The first portrait of President-elect Trump, taken shortly before he was sworn in (from Presidency of Donald Trump – Wikipedia).

Most people regard the year 2020 as a bad year, but what made it so awful? Consider the various reviews.

What was the major focus of most of our elites? Getting rid President Donald Trump. This was the year of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS): Diagnosis and Treatment – American Thinker. Hence, the major events included:

  • The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Obviously about Trump.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic which crashed the economy. Democrats apparently shut down the Trump economy to discredit one of Trump’s major accomplishments. The so-called mainstream news media did everything it could to portray Trump, not the Chinese or Democrat rioters, as responsible for the spread of the virus. Only after the election were Democrats and the so-called mainstream news media willing to say anything positive about the vaccines that Trump got developed and approved in record time.
  • The presidential election, including the Democratic Party primary elections. Remember how weirdly the Democratic Party primary elections ended. The contestants all abruptly conceded to Joe Biden, and that guy hid out in his basement.
  • Charges of election fraud (which includes either fraud or incompetence in the Iowa presidential caucuses). For the first time in history, we had huge numbers of mail-in ballots. COVID-19 was the excuse, but the goal was to keep Trump from being reelected at any cost.
  • The race riots. The so-called mainstream news media stopped covering the race riots once they realized Antifa and Black Lives Matter fanatics made the Democrats look bad, but why does the so-called mainstream news media portray the death of any black man at the hands of a policeman as racist? Was that all about Trump this year too? Yes. Trump threatened the Democratic Party’s monopolization of the black vote. Divide and conquer.
  • The 400th anniversary of the 1620 Pilgrim landing. The 400th anniversary of the 1620 Pilgrim landing should have overshadowed the The 1619 Project – The New York Times (nytimes.com), but didn’t because of the so-called mainstream news media (listen to WMAL Interview – PETER WOOD – 12.29.20).
  • The appointment of what many hope and many fear with be a fifth Conservative to the United States Supreme Court. This was Trump’s third appointment to the Supreme Court, and so Democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court using Trump as an excuse.
  • Another major hack of our government’s computer systems. These hacks are coming from foreign powers, foreign powers that only Trump has shown a willingness to heartily oppose.
  • Battles over keeping historic statues in place. We are fighting over how we look upon our history. Many propagandists would replace the truth, as best we can understand it, with lies like the 1619 Project. Only Trump has shown a willingness to preserve America’s history and heritage.
  • President Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. As these articles observe, Middle East peace deals were Trump’s mission possible: Goodwin (nypost.com) and Morocco Formalizes Ties With Israel, Cementing Trump Legacy (pjmedia.com), Trump has been successfully helping Israel to get along with its neighbors. For that Trump earned multiple nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize (Trump Gets His Third Nobel Prize Nomination (pjmedia.com)). Nevertheless, except for nonsense like this, Trump Falsely Suggests He’s Won the Nobel Peace Prize – With the Wrong Medal (yahoo.com) the news media has buried these stories.

What is going on? Why the rabid bias and antagonism towards Trump? In a relatively sane society, we would mostly run our own lives. COVID-19 is a problem? Then as private citizens we do our best to quarantine sick people, and we would protect the vulnerable. We would not panic and abuse government power. We would not make everyone stay home, even people who are at little risk. Unfortunately, those deranged by their hatred of Trump see everything through their hatred. Therefore, the TDS crowd used COVID-19 as an excuse to seize powers they did not need just to get rid of Trump.

Why hate Trump? Relative to our governing elites, Trump is an outsider. He threatened their lock on power and their ability to use our government to enrich themselves.

How did Trump threaten the elites? He wasn’t trying to use his office to enrich himself. He promise to clean out the swamp monsters.

Why have so many fallen for the propaganda of our governing elites? Why do so many suffer from TDS? Most of us don’t know very much about American history. Consider this simple question.

Why does government exist? What justifies forcing people to pay taxes for a government?

