Joe Biden takes the oath of office as the 46th President of the United States. (from (Inauguration of Joe Biden))

The following is the beginning of a transcript of Joe Biden inauguration speech. Since the man makes my skin crawl, I did not listen to his speech. Since he our president, unfortunately, I do believe I have some responsibility to know what he said. So, I read the stinking thing.

Chief Justice Roberts, Vice President Harris.

Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell, Vice President Pence, and my distinguished guests, my fellow Americans, this is America’s day. This is democracy’s day. A day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve. Through a Crucible for the ages, America has been tested anew and America has risen to the challenge.

Today, we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate, but of a cause. The cause of democracy. The people, the will of the people has been heard and the will of the people has been heeded. We’ve learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.

So now, on this hallowed ground, where just a few days ago violence sought to shake the Capitol’s very foundation, we come together as one nation under God, indivisible, to carry out the peaceful transfer of power as we have for more than two centuries.

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What do I think of Biden’s speech? The theme of the speech is unity. So, how did Biden begin? He brought to mind the storming of Capitol Building as if we had just been through World War II. Remember those Nazis?

I wish it were not so, but the man is a liar. His call for unity is a heartless phony, as is everything else about the man. Unity was all Biden talked about, but he doesn’t mean it the way you might hope he would. Biden began his campaign with a divisive lie. Taking the words President Donald Trump had spoken completely out of context, Biden effectively called his Republican opponent a white supremacist (see JOE BIDEN’S 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT – Citizen Tom).

Consider how Biden began his administration, with a seventeen executive orders. Note that when you read these stories, especially those from the so-called mainstream news media, they can be quite misleading. So, I expect to do some posts on some of the worst of Biden’s executive orders.

Why the emphasis on the 1776 Commission Report. Because what we believe affects what we are willing to do and put up with, our glorious leaders are trying to control what we believe. Even though we must fight it with ballots and not bullets, we are at war with our own government for the hearts and souls of our children.

Here is a version of the 1776 Commission Report that does not require a scribd account.


  1. Tom, I’m not going to get into these wearisome arguments in the comments here, but I wanted to share what I said on IB’s post today since it’s appropriate to what you’re saying:

    “I wish people would stop with the “you’re just mad because Trump didn’t win.” That’s just utter nonsense and misses the whole point. The reason these phony olive branch speeches from Biden ring hollow is because he, and a whole lot of other politicians on BOTH sides, refuse to address and actually deal with the proverbial 800-pound elephant in the room. The thousands of pages of evidence of election fraud and irregularities were just swept under the rug and Trump supporters were basically told by the government, the MSM, and Big Tech to shove it. Sorry, but you can’t have unity while you’re are still trying impeach Trump, even after he peaceably left office (which is unconstitutional on its face and a total waste of taxpayer dollars), while also conducting witch hunts on half the country who voted for him! That’s just insanely hypocritical and insulting.

    This whole thing is a bit like a wife being continuously abused and beaten by her husband and then being told to shut up and just go back to him and be at peace! Then, after she sucks it up and goes home, hunting down all her family to bully them, kick them out of school, and get them fired from their jobs. That’s not a path to unity…that’s how people get murdered!

    We will conduct ourselves peaceably and look for common ground with individuals, but no, Mr. Biden, there’s no unity until you deal with the gaping wound you and your ilk have created in this country. Your virtue signaling and dismissive platitudes are a sickening joke.

    1. @Mel Wild

      Agreed. We have to accept the fact Biden is legally the president, but we don’t have any reason to believe we had an honest election. Therefore, we have a big problem, and we need to fix if we can.

      The consequence of not fixing the problem. Our children and grandchildren will not live in a free country.

      1. “The consequence of not fixing the problem. Our children and grandchildren will not live in a free country.”

        Agreed. The problem got fixed. Trump, and his authoritarian lies lost.

          1. Not sure what your point is. Where did the stockpile of second shots go when Trump said it was “ready to go”? Adequate distribution has failed under Trump. Lots of things failed under Trump. Glad you’re still resourcing those Conservative nonsense media sites.

            I’d not worry, Tom. Trump worshippers are heading back to D.C. to protest Trump’s Senate trial. No brains there for sure. The GOP Senators are beginning to cool off toward convicting Trump because of the ambiquity of a post-presidential trial process. If there’s some riot/demonstration during that.. likely the GOP Senators will recall the terror of the last “invasion” and change their minds.

          2. @Doug

            Actually, as additional vaccines come online, the vaccination rate ought to pick up. But it is already high enough to meet Biden’s target. Clown is full of hot air.

            Trump promised and delivered.

  2. This, by our beautiful Inaugural Poet, Amanda Gorman, dragged our American past, robber beaten and broken along history’s rocky road, into a brighter future that does not belong to us, but which we can only help build or delay either with the rot of of the lies we tell ourselves about our past or with the sound timbers of reconciling truth that founds any solid, more perfect, more loving future. I’m sure someone here will find a way to smear beauty with the sneer of your dark cynicism. No matter. In her youthful hope and faith, she’s already gone so far ahead of you that she won’t even hear the echo of your sad jeers.

    I worry for your soul if you don’t tear up just a little, and in a good way, when you watch this. I do every time.

    1. Agreed. I teared up for many events during the last four years. Nothing brings you down more than seeing the country go down. This young lady brought out good and hopeful tears. Welcome emotions.

    2. I’d not be too hard on your bro, Tony (although that’s part of what brothers do naturally). A number of months ago, when I had some basic encouragement that Trump was heading out the door soon, I vowed to make it a point not to rub Biden’s win into the “wound” of people I knew because this is not the time for that. After the inauguration I noticed a very large disappointment in those Trump supporters that I know in real life.. I mean, true disappointment to the point that some were ticked at Trump himself for not “stopping the fraud”. Just seeing the Tweets on the news from Qanon people.. the total dismay and disbelief that the lies didn’t go forward. No.. I can’t dance any happy dance over Biden’s win because the disappointment of fellow Americans that Trump lost.. and their total disappointment in Trump himself, and the process. They had such faith in the lies and deceit they were told to believe. But I am VERY relieved there was an end to Trump.

      1. I know what you mean Doug. The Trump attempted insurrection inspired a good deal of rage in me that I have had to slowly tamp down, especially when the reaction on the far right amounted to either the guilty finger pointing of children who realized their careless play had broken something precious, or the quiet and more incorrigible smug satisfaction of radicals disappointed that it had not gone even farther. And now that their fascist putsch has failed, there’s the faux crying for a fake unity in the appeasement of the thinly disguised White Nationalism that underlay their Trumpism.

