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In the last post in this series, The Latest Iteration In Bigotry, to see how bigotry is making a comeback, we started looking into the news about one of our neighboring counties. Surprisingly, the news is about what Loudoun County School Board wants children taught, how to judge other people based upon their superficial characteristics. Essentially, that School Board wants children how to be good bigots. Here we will examine the kind of bigotry Loudoun County School Board wants children taught. Why? If it can happen next door, it can happen here.

What Kind Of Bigotry Does The Loudoun County School Board Want Children Taught?

The last post in this series went into the definition of bigotry. Then we listed a bunch of news articles on Loudoun County Public Schools and Critical Race Theory. When you read those articles, did you agree that teaching Critical Race Theory would increase…

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  1. Tom,
    I cannot disagree with your use of pagans which many people in our communities seem to fit your description off their actions including your comparison of the USA to the prodigal son story.
    I agree a civil war is not the wisest solution for our Nation.

    However, we are presently in a war, same as in every past generation has engaged with evil influences that seem to keep repeating pagan beliefs and actions in communities.

    In my opinion, the sooner we act to support school choice or school vouchers, the better. Most people who have been trained for warfare, such as military, police, or pastors know that if we do nothing to defend evil influences in our communities, we will in time lose the war of minds, body and souls.

    In other words, the greater the number of defenders, the greater the influences for wise or foolish voters and legislators’ actions to defend our First Amendment freedoms in our Democrat Republic.

    School choice or school voucher is the only hope for the future defenses in our Nation and World in my opinion., same as in every generation in past history to win the war to influence minds, bodies and souls which obviously is not being taught in our public schools.

    I believe my argument could be verified if a study was made to compare how many convicted of crimes attended a public or private religious school in their youth.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      Given how badly the schools are being run, now is the time for school choice. However, it will take decades to undo the damage the public schools have done. No quick solution.

      We have to fix things because we love our neighbors, and we want to obey God because we love Him. Nothing else will sustain us.

  2. Tom,

    Your school board sounds like they are trying to emulate the infallible wisdom and love teachings in the Bible verses you used in your post.

    Problem is because the verses are in the Bible, it is illegal to teach children in public schools using the same words.

    The result is your school board are not infallible as God. They make mistakes.

    Frankly, in my opinion, school choice or school vouchers is the best course for parents in your State to focus on instead of your school board,

    As for transvestites, there is no mention of them in the Bible verses that in the beginning, God made them. Perhaps that gives us a clue that God does not want us to know all His mysteries?

    It is a mystery to me why parents want to allow their adolescent children to choose what sex they want to be before they mature into legal adults.

    Or perhaps God did not make transvestites, man makes them? Nature or Nurture?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      We do need to fight for school choice and education vouchers. In some states, that is a very feasible objective. Better late than never.

      The people in this country who do not know God’s Word are mostly Pagans. They worship stuff, sex, science, state, and self. Those are their idols, and they differ little from the idols Pagans worshipped 2,000 years ago. “Virtuous Pagan” is awn oxymoron. Pagans make lousy parents because they raise their children to be Pagans.

      Pagans really don’t believe in anything except making themselves rich and look good in their own eyes. That’s why their ideas are so irrational and self destructive. That’s why we are danger of quickly becoming a tyrannical state. Unless, like the prodigal son, enough Liberal Democrats come to their senses, we cannot save our republic. Conservatives don’t have enough power at this point to stop them. A civil war would not work. It would just destroy the country.

  3. Being in LCPS, we got an email sent home “displacing rumors” that any such things would be taught in school and to stop spreading rumors. Uh, in their own words they said that they would avoid suspending African-American kids. What?! If you do something worthy of suspension, you deserve suspension, whatever your race. That’s equality. Being from CA and that messed up school district, I was impressed when we first moved here. But in the past few years, they are using the LAUSD playbook and are going to be very sorry with the outcome. As soon as they “turned VA blue” we warned our friends what was going to start happening (from our experience in CA) and they looked at us like we were crazy. Guess we weren’t so crazy after all. And the parents that comment on the LCPS Facebook page are so hateful and filled with venom. Nothing will ever be accomplished. Thank goodness I only have one left in high school and then we will get the heck out of here. I’ve had about enough.

    1. @Lisa V

      The people making the mess out of LCPS, the Liberal Democrat news media and Liberal Democrats politicians, have taken over most of the country. From our perspective, they are wrecking the country. From their perspective? Pride does strange things to people. I think some people will do anything to be at the top of the mountain, even if they have to turn that mountain into a heap as worthless as dung.

      Hateful? That is the irony. Liberal Democrats politicians complain about the hatefulness of their opponents, but almost every word out their mouths is either a lie or an accusation. It virtually impossible to actually discuss the issues with them. All they want to do is secure a stranglehold on the country, and they will destroy the country in order to do it.

      Is there no hope? I there anything we can do? I have no idea what the future holds, but I have begun to understand how Jeremiah felt, but I am not Jeremiah. God has not told me what is to come.

      We have no other country to which we can run. For the sake of our children and each other, we must pray, preach God’s Word, take care of each other, and fight back.

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