Reporters with various forms of “fake news” from an 1894 illustration by Frederick Burr Opper (from Fake new.s – Wikipedia)

A an easy riddle.

Riddle: How does one lie without rest?

Answer: One tells a falsehood.

Isaiah put it this way.

Isaiah 57:20-21 New American Standard Bible

20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea,

For it cannot be quiet,

And its waters toss up refuse and mud.

21 “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”

So, consider what Cal Thomas has to say about our president’s proposed budget busting bill.

President Biden has challenged those who oppose the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion bill disingenuously dubbed “COVID relief,” or the more deceitful “American Rescue Plan.”

“What would they have me cut?” he asks. Challenge accepted.

Even The Washington Post  editorial board thinks the spending is too much and misdirected: “… concerns about the bill’s costs are growing across the political spectrum.”

Latest pork-packed ‘COVID relief’ bill costs too much and its spending is misdirected – Washington Times

Who lies and postures more than the Liberal Democrat news media? Liberal Democrat politicians.

How serious a problem is all this lying? Aside from the fact that politicians are lying in order to steal our money and give it to their cronies? Consider a recent poll.

Democrats are more concerned about former President Donald Trump’s supporters than they are about white nationalism or systemic racism.

According to a new poll from Echelon Insights, 82% of Democrats said that Trump’s supporters were their chief concern. The same poll indicated that 79% of Democrats viewed white nationalism as a major issue, and 77% were worried about systemic racism. Gun violence (76%) and Americans lacking health insurance (75%) rounded out the top five issues.

February Verified Voter Omnibus – Party Concerns – Echelon Insights

It is risky to take polls too seriously, but what this poll says is in accord with what we see going on in our country. Scary. Look at that fence and the soldiers still around the Capitol. A bunch of unarmed people attack the Capitol, and that’s a crisis. Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats did not care when people attacked the White House and tried to burn down a historic church. Last year, rioters killed dozens of people, injured thousands, and caused a couple of billion dollars worth of damage, and the Liberal Democrat news media cheered at first. Then, when the news media saw the public did not approve, they buried the story. Hypocrisy!

At least 74 million Americans voted for President Donald Trump, and their biggest concern had nothing to do with cancelling someone, shutting up anybody, or sending people who disagree with them to reeducation camps. If you have let Liberal Democrat politicians and their news media allies convince you to hate and fear half of the country, you are more dangerous than any Trump supporter.

Look in a mirror. See if you don’t find there what you say you hate and fear.

Now back to our president’s proposed budget busting bill. Here is the email I am sending to my state’s senators and to the member who represents me in the House.

Please vote against President Joe Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. That thing is so loaded up with pork that it has virtually nothing to do with rescuing anybody, and it is a lie to say that is what it is about. The bill is almost pure pork. To use another metaphor, the bill is a Christmas tree loaded with gifts for campaign donors.

In order to avoid nonsense like this mislabeled legislation, Congress is supposed to follow regular order and put together legislation thoughtfully and with appropriate debate. Thoughtful and orderly debate had nothing to do with this bill. VOTE AGAINST IT!

Why do we have a bill like President Joe Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021? If your response to a disagreement is to call the person who disagrees with you names, look in a mirror.

There are always people among us to seek to use the people they see as beneath them for their own purposes. Don’t think so? Please observe that slavery is as old as civilization, that there was NOTHING unusual about the enslavement of blacks in America except the fact that people fought to end it.

We still see manifestations of slavery. We buy products made by slaves in China, and our leaders want us to ignore that fact.

How do we end the abuse of our neighbors?

  • We stop calling each other names and listen. What we think others believe and what they actually do believe are not necessarily the same thing.
  • We stop misusing the power of government. Government exists to protect the rights of our neighbors, not for us to make other people think like “us.”

Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. — Gerald R. Ford

Gerald Ford – Wikiquote

8 thoughts on “THEY LIE WITHOUT REST

  1. Excellent post Tom. Lying is such a way of life for our political and media elites I honestly don’t think they know any other way.

    I didn’t know that quote about big government being able to take everything away from you was attributed to Ford! For some reason I just assumed it was Reagan.

    1. @Tricia

      Thank you.

      I take being named after the Apostle Thomas a bit too seriously, I fear. Skepticism not always a good thing. I had the same reaction to that quote, but being innately cautious I looked it up. Shocked, I was. I still don’t believe it.

  2. Yes to all you said, esp. this, which says it all about the corporate media: “Last year, rioters killed dozens of people, injured thousands, and caused a couple of billion dollars worth of damage, and the Liberal Democrat news media cheered at first. Then, when the news media saw the public did not approve, they buried the story. Hypocrisy!”

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