According to the 19th chapter of the Gospel of Luke, as Jesus approaches Jerusalem, he looks at the city and weeps over it (Luke 19:41) (an event known as Flevit super illam in Latin language), foretelling the suffering that awaits the city. The event took place on the Mount of Olives, on the background the Second Temple (from Triumphal entry into Jerusalem – Wikipedia).

Do you have the right to weep for your country? Consider that Jesus wept over Jerusalem.

Luke 19:41-44 New American Standard Bible

41 When He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it, 42 saying, “If you had known on this day, even you, the conditions for peace! But now they have been hidden from your eyes. 43 For the days will come upon you [a]when your enemies will put up a [b]barricade against you, and surround you and hem you in on every side, 44 and they will level you to the ground, and throw down your children within you, and they will not leave in you one stone upon [c]another, because you did not recognize the time of your visitation.”

What made think of this? I got this comment from here,

Who runs our nation has become bone of violent contention. Choose Democrat, Republican, Independent, or not at all, and we will infuriate someone. I chose to reelect President Trump, and when Trump claimed fraud I supported him. So, I am doubly damned by the Democrats. Since Democrats have won out, one would hope they would be gracious, but their call for unity has been as phony as everything else they do. Hardly a surprise.

Unfortunately, some of the leaders who supported Trump have grown afraid. Democrats and the so-called mainstream news media have hypocritically used the riot at the Capitol Building. Both Democrat politicians and the news media have used the riot as an excuse to display their murderous hatred of all things Trump. Their evident rage and the fears being stoked against Trump and his supporters are more than some weak men and women can bear. So, the weak are denouncing Trump. Instead, they should be weeping. We should all be weeping. Instead of choosing our Lord Jesus Christ, we are letting those who would rule us for their own gain choose for us.

In the days to come the Democratic Party will most likely seek to solidify its hold on power. Many expect that Democrats will use their narrow majority in Congress to vote to end the filibuster rule, add the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, and pack the Supreme Court. If as many believe, Democrats stole the election, then we most certainly have unscrupulous leaders, and these actions will make it extremely difficult to get rid of them. Dark days are ahead, and for that we have every reason to weep. We are losing our constitutional republic, but our tears offend those who would be our overlords.

Such has happened before. When the Chaldeans sacked and destroyed Jerusalem, they carried off many of its citizens as captives. The following psalm records how they wept.

Psalm 137 New American Standard Bible

An Experience of the Captivity.

137 By the rivers of Babylon,

There we sat down and wept,

When we remembered Zion.

Upon the [a]willows in the midst of it

We hung our [b]harps.

For there our captors [c]demanded of us [d]songs,

And our tormentors, jubilation, saying,

“Sing for us one of the songs of Zion!”

How can we sing the Lord’s song

In a foreign land?

If I forget you, Jerusalem,

May my right hand [e]forget its skill.

May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth

If I do not remember you,

If I do not [f]exalt Jerusalem

Above my chief joy.

Remember, Lord, against the sons of Edom

The day of Jerusalem,

Those who said, “Lay it bare, lay it bare

To its foundation!”

Daughter of Babylon, you [g]devastated one,

Blessed will be one who repays you

With [h]the retribution with which you have repaid us.

Blessed will be one who seizes and dashes your children

Against the rock.

Would you be captive or free? Sometimes it is all we can do to refuse to sin. Sometimes it is all we can do to choose Jesus, but He is the Truth who sets us free.

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      1. @tsalmon

        Someone in “authority” told you what the Bible says, and that is all that matters. Someone in “authority” told you what to think about the storming of the Capitol Building, and that is all that matters. So, Tom is not allowed to have his own opinion and actually read or listen to anything. He has to toe the line of tsalmon’s “authorities”.

        There is nothing new about this servile acquiescence to authority. It is still as stupid as it has always been.

        1. I love you Tom.

          Automatic opposition to authority is not a virtue brother. It is only our arrogance. It is a mental disorder that makes it very difficult for us to play well with others.

          I have more of a bit of this mental flaw myself, and it is a default deficiency that with some introspection, I have spent most of my adult life trying with some small success sometimes to overcome. I confess that in so far as I have failed myself and others in life, and there has been many times, it has been when I have failed myself and others in this most selfish and most Pharisaic sin of pride. In so far as I have been able to succeed for myself and others in life, it has been when I have been able to manifest and expand my circle of the love in the universal Christ from which we derive all the virtues of God’s true patriotism – loyalty, honor, truth, compassion, courage, mission, selflessness, service.

          I pray that you grow out of these Trumpian lies of hatred,
          pride and selfishness that has infected your spirit and the spirit of so many Americans with atavistic nativism. I pray that God blesses you and all of us with faith, hope, truth and love. We can only unite as one nation and bind our wounds of division if we seek and find this common truth. Without this common sense of truth, you will sadly continue to see yourself fractured from your true religion, your country, your political party, your sense of community and possibly even your own loving family. This kind of fractious tribalism can only lead to increasing fracture. Unless you do find unity of spirit in yourself first, like Jonah, you may indeed find yourself separated, alone and weeping for vengeance out of a prideful bitterness . . . while the God of Love quietly and eternally calls and calls.

