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The focus of this post is Home – Focus on the Family. Big Tech has started trying to shut Focus on the Family (FOF) up. Why?

The president of Focus on the Family said Twitter locked the page of the Daily Citizen — an arm of the large, well-known Christian organization — for posting “hateful” content.

And what might that content be?

FOF President Jim Daly wrote in his Wednesday blog that the issue was a Jan. 19 tweet — now “no longer available” — discussing Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

He said the tweet in question included the following sentence: “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

“It seems, according to Twitter, simply acknowledging biological fact is now ‘hateful,’” Daly wrote.

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    1. @Scatterwisdom

      I could be wrong, but I doubt there is a good solution in the courts. Here is what I observed to my brother.
      Why do I have a problem with Big Tech censorship? Congress has given these companies protection from lawsuits. Then, members of Congress have encouraged these companies to censor their opponents in a coordinated effort. The links between Big Tech and the Liberal Democratic Party are not that difficult to perceive. Of course, since you all are soooooo virtuous, and Trump’s supporters are such bigoted monsters, what could be wrong?

      Does the legal protection Congress has given these companies prohibit them from deciding they can ban people in accordance with their political preferences? Doubt it. That protection should work that way, but I doubt it does. I am not familiar enough with the law to say, however.

      The thing is that these Big Tech companies have close political ties (crony capitalist) with the Democratic Party. Many also own news media organizations that support the Democratic Party. So their censorship reeks of government censorship. Even if technically Big Tech companies are not government entities, they are effectively acting on behalf of the elected officials they want in power.

  1. Tom,

    Big tech censorship is the least of your problems. It’s like a wild pig complaining when the farmer puts up a fence to keep her away from the trough where she has been happily sharing the slop with the domesticated sows. You want to be fenced in his farmyard, you got to play by the farmers rules, including the prospect of being fattened up to be someone’s pork chops.

    Anyway you got bigger issues than Twitter fencing you away from its particular private media trough. You may not like the NYT, but this is an editorial you might want to read because they may be reading you down to your birthday suit (including where you go, where you live, and much, much more):


    1. @tsalmon

      I have the location data on my phone turned off. That is no guarantee Google is not collecting the data anyway. Apple was collecting location data on or off until they got caught.

      I trust Google and Apple about as far as I can throw my house, and I trust The New York Times even less.

      Note that no one has denied that the people attending the rally marched to the Capitol. THAT WAS THE PLAN! Some of the people who entered the Capitol were even waved in by the police. So, that silly phone data prove what?

      Note that your stupid article talks about five dead. Of those five, only the woman, unarmed, was killed. A policeman shot her. Since she was breaking the law, I don’t have much to complain about, but I wonder why the policeman shot her.

      The policeman who died seems to have had a stroke. The others were crushed in the crowd or some such thing.

      So what is the point of your silly article? Supposedly confidential data is not actually confidential. And I am supposed to be trembling in my shoes over that? You do know what I did for living don’t you? If you don’t want everyone to know, don’t give it to Big Tech or put it on the Internet.

      As of today, it has been a month since some hotheads do what hotheads do, and we still don’t have a good story from the people in charge. Instead, we have people like you trying to frighten and castigate other people into silence and submission. Is tsalmon is frightened by the thought that someone might have thoughts that differ from his own? You don’t examine, discuss or try to justify your party’s ongoing agenda. Are you are too virtuous for a decent debate, or too frightened?

      Think about this nonsense you wrote.

      Big tech censorship is the least of your problems. It’s like a wild pig complaining when the farmer puts up a fence to keep her away from the trough where she has been happily sharing the slop with the domesticated sows. You want to be fenced in his farmyard, you got to play by the farmers rules, including the prospect of being fattened up to be someone’s pork chops.

      Your party is the party the promotes redistributing the wealth.

      Am I a wild pig? I don’t understand property rights? Are you a domesticated pig? Do you want handouts no matter what the price?

      You do realize that a wild pig is the same thing as a wild boar? I doubt your farmer would want to be around such a cantankerous beast. There is a reason that true wild boars have been extinct in Great Britain for hundred of years.

      Our would be overlords want domesticated pigs. If they can, they will exterminate or domesticate the wild pigs. In either case, they intend to feed off of us.

      Alarmist? Here is what I mentioned to sklyjd in an earlier comment.