Don’t know? The answer is in the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —

Declaration of Independence: A Transcription | National Archives

Do Liberal Democrats agree with the Declaration of Independence? Not anymore. Their answer now looks something like this.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the majority must rule, that through the vote of the majority all men are endowed the right to be happy, that the government exists to redistribute the wealth from those with the greatest means to those with the greatest needs, thus maximizing the Greatest Happiness for All.–That to secure the right to Happiness, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —

How does the Liberal Democrat theory work in practice? Once we start down the path of unfettered majority rule we begin the transition from a constitutional republic to a majoritarian tyranny.

Majoritarian tyranny? How can rule by the majority be tyrannical? When we are forced to give up our right of self-determination to anyone, even the majority, we become the slave of the person or persons to whom we must submit.

Majoritarian tyranny is in practice a very unstable form of government. That is because in practice the majority must delegate all its authority to the government. When that happens, because the government controls everything, it controls the people. The people become dependent upon the government for both their material needs and the information they need to make any decisions, including their decisions about voting.

With respect to our material needs, consider our current situation.

  • The Federal Government spends most of it money on retirement and health programs for the elderly (people who traditionally vote in large numbers).
  • We have become more and more dependent on government funding to get the training we need to get a job.
  • Many people are dependent on welfare programs, including unemployment insurance.
  • Government spends a huge amount of money to directly employ people, including military, civil servants and contract personnel. Hence, government employee unions have a big interest in government and a huge amount of influence.
  • Laws and regulations, including tax laws and regulations, reach into every walk of life, so much so that a major part of any business activity is knowing the applicable laws. This gives politicians huge influence over business men. That is why corporations donate so much money to politicians.
  • And so forth.

With respect to information, consider our current situation.

  • The government educates us. We have a “free” public K-12 education system, and our colleges and universities have become notorious as indoctrination mills.
  • Most of the mass media is owned by about five corporations. These corporations, including several of the Big Tech companies, have been working in concert to promote the views of the Democratic Party.
  • The government propagandizes us. The government pays for numerous advertisements in the mass media.

Therefore, stop and think. Are you a Liberal Democrat? Do you think Trump is some kind of tyrant? If you think Trump is a tyrant, why are so willing to vote for people who want more power over you? If you don’t trust Trump, who was so relentlessly investigated he could not have gotten away with anything, why would you trust any politician?


  1. Yes Tom, he is a bad leader and again has proved this by pardoning murderers, an issue we do not seem to have had your take on so far, however I would expect an excuse and justification from your political point of view.

    Unregulated media is like having unregulated financial services. Take crypto currencies for example. How unbiased do you think Trump’s new TV investment is going to be? Is this the sort of news media you want?

    I will not go into your claims regarding Trump’s accomplishments as there is of course other views on this issue but the point is whatever the accomplishments are his poor management was obviously the highlight of his 4 years as President and this is what swayed the American voters.

    The regulation of media is basically to help enforce what good journalists and reporters should do and report real news, we have the Australian Communications and Media Authority and certain codes of practice. People power and transparency is also what keeps our ABC and many of the European agencies in line such as the BBC who also has a regulatory body.

    Sure, the government of the day is in charge of the funding, however they do not oversee or approve the published and broadcast news content like Murdoch does simply designed to draw in viewers and advertisers to help line his pocket and support his ideologies. A quick look around the developed nations regulated news sites who have reporters posted around the world and collectively correlated are a far better way of understanding the real news in the US and around the world.

    I believe from what you wrote you seriously underestimate the disruptive power of the media, especially TV political news. The American experience is exactly why many of the Australian public are pushing for an inquiry into Murdoch’s News Corp media empire.

    1. @sklyjd

      Trump is bad because you say he is bad? So there is no point in discussing his accomplishments?

      All media is regulated because everyone must obey the law or suffer the consequences. Are our libel and slander laws too lax? Probably. Do some publications invent nonsense and publish it as news? Yes, and some people buy such stuff and believe it, but most purchasers do so for their amusement. Some have strange tastes.

      The issue is whether private entities can deliver the news without the government restricting content it does not like and insisting upon content it does like. Once the government is in the position of approving the news, the government can censor the news. With a little more arm-twisting or “incentives”, the government can publish “news”.