          Love and blessings to everyone here on this happy day! Our democratic republic has overcome the anarchy of ethnocentric, xenophobic hatreds! A constitutional government of “We the People” has not perished from this land! God bless America!

          1. @tsalmon

            I automatically oppose authority? You are saying that to a former military officer, and you know better.

            When someone tells us to believe something that we can see for ourselves is not true, are we still supposed to believe them?

            Why does propaganda work? Why was the serpent able to persuade Adam and Eve to bite into the forbidden fruit. Wasn’t God’s authority sufficient? It should have been, but Adam and Eve could not see the truth for themselves. They had to trust God. So, beginning with a little doubt, Satan persuaded Adam and Eve to believe what they wanted to believe, that they could be like God.

            Your authorities are not God. I don’t have to trust them to know the truth. There is no sin in learning the truth for myself. So, stop pretending it is virtuous to trust your authorities when we don’t have to do so.

          2. Ok, General Tom. I think we both know better. 😄

            So let’s blame the phallic symbol that entered the verdant garden and birthed forth from that paradisal womb our fallen innocence into world of ecstasy and suffering, virtue and sin, birth and death, love and hate, beauty and iniquity. How could an infinite God have seen that one coming?

            But I’m not going to let you spoil my happiness today with your old crackpot self, my lovely brother.

            “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.“

          3. @tsalmon

            Phallic symbol? I am trying to spoil your happiness? And you are giving me peace? By calling me names? None of that makes any sense. You lack peace because at some level you know that.

            The world is full of troubled people who need Jesus. You are just one of us. Unfortunately, instead of turning to Jesus, giving your troubles to Him and accepting His gift of salvation, you think you can prove something by electing busybodies who promise to transform other people into something that glorifies you. What you don’t get is that Joe Biden is about the business of glorifying Joe Biden. He doesn’t know you from Adam, but he will happily make serfs of us.

            When we glorify God, we glorify true perfection, and He gives us peace. Only He can give anyone peace.

            God knows and loves each of us. He can actually feel our pain and share our joy.

          4. @tsalmon

            Remember what I said about you wanting to be one of the cool kids?

            I think highly of you, but I think your political beliefs are all messed up.

            When we damn the Founders for owning slaves, we forget that most of them were raised to see nothing wrong with slavery. Fortunately, most of them had the courage to examine the assumptions upon which they had formed their beliefs, especially their belief in the rightness of slavery.

            Have we been raised with bad assumptions? Is this age so special that we only believe the truth?

            To live as virtuously as we can we must discern the assumptions upon which we have built our beliefs and test those assumptions as best we can. That requires us to admit some sins.

          5. Tom,

            Have you considered that your opinions might be just a little bit superficial? As just one example, I bring up the sexual metaphorical truths apparent in the Eden story, and you are just flabbergasted.

            You are apparently oblivious to the concept that an origin story for all of human existence would of course be, at least in part, a sexual act. That sexuality takes the form a coaxed penetration by the masculine (the tempting Snake) of the feminine womb (the verdant life-spring Garden) which brings on a loss of paradisal innocence through human sentience in the form of the eating of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the recognition by the first humans of good and evil in their guilt and their nakedness) and then a birth of those first children from that womb of the garden into the finite and fallen world.

            Without birth into the world, there can be no death. Without death from the world (Fall and Winter) there can be no rebirth (Spring and Summer). A primitive people immersed in the natural world and dependent for survival on animal husbandry (and their own husbandry) may not have formed all this into a rational thesis, but the profound truth of it would have been as intuitive to those first hearing and telling the Eden Story as the truth of modern medicine and modern travel is to us. It would just be the truth in the reality of their own lives. We are the ones missing something because we have lost a basic understanding of the Eden Story, not them.

            In am no great expert on anything, but I enjoy the deep dive rather than swimming more broadly at the surface. Sticking with the Eden Story, how does it compare with the origin stories of the cultures from which the Israelites came or with which they would have mixed? How does this origin story compare with the origin stories of disparate cultures, perhaps separated for a thousand, if not tens of thousands, of years? How are they different? How are they the same? In a cosmological and ontological sense, why? What can we learn by the application of the modern fields of individual and social psychology? How can our understanding of the natural sciences, philosophy, theology and metaphysics help us in our understanding?

            Truth is truth, and because all truth is of an infinite God, it must be infinitely expansive. We can be wrong. We can certainly go down a false path and get lost for a while, but isn’t it a sort of prideful idolatry of ignorance to simply stop exploring the limits, close your circle of acceptable knowledge, dogmatically assume to know everything that can be known, and then criticize anyone else who keeps exploring and discovering with an open mind?

