One of my commenters (here) pointed out this, Republican Senator Apologizes to Black Constituents for Challenging Electoral Vote | Politics | US News. What’s this about? Well, here is an excerpt.

REPUBLICAN SEN. JAMES Lankford of Oklahoma apologized to Black voters in Tulsa for questioning the results of the presidential election – one of the only members of the GOP to publicly repent in the wake of last week’s riot on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters intent on overturning the results of the election.

“My action of asking for more election information caused a firestorm of suspicion among many of my friends, particularly in Black communities around the state,” he wrote in a letter. “What I did not realize was all of the national conversation about states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, was seen as casting doubt on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit.”

Republican Senator Apologizes to Black Constituents for Challenging Electoral Vote | Politics | US News

We should all be fed up Republicans who don’t have the backbone to stand up to Liberal Democrats and their so-called mainstream news media allies. Liberal Democrats don’t debate. They attack. The so-called mainstream news media does not debate. The propagandize us. Here they are applying the bandwagon effect.

What Is the Bandwagon Effect?

The bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or override. This tendency of people to align their beliefs and behaviors with those of a group is also called a herd mentality. The term “bandwagon effect” originates from politics but has wide implications commonly seen in consumer behavior and investment activities. This phenomenon can be seen during bull markets and the growth of asset bubbles. (continued)

Bandwagon Effect Definition (investopedia.com)

What is this application of the bandwagon effect supposed to do to us? It is an EMOTIONAL argument. When we see Republicans turning on us, we are suppose to want to be on the winning team, grow afraid of being on the losing team, and turn on President Trump too. The net result? Liberal Democrats and the so-called mainstream news media want to rule by ruling the mob. That is, they want mob rule, and they want to rule the mob. This is nothing more than cowardice masking as nobility.

There is no evidence that Trump’s case for election fraud is racist. Liberal Democrats call everyone who disagrees with them racists. During the primary season Kamala Harris called Joe Biden racist. They are that absurdly ready to use the charge and then drop it when it no longer serves their purposes.

Are most of the places where election fraud is alleged to have taken place areas where the predominant skin color is black or brown. I suppose so, but why would that be. Well, around 90 percent of the black vote goes to Democrats. Why? Consider what Joe Biden said.

‘You’ve got more questions?’ Biden replied. ‘Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.

Biden tells voters ‘you ain’t black’ if you’re still deciding between him and Trump – video | US news | The Guardian

Liberal Democrats have become experts at division, and they know they have a lock on the black vote. Even though the inner-city areas where blacks live have awful schools, are poorly run, full of crime, and filled with broken, fatherless families; blacks vote for Democrats because they have been taught to believe Republicans are racists. Yet Democrats ruined their communities, not Republicans. Democrats, not Republicans, control black communities. Republicans loss control of these areas decades ago.

Therefore, if the localities where most of the election fraud took place are mostly populated by blacks (Frankly, I have not bothered to check.), it is not racist to point that out. What is racist is continuing to allow Democrats to run these localities unchallenged.

Politics is war. We fight this war with ballots, and we gain the most ballots for our side by making arguments that convince voters, not by doing what Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma did, succumbing to political pressure. When Liberal Democrats call us racists, we resist with clearly and calmly stated logical arguments, and we fight for our position with the tenacity of Bugs Bunny.

Of course, you realize this means war! — Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny: Of course, you realize this means war! (quotes.net)

Seriously! If a politician is not willing to fight for us, at least as ferociously as a rabbit, what good is he?

You live in Oklahoma? Then give all the support you can to a Republican with more gumption than Republican Senator James Lankford.


  1. You sound like someone who fomented the violent mob and is now kicking the stragglers just to make sure that they don’t exhibit a conscience.

      1. The late comedian, Robin Williams, once quipped, “Reality, what a concept!” Keeping in mind the existential question behind that joke, I have lost touch with reality? In what kind of racist concept of reality does one think that black people are somehow more naturally inclined to cheat than us superior white folks?

        Does your immoral outrage at a free press, Democrats, regretting Republicans really assuage your mob guilt? Republicans who simply acted with a bit of conscience are getting death threats, being screamed at in airports on airplanes by your mob.

        A violent mob always has its immoral enforcers because you are right. Once one starts to repent, the dam may break, and pretty soon each member of the mob may have to assess his guilt and feel shame for his complicity.

        1. @tsalmon

          Your reference for reality is a comedian who committed suicide? That’s the place to look for wisdom?

          All you are doing is calling people names for daring to oppose your agenda. What is you excuse? Name calling is virtuous?

          Observe that in state and localities in question officials changed election law unconstitutionality. Both white and black people were involved in these usurpations of law. Thus, the unconstitutional way the election was conducted created the problem. Your racist accusations are just a distraction. Your constantly harping on distractions such as racism and unproven election fraud are just designed to intimidate and cover up the fact Democrats don’t think the rules apply to them, but that hypocrisy will never be admitted.

          So, you don’t don’t debate. You just call people names.

          That mob at the Capitol Building was as much your fault as anyone’s. You are a lawyer. You of all people should know better than to do what you are doing. If remaking “other people” is more important to you than protecting their God-given rights, then you are exhibiting profound arrogance and stupidity. The people you “elect” won’t stop at remaking “other people”. They will remake you and your family too.

          1. I called you a name? It seems to me that you do most of the angry name calling and labeling here. I’m just pointing at the results of it – your White Nationalist insurrection.

            “God given rights”? You spout nonsense to make you feel better. If you believed the fantasy that God awards certain nebulous rights, then you would recognize those rights as universal to every person, but you don’t do you? For example, your tribal god has black and brown people’s “God given right” to vote as less than yours because they’re identity tribes are apparently more inclined to cheat. Your tribalist god of fascism is atavistic, building walls instead of bridges, cages instead of freedom. It’s the small tribal god of Abraham, not the infinite God of Jesus.

            Your version of God is all Old Testament, exclusive and tribal. In your “Christianity”, you create an angry OT god out of your own image, and conveniently omit the loving Jesus of the Gospel. It’s the hypocrisy of a Pharisaic “Christianity” without the universal Christ.

            Have you noticed that you almost never use Jesus’ own words? Jesus did not give us tribal “rights” – He gave us universal responsibilities toward God and each other, and the greatest of these is simply to Love. But it’s hard to stoke up much grievance in your White Nationalist mob and incite with anger and fear with the Word of Love, now isn’t it?

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