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To defend religious freedom, we must make school choice this century’s civil rights issue. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the great civil rights causes were the abolition of slavery and racial persecution. The abuses of government power made both those evils possible. In this century, we must confront a new abuse of government power, a government-run education system designed to promote Secularism and the secularization of our nation’s children. We must understand that this is deliberate.

Therefore, consider Rudy’s post. Then ask yourself these questions.
1. Will I join the battle to defend religious freedom?
2. If I am prepared to fight, what will be my role in the battle for school choice?

None of us can sit on the sidelines. The other side will not allow it. In their quest for tyrannical power, they will insist that any one who not for them is against them.

Rudy u Martinka

What does this statement mean? “Congress shall make no law respectingan establishment of religion,or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”

In Post One I stated to relate the history of how the issue began and the What, When and Where and Why now is the time to mend the government from what has evolved over time to become a Civil Rights violation of the First Amendment of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, a previous post of to explain how religious bigotry began in oils the history of government run public schools in the USA, and a basis how the government is violating the Civil Rights of the First Amendment to millions of Americans in respect to “establishment of religion to survive.

King Solomon

The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s…

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10 thoughts on “Post Two – Purple Civil Rights Time? King Solomon Blog

  1. My wife and I homeschooled–from earliest reading lessons and arithmetic right through to high school graduation. Our children went on to successful college careers (The youngest is still in college.) and decent jobs in various fields. They were not sheltered from worldly ideas, but they were presented those ideas in context rather than being expected to swallow them. In their case, I’m confident that the future is in good hands. J.

    1. @Salvageable

      I think the problem with the public schools is that they are sheltering children from ideas they don’t like. In fact, the public schools are serving as advocates for ideas many parents abhor. That is certainly not going to happen in a homeschool.

      Homeschooling, if a parent has the time, resources, and competence, is a good alternative. I think most parents can start education of their children. Then, once a child has learned how to learn, self-study, that child can continue their education, particularly if homeschooling parents can associate and help each other.

      The big advantage of a traditional school, whether public or private, is the presence of other children. Children need each other for friendship and play. That is something homeschooling parents have to make a conscience effort to provide for their children. Again, homeschooling parents can associate and help each other.

  2. “To defend religious freedom, we must make school choice this century’s civil rights issue. ”

    I couldn’t agree more, Tom. The insane policies of the last 50 years from the radical Marxist ideologues are no longer in the universites, but have now matasticized into the public schools. They’ve already have destroyed our universities as places of critical thinking, and now are after our children. We’re doomed as a viable nation if these “woke” policies are allowed to continue.

    There’ two interesting articles on this subject:
    “School Choice: The Civil Rights Movement of Our Time”

    The other is an op-ed piece in Epoch Times that suggests that Trump should run as the “education president” next time. He makes some interesting points.
    “Trump 2.0 Should be the Education President”

    1. @Mel Wild

      I was not the first to say that school choice needs to be the civil rights issue of the 21st Century. I just happily repeated it, and I was happy to see that first article.

      I don’t have a subscription to The Epoch Times. So, I could not read that article, but I don’t doubt it was well considered.

      Should the next Republican presidential nominee run as the “education president”? I think the first Bush did that. Since the first Bush wasn’t much better or worse than the second, I doubt it. Both were too much in bed with The Establishment.

      I think the next Republican presidential nominee needs to run as a school choice advocate, which is what Trump did the last time. Trump was never quite clear what he intended to do. Since the Federal Government doesn’t have a charter to educate us, that probably explain why Trump never did much.

      What can the president do? He can run to eliminate the Dept of Ed and to introduce school choice into DC and the territories. He can make it emphatically clear that while parents may not always make the best educational choices for children politicians have history of making bad ones, and for that he would, unfortunately, have no lack of examples.

      1. @ Tom.

        I never which ET articles get through the pay wall and those that don’t. Here’s an Excerpt:

        “Trump 2.0 Should Be the Education President”
        By Roger L, Simon

        “Of course Donald will always be Donald but something new is always advisable and one situation in our country is in such crisis, worse even than the border, that it is crying out for him to address it.

        This situation is so alarming, in fact, that if it continues in the direction it is going we might as well elect Xi Jinping president and start brushing up our “social credit scores.” The USA is over.

        And that is—as I am sure you know—education. From pre-K to Ph.D., the vast majority of our educational institutions have curricula that seem as if they were written by Trotsky between Politburo meetings.

        Well, not quite, because Trotsky was not obsessed with skin color and might have thought critical race theory as berserk as it is, so pick your Marxist. Maybe Antonio Gramsci or supposed “Woke”-founder Michel Foucault, who has been raising some eyebrows lately.

        That’s how far it’s come.

        Now I realize we’ve already had a self-described “Education President”—George W. Bush. But he wasn’t very good at it. He brought us “No Child Left Behind.” Then President Obama brought us “Common Core”—a bureaucratic Washington-centric mess that never improved anything, actually made things worse and left us with the propagandistic nightmare we have now.

        Incongruous as it may seem—and it’s really not—Trump should assume that mantle and make it the number one issue of his campaign to recapture the presidency.

        He should start now, very publicly, because, as I noted, we are in crisis, destroying more of our youth by the minute and with them America’s future.”

      2. @ Tom.
        “What can the president do? He can run to eliminate the Dept of Ed and to introduce school choice into DC and the territories.”

        I absolutely agree on the POTUS eliminating the Dept of Education. There is absolutely no need to federalize education. All it does is dumb down our education to the lowest common denominator and make it political. The states should have ultimate authority over the schools, but they should primarily be run locally by the parents (not activists who get on school boards to further their political agenda). There can be a minimum requirement of basic knowledge (non political, which should include civics and being able to pass a basic constitutional knowledge test.

        Add to that, school choice, and you have a robust, self-correcting educational system. School choice is what turned Sweden’s educational system around, btw. Bernie wants us to be like Sweden. Let’s do it! 🙂

        1. @Mel Wild

          Add to that, school choice, and you have a robust, self-correcting educational system. School choice is what turned Sweden’s educational system around, btw. Bernie wants us to be like Sweden. Let’s do it! 🙂

          That could be shortened into a campaign slogan. “Bernie Sanders endorses school choice — in Sweden, but not the USA?”

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