        I agree that my anger may be misdirected here. Most of our friends here have isolated themselves deep down an information rabbit hole, and they still are digging deeper, doubling down and down in their pathetic cries of disappointment, like children who can’t seem to outgrow a worn out blankee or an imaginary friend even long after the magic is gone. Awakening from this American bad dream may take awhile for some of us . . . and then, like all dreams, the amnesia will set in. “Donald who? Oh, I never really liked that clown.”

        1. I know, Tony.. but to affirm what you already know.. time will heal as Biden will slow down the tempo immensely.. even with any critics that might bash him. I am far more glad Trump is gone than Biden having won… although I am encouraged by Biden, no question. All through this (last four years) I’ve had this image of the cultish personification of “Jim Jones” on steroids.
          I found it interesting the replies I have gotten in real life and on various blogs regarding the Capitol invasion. Conservatives all present their opinion that it was illegal, the rioters should be arrested, “that was terrible”, yada yada.. simply to sound like they care. But I asked each one… “Did you have any sort of patriotic rage well up inside you?”
          Pretty much the responses, were no responses at all… or deflecting replies.
          These people are that pissed… way beyond making any sense.

    3. @tsalmon

      I much more enjoyed Amanda Gorman’s poem than Joe Biden’s call for unity. Since I have no reason to believe otherwise, I am even willing to believe she means well. Still, the road to Hell is paved with good intensions.

      We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation
      rather than share it
      Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy
      And this effort very nearly succeeded
      But while democracy can be periodically delayed
      it can never be permanently defeated

      People, we, the human race, have a habit of making mistakes, asserting untruths and shading untruths with ambiguity.

      When the lady spoke of “a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it”, was she speaking of the Democratic Party during the Civil War or of the relatively small, unarmed and unorganized mob that overwhelmed the poorly organized and poorly led armed Capitol Police?

      Does the lady understand the difference between a republic and a democracy? Does she know that democracy is just the tyranny of the majority?

      The lady asserts that “while democracy can be periodically delayed it can never be permanently defeated”. There is no inevitable march of history except what God would have to be. He will rule His kingdom, and our democracy, if such a horror ever comes to past, will fade quickly away. Democracies do not last long at all. When the majority becomes tyrannical, that majority seeks to rule by investing its authority in a man. That man becomes a tyrant.

      As the lovely lady did, it is tempting to bask in our own glory and the power of our mythical “unity”, but God laughs at such nonsense.

      Even Trump, the so-called candidate of the religious right, likes to end his speeches as the lady ended her poem, with a note of determination and hope. Her hope she grounded in our unity. Trump optimistically hoped that for the sake of our children that the best is yet to come.

      What will be will be only if God so wills it.

      Psalm 2 New American Standard Bible
      The Reign of the Lord’s Anointed.
      2 Why are the nations restless
      And the peoples plotting in vain.
      2 The kings of the earth take their stand
      And the rulers conspire together
      Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
      3 “Let’s tear their shackles apart
      And throw their ropes away from us!”

      4 He who sits in the heavens laughs,
      The Lord scoffs at them.
      5 Then He will speak to them in His anger
      And terrify them in His fury, saying,
      6 “But as for Me, I have installed My King
      Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

      7 “I will announce the decree of the Lord:
      He said to Me, ‘You are My Son,
      Today I have fathered You.
      8 Ask it of Me, and I will certainly give the nations as Your inheritance,
      And the ends of the earth as Your possession.
      9 You shall break them with a rod of iron,
      You shall shatter them like earthenware.’”

      10 Now then, you kings, use insight;
      Let yourselves be instructed, you judges of the earth.
      11 Serve the Lord with reverence
      And rejoice with trembling.
      12 Kiss the Son, that He not be angry and you perish on the way,
      For His wrath may be kindled quickly.
      How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!

      1. Tom,

        Ms. Gorman seemed to clearly and beautifully be referring to the RECENT mob insurrection by Trump supporters and Trump supported that very nearly captured and killed members of the Article II branch of government. It was a Trump mob most enthusiastically lead by, but not exclusive to, every sort of White Supremacist thugs, White Nationalist monoculturalists like yourself and Qanon conspiracy kooks deluded by the same fact free internet information rabbit holes that many of you here have trapped yourselves down. Those insurrectionists are YOUR people, motivated by YOURS and Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen. YOU are them, except you were smart enough (or craven enough – only you know which) not to continue to hang with them as they stormed our government in an effort to illegally overthrow the republic, its election institutions and its Constitution. The cognitive dissonance here when faced with a tidal wave contrary facts in the form of videos arrests, court hearing transcripts and other evidence is just amazing.

        But sure Tom. This is still the Civil War and you and your Confederate flag waving, white supremacist monument loving lynch mob are really now the GOOD guys. The Democrats still somehow are the ones enthusiastically supporting human bondage. The Civil Rights Era never actually happened. MLK was just the Democrat’s dumb shill. All the black and brown folks who voted for Biden are just silly negroes too dumb to know what’s really good for them and it is the White Nationslist Trumpublican Party that has the “Christian” “burden” of finally civilizing them for their own good. And the beautiful, talented Amanda Gorman is just a black faced clown performing for her Democrat overlords.

        All of this is KNOWN beyond all evidence to the contrary, not because of any actual “authority” on history or law or the evolution of our modern state or of the black American experience of the last 400 years, but because of a group hatred of all authorities, preferring the wisdom of the nihilism, the sagacity of the mob and the sweet lies of a vice loving conman over the hard earned knowledge of scholasticism, institutionalism and experience? Right . . . As facts come out and the enthusiasm for these conspiracy theories fades, how long do you think you can keep this magical thinking going?

        1. @tsalmon

          Evidence? You state things as proven, and then you start the name calling. And nothing will dissuade you, especially evidence. You are so cocksure in your “evidence” you apparently don’t feel obligated have any. Ridiculous!

          1. Tom,

            That is the most idiotic part about this belief in “The Big Lie”. The ones asserting a claim of illegality have the burden of proof, in court, with evidence, gained by real investigations, gained through actual professional investigators.

            Well? Investigators did investigate each of these ridiculous claims (often Trump supporting Republican investigators and officials) and debunked each claim. Trump lawyers did lose over over 60 cases in court for lack of evidence. The Justice Department said there was significant fraud. It’s a scam you’ve fallen for. It’s like trying to prove space aliens don’t exist or that JFK wasn’t assassinated by some grand conspiracy. You can debunk each claim, and a thousand others crop up.

