Manipulated photo intended to show Vladimir Lenin with Stalin in the early 1920s. (from here)

What is driving Democrats? Do Democrats just hate America? Did the Communists intend to destroy Russia? Are the Democrats Communists? Consider some random posts from various blogs I follow.

I am tired of this world. It’s not the kind of place I want my children to be exposed to. I want my children to know that no matter what mistake they’ve made, they can be forgiven. Not that they will be watched for every word they speak, every emotion they feel, every opinion they express, and then punished accordingly. And I have no idea what kind of person would want to live in that kind of world?! Their ego’s must be HUGE!

Cancel Culture Rant – Write Side of the Road (wordpress.com)

I was mildly surprised to find just how much the banning of Dr. Seuss’ books set some people off. That quote above, however, explains it, I think. Lisa V makes the right connection. Christians understand the importance of forgiveness. Where tyrannical men rule, there is no forgiveness. Those who worship the state accept only those willing to comply with the will of the state, and with modern technology, the state can now automate the process of ensuring compliance.

The technology? Consider the nature of China’s Social Credit System. Here are some articles on the subject.

Consider how this article starts.

Imagine calling a friend. Only instead of hearing a ring tone you hear a police siren, and then a voice intoning, “Be careful in your dealings with this person.”

Would that put a damper on your relationship? It’s supposed to.

Welcome to life in China’s “Social Credit System,” where a low score can ruin your life in more ways than one.

Say you arrive at the Beijing airport, intending to catch a flight to Canton 1,200 miles south. The clerk at the ticket counter turns you away because — you guessed it — your social credit score is too low.

Not only are you publicly humiliated in the ticket line, you are then forced to travel by slow train. What should have been a three-hour flight becomes a 30-hour, stop-and-go nightmare.

All because the government has declared you untrustworthy. Perhaps you defaulted on a loan, made the mistake of criticizing some government policy online or just spent too much time playing video games on the internet. All of these actions, and many more, can cause your score to plummet, forcing citizens onto the most dreaded rung on China’s deadbeat caste system, the laolai.

And the punishments are shocking. The government algorithm will go as far as to install an “embarrassing” ring tone on the phones of laolai, shaming them every time they get a call in public. (continued)

China’s ‘social credit system’ straight out of Orwell’s ‘1984’ (nypost.com)

Given the willingness of our leaders to cancel the things and THE PEOPLE they disagree with, is it reasonable to fear the prospect of China’s social credit system coming to the United States? No. The problem is figuring out how to stop that very thing from happening. Our ruling party yearns for that kind of power. People, all those people with huge egos, have always yearned for that kind of power over other people.

Remember that slavery is the historical norm. Those who govern have always wanted the maximum amount of control over those they govern, and a social credit system makes it far easier to condition and control the governed with the fewest amount of slave drivers. In fact, most of the works involves software programming and data collection, and police departments — the men and women in blue — are a problem. Most of our law enforcement personnel still want to protect their fellow citizens, not enslave them.

Still what Lisa V fears could happen. Imagine a future where your child’s first waking act is turning to one of the cameras in his bedroom and thanking the Dear Leader for watching over him while he slept. Imagine promptly getting your family dressed in the morning, walking your family to the nearest shrine, getting your children to kneel, and having your family recite a hearty and enthusiastic prayer to the Dear Leader, knowing that if you don’t both your social credit score and those of your children will be significant diminished.

With cameras and microphones in every room and every public place, the Dear Leader, after all, knows all and sees all. Therefore, he knows when to reward his admirers and royal punish those who don’t admire and obey him.

How do we fight these would be slave masters? Mel Wild linked to an article that proposes a strategy, A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ to Save America From Socialism (theepochtimes.com). I doubt all the author’s ideas are entirely practical, but the general tone is appropriate. We won’t defeat authoritarians by being more nasty and vindictive than those busybodies. Instead, we have to behave like good Christian citizens. We must be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16 NASB – Disciples and the World – “You are – Bible Gateway).

Never forget that those who behave badly towards others are slaves to sin, that their very sinfulness is their worst punishment. We cannot destroy those who are dead already; we can only lead them to Jesus, the only One who can save them. Therefore, we should not make vengeance our object. There is cause for punishing lawbreakers, that is, deterrence, but our primary object needs to be making our constitutional republic work, and America is not working because we have not been good citizens, dedicated patriots. Instead of being good citizens, we have sat on the sidelines and let smooth talking demagogues rob us blind.

