Donald Trump takes the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States. (from Inauguration of Donald Trump – Wikipedia)

I considered linking to the speech below using the White House YouTube channel, but I decided that would be soon be pulled down. As it is, YouTube just had include a notice telling us Joe Biden is president. Never seen anything this petty coming from multiple major corporations in all my years. We don’t live all that long, I suppose.

Are you a software guy ambitious to fill a public need? I and lots of other people would be happy to use something other than YouTube.

For those who prefer to read, here is the text, Read the full text of President Trump’s farewell address (

Here is a farewell from a lovely lady.

Here is what Trump had to say at Joint Base Andrews.

We will all carry memories with us from the last four years. Some will say this is the end of an era. Others have a different view, Herb and Jamaal by Stephen Bentley for January 20, 2021 – GoComics. Some will say this is the end of an error. Many of us fear the greater error is yet to come.

What will I most remember about Donald Trump being president? I remember being pleasantly surprised that he was actually trying to do what he said he would do when he campaigned for the presidency, and I know I am not the only person who was astonished at how hard he tried to fulfill his promises. What that man endured in order to do what he wanted to do was even more shocking. The hatred? What was that?

What was Trump’s greatest accomplishment? He showed us our nation’s seamy side. Americans have always known that our leaders are mere men with human frailties. We have always known, at least in theory, that we must keep our expectations realistic, and we must remove those leaders who refuse to be held accountable to the law. Unfortunately, more and more Americans want to be coddled. Our leaders are supposed to be our mommy and daddy and give us what we want. Unfortunately, our elites have catered to this desire and encouraged it to blossom in our educational institutions and in the mass media. Yet what fool is convinced Joe Biden is capable of delivering a true nanny state? No one. Instead of a man being our god, they want us to believe the “system”, a collection of “experts”, can fulfill all our desires.

Trump never took the promise of the “system” or the collection of “experts” seriously. As a businessman, it probably never even occurred to him that anyone would take such nonsense seriously. Instead, Trump just tried to make the government work the way he thought it was supposed to work. Trump understood that we make America work, that our government just enforces some rules. Otherwise, government gets in the way.

After the travesty of the administration of President Barack Obama, Trump did something that had become a novelty. He allowed himself to be held fully accountable to the Constitution. Ironically, even though Trump did nothing anyone can rightfully call impeachable, he was impeached twice. Why? Trump did something rare for modern politicians, and this is his true “crime”. He tried to serve the People instead of the elites. Therefore, the elites, fearful for their wealth and privileges, hated him, and that is why they hounded him for over four years.

Few could have persevered as Trump did, and the elites are still after him. They still hate him because they are still scared of him. Unless they are fervently opposed by determined public support for the Trump family, our elites will do their level best to destroy the Trump family. They will also go after Trump’s supporters.

What is the bottom line? Trump has revealed fully something we did not know about ourselves. Over the centuries of its existence, our country has gained the burden of a corrupt and greedy elite. Trump fought that elite. Biden will cater to it. What has been a soft tyranny will harden as our elites rally to defend their power over us, those they would make their serfs. So, I expect hard times, and I make no apologies for that belief. Still, if we are willing to stand up for the values that this nation was founded upon, we can remain free, and we can thank Donald Trump and his family for helping us to see the need to begin fighting back.

Fight? After the storming of the Capitol, is “fight” now a bad word? No. Democrats have been using the word fight in a political context for as long as anyone can remember. The members of the so-called mainstream news media are just a bunch of propagandists trying to confuse us and render us ineffective. It is time to ignore those liars and thank Trump for calling them “fake news”.

Note that a long time ago a wiser man than I wrote about this problem. He observed America’s elites could become greedy and corrupt. Many were not sold on the idea of a constitutional republic. See THE GRAND CONSPIRACY? — PART 2 – Citizen Tom.

Still further back in time. King Solomon observed thus.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 New American Standard Bible

What has been, it is what will be,
And what has been done, it is what will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun.

What we see now, our forebears have seen. What we must overcome now our forebears overcame. Our forebears put their trust in God, not man.


  1. Tom,

    I agree Trump’s record of accomplishments are deserving of our thanks.

    The best part of living in a Democrat Republic is every two years we get to vote.

    Hopefully, our legislators will in the interim agree to standard minimum election laws as former President Carter recommended 20 years ago to prevent the distrust of the 2020 election.

    And every law passed in the next two years that is folly can be overturned in the next election.

    And if Joe starts raising taxes on the middle class, I wonder how successful his Party will be in the next election.
    The irony of taxing the rich is they own most businesses and if the business pay higher taxes, they just raise prices and the result is higher costs which is the same as middle class paying a higher tax or inflation of dollar values..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      Hope you are right, but these people are out for power. We will have to fight them politically for all we are worth.

      We must organize at the state and local levels for election reform, to ensure the results of our elections are believable. the next election, we will also

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