            The Trump and Rudy couldn’t bring your lies, hearsay nonsense affidavits and doctored films to real law enforcement officers, or before a real courts, or under oath at a real legislative hearings because he’d be sanctioned or worse, so they held staged nonsense spectacles in landscaping parking lots and before friendly politicians in hotel ball rooms, and they pretended it meant something and you lapped up that pablum because you so very, very much wanted “The Big Lie” to be true.

            At this point you are so caught up in your own little world of cognitive dissonance that you don’t know up from down, evidenced from gossip, real data from your own BS.

            You’re full of venom for your cartoonish villains and fantastical conspiracies, but I’m the one calling people names for just pointing out the obvious. Yea, sure.

          2. @tsalmon

            You never actually discussed election fraud. You have just denied it ever happened. You don’t even comment on the posts where I discuss election fraud. What you do is a fraud.

            Who is responsible for storming of the Capitol Building? Consider some undeniable examples.
            1. What about the officials who arbitrarily and unconstitutionally changed changed the rules of the election using COVID-19 as a excuse?
            2. What about the refusal of Democrats to allow voter ID, using charges of racism as an excuse? Blacks are too dumb to get a photo ID? And Democrats call Republicans racists?
            3. What about the insistence of Democrats to promote voting by mail, including ballot harvesting?
            4. What about the refusal of officials to audit absentee ballot signatures in the contested precincts?
            5. What about the elected officials who set aside the 2005 Carter-Baker report and ignored it. Those official never bother to conscientiously implement an election system that the People could believe produced accurate and trustworthy results.
            6. What about the Democrats who have fought controlling our border, Democrats who have allowed millions of illegal aliens into our country and encouraged them to vote illegally? Because of Trump, we know the border can be enforced. For entirely selfish reasons, Democrats refuse to do so.

            Democrats don’t lie and cheat? Anyone who believes that make a joke of their self.

            I could go on, but the point is this. We have no reason to doubt that Democrats are willing to cheat or that they have cheated. The only issue — the only thing you are denying — is whether Democrats were actually caught stuffing the ballot box. That is what the courts have focused upon, refusing to consider the constitutional issues, which are incontestable.

            Frankly, it is easy to find instances of Democrats accusing Republicans of stealing an election. Democrats fabricated “evidence” and accused Trump of stealing the 2016 election. What you accuse Trump of doing pales besides what Democrats actually did. But you are virtuous because the news media has the biggest megaphones, Big Tech can shut us up, and the courts refuse to hear the case.

            Yet Big Tech echoes, the news media calls for, and the courts listen when the subject of the investigation is a Republican, especially an outsider like Donald Trump.

            Should I call you names and proclaim how brainwashed you are? No. I will just call you a Democrat.

          3. You might try substituting the word “Democrats” in all of your reply to “fellow Americans”. It changes the perspective.

          4. Very true.. but he “was” calling the shots as leader……….. of the minority of Americans, if you recall… given he lost the “who cares” popular vote to Hillary.

          5. Tom,

            I’m supposed to respond to your random nonsense?What you have given are spurious allegations, not evidence. Have you fully investigated each of your nonsense claims before you just propagate lies? It’s call “baring false witness” you know. It’s what lead to Calgary.

            Take each instance and find out if it has been investigated by officials and litigated in court. Where are your legal citations? Where are your references to actual laws that have been broken, litigated and decided? Show your work.

            The Rule of Law does not mean that your dogmatic ideology gets to win every time; it means you get A PROCESS, not some fascism of ideological hegemony.

            You claim to be for a constitutional democratic republic, but your words deny everything that is sacred in our actual system of checks AND BALANCES. The Constitution is mostly A COMPLEX PROCESS made up of INSTITUTIONS. These institutions are not always perfect, nor do they give always perfect results. In fact, on the biggest questions, they rarely do – things do not come before courts that are easy and the higher the issue goes in our system, the more open the question iof justice is, otherwise it doesn’t get that far. But the alternative is your insurrectionist mob, the rule of the lynching noose, and the ultimate chaos of the justice of tooth and fang. That is what you have incited by substituting propaganda for facts, innuendo for justiciable evidence and your careless adolescent demagoguery for legislation and court cases.

            Maybe there are some idealistic
            readers here who are innocent of how our system works, but you and others here who are more sophisticated, blessed with the higher educations that were given to you by others, either know better or should know better than to lead others astray and incite your flock of followers to rage and violence. And then you wash your hands of that violence, leaving those you’ve roused with your falsehoods and to take the blame and the system you have harmed to be repaired. Shame!

          6. @tsalmon

            My list is common knowledge. There is nothing mysterious about it. I carefully chose each item on the list with that in mind. That is why you are squealing like a stuck pig. This is what the Establishment’s response to the storming of the Capitol building from the get-go, a cover-up for its own duplicity and attempt to shutdown and shut up the opposition. We cannot have people noticing the obvious truth. The Establishment does not care about the integrity of our elections.

            So why must you make a big deal out of the storming of the Capitol? The storming of the Capitol is as excuse for demonizing the opposition. Bringing over 25,000 guardsmen into DC and shutting down the city is just plain idiocy, but it serves to demonize the opposition. The attack on the White House was worse, but the news media just blamed Trump. Shutting down the city was not even mentioned as an option, but the Establishment has to have their boogeyman. That is the only way they and you can excuse what you support. Anyone who opposes the wonderful tsalmon is just someone you can call despicable names.

            tsalmon doesn’t even have to make a decent defense for anything he wants to do. He does not even have to justify abusing other people’s rights. Dangerous bigots don’t deserve any rights. Of course, since you don’t believe in God-given rights, that is not much of a problem anyway.

          7. So making it third person excuses one’s own duplicity?

            Tom does not give the whole story but only the one sided propaganda of demagogues. Tom doesn’t show how each issue was arbitrated within the constitutional process, but only makes dangerously false, angry, seditious harangues. Tom doesn’t research his false claims, but just coats them in the thin veneer of righteousness so as to appear righteous himself. Tom isn’t adding to to a healthy debate with legal, philosophical or historical arguments, but only spouts slogans and political jingoism without substance, the empty calories of bloated, sneering anti authoritarianism as substitute for wholesomeness of hard earned expertise and knowledge. Tom knows better.

          8. @tsalmon

            Debating with someone who constantly demands evidence for the obvious and constantly makes unsupported accusations is pointless. When I show you evidence you ignore it.

            You are stuck in the mass media’s echo chamber, and I have no power to drag you out. You only know one side of the story, and you are blind to the other side.