            Is a religious person who can only understand the Eden Story with absolute literalism, obstinately oblivious to a wealth of other such possibly enlightening perspectives, more susceptible to other fallacies that comfort the dread of uncertainty that comes from life’s endless complexity and ambiguity? Have you thought about the fact that Trump’s most adamant Qanon and White Nationalist followers (many, if not most, of his insurrectionist mob) have mythologized Trump into a messianic figure of sorts, and that this, on a spectrum of strong to weak Trump support, may be a psycho-religious element of Trump’s mystique? It can’t be an accident that a thrice married, continuously adulterous, casino bankrupting, beauty contest owning, unabashedly greedy, non-church going, reality TV star is enthusiastically supported by Evangelicals. To anyone who is the least bit outside of the cultural problem (MW for example), the ability of most of you Trump supporters here to rationalize away all obvious evidence to the contrary in support of a comforting delusion must just be staggering.

            Oh well, it’s a new day.

          6. @tsalmon

            I was flabbergasted? No. More like this.

            I understand some people are into phallic symbols, and they think the serpent is a phallic symbol.

            I am almost 70. I have heard about this interpretation of the Creation story. The Bible is the story of how Jesus rescues us from our own sinful nature. Once you accept that, you will begin to see things you missed before.

            Why is Satan represented as a serpent? Have you ever seriously considered making love with a water moccasin? How about a dragon, like the serpent in Revelation?


            Genesis 3:14-15 English Standard Version
            14 The Lord God said to the serpent,

            “Because you have done this,
            cursed are you above all livestock
            and above all beasts of the field;
            on your belly you shall go,
            and dust you shall eat
            all the days of your life.
            15 I will put enmity between you and the woman,
            and between your offspring[a] and her offspring;
            he shall bruise your head,
            and you shall bruise his heel.”

            That’s a phallic symbol? No. The serpent is a treacherous enemy. The Jews would have seen it as such.

            Did the serpent seduce Eve? To sin? Yes, but the sin was to doubt God. If you read the carefully, you will understand Adam was probably there watching the discussion. Because he feared making Eve unhappy, the big lug refuse to do what anyone does with a moccasin, grab a big stick and beat it to death. Try that with your phallic symbol.

          7. “Have you considered that your opinions might be just a little bit superficial?”

            So the answer is “no”. 😊

          8. @tsalmon

            Confused again, My opinions may sometimes be quite superficial. However, that was not the topic. Because you took the discussion that way, I graciously consented, and so we were discussing Genesis and your peculiar focus on phallic symbols.

            Was my interpretation of Genesis, minus phallic symbols superficial? Apparently, it was not.

          9. Tom,

            You can’t help who you are brother, but let me assure you that reading scripture without a sense of the beauty in its symbolism is like listening Beethoven with a tin ear.

  1. Tom, it is very frustrating to watch our Constitution be trampled underfoot and not even defended by the Supreme Court, and to see laws disregarded and blatant fraud rewarded. Welcome to 1984! Demonized Trump supporters now must be reprogrammed in internment camps (the “Ministry of Love”)! Add to that, suppression of free speech by Big Tech and the MSM that rivals CCP tactics, all because of their rage against Trump. He is their “Goldstein!” in Orwell’s 1984. So, now we must put all of that down the “memory hole” and march in lock-step to their “Newspeak” narrative. After having to witness the outrageous hypocrisy of the left about violent protests when we had to endure a whole year of unchecked riots and violence in our cities, they are basically telling us to shove it in so many ways. Then they have the audacity to say that the nation should heal! LOL! It feels like a constantly abused spouse being told that she deserved the beating, just suck it and go back to your husband. No, there’s no time to grieve. I will just quote Scrooge and “retire to bedlam.”

    One good thing. Evil always overplays its hand. The powers that be, that now suppress free speech, who ultimately want government to be our god and provider, always go too far. And when these oligarchs can no longer make Trump their “Goldstein,” the focus will return back on their failed socialistic policies. I guess we’ll see how much suffering we can take before we will wish for the freedoms that made our country a wonderful place to live in.

    And this has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican. That’s what the Swamp and partisan pundits never understood. It’s much bigger than Trump, and what has been seen cannot be unseen. Trump just reminded us who we are as a nation, and what can be accomplished when the people have a voice and a leader who puts them first over his or her own self-interest and enrichment. Millions of Americans, and that number is still growing, have woken up after being in a deep sleep for several decades. We need to pray for a peaceful outcome because it could get very ugly the way the left is trying to shut it down. You can’t shut down freedom and truth. We should’ve learned that from history.

    1. Obviously, you believe the whole judicial system and your supreme court is so dammed corrupt basically because it will not rule in favour of your leader even though the supreme court was seeded 3 times by Trump himself.

      Evil did overplay its hand, Trump cut his own throat, 400,000 dead people from a mishandled virus and making the country a laughingstock to the rest of the world is more than enough damage to be voted out of office and recently the riot and pardoning of criminals is enough damage to finish with.

      You call suppression of conspiracies on media as suppression of free speech when your illustrious leader is reminding the people they have a voice and what they can do, just as a dictator would do by encouraging them on solely for his own selfish political agenda.

      You pray for peace; I do not blame you. Shutting down freedom and truth starts when you believe everyone is corrupt including your judiciary and supreme court. With non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems anarchy will take over and your people have millions of guns, so pray hard.

      1. @sklyjd

        Talk about overplaying your hand.

