Well, it seems that there may have been at least one Black Lives Matters activist inciting a riot at the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6th. The Daily Caller, DCNF INVESTIGATES: Was Antifa Responsible For The Capitol Riot? | The Daily Caller, has not found much evidence of Antifa. That does not mean that Antifa did not have a role. It just means we lack proof, which suggests an insignificant role.

Unfortunately, because it is obvious that most of the investigative resources are the hands of Liberal Democrats, Conservatives have little faith in whatever the news media and even whatever the FBI turns up. It seems all too likely that if Antifa and BLW activists have the sense to keep quiet that any role they had in the riot at the Capitol Building will be ignored.

Who is John Sullivan? He is someone who did not keep quiet. This Daily Caller article, Feds Charge Left-Wing Activist Who Filmed Shooting Of Trump Supporter At Capitol | The Daily Caller, contains an interview Sullivan with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. My guess is that at least CNN, if not John Sullivan, would like to memory hole that interview.

Here are some additional articles I found on John Sullivan’s role at the Capitol Building. Except for the Justice Dept. document, the rest is in no particular order.

For the moment Sullivan is under arrest. Hopefully, he stays in jail for awhile.

Thus far the so-called mainstream news media does not seem to have much interest in Sullivan. The so-called mainstream news media has an axe to grind.

Whereas President Donald Trump wanted a serious investigation into election fraud, the instigators of the riot at the Capitol Building came prepared to riot, and they found the Capitol Police woefully ill prepared (see Tom Homan: ‘Understaffed’ Capitol Police ‘were set up to fail’ | Fox News Video).

After the riot, the Liberal Democrats and Establishment Republicans in Congress had the excuse they needed to ignore those calling for an investigation into election fraud. Using the riot as an excuse, Liberal Democrats turned to their favorite subject, demonizing their Conservative opponents.

Out of one side of their mouths Democrats call for unity. Out of the other side they call the half of the country that supports Trump Nazis. Even if all we do is point out the need for ensuring that only legal votes are counted, Democrats scream ugly names at us. How are we supposed to make sense of that?

18 thoughts on “WHO IS JOHN SULLIVAN?

  1. Wyldcat

    After reading the link on your comment I wrote a post titled “What Really Happened”:

    What Really Happened Advice? King Solomon Blog – Rudy u Martinka (rudymartinka.com)
    Great advice we need to discern about the news we are exposed to in the USA.

    Thanks for the link.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  2. Tom,

    The House has already made their choice who was responsible for storming the Capitol .

    A sacrificial goat has sent him out into the wilderness as I explained in my post today.

    The High Priests have achieved closure and all the sins have now been atoned for what occurred at the Capitol..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  3. If I may, let me share a post from a lady who grew up in Socialist Portugal.

    “So I learned to read all newspapers with a jaundiced eye, and was completely puzzled Americans didn’t do that, and that my host parents often thought I was off my rocker when I said “what really happened was.” Well, what really happened was indeed what I suspected, though often you don’t figure it out till years and years later.”

    She talks a bit about the DC Protests and how the media is portraying it.


  4. We can’t make sense of it Tom because it’s non-existent in cognitive dissent behaviors like this. We are living in Orwell’s world now where uncomfortable truths get thrown down the memory hole, yesterday’s truth becomes today’s lie and where words mean only what those who contribute the narrative determine they mean so things like questioning the voting process is akin to Nazi sympathizing.

    Hypocrisy and lying has always been with us. What’s different today is Democrats and the media don’t even pretend to hide it anymore.

    1. @Tricia

      Well, that is sort of true, I guess. Don’t claim to entirely understand it, but I think that Democrats and the news media want to hide their hypocrisy and lying.

      If you look the “moderates” that visit here, they still think — or least want to believe — that they righteously detest Trump. The problem that we are running into is that this is that awkward moment when Democrat voters will see the people they voted for seize absolute control of the state. Then those Democrats voted for must reveal that power is all they really wanted.

      Will Democrat voters see what is going on? I don’t know. I just know that none are so blind as those who will not see.

  5. Yeah.. as soon as the insurrection was over the first things Trumpsters screamed was “Antifa/BLM!” as yet another attempt to defend Trump with deflection. John Sullivan, whoever he is, is a leader of what?

    “John Sullivan, an activist from Utah, joined supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He said he was trying to document what happened.

    There’s no evidence that Sullivan “incited (the) insurgence” alone amid a crowd of thousands. Video he uploaded online shows his perspective as he filmed.

    Sullivan denied any affiliation to the broad antifa coalition, although he has posted related hashtags on his Twitter accounts. There remains no legitimate evidence that the mob at the Capitol was infiltrated or led by antifa activists in disguise.”

    READ the detail of all this here……..

    At best Sullivan is another nutjob who was just there.

    You just don’t get it. A literal sea of MAGA hats, Trump signs, rebel flags, hate signs
    invade OUR Capitol building, yours and mine, with the intent to kill people in an attempt to stop democracy, and you don’t understand why people are calling you names??

    1. Give Tom a few days, and it will be certainty, that it was not far right Trumpistas who stormed the Capitol, but Antifa. You are here to witness 1984 in action.

      The speech had been proceeding for perhaps twenty minutes when a messenger hurried on to the platform and a scrap of paper was slipped into the speaker’s hand. He unrolled and read it without pausing in his speech. Nothing altered in his voice or manner, or in the content of what he was saying, but suddenly the names were different. Without words said, a wave of understanding rippled through the crowd. Oceania was at war with Eastasia! The next moment there was a tremendous commotion. The banners and posters with which the square was decorated were all wrong! Quite half of them had the wrong faces on them. It was sabotage! The agents of Goldstein had been at work! There was a riotous interlude while posters were ripped from the walls, banners torn to shreds and trampled underfoot.


          1. @marmoewp

            What is the problem? Why are you so depressed?

            The riot at the Capitol accomplished what the Liberal Democrats wanted, taking the focus off election fraud. Now they even have a good chance of demonizing Conservatives and shutting us up.

            Gosh! If you can trust Liberal Democrats (You cannot, and you know it.), you may even have an opportunity to implement your global warming agenda, destroying the world economy, starving people by the billions. Sounds like a grand accomplishment!

      1. Yeah.. none of this is looking good at all. So much for the tradition of a peaceful transition, courtesy of MAGA. House and Senate members are fearful of their own shooting them… who knows how are own military will even react. People are gonna die for sure. Now we find out Trump lied about the second Covid shot being in storage ready to go. Nothing is there. Wake up, Tom.

        1. @Doug

          Congress has not been respected for a long time. All Trump did was reveal even more reasons to be disgusted with it. He will be able to wear the stigma of impeachment by that body as a badge of honor, and that is the sad thing.

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