            Anyway, this “white supremacist” is going take a break from you. Have fun with your mutual admiration with Doug.

          9. Yes Doug, and most of the time I’m just amused. However, as I learn more about the poor confused woman, an Air Force veteran like yourself, who was killed by a capital policeman, who himself will never be the same, it makes me lose my sense of humor for those who helped instigated this insurrection through their lies and their carelessness with the truth.

          10. Can you believe all this being revealed by Fauci and Birx.. Fauci suggesting he felt overall pressured and specifically in some cases prohibited from reporting through certain media. Today Birx is saying there were Covid graphs Trump was showing publicly that she never gave him and were not accurate.
            Here’s an interesting synopsis of Trump’s greatest abuses of power. Tom and the Trump supporters won’t like this because it’s CNN…


          11. Doug,

            Yes, I feel sorry for Dr. Birx. So many otherwise good public servants have been tainted by their mere proximity to Trump. Fauci and his family has received death threats. Birx has been popularly lampooned by the left, and now she’ll surely be vilified by the right for the sound bites that get emphasized from her interview. The whole concept of “service” has being dragged down by having a narcissist as our President.

            I talked to an old Navy Pilot dear friend on the phone yesterday. We served together on our first and third tours of duty. He stayed on active duty long enough to retire as an O-6, and then he flew for a major airline until recently. Like many military retirees, he has a fairly conservative outlook, but it surprised me how angry and opinionated he had recently gotten, especially with reference to his distrust of our government COVID data and policy.

            I don’t know anything about epidemiology or virology, and I don’t pretend to. I can see how a society spoiled into seeing everything, everything in stark terms and into thinking that they have to have a binary political opinion on everything from mask wearing to the acceptable number of COVID deaths is necessarily going to be unruly to lead.

            I don’t have an answer to this. I’m not sure that there is one for our generation. Just making an observation.

          12. I’ve read a number of explorations into the demographic into those who have a heavy distrust of government and there seems to be a generational aspect to it all. But is not to suggest that in all cases the explanation falls neatly into just demographics. Just look at the cross section of the age of people in those Capitol invasion videos. In fact.. a few of those arrested were at or near our Boomer age… and the bulk falling into some Millennial demographic.
            Here’s “A” supposition. Our parents, representing the Greatest Generation, came away from two world wars and a recession and pretty much were the epitome of trusting government because for them government seemed to work. Even through Korea, which had it’s own Cold War inertia.
            Then we come along.. and with Vietnam “suddenly” (which means seldom is anything sudden) we have the growing distrust of what was going on in Southeast Asia from the administrations of Kennedy through Nixon.. of grand and gross coverups of the progress of the war, and apparent white washing of abuses by the units in the field against civilians. Recall the Pentagon Papers? It was our generation saying you couldn’t trust anyone over 30. Then as we started getting older you had the “questionable” events.. Panama, Grenada, and the idea that maybe there was something to the military-industrial complex.. more mistrust. Again, suddenly.. it’s our generation calling the shots as we head into the Gulf War, the no-WMD Iraq War… as a nation totally ill-prepared for nation-building… add Afghanistan.. and all things since that just plain were excuses by our leadership generation that seemed more apparent as ever having surrendered morality for the dollar. So trust in government plummets for us Boomers at the same time the economy shifts and Millennials are not feeling they are being represented.. their college means little in the marketplace of jobs. I mean… even if all I have just written is NOT the entire reason.. what I have written alone would certainly be enough for two generations being pissed and mistrusting of government in general.
            Here’s one takeaway from the Trump experience. People, by nature, want and need to be lead. Having faith in something solid like that allows for a universal safety and security in daily living. Nearly half the voting population followed him because no one else was as bombastic and authoritative. In the absence of real leadership people will generally default to authority, misguided or not. Trump was/is a cult hero. But his baggage was the chaos his persona brought to the country.. and now the other half of the voters find relief in Biden because after four years the pendulum has shifted from the loud chaos to more traditional leadership from the last time we recall how it was. But the underlying separation of the two leadership styles still has a national diversity with a base of distrust in government. I tend to want (and need) to trust government because there is no alternative.

          13. “When I show you evidence you ignore it.”

            n. every type of proof legally presented at trial (allowed by the judge) which is intended to convince the judge and/or jury of alleged facts material to the case. It can include oral testimony of witnesses, including experts on technical matters, documents, public records, objects, photographs and depositions (testimony under oath taken before trial). It also includes so-called “circumstantial evidence” which is intended to create belief by showing surrounding circumstances which logically lead to a conclusion of fact. Comments and arguments by the attorneys, statements by the judge and answers to questions which the judge has ruled objectionable are not evidence. Charts, maps and models which are used to demonstrate or explain matters are not evidence themselves, but testimony based upon such items and marks on such material may be evidence. Evidence must survive objections of opposing attorneys that it is irrelevant, immaterial or violates rules against “hearsay” (statements by a party not in court), and/or other technicalities.”

            I have yet to see you present any such “evidence”. This, along with a justiciable case at law, was what was lacking before over 60 trial attempts, and on numerous expedited appeals. You just don’t seem to know the difference between your mere uninformed opinions about everything under the Sun and actual laws and evidence.

            “You are stuck in the mass media’s echo chamber, and I have no power to drag you out. You only know one side of the story, and you are blind to the other side.”

            This argument is absurd. Because none of us can be everywhere and see everything, all of us get our facts and our “expert” authority on those facts from some sort of media. My reading list is fairly broad, has contemporary ethical standards for credibility and is very traditional by modern standards. That reading list also includes what I have read in three years of law school as well as the necessary study that was required in practicing law, as a union organizer and as a media representative.

            If I am actually stuck in an echo chamber, then it is so large it doesn’t even echo very well. In comparison, yours appears so tiny, so confirming of your biases, that the echo must be so deafening that you can’t think . . . which maybe explains a lot brother.

          14. Doug,

            I think that you may be on to something with your ideas on the roots of government distrust. Our mother was a Gold Star WWII widow – her first husband died on a Navy Ship somewhere. Our Dad, as a WW II vet in Patton’s Third Infantry (N. Africa, Sicily and the Battle of the Bulge) saw some of the worse of that War. Both were also children of the traumas of the Great Depression. Looking back, I think both our parents came out of that experience somewhat damaged, but also more resilient as a result of those scars. Both were very self sufficient but both also believed, as you say, that government could and should solve big problems. These things, I think, became a gestalt, part of the generational psyche, rather than anything that was cognitive at the rational level.