      Am I a political alarmist? The human race is the same as it was thousands of years ago. Progress, whatever that is, is not inevitable. We are too fickle. That is evidence by the genocidal regimes that obtained power in the last century and by those who hold power today. We can point to Russia and China as backwards and not be surprised that tyrants rule the people of these nations, but what happened in Germany under the Nazis we cannot just explain away. The people of Germany were among the best educated in Europe.

      1. Tom,

        I think, as usual, you missed the point . . . and then you tried to change the subject to your usual dumb blind obsessions. No thanks. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, those roads go nowhere, not interested.

        The point I was making is that you are ultimately what you consume . . . and you will ultimately be consumed by it, whether you like to pretend you know better or not. Just by being on Twitter, they own you to some extent, just as by being here you give yourself over to the worship of other gods of the media mind manipulating and data vacuuming world. Whether you trust them or not is irrelevant, even ironic in its absurdity.

        You flatter yourself as being above it all. As long as you eat at this trough, you are not a wild bore – you’re just one of the other dumb media slopping pigs like the rest of us.

        You seem to forget what I once did for a living too.

        There is a sense and a need in about half of us that the world must have an explanation, a depth that we can actually fathom. We imagine a greater, understandable plan with a lord of light responsible for all the good and a lord of darkness responsible for all the bad things. We look for formulas and clues to tell the difference between the two. To some degree I admit that I am one of these people, but I try, not always successfully, to be cognizant of the limits of my understanding and the infinity of my ignorance about the real plan. I also know, that there is really only One Lord who is responsible for it all – that the good and the bad are all inexplicably one thing and that I am incapable of grasping even a fraction of what that all means. But our pride in such things always comes before the Fall, now doesn’t it?

        I don’t think Big Tech is evil and I don’t think it is good. I don’t think that they, the masters of Big Tech, all conspire together in some amazing plan to control us. In some respects they are like the institution of black African bondage in this country, in that the economic success of that peculiar mode of white supremacy caste system came before the conspiracy to protect it. Like a Darwinian evolution, these institutions survive because of they succeed. In the cost/benefit economic ecosystem, African slavery filled and then thrived over all the other forms of human servitude because it simply, economically, worked (and it even anchored all the other forms of human labor capital exploitation). Success bred success to the point that so much of our nation’s capital was tied up on black African slavery that it dwarves in comparative percentage the money tied up in Twitter, Google, Amazon and Facebook by many times. While a conspiracy may not have originally formed to create this enslavement institution, with that much money involved, an evil conspiracy eventually congealed to protect it. The same, I think, may be true of Big Tech.

        Big Tech did not create need in people to form a binary conspiracy oriented narratives of existence, but it did, I think unwittingly at first, exploit it . . . to tremendous profit. They set up an mind addiction zone for us with endorphin filled affirmation hits of “likes” and dislikes, loves and hates . . . and our inherent tribal love to hate. They collect data on that and create AI logarithms to exploit it for sale to literally everyone. That data is marketing gold because they know that, if some people like some things and search the websites for some things, those types of people like other things, groupings that can be exploited. If I am trying to sell my widget (or my thought), then knowing that I can mainline my marketing right into the spinal fluid of my specific target demographic is literally invaluable to me. Just by being here, promoting your website on a website platform that sells the data that you collect, and making yourself subject to search engines that sell that data on the users that find and read and post to you, you are helping Big Tech make money, aren’t you, Mr. “genius who used to do secret things for a living”? As the NYT article explains, even Big Brother Guvmint is buying that data.

        It’s an imperfect analogy, but Big Tech, like the institution of Big Black African Enslavement before them, is seeing the evil side of what their success created blowing up in their faces. Those attractive web propagated conspiracies have a deep, dark, apocalyptic quality to them that is bound to lead certain people to a self righteous grievance based violence. They want us just happily taking the Soma and buying the stuff, not all angry and killing their golden geese If we start an apocalypse, its bad for business. So Big Tech is reacting, not so much conspiratorially as in desperation, to try to capture the rampaging, mad Frankenstein that they helped create. They are trying to shut down the violence provoking, hate filled folks at their own sources. on their own platforms. They know that, when Big Tech starts to become a national security threat (which they definitely now are), then Big Government will absolutely feel the need to regulate them. Because they are now regulating you, even you are calling for such regulation of a private industry, you rabid Socialist you.

