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Why would anyone want to be a member of the Democratic Party? What makes anyone foolish and gullible enough to vote for a Democrat? Here we begin with the first five of THE TOP TEN REASONS! The TOP TEN BELIEFS!

  1. I believe we can always trust the people in charge of our government. I believe the people in charge love the People. I believe the people in charge always further the best interest of the People. The Holocaust is a myth. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Russian) and the Chinese Communist Party never “purged” millions of people. Those are heinous lies. Our government just wants to take our guns because guns are unsafe. Some idiot (not me, of course) might accidentally shoot himself or someone else. See Biden Corruption Runs Through Ukraine, Russia, and China by Robert Knight (, Probe into Hunter Biden’s ‘tax affairs’ moving ahead: report (, and ‘My Son Hunter’: Irish filmmakers behind ‘Gosnell’ launch crowdfunding for Hunter Biden movie – Washington Times.
  2. I believe in “science”. I believe government always goes with the advice of the best experts. The weather experts changed the name of their weather catastrophe theory from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” because “Climate Change” is more scientific. I believe there is plenty of evidence the earth is warming. The experts called the Coronavirus (COVID-19) perfectly. Just as the World Health Organization (WHO) said, that virus is not human-to-human transmissible, and the two-week economic lockdown worked perfectly without creating any economic consequences or other health concerns that caused more deaths than that nasty virus. See The nursing home scandal is bigger than just Cuomo – Washington Times, Advisers of New York’s Cuomo altered report on nursing home deaths -papers (, Global Warming vs. Climate Change | Resources – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (, The case for climate change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (, Global Warming: Man-Made or Natural? – Imprimis (, and Top 10 Reasons to Say Global Warming Is Not Man-made | Human Events.
  3. I believe in government-given rights. I believe in the glories of Socialism. I have a right to lots of free stuff. I don’t think NAZI Germany, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela are representative of Socialism. I think China’s social credit system has proven Socialism can work! I think that the Nordic countries have proven that Socialism works! See The Myth of ‘Nordic Socialism’ | In My Father’s House (, What is China’s social credit system? | Fox News, Gab Founder Blocked From Visa for Vague ‘Hate Speech’ Charge – PJ Media, The worst communist dictators and the things they’ve done (, and List Of Dictatorships By Death Toll – The Top 10 Biggest Mass Killings In History – About History (
  4. I believe in open borders. I believe every human being has the right to go and live wherever he chooses. I believe it is immoral for a rich country to keep out poor people. I believe that all cultures are equally good. See Piles of People: New Photos Show What Biden Is Trying to Hide at the Border by Katie Pavlich (, Cruz: ‘Biden Administration Has Over 16,000 Children in Custody. We Went and Toured the Biden Cages’ | CNSNews, SEN. LANKFORD: The Biden Administration Has Literally Left The Gates Open On The Southern Border | The Daily Caller, Joe Biden Wants Some States to Pause Reopening While He’s Leaving the Border Wide Open – PJ Media, Without debate, President Biden has decided on complete open borders (, and Report: Young Migrant Girls Held in Biden’s Tents for ‘Over 20 Days’ – RedState.
  5. I believe in my own personal truth. I believe everyone has a right to their own personal truth. I believe there is no objective truth. I believe that anyone who disagrees with my truth is intolerant. See The Intolerance of Tolerance by Gregory Koukl (

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Others have given their reasons to be a Democrat. Enjoy!

To be Continued


  1. @Tom… I think you have your reply limitations set on the low side. I can reply from an email notification but not from in here when replies exceed a certain number. So.. to reply to your last reply to me I need to start a new thread here.

    Anyway… to your earlier remarks about philosophy and logic….

