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Rudy has an excellent post here, but I think — because Biden never addresses it — Rudy misses the moral problems of trade with China. China is run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP is a bunch of very bad people.

Instead, Rudy focuses on the practical problem of bringing manufacturing back to the USA. If our government would get out the way, I think the change Rudy wants would happen relatively quickly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that global warming is a hoax. Therefore, we don’t have to waste billions and billions on useless technology. Even if global warming was real, electric cars, solar panels, wind mills, and batteries don’t solve the problem. We need an efficient energy source. If solar panels and wind mills worked well enough, huge government subsidies would not be necessary to make them competitive. Moreover, manufacturing wind mills, solar panels, and batteries just creates a different kinds of pollution problems that are quite real.

To produce modern solid state electronics, for example, requires us to mine rare earths. We use to do that in the USA. Then the EPA shut it down. So, now they mine rare earths in China. The CCP wants the money and the power. They don’t give a damn about pollution (or slave labor).

We should not be buying our stuff from CCP run industries. Trump’s tariffs worked, and we need to do our best to use such tariffs to target at least three things.
— Chinese and American companies who cooperate with the CCP in enslavement of people. Slave labor, in particular, is something we need to discourage anyway we can.
— Pollution. If the Chinese produce something that pollutes the environment, we should tax that product.
— Government subsidies. If the CCP subsidizes a product, we should collect that subsidy as a tax.

The point is that we need to protect American businesses from unfair competition, and we need to prevent ourselves from being used in the enslavement of other human beings. So, write your congressman and your senators. We each need to make it clear that even if our president does not care whether the people running China are corrupt and dangerous, we do.

Rudy u Martinka

Why does his American Jobs Plan remind me of a used car salesman pitch?

Biden visited Dearborn Michigan Ford Plant on May 18, 2021 and gave a speech which I would love to become a reality for USA Manufacturing to return to the USA.

For example, the following statements made about the semiconductor shortage causing auto assembly plants in USA to shut down, he stated,

“Right now, China is leading in this race. Make no bones about it, it’s a fact,” he said. “The future is going to be determined by the best minds in the world, by those who break through new barriers.”

“Never again should we be in the situation we face today with semiconductor shortages: The United States – we can’t manufacture semi-conductors. We were the beginning.”

(The USA at one time produced 62 percent of global semiconductors compared to 12 percent now after USA manufacturers massive…

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2 thoughts on “Biden’s Honey Lemon for Manufacturing Jobs? King Solomon Blog

  1. Prohibitive taxes on products that are produced via slave labor, earth-polluting industry, and oppressive government is a great idea. In fact, I’ve been suggesting it for years. Let’s keep asking Congress to create a way to know when the products we buy come from properly paid workers and non-polluting factories, with a tariff slapped on products that fail to meet those standards. J.

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for the reblog and comments which adds another perspective to the folly of offshoring manufacturing to obtain cheaper prices for vital products.

    What has occurred is we have offshored USA wealth at the expense of security, liberty, and ability for families to earn a livable wage using skills obtained in manufacturing.

    One of the biggest follies in offshoring is the loss of skills of workers who learn and pass on these skills from the knowledge they obtain while using these skills.

    Once a skilled worker retires and does not pass on their skills and knowledge to younger workers, the future of a Nation becomes even more dependence, the opposite of which our founders’ risk and fought for to found our Nation.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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