        I am a Christian. I believe mankind is fallen. I don’t expect perfection, but I am highly disappointed we have disregarded election integrity for the sake of convenience and in the name of racial fairness. Blacks are so stupid they cannot get a photo ID. That is a serious concern, and that isn’t racist?

        Blaming COVID-19 on Trump is just plain spiteful, but I supposed you think you can be excused by the fact Joe Biden did the same thing. You may scoff at the belief in God, but you will be held to account.

        Trump handled the job of fighting disease that came out of China and spread across the world as well as anyone could have. Some of Democrat governors, however….Trump did not send people with active COVID-19 into nursing homes, but some of our Democrat governors were actually that stupid.

        The rest of what you said doesn’t make sense. You are just repeating the hysterical nonsense coming out of our news media. The only thing Trump did to “suppress” our news media is call the fake news the fake news. His speech, however, actually was suppressed by Big Tech.

        What this episode illustrates is that our leaders are mere men with human frailties. We have to keep our expectations realistic, and we must remove those leaders who refuse to be held accountable to the law.

        Trump allowed himself accountable to the law. He has done nothing anyone can rightfully call impeachable. Yet he has been impeached twice. Why? Trump did something rare in a politician. He tried to serve the People instead of the elites. That is why the elites hate him, and that is why they hounded him for over four years. Few could have persevered as Trump did, and the elites are still after him because they are scared of him.

        Over the centuries of its existence, the USA gained the burden of a corrupt and greedy elite. Trump fought that elite. Biden will cater to it. So, I expect hard times, and I make no apologies for that belief.

      2. @ skljd

        Well, if there was nothing to see they could’ve have easily proven wrong the thousands of pages of sworn affidavits, data anomalies, and video evidence by simply looking at it, which the courts refused to do. Nothing was ever tried on merit, so the allegations remain out there forever. They could’ve easily spent a few days doing a deep forensic audit of the ballots and voting machines in the contested states. That would’ve stopped the whole protest. We would’ve all accepted Biden as the legitimate POTUS. But why didn’t they? Why the concerted effort to censor, bully, threaten families, and dox anyone who stepped up to expose this if there’s nothing to hide? Not to mention, the witch hunt going on now by the left. How is this any different than CCP strong arm tactics?

        And, no, shutting down freedom does not start when you accuse the powers that be of corruption. That’s a vital part of a Constitutionally-governed country, which we used to be. Shutting down freedom starts when we allow the MSM, and the self-ordained Thought-Police, the Big Tech oligarchs, censor anything that doesn’t line up with their “Newspeak.”
        It starts when we just let massive fraud go unchecked, without due process. That exactly what third-world banana republics do.

        So, now, after being told to shove it and shut up, we’re supposed to all come together and sing Kumbaya. Sorry, we’re not that stupid.

        1. There was a hand audit in Antrim County, Michigan, with bipartisan election officials.
          The certified machine count was confirmed within the margin of error expected from a hand count.

          In Georgia the entire results were recounted by hand. Multiple times. The machine count was confirmed.

          I am at a loss, how Dominion voting machines are supposed to have shifted large numbers of votes from Trump to Biden, when at the same time hand counts of the ballots confirm the machine count. Keep in mind, that the voters were able to verify the printed ballot to acurately reflect their vote before putting it into the ballot box.

          As for no courts deciding on merit: The US District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin, took up Trump v. Wisconsin Elections Commissions, in which Trump alleged that the Commission had overstepped its authority by issuing the kind of guidance it had issued. The Trump-appointed judge allowed Trump to make his case, despite Trump failing to make his claims in a timely manner before the election. The judge took a detailed look at the claims and ruled that Trump lost on merit.

          1. @ marmoewp.

            Uh…no. That was not a comprehensive forensic audit of the ballots in Michigan, especially where it mattered, in Wayne County. Where they did do an audit was just recounting the same ballots over again. All this kind of audit will do is make sure the count is correct. It does absolutely nothing to mitigate against fraudulent ballots.
            And we know very little about the Dominion Voting records since the logs were mysteriously deleted from this election cycle (but not for previous ones.) And this does not even get into how state constitutions on election laws were violated in several of these states.

            To say that judges made any kind of detailed look at actual evidence in any detail is just plain false. There was no debate or discourse over the thousands of pages of sworn affidavits. And there was certainly NO ruling based on merit (evidence) whatsoever in any contested state. So that is total fiction. Every one of these judges dismissed on standing or some other technicality.

          2. Ohhh, so you have moved on from just alleging that the machines have been tampered with. Now you are alleging, that the machines have been tampered with AND that the corresponding ballots have been replaced en masse? By the tens of thousands?

            And for that you rely on a security expert, who works so meticulously, that he mixes up Minnesota and Michigan precints in an affidavit filed to argue voter fraud in Georgia?

            Does that about sum it up?

            You may also want to read the ruling by Judge Kenny in Costantino v Detroit, which was upheld by higher courts.

            Click to access Scanned-from-a-Xerox-Multifunction-Printer.pdf

          3. @marmoewp

            It is not clear this was one of the cases managed by the president’s lawyers.

            No audit was done.

            The constitutional issues were virtually ignored.

            If the rules for election make it easy to cheat, then that means it is difficult to prove cheating.