      Have I underestimated the disruptive power of the news? Seriously? This election controversy is just the latest episode in the battle the news media has had and is still having with President Trump. This battle is happening in the USA, and I live within commuting distance of Washington D.C.

      1. Trump is bad because he has proven to be so, just about every day. You may realise how serious this disruptive news media is for your country but unfortunately you have believed media that suits your feelings and are emotionally involved to the point of rejecting the reality.

        As hard as it might be, take a trick out of your own book about government control and apply it to the current governments virus management systems and the election controversy. If the whole American judicial system is at question here what does it say about the people who put them there in the first place?

        More to the point, with America being the richest and most powerful country in the world boasting about leading technical expertise in just about everything but does not have the ability to prevent the most deaths of any country from Covid-19 why is this? Regardless of excuses there is no justification, the evidence is beyond controversy and emotional ignorance.

        1. ” have the ability to prevent the most deaths of any country from Covid-19″
          Part of that is owed to the sheer size of the US population. If you want to have a somewhat fair comparison, you have to look at something like deaths per 1 million population. In that list, the US on raw statistics fares slightly better than on total deaths than e.g. Belgium, Italy, the UK or Spain. However, at least Belgium has a much higher population density than the US as a whole and would need to be compared to US urban areas, rather than to the US as a whole.

          The most interesting number right now are in my opinion deaths per million over the last 7 days. Let’s have a look at the G7

          Canada: 18.91
          France: 28.68
          Germany: 43.86
          Italy: 49.12
          Japan: 2.19
          the United Kingdom: 58.5
          the United States: 50.74

          With all these numbers you have to keep in mind, that levels of testing, population density and distribution, definition of what counts as a Covid death, and levels of reporting, differ from country to country.


          My personal opinion: The only reason, that the US numbers are still comparable at least to the worst of the other G7 countries, is that governors withstood the pressure from Trump not to go into lockdown the way they have. Had Trump had free reign on that issue, the US would fare much worse. And no, I am not happy with , much less proud of, the German numbers, either.

          1. @marmoewp

            The way you ended that comment is funny in a morbid sort of way. Several of the Democratic Party governors actually sent people with active COVID19 cases into nursing homes.

            Frankly, since COVID19 seems to be seasonal, I suspect cold weather largely drives which states have faired best in the USA. Our southern states, which are mostly Republican run, have fared best. They have also tended to be more hands off, letting people make their own decisions.

          2. @marmoewp

            I think you need to look at your first chart. The number infections is interesting, the subject was the number of deaths.

            Consider also that we die from other things besides COVID-19. If we kill the economy, we can’t even eat. So, there are tradeoffs.

            Except when we violate another person’s rights, we generally do better when we are allowed to make our own decisions. That is, government does not know best. It is not even practical to filter every decision that needs to be made through bureaucrats, but that is the model some busybodies want to use.

        2. @sklyjd

          I don’t believe everything I hear or read in the news. Why not? Some people lie. That is especially true when lots of money and power are involved.

          Is it possible for lots of people to behave corruptly? Big news to you, no doubt, but any serious investigation of history would reveal that corruption can become widespread.

          What is our judicial system doing? One explanation would be passing the buck. Congress has the final authority for certifying the election, and the judges don’t want to get involved.

          What about the supposedly relatively high death rate from COVID19 in the USA? Two observations: (1) not that many are dying, and (2) every country tabulates the stats differently. In the USA only about six percent of population dying from COVID19 died solely from the virus.

          The vast majority of Americans who have supposedly died from COVID19 had complicating illnesses. However, because they tested positive for COVID19, they were chalked up as a COVID19 death.

          1. Can you imagine the huge amount of people who would have to be corrupt in such a huge election and judging from your comment the people involved with the state and federal laws, the judges etc were all part of the widespread election fraud.

            Do you really believe that your countries foundation and democratic elections are as corrupt as Mexico and South Africa, and that the huge amount of people who would have to be involved in such a fraud are that unpatriotic and corruptible? This is astounding that you have such little faith in your fellow Christians.

            For the virus countries may tabulate the statistics differently however this article from live science explains the 6% statistic you mention.