            As Baby Boomers, we grew up on a TV mythology, “Gun Smoke” and “Combat”, but then came of age with the apparent governmental failures of the Vietnam War and that brought on the Civil Rights movement. We were children whose parents, it seemed, failed to measure up to the heroes inculcated in our generational soul, sort of like we saw the Lone Ranger get caught robbing a train, our hero’s seemed to be disappointing us. We therefore started out idealistically rebellious and then became conformist to the point of being somewhat cynical. We have benefited from the world our parents forged, in many ways exceeding their wildest dreams, while still remaining distrustful of all the institutional foundations they laid, like spoiled children wasting an inheritance that they did not earn, literally drinking from recently purified waters and clearer, cleaner air, but neglectful of their price. We therefore, I believe, generally became poor stewards of that legacy for our children.

            Again, as you know, these are very generalized statements and the range of exceptions and outliers to some extent defines the norms. However, if I were to come up with one pathology that defines the Baby Boomer generation’s cultural psychology, it would be our various responses to a collective authority complex – a repression of emotionally charged feelings about authority which, in order to fill a desperate need to fill that psychological hole, manifests by projecting authority elsewhere in the form of over-submission (to a certain OT concept of God, to cult figures, etc.). This generational complex to some extent explains Jim Jones and Trump and the idol worship of any number of other charismatic con artists and tv evangelists, but it also explains all sorts of irrational religious and atheistic fundamentalism. Obviously, like anything that one says about a whole generation, this exists on a bell curve, and there are cultural differences in the experiences of various civilizations (as Samual Huntington described them) around the world. And as I said, the exceptions (those groups who deal with their innate cultural pathology either in a more healthy way or in a more self destructive way) define the rules.

            Because of “the pig in the python” size aspect for Baby Boomers, it seems easier to make generational statements about us. As for follow-on generations (boomlets so to speak), I’m not sure yet what each of their collective reactions have been to discovering that their parents’ are just flawed humans, and not the perfect heroes they imagined them as preadolescents, or if we can see that any generational pathologies even resulted. One possible pathology may be the need of recent parents to be overprotective helicopter parents to today’s post adolescent children. (See “The Codling of the American Mind”). That said, my generational experience has been that my children’s and their children’s generations seem to be more maturely adapted than either the Baby Boomers or the PTSD afflicted members of my Parents’ generation. I don’t know for certain any of this though.

            These are just theories. One simply cannot make anything but the most generalized hypotheses about such phenomena. And for a generation that, as I said, pathologically craves certainty of authority, the reaction to the natural ambiguity that makes up all epistemologies, will solicit a cynical reaction in many here, especially our host.

          15. Oh yes, Tony.. we can only speculate and theorize. But just between what both of us have said, while similar yet separate influences, suggests the “reasons” are widely multi-faceted yet.. correct me if I am off the mark here… all this multi-faceted-ness has a rather singular thing in common… being a victim of either something else, someone else, or some other influence, other than self. Trump pops on the scene to not only affirm your victimization, but assign blame to your sorry lot in life to something/someone tangible… next thing you know, 74 million people are voting for him. We went through that with that “paper-hanging SOB” in Berlin in the 40’s with a pre-occupation for blaming the Jews.
            On a side note.. I would have LOVED to have chatted with your folks on the war and their experiences in the day. Sad your mother lost a husband in that conflict. Those stories are rapidly fading away.
            (“Combat!” was my fave show for years.. and even now have a few seasons here somewhere on a hard drive. A boring side story… fast forward 40 years… my youngest son visited me when I was living in AZ and we went to a local indoor gun range in Lake Havasu where machine guns were allowed. Believe it or not, I got to fire not only an MP40 Schmeisser submachinegun… but also “Kirby’s” BAR! Well, ok.. not his from the show.. but still…… I was the proverbial kid in the candy shop that day. They had a Thompson… but was being re-conditioned at the time.)

          16. Doug,

            I wish, upon later maturity and reflection, I could have talked to my father more about his Depression and WWII era experiences. I know now that many of his apparent flaws, flaws that I rebelled against in post adolescence, were the unnatural results of the damages inflicted and his efforts to repress his youthful trauma. I was fortunate to spend more time with my Mom and to talk to her about this before her death.

            I think, like addiction pathologies, the lives of those with the problem and of their families are governed by how they either feed that evil or how the overcome it and get past it. One way or another, whether we find healthy recoveries or remain in an unhealthy denial, our reaction to the demon necessarily dominates the agenda throughout our lives. If one can generalize these statements to whole generations, then, for any given social pathology, probably about half of us are dealing with our generational demons in a healthy way and the other half of us are in some form of repression and projection denial. This may explain the near 50/50 split, don’t you think?

          17. @tsalmon

            Please note except for my opinions that there is very little that is personal on my blog. Why?
            1. Since I am not the Truth, I try not to justify my opinions on personal background or expertise. Do I slip sometimes. I suppose so, but I never claimed perfection.
            2. I don’t want to invade someone’s privacy. Our experience comes largely from our interactions with others. Hence, when we reveal something personal, we often reveal something about someone else that they don’t want to share.
            3. The Big Tech companies collect personal data, and I have no interest in giving them any. I cannot stop them from tracking who visits my blog, but I don’t have to give them much else.

            Anyway if you wish to unload the personal details of your life or someone else’s life, living or dead, please do it elsewhere.

          18. You bring to light that there’s more than perhaps just assigning some relational.. and rational… demographic meaning to the Great Divide in regards to mistrust for government, poor distribution of wealth, economic trials of Covid, etc., but the fact that it’s statistically near a 50/50 divide. In fact, I recall reading that the support to separate from England back in the day was also near a 50/50 split.. as well as those sympathetic to the South 80 years later in the aggregate was a similar 50/50… up to actual secession. All this is keeping in mind my inclusion of the “50/50” stat is anything in the 45/55 range. Would there be a greater meaning to that trend? If so, how might it apply? Just speculating. Is there some “hidden” anomaly that suggests any issue that decides differences between those who perceive they “have not” from those who perceive they “have” might be nearly half? Being more humanist I don’t think that matters.. but one can’t ignore the interesting read out.
            I’m mumbling over doing a post about the internal conflict of our politics surrounding Americans, rural Americans, who feel slighted when their local industry vanishes and their expectations of government falls short for them… and the “villains” they assign to it all. This is the part of the demographic we’ve been talking about that finds comfort with Trump.

