Xi Jinping
since 15 November 2012

The leader of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party is the highest-ranking official and head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
(from Leader of the Chinese Communist Party – Wikipedia)

The following is an email I sent to my congressman and senators.

Dear Sir,

I must admit I am severely disappointed Joe Biden is president instead of Donald Trump. One reason for that is that Trump recognized that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is our enemy, not just a competitor. The CCP wishes to dominate the entire world, not just China. Hence, these people seek our destruction.  

Consider some examples of what is commonly known.

  • The CCP’s intelligence successes against us include economic espionage to steal our commercial advantages and military espionage to adopt our equipment designs. They have even walked away with millions of personnel records from the Office of Personnel Management.
  • Our leaders, because of foolish policy decisions, have encouraged American companies to relocate their manufacturing to China. As a result, we are helping the Chinese to replace our manufacturing apparatus (including high tech manufacturing) with their own.  We are cooperating in our own demise. For all practical purposes we are giving them the rope they will use to hang us.
  • We have allowed the Chinese to operate in America with little interference. That includes donating to our universities and working with our businesses. As a result our businesses (including the mass media) and our universities fear telling the truth about China for fear of losing access to Chinese controlled funding streams.
  • Our Big Tech companies help the CCP control the access that the Chinese people have to the Internet. Now our Big Tech companies are censoring American citizens.
  • The CCP lied about the contagiousness of COVID-19. They spread the virus to the world even when they were trying to suppress its spread in China. Odds are the virus originated in a Chinese lab where research was being funded in part by the American government.

So, what do I want done?

  • High tariffs on products manufactured in China that utilize forced (or enslaved) labor.
  • Low taxes on businesses that manufacture in America.
  • The CCP squeezed out of American investment markets.  We don’t need to cozy up to tyrants devoted to our destruction.
  • The CCP squeezed out of our universities. Our schools and universities should be responsive to American parents and students, not maniacal tyrants.
  • Chinese students sent home. We don’t need the “help” or the money of students who are here to steal research data.
  • Limited cooperation with the CCP. We should be building barriers to CCP espionage and manipulation.


  1. I think this is the “Game of Throne” between US and China. Another cold war since the fall of USSR.
    The “EGO” of human nature tends to want to be seen “MORE” than others and on the other hand is “reluctant” to be rivaled.
    Maybe I’m just thinking using another dimension.


    1. @Tikno

      Given who runs China the notion their glorious leaders want world conquest is inevitable. I doubt even our Liberal Democrats want a foreign war. They are too busy trying to conquer us.


      1. The fact is:
        1) At least until now the history has not recorded that China is an imperialist country. However, who knows in the future.
        2) I live in a country that was once colonized, and my parents went through the period of suffering as a result of that colonialism.
        3) The country that put the most military bases in other countries is not China.

        Well, this is my other dimensional thinking:
        1) Why bother thinking about other people’s households whose people are currently enjoying prosperity.
        2) Trump’s style is always blaming others without seeing his own flaws. Example: Not happy with, and then try hard to thwart the advancement of 5G technology belonging to other countries. Asking other countries to cancel 5G technology cooperation with China is VERY VERY shameful. It shows the incompetence of his own country.
        3) Biden’s style is wiser and visionary. He sees his own shortcomings elegantly. Example : Signed the bill to provide $1.5 billion to help spur innovation in advanced 5G wireless technologies. Read here:


        1. @tikno

          China’s CCP is so virtuous? With a few exceptions, the countries where the USA has military bases want those bases.

          The USA is a republic. We may having some problems making our republic work, but it is a little too soon to equate our government with the way the CCP runs China. Trying to establish some sort of moral equivalence between China and the USA requires willful ignorance, which CNN will happily support.


          1. @ Citizen Tom,

            You said : “China’s CCP is so virtuous?”
            Hhmm… that is your own question, not me.