            In other words, 6% of people who died when they had COVID-19 didn’t have underlying conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease, and didn’t experience any medical complications, such as kidney failure or sepsis. But the other 94% of deaths were still caused by COVID-19, infectious disease experts said. That’s because many chronic underlying conditions can make diseases that a person might otherwise recover from, such as COVID-19, suddenly deadly.


          2. @sklyjd

            Can you imagine the huge amount of people who would have to be corrupt in such a huge election and judging from your comment the people involved with the state and federal laws, the judges etc were all part of the widespread election fraud.

            Yes. I wish we were not so easily corrupted, but we are. From the time I was born I have lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. That may seem normal to you and even me, but my parents and grandparents were horrified by it.

            Mass murder has always been more commonplace than we would like, and some included torture to better express their hatred and to terrify their enemies.

            Do you really believe that your countries foundation and democratic elections are as corrupt as Mexico and South Africa, and that the huge amount of people who would have to be involved in such a fraud are that unpatriotic and corruptible? This is astounding that you have such little faith in your fellow Christians.

            Fellow Christians? That’s funny. I complain my country is being secularized and you come back with that. Gotten to admire your tenacity if not your honesty. Contemplate the meaning of https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+16%3A1-9&version=NASB.

            Is COVID-19 a mild disease? Yes. https://www.heritage.org/data-visualizations/public-health/covid-19-deaths-by-age/ In spite of your “factchecking”, I will stick with what I said. I know how statistics can lie. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/04/24/fact-check-medicare-hospitals-paid-more-covid-19-patients-coronavirus/3000638001/

  2. My New Years’ resolution is to run a long trail race with my daughter in March so I’ve been pounding my way along the beach here more than usual. I started listening to the first of two installments of former President Obama’s memoirs of his eight year presidency (see “A Promised Land” on Audible at
    https://www.audible.com/ep/title/?asin=0525633723?source_code=GO1GB13305272090O1&device=m&cvosrc=ppc.google.%2Bobama%20%2Bbook&cvo_campaign=8990980210&cvo_crid=481439687474&Matchtype=b&gclid=Cj0KCQiA88X_BRDUARIsACVMYD_-zA0M17YR8DWSLV1UHzfXh7T4PJ93AKd0HyK2oqJBj7BRuYccS4UaApAHEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds ).

    In this audio version, Obama reads it himself. The book and audiobook are hitting historic sales records for good reason, I think. So far, I have found the audiobook a very easy and pleasant diversion from the latest overblown partisan discomfits and also from this old man’s workout aches and pains. (Damn, seems like my feet hurt more than they used to). I highly recommend it, especially for Doug, MW, etc., if you are looking for a serious and pleasant escape from the melodramatic dying throws of this past four years of, to paraphrase the Bard, life as a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Helps one to focus on the long view for a change.

    What is the long view? Not sure, but after a little more futile nonsense, I think our democratic republic will be fine for at least a while longer, perhaps stronger than ever.

    For Doug in particular, I have an old saying you may wish to consider: When you have won and your uselessly hammy opponent insists on theatrically digging his own grave, perhaps it is best to hand him a shovel and get out of his way.

    That’s all I’ve got to say. Now I’m off for a run. Ta-ta.

    1. Oh you are so correct, T. Good quote. It’s the primary reason I shut down completely my Finding Political Sanity blog.. and the reason I have not entertained your brother as much on this blog… since a month before the election. It’s rather like, what’s been said has been said, and nothing more can be said. Biden ended up winning, as I expected, but it was far closer than I anticipated… which suggests the “other side” should not be ignored. The divisiveness is not going to end soon.
      But.. given some of us have a propensity to write for whatever reason… my new blog represents a far less Trumpian discourse and far more about life and the pandemic life in general… https://randompontifications.com/

      I heard about the Obama audio.. I think I will check that out.. and thanks for the heads up on it!

    2. @tsalmon

      Please note how well tsalmon takes his own advice.

      What is the long view? Our souls are eternal.