            I have been involved in resolving disputed ballots. People sit next to each other so they can read the ballot. Anything else is silly.

          4. Mel claims:

            “To say that judges made any kind of detailed look at actual evidence in any detail is just plain false. There was no debate or discourse over the thousands of pages of sworn affidavits. And there was certainly NO ruling based on merit (evidence) whatsoever in any contested state. So that is total fiction. Every one of these judges dismissed on standing or some other technicality.”

            I show a case from Detroit, where the court took a look at all affidavits and dismissed on merit
            I show a case by the Trump team dismissed on merit.

            Mel: *crickets*
            Tom: let me change the subject real quick

            I am just curious, is this the kind of honesty and truth you want to teach children?

          5. @marmoewp

            We don’t get the truth out of people very often. We get, at best, an approximation of the truth.

            When we have an election, we have to have results that at the very least show us which candidate honestly got the most votes. That requires us to have rules that ensure an honest election. We did not uniformly have such rules. In some cases, the rules were arbitrarily changed by officials who did not have the authority to change the rules.

            I am just curious. Do you want to teach your children that the rules only apply to the other party?

    1. @sklyjd

      When you say things like this, am I supposed to be thrown back on my heels. Should I be embarrassed?

      When you recklessly cast ridicule, you just show your own meanness and lack of desire to understand what happened. More than we reveal others, we reveal ourselves with our words. For our words are the fruit that come from our own heart.

      Luke 6:43-45 Good News Translation
      A Tree and Its Fruit

      43 “A healthy tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a poor tree bear good fruit. 44 Every tree is known by the fruit it bears; you do not pick figs from thorn bushes or gather grapes from bramble bushes. 45 A good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

      1. I understand you were refrained and were not a rioter CT and went home. If you are thinking that this comment was designed to set you back on your heels and embarrass you then this means you either have some lingering doubts about your own involvement or you just do not like criticism of the Trump rioters.

        I must say you would be doing the ridiculing if the mob had achieved their aims on that day. You are fiercely loyal to Trump, but I doubt you would condone their objective of lynching Pence or anyone else.

        Not only that, but my message is not of meanness or ignorance because we do not want our children to behave in this fashion such as trying to overthrow and force their agenda on any government do we?

    2. @ sklyjd

      Yes, we will teach our children to know the truth. That, in this case, the people who incited the violence at the Capitol did not represent either party. That BLM and Antifa operatives were also there, along with the QAnon nut jobs. That the attack started before Trump even finished his speech. We will teach them not to make straw men out of our political opponents and lump everyone together with the extremists, or have these hysterical witch hunts to silence any voice that doesn’t agree with ours. We will help them understand that when people’s voices are not heard, when they are insulted and told to shove it, that they will get angry and do things that are not in their normal nature. That it was this same type of tyranny (on a larger scale) that led to our grievances against King George and the Declaration of Independence. We will teach them that only those who broke the law on January 6th are guilty, not every person who went to the rally, or who supported their President. We will teach them to defend freedom of speech, to be opposed to those who try to suppress it, and we will teach them to fight (peacefully) to uphold our Constitutional rights.

      1. For a start Mel, you say “we will teach our children to know the truth.”

        This teaching of adult’s beliefs as truth is not freedom of choice for children, if you think parental rights should include religious and political indoctrination of their children you are seriously contradictive especially since you take CT’s views that public schools are indoctrinating children in anti- religious and political views. Children deserve the rights to have the freedom to decide for themselves.

        Note these facts below Mel.

        Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was one of the first to claim “Those who stormed the capitol yesterday were not Trump supporters. They have been confirmed to be Antifa,” PolitiFact rated his claim Pants on Fire.
        ‘Evidence growing’ that antifa orchestrated attack,” congressman says Rep. Mo Brooks, as Brooks did not provide clear and irrefutable evidence, PolitiFact rated his claim Pants on Fire.

        Sen. Shannon Grove, also took to Twitter to perpetuate false antifa rumours. Her post cited a photo from attorney Trump supporter Lin Wood claiming two men in the photo are affiliated with antifa, however one man was quickly identified by journalists who track far-right extremism as a neo-Nazi. PolitiFact rated her claim Pants on Fire.

        A baseless antifa claim was spread like wildfire by a Washington Times story with the headline, “Facial recognition firm claims Antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol.”

        Washington Times sourced information from a Singapore-based facial recognition technology company that reportedly identified some mob people with antifa ties, but the company the Washington Times sourced refuted the report, saying it was never in contact with the newspaper. The story was retracted; however, it did not stop social media users from sharing the story thousands of times. PolitiFact rated these claims False.

        The man in the horned fur cap faced online allegations that he was an antifa member masquerading as a Trump supporter. In a tweet, he fended off those allegations, and PolitiFact later rated those claims Pants on Fire.

        These and many other examples are all based on lies as the overwhelming majority of the world’s media and police identifications of individuals are quite clear about who was at the Capital riot. The thorough investigation of information, using logical deduction and the recognition of facts are the foundations that should be taught to our children, why should they be forced into believing adult claims?