    I did in fact read the Kouki piece and it made for a partial impetus for my original remarks about tolerance/intolerance. As for the philosophers of old having “solved” the problems of logic and reason to the extent you are assigning, I tend to find more pertinent value in basic human behavior. Whether the Creator or Darwin, humans are naturally and instinctively “curious” to the obsessive as a species, and thusly reason everything possible. It’s how we survive. To be sure we want some control over our environment and in trying to do that we value cause and effect relationships to prove or disprove any possible “realities” in which we wish to believe. Those things we are unable to explain to ourselves with a set of “rules” we give to mythology and/or establish faith-based spirituality. But humans are influenced by their physical and mental needs.. ala Maslow. I oft use the example of sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon.. hungry as hell… and seeing a rabbit on the other side. That big hole in the ground becomes an obstruction to your survival. As chance would have it, a rabbit hops by at your feet. You feed your fill on it, regain your strength… and you now sit on the edge of the cliff, now admiring nature/Creator for having created such a thing of beauty as that big hole in the ground.
    Ethereal philosophic and logic interpretations are all fine when trying to establish behavioral “rules of conduct” in how man fits into the universe… but I suppose I find more value in understanding human behaviors under a more simpler scale. I think as a species we’ve discovered long ago that we have limitations as to our “dominance” on the Earth or inside the universe.. as to what we can control or not. I think it’s far less about “control” and far more about “exploiting” what we might learn about our environment in order to survive. Man is a PART of nature as much as the weather or the seemingly random occurrence of geological changes. Man is not simply “getting a free ride”. Man can affect climate changes as well as any other natural collection of cascading events. But at the same time, only man can appreciate the importance of his/her existence in the natural context of things, and that itself can be interpreted into the spiritual wonderment of a divine Creator, and of all things we do not know and have yet to learn.

    1. @Doug

      You like endless threads? What about eternity in the life to come? Anyway, I will up the value.

      You read Kouki’s piece. His point is that we have no good reason to tolerate foolishness. What we need to allow is the right of our fellow human beings uphold beliefs we regard as foolish so long as their actions don’t violate other people’s rights.

      Your reply here is misses the mark. Are we subject to emotions? Yes. Are we suppose to control our emotions? Yes. Loving other people is a choice. Choosing properly between good and evil is a choice. Learning and exercising wisdom is a choice. Whether we choose to thank our Creator or curse Him is a choice. Whether we choose to believe the truth to the extent we know the truth is a choice.

      CNN is your favorite news outfit. But they uphold blatant nonsense as truth. CNN lies continually. Here is an example =>

      Consider this quote.

      “It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth,” CNN’s Cole wrote.

      We cannot assign sex at birth? We have only been doing it for how long?

      Why is assigning sex at birth important? People who want us to believe they care about the children want to give children dangerous hormones and surgically alter them so they can properly assume their “true” gender identity. Transgenderism is another way to divide us and pit us against each other. The basic division is not over sex. It is over who gets to decides what is a sin — what is right and what is wrong. The fight is a fight over whether the government can force us to believe its definition of right and wrong.

      What does a child know about gender identity? A child doesn’t know anything, but the busybodies want control of what that child believes.

      You think basic human behavior important? One of the first words a child learns is “mine.” Watch the way a two year old behaves. Imagine that child at maturity? What if that child’s favorite words are I, me, myself, mine,…? In the body of a 40 year old, CNN glorifies the morality of the two year old child, but what is cute in a little child is thoroughly dangerous and abhorrent in someone who is supposed to be an adult. The 40 year old who still thinks first of himself the busybody who insists that what is real and truth is whatever he wishes to be real and truth. “Mine” is whatever he wants to belong to him, and that includes other human beings.

      1. Like anything else in life you have to filter, or critical think, what “CNN says” or “MSNBC says”, etc., when someone is blathering opinion vs. reporting the news or mixing it all together. Your selected quote from the article didn’t make much sense to me either as it had little context to its meaning. On the surface, yeah, we do know sex at birth. So to that, I agree. Rather confusing.
        Now.. to your greater concern.. the moral and spiritual issue of the entire transgender “thing”… that would be your battle to fight as it pertains to personal belief. But.. I have been for a while now, not all that sure about extending this transgender “thing” into the child years. I am referring to the likes of Freud, and even the more contemporary Dr. Spock, where childhood development is alleged to include periods of feminine/masculine, and masculine/feminine identities as it relates to self-perception… not necessarily appearance. They are typically referred to as “phases” of identity when social development and communal interaction begins. In other words, much like you are saying, who-at-that-age-really-knows-what-they-want kinda thing. A more transitional thing with children. Obviously some kids do, in fact, accept the alternate gender identity within themselves into adulthood, but to suggest children are being “imprinted” that way… I’m not sold on that one. To assume a child realizes a penis is better than a vagina, or vice versa, before they are out of elementary school, I’m afraid I am lost on that idea. I have no issue with social scientists and child development professionals exploring the origins of gender identity development in our young… but research is a far cry from establishing some sort of policy “accommodation” so that their psyche’s don’t get “damaged”.