      I think Democrats stole the election. So, I have moral obligation to support the guy I think won. Whereas, you think the best course of action is to ridicule the whole idea that Democrats would steal an election. And that is a credible assertion?

      If Democrats could, they wouldn’t steal an election? Democrats? The abortion loving sexual perverse crowd that goes high when Republicans low? And you are trying to make fun me for believing race baiting Democrats have stolen an election? Makes sense to you, I suppose. If you won’t consider the evidence, how could it possibly exist?

      Well, one thing is for sure, the pain of that long run will be real enough. Have fun with the challenge of keeping up with your daughter.

      1. Evidence doesn’t exist, Tom…. to the point of a “broad and wide ranging conspiracy” exists. Sure.. some isolated “video” might look suspicious.. but then so do police body cams not show the entire context of the beating or the killing to make the cops justified. Heck.. Trump himself on that insane nutjob phone call released today trying to strong arm the Georgia Atty Gen into “recalculating” vote counts in his favor, stated it was all just rumors he’s heard.. nothing factual.

        1. @Doug

          You really think Trump said that? Yet you presented no evidence.

          I have written multiple posts on this.There are several constitutional issues. For example, the Constitution says state legislature must control how the Electors are chosen. State and local officials cannot arbitrarily change election law, but they did, and they severely weakened the rules that assure election integrity. When state and local officials set aside the law and make it easy to cheat, we are supposed to assume no one cheated. Politicians?

          When the officials running an election refuse to follow the rules, we already have enough reason to discard the results.

          One example since it is funny. The big accusation in Georgia is against Fulton County. There the Trump Team managed to get hold of a security video that they argued shows Democrats stuffing ballots into a ballot scanner. So, where did the governor have an audit of the signatures on absentee ballots? Cobb County.

          The Trump Legal Team can gather witness testimony, and it has plenty, but only the government has the full authority to investigate crime.

          1. Evidence of Trump saying that? I heard him on that audio that’s been playing all day on all the networks.
            As for the government having full authority to investigate.. Barr himself said there was no wide spread fraud to prosecute. By the way.. when do those hundreds of affidavits come forward?

          2. @Doug

            People have testified. The Liberal Democrat news media is ignoring more news than it covers.

            There is another issue. If judges are not willing to hear the evidence, why make people’s names known. The cancel culture can get violent.

          3. @marmoewp

            What kind of Republican betrays another to the likes of The Washington Post? If The Washington Post ever publishes the entire phone call, assuming they actually have it, they will do so after Trump is gone.

            The point of this news was to characterize the phone call. Yet even what they published was innocuous. Both guys just dug in the feet.

      2. “Well, one thing is for sure, the pain of that long run will be real enough. Have fun with the challenge of keeping up with your daughter.”

        Ha! Gave up on that one a while back big brother. My daughter surpassed me in many ways long ago just as your daughters surpassed you, although you may not have figured this out yet. I like that she’s beyond me. Maybe she’ll slow down enough for her old man to catch up sometimes, but I kinda also hope she doesn’t. I’d rather that she run her own race. We all meet at the same finish line. It’s how we get there, how we run the race, that matters.

        As to souls, I think you may fail to grasp an interesting distinction between the “eternal” and the merely “everlasting”. The former has to do with a maturing understanding of the transcendent nature of God’s love, whereas the latter implies a transactional desire, a bargain for a kind of infinite arrested development, the bliss of a childish stasis, like an infinite returning to the womb as some strange reward for a lot of obsessions having to do with what mostly appears to present as sexual priggishness and a continuing immature need to see God’s complex and ambiguous finite and fallen universe in the black and white simple narrative terms of good guys and bad guys, those perceived inclusive of the elect tribe and those excluded as outside of it.

        1. @tsalmon

          I erred. Our souls are everlasting, not eternal. Only God is eternal. However, to the extent this is some kind of game you overplayed your hand. You used a simple error to justify yourself as the more mature. Justified?

          If Democrats could, they wouldn’t steal an election? Democrats? The abortion loving sexual perverse crowd that goes high when Republicans low? And you are trying to make fun me for believing race baiting Democrats have stolen an election? Makes sense to you, I suppose. If you won’t consider the evidence, how could it possibly exist?