        1. @ skyljd

          No one knew what was really going on at the Capitol at first so save your quotes on who said what. We now know a lot more.

          And fact checkers. LOL! Please! They’re about as reliable as election polling companies.

          While there were certainly Trump supporters involved in storming the Capitol on January 6th, and they should be arrested and charged. And it definitely brought the extremist nut-jobs out of the woodwork who probably aren’t really for either party.

          For instance, the horned guy is well-known. He calls himself the ‘QAnon Shaman.’ He’s the nut-job, Jake Angeli, who also shows up at Antifa rallies. He probably hates both sides and just like anarchy. Btw, I have a photo of him talking to Michael Vos, Pelosi’s son-in-law at the Capitol on the same day.
          We also know that BLM activists, John Sullivan and Logan Grimes were there…and arrested. We have video of Sullivan inciting people to go storm the Capitol.

          And here’s a photo of a couple of guys from Philli Antifa, who look loud and proud inside the Capital building.

          Yeah, these are all upstanding Trump supporters. That’s why we should associate all 75 million people who voted for Trump with the 100 or so people who broke into the Capitol building. That way we can cancel them, threaten and bully them, fire them, dox them, remove their credentials…and then have them all reprogrammed. That sounds reasonable. After all, several dozen people stormed that Capitol. We should impeach Trump. Of course, then we would probably also have to impeach Kamala, who encouraged the rioters who are burning down our cities to keep going after the election. Nope, no hypocrisy here, folks.

          And as far as indoctrination goes, I wouldn’t let my children within a 100 yards of a school that teaches the 1619 Project. Talk about total fabrications!

          1. I do not know, whether or not the men inside the capitol on your photo have been correctly identified as the people on the right side of the photo. However, the identities of the men on the right side are known. The one on the right is Matthew Heimbach, a neo-nazi. The man on the left with the long beard is Jason Tankersley, another neo-nazi. And here is the page from philyantifa, where they are documented as neo-nazis.


          2. @marmoewp

            I have asked you this question before, and you did not answer. What is the practical difference between a Nazi and a Communist?

            Joe Biden started his campaign with outright lie. Trump supposedly said white supremacists who rioted in Charlottesville, VA were good people too. Trump disowned both the Antifa and the white supremacists nut jobs. Unfortunately, our so-called mainstream news media tool something Trump said completely out of context, and Biden ran with it.

            Is Biden’s honesty the kind of honesty and truth you want to teach children?

          3. @ Tom
            “I have asked you this question before, and you did not answer. What is the practical difference between a Nazi and a Communist?”

            That’s because the answer is, there is none, Tom.

            The inconvenient truth about fascism is that it’s the ideological brainchild of Italian philosopher, Giovanni Gentile, who believed the best kind of democracy is where the individual subborninates themselves to the state. In other words, socialism and communism. Nazis were just National Socialists.


            As the Italians say, there’s only two kinds of fascists–fascists and anti-fascists.

          4. @marmoewp

            John Sullivan was there as a reporter too.

            Next time someone burglarizes your house, make sure you don’t shoot the guy with him. Might be a reporter.

          5. “with the 100 or so people who broke into the Capitol building”
            “After all, several dozen people stormed that Capitol.”

            Including Derrick Evans, Republican delegate in the West Virginia state legislature.

            As of two days ago, 200 case files have been opened and 100 arrests made. Looks like you are underestimating the numbers.


          6. “Including Derrick Evans, Republican delegate in the West Virginia state legislature.”

            So what?
            What exactly do you try to tell us?

          7. @marmoewp

            Many of the people who went into the Capitol did not participate in the break-in. There are pictures of the police letting people into the building. Moreover, almost all had cell phones. Reporters have get-out-jail free cards.

          8. Well Mal, I think you have been hoodwinked again. marmoewp has answered your false claims far better than I could. You should investigate what you are told because you are supporting a gang of hateful idiots. Tell me how your Christian morals would have held up if these several thousand scum bags had achieved what they said by lynching Pence and whatever else, would that be seen as a win? I am sure Your illustrious Christian leader would have thought so.

            The 1619 project, what has that got to do with the price of fish.

          9. @sklyjd

            This cracks me up. I got a guy from Australia and another from Germany trying to tell me what happened at the Capitol Building when it was stormed, and I was part of the crowd that President Trump supposedly ordered to storm the building, and I had no clue that he had supposedly ordered us to do such a thing.

            The power of propaganda is a scary. Most awful and fearful thing made in America.

          10. @ CT.
            “I got a guy from Australia and another from Germany trying to tell me what happened at the Capitol Building…”

            LOL! It’s good to have these know-it-all’s set us straight. After all, they have Google and fact-checkers. 🤓

          11. Oh yeah Mal we probably do know more than you. The rest of the world has news agencies that get it right most of the time, unlike your Fox news that is more like a comedy show. Fact checkers seem to get it right more than you do at least.

          12. @sklyjd

            I have first hand knowledge. I did not see a bunch of people interested in violence. President Trump specifically asked for a peaceful protest. The people who attacked the Capitol Building did so long before the president finished his speech, and even they were not armed.