          1. Biden has a much more stable administration made up of qualified professionals familiar with their jobs. That… and far less lying… and far less daily chaos of the persona that was Trump. But you didn’t need me to confirm that to you. I seem to recall from you back in March of 2017 something about “How can you judge Trump when he’s not been in office even 100 days?”

          2. @Doug

            I knew you could not be specific.

            Unlike Trump, Biden has a news media and a Congress that supports his agenda. Trump was fighting fabricated charges. It took the Republicans in Congress a couple of years to realize Trump’s supporters did not believe the charges. In addition, Trump, not being an insider, had trouble finding personnel who would implement his policy So, Trump got off to a slow start. Biden, being a creature of the Swamp, has had no such problems. So, we agree that Biden has appointed a more stable administration made up of qualified professionals familiar with their jobs. However, the people Biden has appointed have more in common with professional criminals than public servants.

            The result is that Biden has churned out reams of executive actions and a 3 trillion dollar spending bill, but it is all rot so you don’t want to defend any of it.

          3. I actually did not know that Biden’s appointments have far more in common with professional criminals. I must have missed that somewhere.

            You know, Tom… you’re the guy who likes to interject faith into your politics and that’s fine. But sometimes faith can be directed toward another human being, believe it or not. I know you generally find humans as unrepentant. I do not. There is no right or wrong there. If you want to compare the spiritual morality and moral center between Trump and Biden I can entertain that all day long with you… simply because the contrasts are so vivid. I have no immediate issue to question Biden so far given I accept his moral predispositions as being solidly toward the welfare of the country… without the inherent built-in biases, self-serving and self-aggrandizement policies directed toward his political base as Trump did. Trump’s focus was, and continues to be, entirely about his base, creating division, vilifying his perceived enemies, and his perception of how the country SHOULD be.

          4. @Doug

            All you saying is you have faith in a man, but you cannot give any logical reasons for this faith. Not one. That is sad.

            Frankly, it is easier for me to explain my faith in God. I am also required to do it.

            1 Peter 3:15 Good News Translation
            15 But have reverence for Christ in your hearts, and honor him as Lord. Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you,

          5. It would seem that the joy in the faith alone, hence the desire to spread such joy to others, would not need to be a requirement.

          6. @Doug

            I enjoy fellowship with other believers. I enjoy seeing people come to believe, but I don’t think I should enjoy your deflections, baseless assertions, or faulty assumptions.

  2. Doug – You stated

    ” Oh, yes… the four Trump years was like a nightmare.”

    Just curious about what your thoughts are about the Border issues under Biden..
    Trump followed your advice to make asylum seekers remain in Mexico. Biden changed the policy back to catch and release.

    Meanwhile, while 300,000 asylum seekers will enter the USA in 2021 as approved by the Democrats, and be subsidized with cash, housing, food stamps education and free medical, there are 500,000 US citizens, many veterans that are homeless begging on corners and sleeping in tents on city streets.

    I wonder which 4 heavenly years instead of nightmares you are “liking: to” now especially for homeless veterans who seem to have bigger nightmare treatment by Biden and the Democrats?

    Would you consider that at the very least, the Democrat’s humanitarian treatments and subsidies for 300,000 asylum seekers be made available to the 500, 000 homeless the same treatment as asylum seekers crossing the borders?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. We spend WAY too much time blaming an “other” for the immigration problem. For decades, across all administrations, the policy has either sucked in general or not kept up with the ever changing politics of our neighbor countries and became obsolete after a week. We are way, way past Trump did this.. Biden didn’t do that. Every administration has had their border surges and in the end it’s all about a mass of humanity of shifting population. All we do.. have ever done as a nation… is react to a constant crisis on the Southern border. Forget the damn blaming already and fix the problem… and the fix is NOT how to deal with the mass of humanity that wants in. It’s all about addressing the REASONS the mass of humanity wants in.
      When I said back during the Reign of Trump that the masses should be held in Mexico I meant down at Mexico’s southern border. To this day.. what the hell is Mexico doing letting all these people traverse the entire length of the country to get to our border anyway? They should be sealing up their own border down where it’s the easiest to seal up geographically. Boom… problem solved. In fact, let’s help Mexico build a wall across their own southern border.. and we can pay for it! Now.. will that entirely solve the problem? People likely will use boats and die going elsewhere… or head to South America. The greater problem is humanitarian. We need to apply pressure on these Central American drug cartels and mini-dictatorships. I said a while back we need to get the OAS way more involved in the internal struggles of their member nations.