          Considering what I just said, I suppose you might think so, but… Let’s consider some examples.

          In various states Democrats have cheered the passage of legislation that makes abortions easy and provides government or insurance funding. When did killing the unborn become something to celebrate? My governor said — it was recorded — that if a mother decided she did not want a baby, even after it had just been born, it would be okay to let the infant die.

          Today Democrats in the he House of Representatives will try to pass new rules that require gender neutral language.

          In an effort to be inclusive to those who don’t identify as a specific gender, the rules package strips all mention of gender-specific pronouns and terms such as “man,” “woman,” “mother” and “son.” (from => https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-democratic-house-rules-gender-neutral-curtail-gops-ability-force-gotcha-votes)

          Here is what the rules say.

          Changes pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral or removes references to gender, as appropriate, to ensure we are inclusive of all Members, Delegates, Resident Commissioners and their families – including those who are nonbinary (from => https://rules.house.gov/sites/democrats.rules.house.gov/files/RulesForThe117thCongress.pdf)

          During the debates, Kamala Harris more or less called Joe Biden a racist. If a policeman shoots a black, Democrats start rioting before they even know why the policeman used his gun.

          Is the universe black and white in terms of good guys and bad guys? No. We are all sinners and sheepishly stupid. None of us is born with any inherent wisdom except that little bit which is given to us by God, an inborn understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

          To the extent there is a difference between men, it is this. Who do we choose to follow? If we follow Jesus Christ and adopt His wisdom, then we are guided by that wisdom, a wisdom that is not our own. Then we feel less compelled to make others like our self. Faith is a gift of God. No one can make anyone else seek to be like Jesus Christ. We can only model Him as best we are able.

      1. Doug,

        I don’t know, but it appears to be designed to head off some sort of stupid intrigue or another. I suppose that we may someday consider ourselves to have been blessed to have been governed by increasing incompetence over the past four years. 😊

        1. Well, I’m just spit balling here, but I suspect incompetence isn’t limited to just civilians. 🙂 Kinda scary when you think of it. Remember “Seven Days I May”?

      2. @Doug

        The question to ask yourself.. what made these guys feel the need to publish this op-ed in the first place?

        Couldn’t read the article. “The Washington Post” wants money, I don’t want to give it to them.

        I am more familiar with the Compost than I want to be. Instead of debating whether the election was stolen, they just want to negatively characterize Trump. They do it to almost any Republican, even the RINOs.

          1. @marmoewp

            Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted. The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the Constitution and statute, has arrived.

            This is not entirely true. The Congress must validate the choice of the Electoral College, and that is not just a formality. That is why we have procedures for challenging Electors, and Democrats have used these procedures. Note that those procedures don’t even involve the military. Congress, an elected body, is completely in charge.

            The opinion from 10 former political appointees is just a silly piece of propaganda.

          2. So let me get this one straight… 10 former defense secretaries across the political spectrum and administrations, who all served honorably, and felt the need to publish a collective op-ed cautioning leadership at the Pentagon to not submit to any political demands by administration leadership regarding the election.. and you dis them because you love Trump? You never cease to astound,
            I’m sure the “bully audio” is all ok with you too.

          3. @Doug

            If something is not true, the fact a bunch of important people said it does not make it true. That is why I have not bothered to criticize you for disrespecting President Trump. Instead, I have pointed to the absence of a factual basis for your disrespect.

            You familiar with the bandwagon fallacy. It is a type of logical fallacy. Look it up.

            The so-called bully audio depends upon our laziness. If we actually listen to the audio, we are left wondering what Trump said wrong. In their editorializing, the Post’s writers are being absurd. They make assertions of illegality that they would never make if a Democrat were president. Instead, they would do what the are doing for Biden, burying the news about his son taking money for influence peddling.

