unity? Gubenatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe calls CRT “a right-wing conspiracy.

Is McAuliffe confused?…

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  1. Tom,

    Your last comment below brings up two interesting: issue to discern

    “That raises a question. What is wrong with school choice? What is wrong with private schools? Don’t they work for rich politicians? Why don’t we use school vouchers so parents can choose who teaches their children without paying twice, once in taxes and a second time in tuition?”

    1, It brings up a question what is the difference between school choice and school vouchers?

    2. Similar to the issue of slavery which took a civil war and decades later to be recognized, and corrected by a Presidential Proclamation, a Supreme Court reversal, and Congress over time. The issue now is why parents are required to pay two tuitions now that the Blaine Amendments have been ruled unsensational in 2020 by the Supreme Court.

    Frankly, I have been focusing on school vouchers because I know how both inferior the public-school systems in Chicago and Illinois has been when compared to school districts in wealthy areas because of local taxation funding which the wealthier districts can afford to contribute. While poor areas cannot.

    Add my opinion, that most convicted criminals in the USA probably never attended a private religious school to teach them in depth religious morals of not to shoot each other, live-in single-family households, and a host of other factors of related to poverty, drugs etc.

    Then add the issue of the First Amendment rights of freedom of religion, it is apparent that now is the time for parents to speak up and demand school choice and school vouchers.

    The main reason is government is supposed to service the people, not people service the government. Add that if a parent has an opportunity to make a choice of schools, whether public or private, they must become involved to check into the alternative choice if they value and believe in parents having a duty and responsibility of raising children according to both their natural paternal rights, similar to instincts of animals, and their religious values.

    For example, your post focus on.” the NEA wants CRT taught in our schools. Which means by the time this issue gets to the Supreme Court and argued through school boards, State boards, Federal boards, another generation will be brainwashed or indoctrinated by either Right or Left Wing politicians..

    Would you and anyone else care to comment your opinions or add to this issue of what should be the just, fair, and equitable in a free country on the differences between school choice and school vouchers.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      Think about this. All the money that the NEA and other teachers unions use to propagandize us comes from us, and politicians choose which teachers get that money.

      Government pays the teachers, trains the teachers, and chooses the teachers, and parents either take it or pay twice.

      We need to make this an election issue and replace the politicians who don’t favor school choice. School vouchers would give parents the most choice.

  2. McAuliffe is just gaslighting the Virginia voters. He knows it’s real (or he’s incredibly stupid). But CRT is political kyptonite right now, so now the left is in full-denial mode. This denial (and blame the right) is straight out of the Marcuse playbook (called “Repressive Tolerance”). Like when Biden said Antifa was just an idea. Anyone who falls for this doublespeak is being willfully ignorant, considering all the evidence. These crony politicians are pathological liars. All they care about is keeping their power.

    1. @Mel Wild

      Is everyone being willfully ignorant? Considering some people don’t watch anything except the so-called mainstream news media, I suspect there are quite a few genuinely ignorant people.

      I fear the word “insular” is a good way to describe a large portion of the American electorate. Large numbers of people stovepipe their existence. They operate within a circle that is familiar, and they have no desire to move outside that circle.

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