          19. Tom,

            Ok, that’s understandable (if a wee bit paranoid). At some level, data sharing is a cost of doing business in the Information Age. Just by being here and sharing certain opinions, we have given the IA logarithms of certain search engines all the most important data they need to market us and market to us. Although from what I’ve heard these data marketing arrangements are nefarious enough, it’s the commercial hazards that we should be worried about, big global corporate rather that Big Brother government. (Some day they may be the same thing). Oddly enough, it seems that our person opinions (Christian, conservative, evangelical, etc.) on certain things throw us into market demographic batches and are more valuable to selling our data than any of the other “personal“ info you seem to be worrying about.

            That said, apologies and, since it’s your blog, I will do my best to comply. If you will give me a list of what I am not supposed to say, it might help though. If “I think, therefore I am” then “I am therefore I think” so I’m not sure how to separate who I basically am from what I basically think. Maybe you can separate out for me what you want to censor here.

          20. Doug,

            It seems like from sociology to philosophy to marketing game theory to politics to anthropology to religious studies, all the so-called soft sciences (not sure that there really is that clear of a distinction) are coming down to psychology lately. I’m a sense, psychology therefore is individual and human destiny. At least that is the common denominator that I keep running in to.

            Maybe the splits between certain personality types (such as in the Myhres/Briggs comparisons) explains what you are referring to.

          21. I dunno, T… it’s all getting deep. 🙂 Better to declare.. “They are wrong, we are not, so deal with it.”

          22. Tom,

            Let me see if I’ve got this straight. You are willing to advertise here your name, your political affiliation, your aversion to gay rights, your dislike of the BLM civil rights movement, your thoughts on the highly controversial abortion debate, your incitement to insurrection and that Jesus Christ is your personal savior, but you think that the fact that we have the same sort of parents as very many other Baby Boomers will somehow target you because that is getting too personal? You really don’t think any of that opinionizing is just an itsy bitsy bit careless?

            Level with me bro . . . what truth really exposed a nerve?

          23. @tsalmon

            I am not trying to justify myself. I cannot. I can justify what I believe.

            You understand the difference, I suppose, but not well. That is why you just attacked me personally, and that is why you spend so much time justifying yourself. What I think you still don’t appreciate is that we cannot justify ourselves.

            Anyway, I have written enough already about the subjects you just mentioned to denigrate my character. I don’t need to add more.

          24. That is true! But then, are we not supposed to have faith that God is not with all of humanity? Now, I dare not wish to incite religious discussion with the Salmon brothers because I would never be able to compete quoting scripture and verse. 🙂

            I tend to think spiritual belief is personal… and to cite it being “liberal” or “conservative” just seems a tad too much for me given that assigning labels would imply there is diverse opinion/interpretation about it… which happens in our real and conflicted world, but it doesn’t need to be, hence all the online debates and conjecture on scripture. Just plain believe what you will… is my preference. Kinda like believing in the secularism of spirituality itself, within itself. Now, should one choose to discuss theology in general and comparing belief systems, that’s more about exploring the diversity of mankind in the pursuit of knowledge…. not debating how and to whom we should send our prayers to cleanse our eternal guilt. Golly.. I went too far already. 🙂

          25. Doug,

            I agree with most of that. I was just being facetious. Like my brother on this, I fall in with Lincoln when he said he did know if God was on his side, but he prayed he was on God’s side.

            However, the NYT article does demonstrate an interesting and substantive split in Christian thinking and the role of government in solving basic big problems having nothing to do with human sexuality (although we’d have to ask Freud if ever really something has nothing to do with sex).

      2. “I am not trying to justify myself. I cannot. I can justify what I believe.
        You understand the difference, I suppose, but not well. That is why you just attacked me personally, and that is why you spend so much time justifying yourself. What I think you still don’t appreciate is that we cannot justify ourselves.”


        To a great extent, we are what we believe, and what we claim to believe should be what we are. If we do not at least try to act with character, then espousing a belief in character is hypocrisy. If we have a basic belief in Christ, we act as Christ would have us act and we call ourselves a Christian. I can pretend to espouse medical advice, but if I cannot justify myself as having the training and qualifications and experience as a doctor, then I should not be taken seriously, and may even be acting illegally. One of the great problems plaguing the country today is that people DO NOT JUSTIFY THEMSELVES and their authority.

        We have people who have not studied constitutional law making grand pronouncements on the Constitution. We have people who do not practice the loving Christian virtues, and instead who actually promote the most selfish vices, judging others and moralizing. We have people who have not done the work but feel that they can and should opine on everything. If I call them out on it, ask them to show their credentials, cite their sources and prove their authority to even make an argument, then I’m making a personal attack? Nonsense! If that is true, then we need more personal attacks because right now far too much of the opinionating is being done by demagogues and charlatans.

        What you are advocating here is that you get make pronouncements on what you know without justifying yourself at least enough to tell me how you know it. That whole concept is ludicrous and you should know at least that or you would not have survived grad school. If I went into court and told a judge that I just “feel” this way without any legal authority or evidence, that I have a right to an uninformed opinion and that I would consider it a personal attack if he disagreed, I don’t know whether he would laugh, or find me in contempt, or have me disbarred, or more likely all three.

        This is what is wrong with these internet echo chambers. You want only to be validated, not challenged. And when your beliefs are challenged, including your credentials to act as an authority on the topic, you say that is a personal attack. Well then I guess we need to all get more personal.

        1. @tsalmon

          What you are advocating here is that you get make pronouncements on what you know without justifying yourself at least enough to tell me how you know it. That whole concept is ludicrous and you should know at least that or you would not have survived grad school. If I went into court and told a judge that I just “feel” this way without any legal authority or evidence, that I have a right to an uninformed opinion and that I would consider it a personal attack if he disagreed, I don’t know whether he would laugh, or find me in contempt, or have me disbarred, or more likely all three.

          I try to justify what I believe, not me. I use logic and references. It is not the complicated. On the other hand, we can point to lot of comments where justified yourself, but you did not provide any support for why you believe what you believe. You explained what you believe, and you are justified because it shows how much you love.

          Love without truth is a house of cards. When we use love as an excuse to justify our self, love looks a lot like hatred.

          1. “On the other hand, we can point to lot of comments where justified yourself, but you did not provide any support for why you believe what you believe.


            So by “justifying myself” what you are saying is that I lecture everyone on everything even when my opinion is informed by any real study and experience?

          2. @tsalmon

            I am a voter and a taxpayer. I thought I had as much right as anyone participate in the continual debate about our government. But you disagree with my opinions, and you have justified yourself.