          4. To be more accurate.. I will always respect the office of the President as a part of our Constitutional democratic process, to the point that I would take a bullet for whoever occupies the office in order to preserve the Constitution… even Trump. That illustrates my encouragement that he is removed ONLY by Constitutional means no matter how badly he damages the country. But that Constitutional affirmation should NEVER presume that includes me favoring the person occupying the office… or wishing he was indeed removed by every Constitutional means available for being a clear and present danger to the country.
            Trump’s current attempt to threaten public officials if they don’t change legitimate vote counts is just one example of many such things over the last year. But.. you already knew that. Now GOP Trumpians are jumping ship. He will get worse in the next 16 days.

          5. @Doug

            Trump did not threaten anyone. That phone call does not support that. He also has not threatened to use the military to stay in office.

            Look at you! You can rag on Trump all you want, repeating the ridiculous accusations of a news media that long ago discredited itself. Just because a bunch of former officials use a rag like the Compost to pompously demand we stop fighting the Establishment, I can’t point to the Constitution and say it says what it says. That’s BS!

  3. In answer to the question in your title, I would say for 1/2 the country the answer is a resounding yes! Alas the other half will never see it this way and thus we will go marching in to 2021 with the same dysfunctional politics, media etc…

  4. From an Australian point of view Tom, Trump is also disliked or to use your words hated by the majority. Even our PM Morrison who started out as a Trump supporter, a friend and fellow Christian has taken his head from his arse and quickly distanced himself from Trump as his own supporter base grew increasingly anxious and does not even mention his name any more. This is indicative of most nations including ex-Trump supporter Boris of the UK.

    Can the rest of the world be wrong about what they see and hear coming from Trumps own mouth and those of his family members and supporters? Do not blame the overseas mainstream media for fake news, Most use their own independent reporters and the news is far better regulated, especially by the viewing public than the US for generally receiving the facts rather than blatant political lies fed to the indoctrinated masses to win the ratings wars.

    1. @sklyjd

      Does your PM just want to be on what he perceives as the winning side?

      What do I think of your comment? There is no there there. I hear you complaining, but I don’t see what you have to complain about. This is the same problem I have with Doug. There is nothing substantive.

      I just sighed dolefully when I read this.

      Do not blame the overseas mainstream media for fake news, Most use their own independent reporters and the news is far better regulated, especially by the viewing public than the US for generally receiving the facts rather than blatant political lies fed to the indoctrinated masses to win the ratings wars.

      The only reason I have any hope of getting at the truth is because the media in the USA still remains largely unregulated. By definition, if the government regulates the content of the news media, the government controls the content. Hence, Americans don’t allow the government to regulate the news media, and that is very messy because some people have messy tastes.

      Any society tends to form into factions. Because of Trump, large segments of the American population now realize that the so-called mainstream news media cannot be trusted, and our election system is being corrupted. Therefore, the divisions within the USA have become sharply defined and contentious.

      Is there still time to correct all the problems we have? I don’t know. I pray there is, but God has His own plans. I just try to do what I think God would have me do.

      1. Yes Tom, the world always wants to be on the winning side, unfortunately for Republicans Trump was realised to be a poor leader world wide, especially with his ignorance towards management of the virus.

        Unregulated media relies on ratings to pull sponsorship, the truth is secondary, Fox caters for Republican Trump supporters that is clear. We have government owned media, or rather I should say tax payer funded media because any government attacks or funding issues regarding the ABC a subsequent backlash from the public can be severe. There are currently calls for a government investigation into the Rupert Murdoch owned Foxtel and Sky media in Australia due to the politically motivated rubbish they constantly broadcast to the public as facts.

        As Trump has repeated his calls for elections corruption again just as he did in 2012 when Obama was re-elected and when he ran for the Republican party nominee in 2016 claiming “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it.” This is like the little boy who called wolf if you get my drift. Trump has lied so many times about so many issues he has lost respect from world leaders and those citizens who are not hard-line Trump supporters but could have stuck with him if he had shown much more leadership, less lies and more morals. He cut his own throat.

        I do hope your praying does something to unite your country, nobody wants to see American lives in danger regardless of political beliefs.

        1. You are correct, sir. Sadly, watch carefully how he tries to lay a torch to his departure… and what damage he can yet accomplish in the next 18 days. Looks like he’s even trying to agitate Iran to do something just so he can make a mess there for Biden. The Constitution is still holding in spite of him.

