The video above came from C-SPAN originally, Reagan Campaign Address for Goldwater | C-SPAN.org. Here is the text, A Time for Choosing Speech, October 27, 1964 | Ronald Reagan (reaganlibrary.gov), which includes a link to the Reagan Library’s YouTube channel. Since I use YouTube as little as possible……

Listen to or read Ronald Reagan’s speech. Compare what he said to our situation today. That is what Delegate Nick Freitas asked us to do at the Prince William County Republican Party’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner last night. Freitas told us not to give up, but he did not have an answer for a question he asked. Why have we not learned anything since 1964?

We are in a war. Reagan pointed mostly to foreign enemies, but he made it adamantly clear that Democratic Party policies threatened the survival of our nation, and today that is even more true.

What can we do? We can engage in political warfare with all the uncompromising ferocity that Democrats have brought against us.

  • We can fight for honest and fair elections with the same intensity that Democrats fight for crooked elections.
  • We can punish our enemies by taking our business to our friends. We can reward honest business people by treating them as our friends. Doing business with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like is self-destructive. When we use their services, we are paying for the chains that they will use to bind us. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like would sucker and manipulate us into the chains of slavery. Nevertheless, boycotting them is pointless. We do good when we promote honest business people, people who just want to give us good work for a fair price.
  • We can stop using news media — any mass media outlet — that repeatedly lies to us. Instead, we need to use those outlets that prove trustworthy.
  • We can each spend a little time and money to help our favorite candidates. Will some of them betray us? Yes, but the way we bind our leaders to us is by following them. If we don’t help the people we want to lead us, what do they owe us? Who can they depend upon for support if we are not there when they need us? What good can a leader do for us if we are not there to follow him?
  • We can educate ourselves about the history of this still great land. We can read primary source documents like the ones I have posted here, Citizen Library – Citizen Tom.
  • We can seize control of the education of our own children, and we can demand that politicians stopped warping the minds of our nation’s children. We can get angry enough to defend our children from people who would put them in Hell.
  • We can go to a Bible believing church. We can learn what our Savior did for us, we can learn how He expects us to treat each other, and we can learn how to pray.
  • And so forth. Each of us has a calling, something our Lord in Heaven has given us to do. Whatever that calling may be we must each learn for our self, but one thing we do know. If we become the slaves of foolish men — if we let selfish men enslave our families, friends, and neighbors when we could have done something to stop them — as a people we have not been obedient to God.


  1. Tom,

    Your post is a sorely needed reminder of Christian Obligations and Duties, which unfortunately few are and fewer people are aware of in our Nation because too many children will never be taught in public schools to be aware of the especially what it means to be blessed for: meekness,”.

    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5.

    In other words, as less and less people are blessed with meekness, the less likely they will inherit the earth, as we are now expediting by the continue waning of religious values in our society.

    If Interested, check the link below of what it means to have Christion obligations and deities for meekness.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. @Scatterwisdom

      Given your link, I assume you know this, but others may not. It is important to remember that the word “meek” refers to strength under control, not being like a mouse.

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      1. Michael, Tom,

        Since both Michael and you have commented on the possibility of the definition of meek being perhaps weak or passive, I probably should have included the Bible definition of meek in my post which is as the definition of meek in the Bible .

        “A personality trait of gentleness and humility, the opposite of which is pride. Meekness does not refer to weakness or passivity but to controlled power. Aristotle described meekness as the middle position between excessive anger and an excessive lack of anger.

        Meekness or gentleness is exemplified by God”


        If we consider the “B Meekness” traits, i included in my post, in our contemporary times, same as in history, is in my opinion. not only blessed, but also a hero:,

        rather than weak or passive in my opinion.

        Thanks for your comments.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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