        And that’s the point, you idiot. (-;

        1. @tsalmon

          I am going to do you a big favor. Since you cannot stop yourself, I am not going bother with a length response. I have better things to do than waste time responding to endless accusations.

          You want to say Big Tech is censoring Conservatives because we are monsters. I won’t say I don’t care what you think, but I have no idea how to respond. You even managed to mix racism into your crap.

          1. Tom,

            Oh, and by the way, while you’re giving nonresponsive responses:

            “You want to say Big Tech is censoring Conservatives because we are monsters. I won’t say I don’t care what you think, but I have no idea how to respond.”

            You are not a Conservative, not by any traditional standard any way. An actual traditional “Conservative” wouldn’t obsess about other people’s sex so much. You are just a plain old vanilla colored religious bigot big brother. This is not an ad hominem attack because it is a label that you admit to – you obsess over and judge the sexuality of other people and hate their sexual practices according to the precepts your own peculiar religious ideology. Speech along such bigoted, hate induced lines could certainly be defined by some as “hate speech”.

            I’m not saying that I agree with Twitter for banning your organization or one of it’s leaders for posting such so-called “hate speech”. I’d don’t care. I’m not on Twitter, and I could care less what that private business corporation judges “hate speech” is or is not. I don’t even think Twitter (a business, not a person) really cares that much either. Twitter is just responding to the legal and political liabilities, not really any moral imperatives, unless dollar signs are your moral imperative.

            I true market conservative wouldn’t whine so much (or want government to come save his religious speech) – he’d just quit using twitter. But like I said, you are not a real conservative, not if that word has any real meaning any more.

            By the same token, the violent “monsters” who Trump incited to attack the Capital, who congealed into that hate filled mob on social media and who Trump invited to his rally are not “Conservatives” either, although it’s not much of a stretch to opine that the vast majority of them, like yourself, are definitely Trump Republicans. Is Big Tech “censoring” that violent mob? Well, not as some giant evil conspiracy by the Deep State or Qanon’s Jewish lizard people to stop them from getting together for their apocalyptic “Storm” where they get to kill all the supposed Democrat pedos and baby eaters that Marjorie Taylor Greene referred to. Nope, again, these private corporations are individually just responding to legal and political liabilities that may ultimately threaten their profits. A good conservative would understand that. 😘

          2. @tsalmon

            I have little interest in debating you because all you do is discuss what you perceive as my failings.

            Why do I have a problem with Big Tech censorship? Congress has given these companies protection from lawsuits. Then, members of Congress have encouraged these companies to censor their opponents in a coordinated effort. The links between Big Tech and the Liberal Democratic Party are not that difficult to perceive. Of course, since you all are soooooo virtuous, and Trump’s supporters are such bigoted monsters, what could be wrong?

        2. Tom,

          You really do have a grievance based conspiracy theory for literally everything, don’t you?

          The biggest problem with Twitter isn’t that it has a “Liberal bias” – it’s that it knows that it has become a breeding ground for your Trump supporting Republican conspiracy theories to metastasize into an angry White Nationalist insurrection, and the legal and political liability is scaring the binary code out of them. “Big Tech” doesn’t have a Liberal bias problem – it has a violent Trump supporting kook problem.

          Your “Conservative” solution is more law suits? Well, as an attorney, I’m sure that will be good for business. The Trial Lawyers Association will just LOVE your solution, you litigious fellow you. Everybody should just sue everyone. If the Republicans are all in court fighting Big Tech over their endless grievances because they don’t like a private company’s rules against bigoted religious hate speech on their private media platforms or against Trump supporters fomenting dangerous, violent uprisings against Democrats who they claim are eating babies in pizza parlors and the threat of Jewish space lasers, then maybe they won’t have time to “Storm” the capital. Litigation solves every problem, right?

          I want to be in court for that law suit: “Judge, I went on Twitter and broke their rules because I believe my God obsessed all the time about hating other people’s sex”, or “Judge, Twitter won’t let me post how we have to use our guns to stop the Jews from attacking California with space lasers.” They can claim that the links between Big Tech and the Jewish space lasers cabal are not that difficult to perceive. Of course, unless the judge is all soooooo virtuous, that she thinks Trump’s conspiracy hate crazed supporters are such bigoted monsters, then what could be wrong? 🤪

          1. @tsalmon

            You are debating a figment of your imagination. When we demonize someone, we create this monster in our minds to justify attacking another person. That is all you have done. I have become someone for you to detest.