Consider this quote about the patriots of the American Revolution.

The patriots are, in my opinion the ordinary people that wish to just be able to go to work and prosper in a thriving economy, which happens when the government is least intrusive and lets the people keep more of what they earn. They just want accurate information and equal opportunity to succeed or fail without interference or having to comply with ideas antithetical to their beliefs. They resist being categorized in any way and for the most part love what they do and want to let everyone live and be who they are, unless it’s being forced on them.

Patriots and Loyalists – WTFAI (wordpress.com)

Freedom comes at a cost. We can hand power over to a king, and we can let our king “protect” us (To see how that works, read 1 Samuel 8 NASB – Israel Demands a King – Now it came – Bible Gateway), or we can retain control over our own lives by being patriotic and protecting each others rights. We don’t have to shoot anyone, but we do have to figure out how our country is suppose to work and rigorously participate in the political process.

Yes, there was a time Americans patriots had to fight tyranny. During the American Revolution, a long, drawn out, bloody war, the patriots had to fight under harsh conditions. They had to rebel against a powerful government that was becoming increasingly tyrannical, and they won because they loved their country enough to fight for the rights of their neighbors. Today we have an easier battle, we just have to be willing to pay the cost and do the work of being good citizens. We must love each other, our neighbors, enough to be willing to protect each others rights.

Do we still have enough of that kind of patriotism in America? Let’s pray that we do.

23 thoughts on “WHAT DO DEMOCRATS WANT?

  1. Tom,

    After reading your post question, I linked your to mine latest’s posts.

    “Unaccompanied Immigrant Children ”

    You may or may not agree with my message.though.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  2. Tom,
    Thanks for the link.

    The Democrats want to flood open the borders to force Congress to pass laws to allow open borders, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  3. Before you get all up in arms about the Dr. Seuss books (six out of a catalog of 60) and the right owners decision to cease their publication, you may want to have a look at some of the images that led to that decision. All of them are from stories set — going by the depiction of the white people — in the “present” time, i.e., the 1950s to 70s.

    Are these really the kind of stereotypes you want to teach children today?

    1. @marmoewp

      Have you ever heard of “The Three Stooges”? Are they still politically correct, or have you completely lost your sense of humor?

      I was in Japan when I was a boy in the 1960’s. The Japanese ate rice with chopsticks. The Japanese are rice connoisseurs. Americans now eat much more rice, but chopsticks are still a novelty and the sort of thing that makes children’s eyes grow wide. You may as well say that the American cowboy is a vicious stereotype.

      You want to see a picture of me on my horse? Love beef stew, but beans and rice are better for you.

      When I was growing up, we still regarded the people who live in the interior of Africa as mysterious, We called Africa the Dark Continent because we regarded it as a land of half civilized savages. In fact, Dr. Seuss probably lifted his cartoon black savage out of “National Geographic Magazine. ”

      In the early 60’s most Americans still could not figure out how seriously we should take our racial differences. Some, like many Democrats, were white supremacists. Others, and they were not that many, opposed racism.

      Why is Martin Luther King justly famous? Calling upon what remained of the Christian conscience of America, he changed the hearts of many people. He convinced most the country that discrimination based upon race was evil.

      Unfortunately, no such battles ever end. Each generation must fight anew. For the sake of ego, power, wealth, or some such thing, some in each generation want to discriminate based upon race, class, sex, or some other stupid thing. This generation of bigots just hides their racism by calling it racial justice and affirmative action, and they seek to confuse people by burying the truth and writing their own version of history. So, they would tear down all memory of our nation’s founding fathers. They damn every bit of the history of the American Civil War, They would bury Dr. Seuss’s children’s books. They would even rewrite the story of Martin Luther King.

      Why destroy even the silly things, like Dr. Seuss’ books? Those little tales remind us we don’t know the whole truth, that no one person is born knowing the truth. The only Being worth taking seriously is God. They remind us that hating someone takes more effort than it is worth.

      1. You had Jim Crow laws enforced until the mid 60s and the blacks who dared to travel got their copy of “The Negro Motorist Green Book” to know where it was safe for them to travel. I do not think you are yearning back for that age.