            About moral?
            Well, in politics there is no eternal friend, there is eternal interests. And the interests of both USA and China, are playing the “game of thrones” to influence the world.
            And I repeat my comment :
            The nature of human’s “EGO” tends to want to be seen “MORE” than others and on the other hand is “RELUCTANT” to be rivaled. This is applied to both.


          2. @Citizen Tom,
            I am not in a position to judge. Let other countries judge in the UN general assembly (not in the security council by veto). Let time prove it.
            See you next time.


  2. One very good example Tom. Henry Tizard delivered a trunk to America that contained all of Great Britain’s greatest innovations, including early prototypes of the turbojet engine and atomic bomb. James Phinney Baxter III, director of the US Office of Strategic Services from 1942 to 1943, would call the secrets, contained in a simple black metal box, “the most valuable cargo ever brought to our shores.”

    The US never paid one cent for it but racked up a huge debt for the UK through low-interest loans and the Lend-Lease Act that was finally paid off in 2006. Who took advantage of who here?

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    1. Following the news of Pearl Harbor, Churchill said he “went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved and thankful” that night.
      I’d say our blood and sacrifice was worth something.
      Sharing intelligence information was probably pretty prudent for the UK since we were the ones pumping out the military equipment for their use.
      We could have placed all our forces against Japan.
      They were the ones who bombed as, after all.

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      1. Just to add: If you really want to play the game of who owes whom by technology transfers I could say a lot about DARPA. And NASA. How much does the world (including the UK) pay us for those GPS satellites, for starters?

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    2. @sklyjd

      Sklyjd, that’s your best? You on my side?

      The UK was in a fight for its life against a savage, merciless enemy. The Nazis were purging (murdering) the Jews and anyone else who did not fit in with their plans. The Brits were desperate for help, but America was not interested. The Japanese helped change our minds, and the Nazis foolishly declared war on us.

      When the USA finally went to war in WWII, that generation held nothing back. The Brits fought with the same uncompromising ferocity. Together we ended up fielding a military force that easily could have conquered the world. As Liz observed, we had an unrivaled industrial capacity. Even when the men went overseas to fight, our women kept our farms and factories operating.

      After the war was over, we brought our military forces back home and dismantled the war machinery. No doubt that confused and delighted Joe Stalin. It most certainly frustrated Gen. George Patton, who feared the communists, but war doesn’t have much appeal, not if we care about other people. That’s because obliterating cities doesn’t have much appeal, and that is what war involves. It is is what war has involved for thousands of years.

      Whn two nations earnestly oppose each other to the point of violence, it is very likely that the victor will anihilate the loser. In WWII, the USA rebuilt the losers, and that is how the USA defeated the USSR. Stalin probably never understood. It wasn’t even something we planned. It was just grace and mercy from that same generation of Americans and Brits that had fought with unrivalled determination for absolute victory.

      So, thank you for your example.

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      1. Ok Tom since you did not get the point I was making.

        A 2016 study by Carnegie Mellon University professor Dov Levin found that the United States intervened in 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000, with the majority of those being through covert, rather than overt, actions. A 2021 review of the existing literature found that foreign interventions since World War II tend overwhelmingly to fail to achieve their purported objectives. (wikipedia)


        1. @sklyjd

          That is a rather vague charge. Being ineffectual is a crime?

          Are some American politicians busybodies? Does the Democratic Party exist?

          I try to give most politicians the benefit of the doubt. That is, I think they have good intentions, but most of us don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

          A 2021 review of the existing literature found that foreign interventions since World War II tend overwhelmingly to fail to achieve their purported objectives. (wikipedia)

          This is one reason I voted for Trump. He was not an isolationist, but he was not much interested in foreign adventures.


  3. Amen, Tom. I know you’re using the term “China” here to refer to the government, but I will just add that we should distinguish China from the CCP. China has a rich history and the Chinese people are not our enemy. I read recently in the ET article that most Chinese people don’t associate their rich heritage with the CCP at all. We are not against the Chinese people. They are trapped in an evil and tyrannical regime that has highjacked their culture and country for the last 100 years.