            The Capitol Police shot an unarmed woman. All summer long Democrats encouraged “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, and the police Speaker Pelosi called stormtroopers never shot anyone. Instead, the police she runs shot an unarmed woman.

            Check your factcheckers.

          13. @Mel Wild

            Excellent reply. I would just add that the attack on the Capitol started 20 minutes before Trump stopped speaking. It is a long walk from the Washington Monument to the Capitol, where the people who support Trump were.

            Who were the people who attacked the Capitol? All I know is Trump told us to demonstrate peacefully, and those hotheads made a mess of what we were trying to do.

          14. @ CT

            Exactly. And to associate these radical activists, left or right, with Trump’s speech is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing but political postering. Not to mention, absurdly hypocritical after having to listen to Kamala Harris and other Democrats encouraging BLM and Antifa thugs to keep rioting all year. Where was their moral outrage all summer? Or, CNN’s Don Lemon saying, “who said protests should be peaceful.” The double-standard is mind-numbing. If Trump is to blame, there is a very long line behind him.

            And, btw, here’s the latest example of the monsters these feckless Democrat leaders unleashed this past year. If we’re going to be fair, maybe we should impeach Biden now…
            “So much for MAGApocalypse: Antifa rampage in Seattle & Portland follows Biden’s inauguration (VIDEOS)”

          15. @Mel Wild

            Don’t know if you are aware of it, but rt.com is part of an outfit run by the Russian government. The information about the riots is correct, but we have to be careful of their motives too.

          16. Yes, I’m aware of it. Russia is now also providing web servers for Parler since Amazon removed them. Seems we have to leave the U.S., the former home of the free, in order to be able get the truth out! Quite ironic. I’m also aware of how the leftist news sources, like The Daily Beast and Politico, seem to have it out for RT. That’s no surprise.

            On that note, it’s hard to find actual investigative journalism in the U.S. anymore. Certainly not from the NYT and Washington Post! My favorite is probably the Epoch Times. Here’s the same news story from them:

            Btw, The Epoch Times is also hated by the leftist MSM. All kinds of lies and propaganda spread about them, that they have Chinese ties, etc. But here’s the actual truth on them.

            “The Epoch Times was founded in the United States in the year 2000 in response to communist repression and censorship in China. Our founders, Chinese-Americans who themselves had fled communism, sought to create an independent media to bring the world uncensored and truthful information.”

            Actual independent sources place them at Center-right, politically.

          17. @Mel Wild

            Parler moved to Russian servers? What a mess! That will give them leverage I would much rather the Russians did not have, and it makes the users look like Putin’s puppets.

            Kind of silly. Our leftist regime is forcing us into the arms of another leftist regime and calling us extreme right wing fanatics.

          18. Yeah, a bit crazy right now. Parler hired a Russian company, DDoS-Guard, to protect them from attacks from Big Brother—the worse of two evils, Twitter and Amazon . It’s only temporary, according to the CEO.

            As far as news sources like RT, they are subsidized by Russia. Sort of like NPR/PBS in US and BBC in UK. Except RT are anti-socialists. The opposite of Pravda.

            In America we don’t have state-run media like Pravda, we apparently now have a media-run state. Twitter has more control over speech and propaganda than the government.

          19. @Mel Wild

            There was a time that Prussia was called an army with a country. Now we have a news media, owned by big corporations, with a country. Prussia seem preferable to me. Our news media is a bunch of liars. At least the men who ruled Prussia had some sense of honor.

          20. @ CT.

            Well, welcome to Orwell’s 1984! Now, it’s about optics and narrative, form over substance. We now have the Newspeak MSM and Big Tech Thought Police. Hail IngSoc!

            As investigative reporter, Joshua Philipp said: “Communist movements typically take over the media. A lot of the original Communist and Socialist movements also ran newspapers. Before the Bolshevik revolution, Vladimir Lenin used German money to buy newspaper companies, as well starting a dozen new outlets. Through these papers, Lenin made promises of peace and bread, crafting his clever narrative to the Russian people, disrupting and shifting public opinion in his favor.”

            Sound familiar?

          21. Tom,
            It will be interesting to see what happens to the hysterical Trump-haters now that the MSM no longer have their “Goldstein!” POTUS to project their “Two Minutes Hate” every evening for them to feed on. I suppose there’s still the anti-Trump witch hunt to look forward to….if not, there are recovery programs available….

          22. @Mel

            It isn’t so much that you and Tom are ignorant about the Capitol riot and the law suits surrounding your last election. It’s just that you know so many things that aren’t so.

            It is the same with Nazis and Antifa. Both of them are dangerous in their own ways, but they are not the same. More importantly, they draw people in from different parts of the political spectrum.

            Both you and Tom are more than happy to turn to mocking, rather than acknowledge that you have been demonstrated to be wrong on quite a substantial list of facts, I am sure, you “know better”, than to believe anything a know-it-all will write. I would still recommend, that both of you study, what parts of the population disproportionally voted for the NSDAP in Germany, which political parties made Hitler Chancellor and which political leanings the parties had, who voted for the Enabling Act of 1933 along with the Nazis.

            No mark is as susceptible to be conned, as the mark that considers itself not to be a mark.