        As for the Seuss books, what are you fantasizing about books being destroyed? The six books in question (some of the least popular ones, BTW) simply go out of print. You still feel you need to get that racist picture to bring joy to your grandchildren, you’ll likely be able to pick it up in an antiquary. Or borrow an electronic copy at the Internet Archive, like I did. And you can still pick from the other 54 Dr. Seuss books that he wrote without including racist pictures.

        Yes, Dr. Seuss was a product of his time and back then many people did not see anything wrong with the caricatures, just as they had no problem with the Jim Crow laws. It does not mean, we have to follow their example today.

        1. @marmoewp

          I don’t think Dr. Seuss instituted any Jim Crow laws. However, there are dictators and murderers whose works are still in print, and few follow their example. Weird how that works.

          Anything we write or video we make today is the closest thing the people who follow us will have to traveling back to our time. Will the people who follow us yearn to come visit us? Will we meet the standards of those who follow us? As judgmental as some of us are? Perhaps not.

          Note again some of the absolutely awful things that are still in print. Then wonder why the cancel culture is so extremely selective. How does one destroy the character of a bloody tyrant? Where does one start? If a tyrant only worked a million people to death, does it further sully his reputation if one claims he also had a couple of million more shot?

          Yet what about someone with a relatively good reputation? What if we discover that someone who lived decades or hundreds of years before believed what the people of their era believed, not what the politically correct of this day believe. Well, then we can prove that they were wholly imperfect, that no one has any right to believe anything except what is politically correct in the here and now. In fact, this is an effective way to exhibit what it means to be politically incorrect. If we can damn the great heroes of our past, we can most certainly punish the politically incorrect of this day and age.

          BTW. Did you know that history just now began. Yep! I hear President Joe Biden has issued another executive order. He is started with the Internet today and move on to book burnings next week. All the data entries more than one year old in every data repository must be deleted. Next week he will have libraries burn every book more than one year old. This is his solution for teaching history, make it as easy as possible.

          1. @marmoewp

            McCarthy did not persecute people over political disagreements. Ostensibly, he was trying to root out people working for a foreign power.

            Arguably, we actually have to today the problem that concerned Senator McCarthy. We have people working against US interests because they care too much for Chinese money. That slave labor means higher profits, don’t you know?

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Tom. When it comes to my children and their indoctrination, I am indeed angry. Praying for truth and justice.

  5. Thanks for the plug, and the other links, Tom. I read them all and everyone has important points to make about the need to wake up and push back on the Woke left’s radical overreach. This has been quietly going on for decades, now they’ve come out in the open about it. We have been sleeping at the wheel while our children were indoctrinated in neo-Marxist ideology and our culture has been conditioned by globalist, Socialist agenda. These people are at war with reality and we need to educate people to the truth—about our Constitution, history, Capitalism, and Socialism.

    Most young people today (70% according to a poll) are totally ignorant of the evils of Socialism and would vote for a Socialist POTUS candidate. That’s the evil fruit of letting the radical left educate our children for decades.

    It’s time we take back our children’s education, our history, and our way of life. And I think both liberals and conservatives have a common cause here.

      1. No, it doesn’t describe what traditionally made American form of governance so successful. You had two opposing viewpoints, conservative and liberal—both freedom-loving Americans who loved this country—pushing back against and moderating extreme policies. We’ve lost this with the radicalization of the neo-Marxist left and their Cancel culture politics. But if we put partisan politics aside, and conservatives and liberals banded together, we could easily stop this tyrannical overreach from these globalist leftists.

        1. @Mel Wild

          Easily? No. If that were so totalitarian and authoritarian regimes would not be the norm. Our republic exists because the people prayed for it, and it will only exists so long as it pleases God.

  6. Tom, the great American Experiment seems to be on life support. I’m not hopeful it will survive. Sure, the country will be here in 20 years. But we wont recognize it. I hope the younger generation wakes up before it’s too late.

    Have you read Drehers book, Live Not By Lies?

    1. @Jim

      Have you read Drehers book, Live Not By Lies?

      Afraid not.

      The problem with younger generation is the people their parents allowed to educate them. No easy fix for that, but we have to try. Real problem is too many think they know Jesus, but they have never read any of the Bible.

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