    The CCP is diabolically evil and our greatest threat right now. Mao murdered at least 45 million of his own people in just four years during his Great Leap Forward (1958-62). This is the legacy of the CCP. I pray for the Chinese people, that they will overtrhow Xi Jinping and, eventually, the evil ideology of Maoist Communism itself.

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    1. @Mel Wild

      Is the enemy China or the CCP? Was the enemy the Nazis or the German people?

      When I was interviewed about signing up for AFROTC, I was asked about dropping bombs on another country as we had done during WWII. I said I would do it because the people of that other nation had not left us any other choice.

      When we drop nuclear bombs or explode missiles with nuclear bombs as warhead on the people of another nation, the bombs kill without regard to CCP membership. So, yes, we should distinguish between the Chinese people and the CCP, but it is up to the Chinese people to conquer the CCP, and they must conquer the CCP before the CCP goes to war with us. Afterwards will be too late.

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      1. While that’s true about war, it’s not true about our relationship with people as representing Christ as His ambassadors. That must take priority as believers. Our battle is never against people but against the principalities and darkness behind the evil ideology.

        It would be good if the Chinese people did overthrow the CCP, if that’s even possible. They may want to but don’t have the means. Besides, we can’t even seem to overthrow the tyranny in our own country. And China owns a lot of our growing national debt, so trying to actually go to war with them would be disastrous. I don’t think that’s a realistic option anytime soon.

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        1. @Mel Wild

          Not advocating war. My guess is the Chinese have something on Biden and more than a few of our leaders. So, they are maneuvering to weaken us using bribed and blackmailed politicians.

          Whatever their motivation, the policies the Democrats are pushing don’t make any sense. Admittedly, when people start worshipping idols, stuff, sex, science, state, and self, they don’t behave sanely anyway. If we don’t accept the fact that God is God, and “I” am not, power messes us up.

          When major powers start behaving without self restraint, odds are they will miscalculate and push their opponents into desperate measures. That is how wars start, and Biden has really has not shown much restraint. He has just treated Republicans instead of Communists as the enemy. That could easily change if he see a political advantage, and now that it politically correct to blame the CCP for COVID19……


          1. @ Tom.
            I would agree with your assessment. Either the CCP have something on Biden or it’s just plain greed. I know that’s the motivation of big corporations who benefit from their slave labor camps. It’s pretty disgusting.

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          2. I think, blaming CCP (aka China) for covid-19 is not wise while we are forgetting the history of the other outbreaks such as Influenza, HIV, Bird Flue, Ebola, Small Pox.
            I’m just thinking objectively.


          3. The odds are that COVID-19 originated in a germ warfare lab. Look into it. Secretary of State Pompeo stated it was the most likely possibility. What underscores the theory is all the lies the CCP has told about the virus and the fact they chose to allow it to spread outside of China.


          4. I also heard from Pompeo and Trump about the accusations that you mentioned. There are many unproven conspiracy theory from both side (China & US). Interestingly, many site links of conspiracy theory that incriminate the US has been removed from American search engines. But you can still search for it using Yandex (Russian search engine). Here is one of this conspiracy theory:


            My mind will not be influenced by people who are not neutral. Pompeo is not a neutral person. I’m still waiting for the official opinion from scientific journal.


          5. @tikno

            Shrug! Making a decision to take one side or the other ends neutrality. I have picked my side, and it is not with a murderous dictatorship.

            Is the USA perfect. Not hardly, but taking the side of the USA doesn’t require anyone to ignore its sins or glorify its leaders.


          6. @Tikno

            No. I prefer Trump to Biden, and that glorifies Trump?