          23. @marmoewp

            Remember the old saw.

            He cannot see the forest for the trees.

            A fact is a single statistic. With respect to that old quote, a “fact” is a “tree”. When we are dealing people and using the information we glean from them, the “facts” will tend to be over the place. That is why we have to focus on the preponderance of the evidence, trees, or facts. In additional, we have to determine which facts are most irrefutable and meaningful. Some trees are much bigger than other trees.

            Two things are clear from the controversy over the 2020 election.
            1. There were clear violations of constitutional law.
            2. Democrats demonstrated little concern for election integrity. Whenever anyone calls for commonsense requirements for election integrity, like maintaining the voter registration rolls, voter ID, in-person voting, and so forth, they scream racism or COVID-19. Yet what good is an election if no one in his right mind trusts the results?

  2. When we are done grieving, we’re going to need to buck up. It could even be fun! President Trump will soon have unlimited wealth, unlimited time, no congressional oversight, and a bone to pick with a few characters. Also, it’s really hard to govern when your boogey man isn’t around to blame for all the world’s troubles anymore.

    1. @insanitybytes22

      Jesus said to count the cost. Our opposition is formidable, and they will punish us.

      Will Trump be able to overcome them? No. When the establishment turned on him in full strength, even with the power of the presidency Trump could not prevail.

      Nevertheless, we should remember what happened to the Hebrews when their twelve scouts came back with bad news about the giants who lived in the Promised Land. They forgot the Lord was with them, that He had commanded them to go into the Promise Land.

      Is the Lord on our side? That we cannot claim, but we can strive to obey Him. We can do what those 1st Century Christians did.

      1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 Good News Translation

      9 There is no need to write you about love for each other. You yourselves have been taught by God how you should love one another. 10 And you have, in fact, behaved like this toward all the believers in all of Macedonia. So we beg you, our friends, to do even more. 11 Make it your aim to live a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to earn your own living, just as we told you before. 12 In this way you will win the respect of those who are not believers, and you will not have to depend on anyone for what you need.

      In the days to come Christians need to give more thought about helping other Christians. We need to strive to make ourselves independent of government, and we need to push it back into its place. The government is suppose to protect us from each other, not enslave us.

    2. @ IB.

      There will need to be rehab and medical facilities for those recovering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. That may be the next pandemic. 🙂

      1. @Mel Wild

        First you have to convince the TDS crowd that they have a problem. They think the fact we take the Constitution seriously and have a high regard for the dead white men who wrote it is the problem.

        1. @ CT.

          You’re right, and unlike the hysterical left, we won’t hunt them down for reprogramming, bully and dox them, fire them from their jobs, or take away their college degrees, just because they voted for Biden (or ignored months of violent sedition by Antifa and BLM activists in our cities. We will just provide help if they are willing to seek it. I just know that our new POTUS, “Not Trump,” won’t bring this healing for them. 🙂

  3. Well said, Tom. I can’t condone theft, lies, corruption. I can’t swallow the unity lie. I’m not going to pretend everything is normal. I am not deceived by this charade. Weeping is probably called for. After that, I’m going mock them relentlessly and refuse to take them seriously.

  4. Only the corrupt unite behind a Big Lie. You should weep for your part in fomenting the lie instead of melting that your feelings are hurt when the perfidy is pointed out. Snowflake!

      1. Christians in China?Don’t you need to build a wall to keep them out, and then make them pay for it?

        What about Muslims in China? No weeping for the poor Uyghurs or any extension of your God given privileged outside the your White Nationalist tribe? Bolton said Trump gave China a green light to persecute the Hell out of the Uyghurs as long as he agreed to make Trump look good. And you seriously think your devout Donald gives a flying flip about Chinese Christian persecution? Everything is transactional with the immoral Mr. Trump – you seriously haven’t figured that out yet? Or are there any lies that you don’t promote? Who hasn’t the fascist fool who you voted for actually been “on the take” from? There must be one or two of those “-stan” countries left.

  5. In the debates before the election, Candidate Biden insisted that he was different from the radically liberal Democrats, that he did not buy into their agenda, and that he won the nomination because he is different. Now we must hold him to that difference. On each individual issue, we will have to stand for what is right and challenge him to join us in resisting the pull to the left being demanded by his fellow Democrats. The struggle will not be easy, but it is the right thing to do. We can survive the next four years; we can preserve what is best about the United States of America. J.

    1. @Salvageable

      We don’t have any choice except to try. What the Democrats will do to our children is not to be tolerated and must be fought tooth and nail.

  6. Tom,

    We seem to both be comparing events to relate to past occurrences.

    For example, on Palm Sunday everyone was joyful waving palms to welcome Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.In the same week the High Priest arrange to have hung on a cross.

    This week Lady Gaga will sing joyfully to welcome the news President. And in the same week, President Trump will be martyred by the High Priests in the Senate and sent out like a sacrificial goat into the wilderness.

    If Interested, check out the comments between our mutual blogging friend Doug and myself in my new post.

    Joe Biden, Weak or Strong Test Conundrum? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (rudymartinka.com)

    Regards and goodwill blogging..

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