      But none of this absolves our own dilemma in not fixing a thing on immigration.

      1. Doug,

        Do you think Biden knew what he was doing when he changed Trump’s border policies to address the border problems which ” For decades, across all administrations, the policy has either sucked in general or not kept up with the ever changing politics of our neighbor countries and became obsolete after a week.?”

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. I’ve just spent the last four years palavering my discontent about Trump as President, primarily because of his mental and behavioral aberrations guiding his self-serving biases. His “policies”, whatever those actually were, be damned, as those were largely positively inconsequential in the long run. For me Biden was not a best choice (in a “normal” election cycle) but certainly a welcome choice to replace Trump. Whatever Trump imposed on the border was to satisfy his bias toward the “invading hordes of rapists and druggies” illegally entering America and sucking up the welfare and all the jobs white people wanted. Biden’s approach is humanitarian… and in spite of what populist Conservatism claims that “Dems just want open borders” (what Dem EVER stated that anyway?), it’s Biden’s turn to try and fix immigration. Sorry… Trump’s gone.. for me the battle is over and won. You wanna spend the next four years complaining how Biden doesn’t live up to some BS Trumpian expectation and whataboutism, that’s your waste of time. We need to focus on problems and issues. I doubt seriously Biden will affect any immigration change with the Congress at it’s current split. If the Congress goes more the majority to the Dems after 2022 to escape all the filibuster nonsense that’s a different story. In the meantime, we have humanitarian issues at the border… and political issues with the Central American states to work out. Not to mention everything related to the pandemic and the economy.

          1. Doug,
            We also have a 500,000 humanitarian issue of homeless people living in tents or blankets on streets in our Nation. Why is Biden and the Democrats so silent on their humanitarian needs? Should they be afford the same treatment and subsidies as the asylum seekers. Asylum, a place of retreat and security
            Regards and goodwill blogging.

          2. I dare to say that if those 500,000 homeless are American citizens (even if not) there are already social programs to take care of their every need.. from social security to medical… just as with non-homeless Americans who have little or no income. The problem remains… that the vast majority of homeless have extending mental health issues and are not just simply “down on their luck”… although there are those as well in the mix.. and perhaps some outreach counseling on available services would help that demographic. But over the years interview upon interview I have heard/seen through the media with homeless folks, and seeing how the homeless live in my town and the charitable response charities from the community, is that they simply do not wish to be constrained with responsibility. They want a place to sleep for the next night or a place for their next meal, but they shy away from accepting a place to live or working for their meals because that requires living up to the expectations of others in structured ways. That’s where the mental health issue comes to the forefront. Also in that mix are folks who perhaps have no handicap issues of any sort and simply prefer living in the world of the street.
            So.. sorry.. your concept that Biden’s humanitarianism seems to fall short when compared to the needs of the homeless here versus spending money on refugees at the border is not any sort of apples-to-apples.
            Just to provide more context…. you can’t force a homeless adult to accept charity or even government programs that better their lives. Largely, their situation is a matter of personal choice albeit many times it’s a handicapped decision in itself because the rest of us assume no one would naturally want to live on the streets, yet many do. Again, mental health. Refugees at the border are at the border for a chance at their perception of a safe future and the old pursuit of happiness.

          3. Doug,

            You stated to Tom, : “But at the same time, only man can appreciate the importance of his/her existence in the natural context of things, and that itself can be interpreted into the spiritual wonderment of a divine Creator, and of all things we do not know and have yet to learn.”

            A wise man 3000 years ago came to the same conclusion you stated above.

            His advice was that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,

            Another man 2000 years ago came and gave this advice.

            “Do unto others as you would do to yourself.”