            You are misinformed, malinformed actually. The Chinese had a lab in Wuhan that was doing gain of function research on Coronaviruses. Some of the scientists at the lab got sick. We caught the Chinese spreading misinformation and hiding information. They allowed Chinese people to leave Wuhan (and spread the the virus) even after they restricted travel within China and before they admit the virus spread between humans. So, it glorifies to observe they figured out the obvious.

            Why don’t you just do some research? Most of the mainstream news media have already admitted the Chinese are responsible.


          7. I think someone has done your research for you. You may also wish to check out his post.

            There are some bad, vicious people out there. Most people have an evil streak, but their consciences keep it at least partly in check. Some people have seared their consciences. They just do whatever they think they can get away with. Survival requires the rest of us to recognize and deal with bad, vicious people using fair and impartial legal processes when we can, warfare when we have no other alternative.

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          8. @tikno
            In 2015 “Nature” published a study by the infamous “Bat Lady” Dr. Shi and by Dr. Baric.
            The study described how they changed a bat virus into a virus that could infect human airway cells. In the publication the authors state that their research was supported by grants from NIAID (Fauci’s organisation) and NIH.

            In an interview with CBS former FDA commisioner Gottlieb said that lab leaks happen all the time and that the last six known outbreaks of SARS-1 in China were borne out of labs.

            At a 2011 conference sponsored by NIH the director of the Wuhan lab almost bragged that there were practically no regulations when it comes to dual use research of concern (DURC). “Dual use” means that the research could be used both for military and civilian purposes and it includes gain of function experiments.

            This comprehensive Newsweek article from April 27, 2020 already contains most of the information that we know today.

            The Daily Mail published an article with the title:
            “‘Rare’ genome sequencing almost certainly proves COVID WAS deliberately made in a Chinese lab before it leaked to the world: Another expert study makes bombshell claim”

            Nicholas Wade, former editor of “Nature” and “Science” comes to the following conclusion:
            “If the case that SARS2 originated in a lab is so substantial, why isn’t this more widely known? As may now be obvious, there are many people who have reason not to talk about it. The list is led, of course, by the Chinese authorities. But virologists in the United States and Europe have no great interest in igniting a public debate about the gain-of-function experiments that their community has been pursuing for years.”

            While there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence that the wuhan virus was made in a lab (with financial involvement and knowledge of the US medical bureaucracy such as NIH and NIAID) there is to this day no evidence that the wuhan virus originated from nature.

            To recapitulate.
            It is a fact that the wuhan virus outbreak started in Wuhan.
            It is a fact that experiments on corona viruses were done in the Wuhan lab.
            The Chinese labs have a bad reputation when it comes to safety.
            This bad reputation was confirmed by the director of the Wuhan lab himself who said that there were practically no regulations for dual use research.
            All the circumstantial evidence points to the lab origin of the virus.
            Knowing all this, what is more likely? That the virus came from the US and then it was released in Wuhan or that it was created in Wuhan and then leaked there?
            Using Occam’s razor we can come to only one conclusion: The virus was created in the Wuhan lab and then it leaked there (by accident or intentionally).
            Furthermore, the reaction of the CCP tells me, that the virus did not come from the US.
            If the virus really was brought deliberately from the US to China, the CCP would retaliate or call for reparations or make much more noise.
            So far, no such reactions from the CCP.
            In the end it does not matter whether the virus came from a lab or whether the virus came from nature.
            It does not matter whether the virus was released by accident or intentionally.
            The CCP was engaged in biological warfare. They executed a biological attack on the rest of the world.
            While they closed Wuhan and the rest of the province they let people fly to any other place in the world (except Beijing and other Chinese cities), lying to the world about the danger of the virus.
            THIS is biological warfare. They knew that people were infected and they deliberately let them out. The virus was the weapon. The people were the delivery system.
            It does not matter whether I create a virus in a lab and then release it on my enemies or whether I collect the viruses in nature and then release it on my enemies.
            In both cases it is biological warfare.
            Even if one tries to justify this biological attack by insisting that the virus came from the US and by claiming that the CCP just retaliated by releasing the virus into the US, that makes the CCP still a bunch of evil psychopaths because they hit not only the US but the whole world with the virus.
            The CCP are a bunch of sick, evil bastards. The Chinese people are not my enemy. The CCP is.