            I still don’t understand how this works I fear. I don’t call your disagreement with me hate speech or disinformation that should be legally banned. I don’t support the nomination of judges who will twist the Constitution to get what I want. I don’t use the government to pressure big companies to shut you up. I don’t inflame public opinion against you. I do, however, sometimes say what you support is wrong and sinful, and that does seem to make you awfully angry. Yeah, I guess that makes me a white supremacist extremist, someone you can send to a reeducation camp for reprogramming. Maybe after I have been reprogrammed I will understand.

  3. Doug

    You stated,” the education debate has little immediate priority that I can see.”

    Sadly, you are right, it is and has been a low or no issuer of priority for government ever since government took over.

    I also agree, Biden need to step up getting the shots to people like me, Every where I call, I hear the same answer, We don/t have the vaccine and connot do anything until we get it.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. I’m in the same boat. No one here knows a thing. So.. I continue to wear a mask, avoid Walmarts, stay at home, and avoid people at work. I am completely thankful that this mindless, go-nowhere security job I have been put out to pasture to do, allows me to sit in my vehicle for 8 hours and I get paid for it. Others aren’t so fortunate.

      1. Doug,

        I can relate to some of the police details I was assigned to and kept repeating to myself that my presence was helping to deter crime and maintain order.

        At least you can blog to stay awake while getting paid..

        PS Just consider though, if everyone went to a Catholic religious school and were taught to believe in the Commandment not to steal, you would not be there now and shaking your head about this PA comment.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

  4. Doug You stated

    “I’m still trying to figure out where in the country have students been taught to “hate” anything as some sort of mandate?

    I wonder if it is just best to allow parents to choose to send to kinds to a Catholic religious school to be taught wisdom and love and end all the mandates of what should or should not be taught in our schools.

    For example, is forbidding Children to be taught the Golden Rule to do unto others as they would do to you” a lot simpler lesson than all the proclamations issued by the government that mandate or imply you must hate this belief and agree with this mandate?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. Well.. that is a point. Teach the Golden Rule as a social construct and not the same lesson in a larger scope of religious doctrine.

      1. Doug,

        Glad you agree. Problem is if a teacher brings up the “social construct” in a public school she can be fired because it originated in the Bible.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. That might be one of those issues determined locally through school board settings rather than dictated through Washington.

          1. Doug,

            So if one school board okays it and a atheist sues them because it originated from the Bible, would you agree something is wrong about the issue of what subject may or may not be taught in the USA?

            Is’life complicated enough for teachers now trying to teach a child to do to someone what they would do to them social one thing and then if they bring it up in school,, they are told that cannot be taught because an atheist objects.

            How about we make it much simpler for both parents and teachers and to allow parents to choose to send their kids to a school to be taught their religious values instead of atheists or secular governments values?

            Regards and goodwill blogging.

          2. Well, as I indicated in an earlier reply, Rudy, if the people go along with the idea of “wanting a free education” as in a public education means the same as “wanting a free religious education” I suppose that’s up to the state legislature or Congress. I personally hold to the idea of a separation between church and state can be entirely different from the acknowledgement that our nation was settled by Europeans seeking religious freedom, and our form of government was founded by men with Christian principles. As to the idea of “one nation under God” in the Pledge or the “in God we trust” as our motto on money and you are an ashiest.. don’t say that part of the Pledge… and being an American citizen acknowledges the motto as a foundation principle. Or, don’t spend the money. 🙂

          3. @Doug

            The separation of church and state works this way. The government is not supposed to establish a religion or interfere with the free exercise of religion. That mean that citizens can do as the wish with respect their religious beliefs so long as they don’t interfere with the rights of their fellow citizens.
            The problem with taking money from people and establishing a “free” secular public school is that it interferes with the First Amendment right of parents pass their religious beliefs onto their children. Plenty of people would like to their children to be educated in a school with a religious focus, but they cannot afford both the taxes and the cost of a private school.

          4. Not sure I understand how a public school inhibits parents who want to have their kids educated in a religious school. I mean.. you teach “2+2=4, and oh by the way, let’s get down on one knee, face east toward Washington D.C. and thank the lucky stars for the answer”. Does teaching religion require 8 hours a day of schooling?

            When I was in elementary school, public school, the catholic kids were allowed on Tuesdays to leave an hour early to attend the Catholic “catechism class” at the Catholic school a few blocks away. The idea was that they were studying for their Confirmation. Us non-Catholics typically got confirmed at about 12 years old and the Catholics a couple years earlier, hence they got out of class more over a longer period. When my Lutheran church began our religious training we got out of school at the same time and I walked over to the Lutheran church for my (advanced.. beyond typical Sunday school) religious education. So I suppose my question is… just how much religion does one need mixed in with typical school subjects?
            Ok.. I can see that people prefer the quality of education at a parochial school.. but that’s a here-and-now conclusion. In a perfect vacuum that shouldn’t matter. My perception is that religion in school is an attempt to control a child’s behavior over the long term… hopefully into adulthood. Is that bad? I have a latent apprehension about “indoctrination” of any kind, toward anyone. One can teach religion via theology, but one gets indoctrinated into religion.

          5. @Doug

            Not sure I understand how a public school inhibits parents who want to have their kids educated in a religious school.

            The government sets up a “free” school system, effectively promoting a monopoly. The government takes money from people by force to support it. The government requires people to send their children to school, refuses to fund private schools, and harasses homeschoolers. And there is no favoritism?

            Only wealthy people and the utterly determined educate their children using their own money.

            To get your own way, you are deliberately ignoring the obvious. Yet you rabidly condemn Trump for entirely stylistic reasons. Given such self-imposed blindness, why would anyone think the people you vote for are any better than Trump?

            The truth is that you want to enforce your secularism on other people’s children, and you know that is wrong.

            You want to know what is wrong with our nation’s urban cores? The primary problem is rotting public schools, and that rot is spreading. Unless we are properly educated, taught how to properly discern between good and evil, we use whatever knowledge we have dangerously.

            A little knowledge is dangerous.

          6. @Doug

            Before you say such things, you ought to read the Bible. Before you say such things you ought to study history. Before you say such things you ought to consider the state of most of the world. Before you say such things, please examine the state of your own heart. All of us struggle to do the right thing.

          7. Even with my rather limited religious “education” as compared to your’s, I have the basic knowledge that it’s sound “Christian” behavior that having faith in the Almighty includes having faith in your fellow man. You just seem buried in a world of cynicism with little hope… constantly promoting that everyone else needs to find God. Far be it for me to raise attention to someone else’s beliefs, but there are times it seems you are suffering… and my meager education promotes a level of compassion for my fellow man. On the other hand.. it’s none of my damn business… and all this is rhetorical.