            Since you are trying to demonize me, because I supported that evil orange man, I cannot even figure out what we are debating or why we should bother. Since you are dealing in fantasies,…..

            Scatterwisdom mentioned lawsuits, not me. Is a lawsuit practical? I don’t know. I am all in favor of letting private businesses run their own affairs. There is, however, an implied contract. When Twitter kicks someone off their system in a capricious fashion and damages their reputation or causes them financial harm,…. I am no expert in contract law or any such thing, and I don’t have much use for suing people. I think only someone foolish would sink much time or capital into Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and so forth. They have harmed their own reputations. They have become too ruthless and greedy to be trusted.

            Will people continue to use these platforms? I don’t know. People are not especially wise, but I think wise people will look for alternatives.

          2. “Scatterwisdom mentioned lawsuits, not me.”


            All you do is make wild paranoid accusations and then whine that you are being demonized if anyone questions those accusations. Do you even know what a fact looks like any more?

            You are the one who complained about Congress giving “Big Tech” certain immunities from LAW SUITS. But do you know anything about what those immunities are, or why they should or should not have been given? Do you know if Republicans supported those immunities? Do you know if they were even controversial? You do know that breach of contract is a type of LAW SUIT don’t you? No to all of that? You don’t know anything, do you? You just think it must be some grand conspiracy between Big Tech and Democrats to censure Republicans. You will believe a conspiracy theory lie that demonizes the other side even when the truth is staring you right in the face. Why? Because your pillow told you so?

          3. @tsalmon

            I apologize for for pointing out you made a mistake? I should have accepted your accusations without complaining?

            Until the election Liberal Democrats made one accusation after another, and each flopped. In fact, Liberal Democrats claimed Trump stole the 2016 election, fabricated evidence to prove it, and got a special prosecutor appointed who flopped after spending tens of millions. But Trump belongs in jail?

            Given all the constitutional violations alone, rhe 2020 election looks like it was stolen. Moreover, Democrats want to make saying the 2020 election was stolen virtually illegal. Our usual practice is to air the dirty laundry, and that clearly has not happened.

            Nevertheless, if entertaining suspicions about the honesty of Liberal Democrats makes me a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, I will proudly accept your accusation. I don’t know anything.

            When I left him, I reasoned thus with myself: I am wiser than this man, for neither of us appears to know anything great and good; but he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing; whereas I, as I do not know anything, so I do not fancy I do. In this trifling particular, then, I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know. — Socrates

            Knowing we know so little, I perhaps we should respect each others God-given rights. Don’t believe in God-given rights? How about the principle doing no harm?

            Anyway, I will try harder to avoid abusing the law and using the force of government to make others believe what I believe. That make you happy? Probably not.

            Stop worrying about other people’s conspiracy theories. Take two aspirin. Eat a light supper, relax by reading a chapter in the Bible, say your prayers, and get a good night’s sleep. I am not in charge. God is sovereign.

      2. Just as a headsup:
        “but I wonder why the policeman shot her.”

        She was the first to break the last line of defence of the Congress floor, while there were still representatives inside. The second to last door to the Congress had been barricaded with furniture, the actual door to Congress just a about two yards away to the left (I am sure of that identification as I have seen the corresponding video from inside Congress). The crowd already had smashed the door windows, with police officers in vain trying to stop the mob. Babbit was the first to try and climb through the smashed wiondow. She was shot in the attempt and fell back to the floor.

        Had she been allowed through, she could have wrought havoc on the Congress floor, in case she had weapons or a bomb on her. She was wearing a large backpack.

        Here is the video of how she was shot, if you should want to watch for yourself.

        1. @marmoewp

          Thanks for the link. Like I said:

          Since she was breaking the law, I don’t have much to complain about, but I wonder why the policeman shot her.

          When people break into a government building, they should expect to be shot, no matter which political interests they claim to support.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      Cannot make people believe what they do not wish to believe. Some refuse to believe, and they refuse to allow others to believe.

      What we have to point out is that those who most vehemently disagree refuse to permit a debate of the issues. Instead, they seek to crucify those who disagree with them. Moreover, they apply two standards of justice. One standard for themselves and another for their political enemies.

      1. Tom,
        Agree you can’t make people believe.

        However, what you said in your second paragraph sound kinda “wicked” to me.

        Regards and goodwill blogging..


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