            If you discern the logic of these two thousand of years old advices, is there anymore we need to learn as you stated, “and of all things we do not know and have yet to learn.”

            The problem is we no longer teach the wisdom and love to our children, and because they never have heard this wise advice, they have no concept of ‘spiritual wonderment of a divine Creator.”

            And as the beliefs wane, so will our society wane to follow and lead to what happens in every society in recorded history.

            Don’t believe me, just pick up a newspaper and read the folly and lack of love reports every day and ask yourself, how many of the fools were ever introduced to Spiritual wisdom and love beliefs in the Bible and then compare.

            That is why I keep asking why this comparison is not being made of every person convicted of a crime was compared to be taught in depth in a religious school the wisdom and love advice in the Bible or never taught in depth in a public secular school.

            Sad. We know the answers but no one will listen because it is illegal to teach the Bible in a public school.

            This is my opinion for you to discern. What opinion do you have to change the present path of folly we read about every day in the news, which is the same repeat folly we read the day and the months and years before, all because we “of all things we do not know and have yet to learn.”

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

          4. Well, Rudy.. while I appreciate your willingness to “listen” to my thoughts of my religious perceptions on the need for greater expression of loving God as a cure-all for society’s ills… I’m afraid I prefer to minimize religious interpretation because that is so diverse and what I might believe should not be an imposition to what others believe. That part being said… to assign that all our current social problems are the direct result of poor religious upbringing could be true.. or not. I tend to look back on history and the two World Wars come into mind… and the vast numbers of murder and torturing of humans toward other humans seems far more tempestuous than anything we could dream up today by comparison. So, do I think “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love”… well, we could say that about any period of Earth history with man, could we not?

          5. Doug,

            What the world need now in addition to love is wisdom. Wisdom to discern the differences between true love and Spiritual wisdom.

            No need for anymore philosophers and writing books, just teach what we know has worked best over time in history of mankind.

            Fear God and treat people the same as you want to be treated.

            As for the 500, 000 homeless in the USA, treat them the same as the asylum seekers which includes cash, free health care, a room, and job training and a job. . .

            Regards and goodwilll blogging.

            And if today and history leaders understood the simple logic, there would be a lot less wars, crime, and bad news, if they focused on teaching what i just explained.

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

      2. @Doug

        Biden threw out Trump’s policy. Trump’s policy was working.

        The problem is simple. We either can help the poor people who want into our country where they are, or we we can allow them into our country. In our country, these poor people will create chaos, a chaos that includes the balkanization of our society. Coming to the USA is not a magical solution. When we did not have welfare for new immigrants, half of the people who immigrated here went back to their homeland. If these poor people cannot make things work for them where they are, it is not likely they will succeed here, especially if they are on welfare.

        The second alternative foolish. It is like someone who doesn’t even know how to swim jumping into the water to “rescue” a drowning man who is larger and stronger. Yet this is the “solution” Democrats want. Why? They want the chaos, and they want more ignorant voters. Because they are rich demagogues, they think they can buy the votes of the ignorant.

        What Democrats are doing is what the rich have done for millennia. The rich have bought off the poor to hem in those smart enough and well educated enough to support themselves. Aristotle wrote about this sort of behavior thousand of years ago.

        Because most Americans are self supporting and still pay taxes, they don’t see much benefit is a big government that gives them “help” they don’t need and don’t want to pay for. However, big corporate interests like corporate welfare. So they support their cronies in government. That includes graft, campaign donations, and favorable news media.

        What the crony capitalists cannot provide directly are votes. Hence, illegal immigrants, because they provide corporate interest cheap labor and Democrat politicians cheap votes provide the crooked cronies a win-win solution. It is just the rest of the country, when they discover most of the news media is lying to them, that hates it.

        Got to serve those new voters and keep them coming.

        1. What exactly was Trump’s policy goal? A cohesive and broad immigration policy? Nope.. not that. Keeping druggies and rapists and criminals from illegally crossing the border? Nope.. that continued. Stopping the hordes in caravans from trying to enter the U.S.? Yep.. and how exactly did he do that? Kept them languishing in cesspool camps on the Mexican side. There ya go.. problem solved, right? Oh.. and let’s separate kids from their parent if the want in as a deterrent to wanting to come here. Gimmie a break. Trump “solved” nothing. This idea of ‘good cop, bad cop” between presidential policies as being some great policy deterrent is NOT any sort of long term solution. You wanting to politicize and vilify the “other” (big business, rich people, Dems, yada, yada) solves nothing. The GOP is in leadership chaos right now and Congress continues to be stalled.