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          9. @Artaxes, @Citizen Tom,

            I might be misinformed or get unvalid news if merely using media as my reference. Many mass media nowaday not truly independent for news. They are tends to leaning towards party A or B, candidate C or D. Politicians understand very well that mass media is an effective tool in forming the “desired” opinion in public. I think it is wiser if we are refer to scientific / academic journals.

            Thank you Citizen Tom, Artaxes, Mel Wild, and all commenter here for this discussion. See you next time.

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          10. @tikno
            Thank you for your kind words. I would love to just look at the science and ignore the mass media. However the sad truth is that the science or to be more precise, the scientists, are as corrupt as any other group of people. A look at the history of science will show you plenty of examples of corrupted scientists. Two recent examples.
            “The Lancet”, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, published a study which implied that hydroxychloraquine might be even dangerous.
            The study was published in a climate of highly politizised science.
            They had to retract ths study because of major flaws in the study but the damage was already done.
            “The Lancet” also published a letter written by Dr. Peter Daszak and signed by 26 scientists.
            The letter called the lab leak theory a conspiracy theory.
            What “The Lancet” failed to mention was Dr. Daszak’s conflict of interest.
            Never mind that Peter Daszak, as the president of the EcoHealth Alliance, was the one who funded virus research in the Wuhan lab.
            He and his EcoHealth Alliance would benefit financially from a theory that the virus came from nature.
            EcoHealth Alliance focuses on the study of human changes to the environment and increased human interaction with wildlife because of deforestation etc. and the resulting spread of viruses from animals to humans.
            A natural origin of the virus would clearly increase research funds for EcoHealth Alliance.
            I wish you all the luck in finding the truth.

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          11. @artaxes

            The bulk of the funding for research in the USA comes from the Federal Government. Since politicians are too easily corrupted, letting the government fund research risks corrupting what we call science, and it has.

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    2. That’s a small possibility as long as CCP is able to provide welfare for their people. Usually a rebellion will occur if poverty occurs across the country or people live very hard.

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  4. Tom,

    Let’s face the truth. China negotiators knew how to “play’ the USA in trade negotiations same as most Nations.

    They think long range compared to USA who only think about the next election.

    I wrote a post today titled: USA Pledges New Dollars Aid to Palestine, which gives a current example of how simple minded and easy it is to play the USA.

    US Pledges New Dollars Aid to Palestine? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (

    When will we wise up?


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. @Scatterwisdom

      The Chinese are not any smarter than anyone else, but they do have traditions that respect diligence and work. Hence the CCP has used the labor of its enslaved people and access to its growing markets to bribe American businessmen (including those who run our mass media), and they have just plain bribed some of our politicians. What is clever about that? Not much. We have been fools for not seeing it sooner.

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      1. Tom,.
        Lets face the truth, the USA has been “played” by both supposed friendly Nations, and foes for most years because our politicians are either bad negotiators or corrupt.
        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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          1. sklyjd
            Interesting comment of how USA played UKK,
            I wonder how the ‘play’ would have resulted if the UKK kept the box of secrets in your comment.
            Would it have benefited the UKK more to have kept the secrets if their play was not to have given the would have benifited the UKK more or less to end WWII?
            Regards and goodwill blogging.>

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    1. @Tricia

      The sacred Olympics?

      When the Roman tyrants began to rule, they bribed the Roman people — gained their acquiescence to tyranny with free entertainment — the games in the arena — and free bread.

      The Olympics began as fabulous contests, but as propaganda events for tyrants they will degenerate as the Roman games did. The Roman games began as contests between fighting men. In time, however, they became nothing more than scenes of blood, gore, and sex.

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