          8. @Doug

            We have faith in the Almighty. Because God loves us, we love each other. We can also learn to trust each other, but we have checks and balances in our Constitution because the Bible and experience tells us it is unwise to put too much faith in men and women.

          9. Maybe you are trying too hard to draw a “beyond moral” distinction between the Bible and the Constitution. You’ve said it often yourself… man is imperfect therefore the laws of man can be imperfect. I would add that the Bible was/is a guide toward living within a spiritual morality that can influence the laws of man. But again.. I am far from a sage of religious wisdom.

          10. Well, while I acknowledged I was not as versed as you on the subject, I do know that many who have read it interpret it wildly different simply because we are of human diversity. I certainly didn’t read the part about the requirement for being Christian is to read it. I should have disqualified myself back when I was 12.

          11. @Doug

            The Bible is the most controversial document ever written. Why?

            What if we truly believe the Bible? When we read the Bible, it shows us our self. Then we struggle and grudgingly repent. It takes time to joyously accept the gift of salvation.

            Others reject what the Bible tells about our self. These will look for any excuse to reject the Bible. Some how, some way these must find a way to reconcile the Bible with what they want to believe about themselves. That requires them to twist what the Bible says.

      2. @Doug

        As secular doctrine? Never been done. Look at our society. One of the most popular advertising slogans is “you deserve it.” McDonald’s includes “you deserve” in its advertising jingle.

        Here is a post I wrote some time back. If you sincerely believe in the Golden Rule, it is because of your Christian heritage. Our barbarian ancestors certainly did not believe in any such thing.

        1. Back when Katrina was in the news there was some reporter interviewing a local resident of the Gulf Coast who had a damaged home. This was the point in time during the rescue when FEMA fell down on their response and tensions were running high on the delays… especially the emergency trailers to house the displaced families. Anyway, this local resident was a middle age white lady and during her laments to the reporter she said, “I just want to know when I am going to get MY trailer.”
          It just rubbed me all the wrong way… your trailer? As in.. entitlement-MY-trailer? As in government-bailout-MY-trailer?
          I guess that’s to your point of people thinking that somehow, somewhere they deserve something from someone or some entity.

          1. @Doug

            Someone has to pay. You don’t pay. It is a gift. A gift, like salvation, is something we clearly don’t deserve. McDonald’s does not give away its hamburgers to the people it says deserve “it”.

  5. Trump’s 1776 Commission could be one of the most important acts of his presidency and the fact that stamping it out is one of the Biden administration’s first speaks volumes as to how this is going to play out. Rough seas ahead, no unity in site.

    1. When Trump took office he wiped out Obama’s webpages equally fast, just as Obama had immediately replaced Bush’s pages. Just as any President should do who is setting his / her agenda. And no, your coveted pages have not gone, they have just been moved to the archives, as is proper. The news release can still be found at

      including a link to the 1776 report.

  6. “So what is wrong with the 1776 Commission? To begin with, any federal effort to influence curriculum in the nation’s schools is against the law. Federal law has prohibited any such actions since the 1970s. The current law, found in Section 8526A of the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA), states, “No officer of employee of the Federal Government shall through grants, contracts, or other cooperative agreements, mandate, direct, or control a State, local education agency or school’s specific instructional content.” It further bars federal encroachment in the curriculum.

    The reason for this prohibition is that when the U.S. Department of Education was established in 1980, both parties feared that the other might try to impose its own views on the nation’s schools. So they agreed that the federal government would keep its hands off what was taught in the schools.”

    “The worst flaw of the 1776 idea is that it is intended to refute the 1619 Project, which took seriously the importance of racism in our history. The problems in our society will never be resolved by denying their existence or papering them over with high-flown language about our founding principles. Only by confronting our history without blinders do we have a chance of making good on our founding principles.”

    In MY opinion.. there should never be an education based on a “patriotic presentation” but of historical context… just as education should never be based on a collective emotional interpretation… but rather historical context and facts.
    I’m still trying to figure out where in the country have students been taught to “hate” anything as some sort of mandate?

    1. The 1619 project is a wokey movement that falsifies much of our history in order to re write it with the now tiresome narrative that America’s founding was based on racism and that we must dismantle our constitutional principles in order for true racial healing and equity to happen. Historians from around the world have rightly dissed the project as outright falsification and an exploitive attempt to install far left doctrine in schools. Here’s an interview with one of those historians that provides good context.“>

      Trump’s 1776 project is a much needed doorstop to the woke religiosity of 1619 project nonsense that is sweeping through school curriculums around the country.

      1. Where’s all this “sweeping” occurring? Where’s the checks and balances of local school boards or even state administrations if there’s an issue with applying any of this to some real curriculum?

    2. @Doug

      Yeah, we know how seriously Democrats take the law, NOT!

      When our country was founded, we did not have a public school system. Local government kicked that idea off in the 1830’s. Since the Bill of Rights only applied to the Federal Government back then, local governments got away with promoting religion in school. In addition, local government officials promoted their own interpretations of history, science, and whatever.

      Now, as state governments and the Federal Government has gotten involved, it has gotten more difficult to satisfy everyone. So, we have secularized education and dumbed down education.

      Do I like the 1776 Commission Report? What I don’t like is government officials and special interests telling us how to educate our children. Their motives are too suspect. Parents ought to be allowed to exercise their First Amendment right to educate their children their way. Like it or not a secularizing education leads to a bias against religious belief. Like it or not public officials use their authority over educational institutions to promote their own version of history, science, or whatever.

      School choice in the form of education vouchers is the most obvious compromise.

      1. Yeah.. well… all a matter of priorities I suppose. For me, other than getting kids past the Covid threat and back to school, the education debate has little immediate priority that I can see.

  7. Tom, I agree. There is a tone of You must comply! with what we consider unity. There is no mention or room for dissenting opinion. It irks me every time any current politician refers to our republic as a democracy. I think our republic is in fact slipping towards democracy and may have already. The focus or sleight of hand regarding the events of 01/06/2021 at the capital is strange to me. I do agree that violence isn’t the answer, but when something seems to be. being shoved down my throat I can see and feel it. I’ll say it is going to be an interesting era for freedom-loving citizens with this new administration and both houses of the legislative branch, having democrat majorities.I am putting something together today setting a tone for myself facing the next 4 years and beyond.

      1. If memory serves, the greatest people I can remember have done so peacefully, Gandhi, MLK – I am willing to suffer for my faith and values, I hope there will be others. I expect that some will be made examples of to make the weak tremble and conform

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