          1. @Doug

            Since you have already stated quite clearly that you are not amendable to logic and reason, is there any point in responding? You just believe as you wish. So, I will respond only for the benefit of others, and I will be brief.

            Trump wanted would be illegal aliens to stop crossing our border and to stay at home. That is what his policy accomplished. That kept criminals from other countries from coming here. Without all the illegal aliens providing them cover, that also made it easier to control the drug traffic.

  3. Tom,

    Democrats are more Christ Like than Republicans article seems to have omitted that Democrats support abortion issue in regards to sanctify of life..

    Too man other issues to opinion on which are opposite the teaching of precepts of Christianity of family and morals.

    Unless of course we believe in Socialism.


    Regards and goodwill blogging..

    1. @Doug

      I don’t discuss me. You want show this post is ridiculous, go ahead and try.

      Is Trump history or are you are counting your eggs a bit too eagerly?

      1. Perhaps in all your shallow citing using your select Conservative sources, you might provide an example.. an actual name… of someone alleged to be one of “your” defined Democrats who holds elected office somewhere and therefore has some legislative influence, that believes in any or all of each one of these, exactly as you have described.

        As for Trump being out of the picture…
        1. He’s old and has medical issues, which means he may not last to 2024, much less be some sort of “king maker” for 2022, and being capable of being involved.
        2. His current polls are getting worse… his press coverage has dramatically waned, hence few care anymore what he does. The daily crisis he fostered has vanished.
        3. He’s got a large number of judicial problems across the board to meander through. Whether he actually wins any or all really matters not given all that will be revealed to the public about his business activities not be in his favor anyway. The numbers would suggest he will lose at least one. We are sure to see appeals galore.
        4. He’s got a mental predisposition to not running again because he hates to lose and doesn’t want that to happen again. But he will keep yakking to his base that he might.

        So, Tom.. prognosis of his continuing political aspirations looks kinda slim to nil to me.

        1. @Doug

          I have to name one Democrat who holds all the beliefs I have mentioned? That’s funny. When Jonathan Swift wrote a “A Modest Proposal,” did he have to find an Englishman who took his proposal seriously? No. What was relevant was how close his proposal was to the truth.

          Interesting. You are still obsessed with hating on Donald Trump. If and when Trump starts to play a larger role, I will most likely talk about it. Now? I am not obsessed with Trump. You are.

          1. Jonathon Swift’s “proposal” aside…. I don’t see that anything in your post is a proposal but an opinionated attempt to define a collective ideology using personal bias and speculation. Not sure where the truth rests when there’s no one to cite as an example of your “truth”… hypothesis. Trumpian Conservatism prefers hearsay and speculation to promote fear and loathing for political gain… like the Big Lie… and truth is the real enemy… and hypothisis itself becomes fact, not something to prove. We can’t even appear to look like science.
            Oh, yes… the four Trump years was like a nightmare… so I have a measure of Trump-induced PTSD.

          2. @Doug

            I am actually pleased by your reaction. Five points. Only somewhat satirical. All you can do is make generalized, nnonspecific complaints.

          3. Well, not being a Democrat I can’t answer specifically to your random point 6 as being an identifier of all people who are Democrat, but I can indulge in the human concept of tolerance and truth in general. Seems to me truth is simply whatever a person wishes to believe that works for them. The only we reason we adapt to technology, the arts, science, et al, is because enough of us agree, or are willing to accept, the truths that make all that work for us. Airplanes fly because of an application of physics, science, etc. that have become the result of some level of universal acceptance of, or belief in, the truth that makes it all work. It’s an application of Ripley… believe it or not. Two plus two equals four only works for you if you believe, or accept, that it does. Humans, being community oriented creatures, want others to believe in their personal truths in order to have a validated, hence accepted, existence. With that follows a measure of respect.

            Tolerance… just another word for acceptance, which humans will “accept” under certain conditions. The one we are likely talking about is accepting another’s beliefs, philosophies, spirituality, racial diversities (physical differences) and of course, social structure… including politics. We will “accept”, or tolerate, from others of our kind that which does not infringe or impugn on our own set of what we claim is truth. We tolerate others if they stay on their side of the fence with their truth… unless it matches our own. Compromise is a variant of tolerance. I will accept you to a point… and co-exist with you, only because we are neighbors and share the same fence and want the same security in that. More like, the end justifies the means. In the end we want the same thing so let’s accept our truth differences to reach that point we both want.

            Unfortunately, the nation is going through a social and political pendulum swing of intolerance across the social strata of two kinds of truth with two separate goals… and compromise to reach the same end result is itself intolerable because both sides do not want the same outcome.

          4. @Doug

            Because the pursuit of wisdom and understanding depends upon how we process whatever knowledge we can obtain, that is why the first universities focused on Philosophy and Theology. In the belief God created an orderly universe, the people who established those universities believed logic and reason must follow certain rules. Philosophy and Theology focuses upon learning and teaching those rules.

            Because wisdom and understanding requires the proper use of logic and reason, our science and technology, our understanding of history, our conduct towards each other, our ability to communicate — almost everything thing we do — requires sound philosophy and theology. Yet you say “Two plus two equals four only works for you if you believe, or accept, that it does.” That is not true. Read: What we believe only works to the extent that what we believe actually corresponds to reality.

            Think about what you have said. Are your thoughts the font of truth, or are you just another human being exist within a universe over which you have very little control? Consider what your comment says about your respect for the rules of logic and reason. Consider how you “debate.” Instead of making a logical case for your point-of-view, you leap to a conclusion and argue from that conclusion. You argue for your point of view because IT IS YOUR VIEW, not because anything you have said is true. This is the way, our ancestors thought, Pagans who created gods to “explain” all the things they did not understand. It is because Christians believed God is the author of order, not confusion, that they started trying understand the laws His Creation follows. Christianity is why we have Science. Philosophy exists because the best of the Greek philosophers believe in a Creator God. Philosophy provides the rules of logic.

            Please read that article I suggested:

  4. A person HAS to be a democrat (or at least NOT a Republican) if they have these core beliefs:

    1. Climate change is going to eliminate life on earth unless we do something about it.
    2. Abortion is ugly, but it’s something every woman should have the choice about.
    3. Guns are evil/bad/

    If those are part of your core beliefs, AND you want to change things, there’s no where to go but to the Democrat party.

    1. @Jim

      Core beliefs? Not yours, I hope.
      1. If you believe in global warming, then the Democratic Party is useless. They are more interested in using global warming as excuse to acquire power than they are reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Their ideas are stupid and make the problem they SAY they are trying to solve worse.
      2. If you believe aborting an unborn child is some kind of right, why would you vote for a party that insists upon making those who believe aborting a child is murder complicit?That is, taxpayer funding and making doctors and nurses do abortions. That protects the rights of people? Only a woman’s right to kill her child is sacred?
      3. Guns are tools, and guns are tools made to kill. Evil people use guns to murder people. Evil governments use guns to murder lots of people. That is why people don’t want to give up their guns. Because Democrats believe government, not God, gives us our rights, Democrats are the last people anyone should want to take away their guns.

      1. No, not mine. Not at all. But I understand why people who have those core beliefs aren’t Republicans.

        1. @Jim

          Be egalitarian regarding persons.
          Be elitist regarding ideas.
          — Peter Kreeft of Boston College (from

          Don’t waste your time.

          If the beliefs of Democrats are worth defending, then they should be perfectly happy to defend them, and we should be perfectly happy to listen to them defend what they believe. What too many of them do, however, is try to censor and destroy their opponents.

          Does that mean I think all Democrats are evil? No, but they have been propagandized.

          We live in a failing constitutional republic. One reason why is that most people think we have a democracy. Most don’t even know the difference.

          Am I demanding that the people who disagree with me become Republicans? No. However, I think it is important to observe that there are effectively only two political parties in this country. That is by design. The Democrats and the Republicans conspired to make it nearly impossible to establish a third party. The last time that happened is when the Republican Party replaced the Whig Party. The Whigs refused to fight slavery.

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