          1. @Doug

            Consider the irony. Because of the phony investigations Democrats started during the 2016 election, Trump had to put up with special prosecutor for years. Yet here you are accusing Trump.

            This irony is so obvious. Unless you have listened exclusively to the so-called mainstream news media, you can’t miss it. You should be embarrassed by what you wrote. Yet you have been so indoctrinated by the BIG LIE you cannot help yourself. You don’t know what is going on.

        2. @sklyd

          Lets see how the points you made work together.

          • Because he is unpopular worldwide, Trump is a bad leader.
          • Because unregulated media depends upon its popularity, that is, ratings, unregulated is bad.

          Trump has a solid record of accomplishment, https://citizentom.com/2020/09/08/trumps-accomplishments-versus-bidens-accomplishments/. So, I don’t apologize for voting for him. Since I have written and am still writing about how Democrats stole the election, I am not going to repeat all that in a comment.

          Is a free press a perfect solution for getting out the truth? Nope! We don’t do anything perfectly. That includes both producing and consuming news. So, the object is to create the best news reporting system we can, not to produce a perfect system.

          What is the primary task of the news media. Many think we need news reporters to hold our leaders accountable. If that is so, then any system of regulation is fraught with peril. Why? Regulating the news media risks putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

          What then should we do? If we don’t like FOX, we don’t have to listen to it. Unless FOX lies about you or me, it is none of your or my business what someone else listens to. If FOX does lie about you or me, then we can sue them.

  5. “the vaccines that Trump got developed and approved in record time.”

    Just to clarify: The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, was developed in Germany, with funding from the German taxpayer. Neither Pfizer nor BioNTech took American warp speed funds.

      1. What part(s), exactly, do you contest and why?
        a) The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was developed in Germany
        b) BioNTech got German government funding for the development
        c) BioNTech did not take warp speed funds
        d) Pfizer did not take warp speed funds

        1. @marmoewp

          This is Pfizer fault. They are apparently afraid of the Swamp, but they were effectively lying using a meaningless technicality. After all, what good is a purchase agreement worth a couple of billion dollars?

          Because they were obviously making a distinction without a difference, Pfizer has shut up, but the damage is done. Even people like you didn’t hear the rebuttal.

          Moderna, which was approved immediately after Pfizer, clearly was part of Warp Speed.

          The point is that Trump administration did everything it could to get a viable vaccine ASAP, and they were not so foolish that they excluded a vaccine developed in Germany. That is a plus, not a negative.

          1. “Because they were obviously making a distinction without a difference,”

            Are you claiming that an “advance-purchase agreement” (money only flows, if in the future a product will be there to actually purchase) is “a distinction without a difference” from receiving funding (money is actually transfered to finance research and development before it is completed)?

          2. @marmoewp

            Pfizer took money from the Trump administration. Without the advanced purchase agreement, we don’t get the vaccine as soon as possible, which we did. That was the objective of Warp Speed.

            Were the USA and Germany both suppose to pay BioNTech for doing the same research? The object is the vaccine, not to waste money. As it is, we are going to have a larger variety of vaccines than we need.

          3. “Pfizer took money from the Trump administration. ”

            In an advance purchase agreement, the seller does not get paid until the goods are actually delivered. None of your sources claims otherwise.

            I’m off to bed.

          4. @marmoewp

            Now we are supposed to pay for what we don’t get? Pfizer didn’t even develop “their” vaccine, but that is what everyone is calling it. Think about that.

            Considering the time zone differences, it is strange you are going to bed so late. I was already in bed and sound asleep. What was keeping you up so late?

          5. @marmoewp

            “Now we are supposed to pay for what we don’t get? ”
            Nah, that would be Trump style.

            “Pfizer didn’t even develop “their” vaccine, but that is what everyone is calling it. Think about that.”
            Yeah, “USA! USA! USA!” will get you that. It seems, a story must have an American angle, or it isn’t happening, as it is not expected to get viewers / readers. Over here in Germany it is called the BioNTech vaccine for the most part, but it is freqently referenced as BioNTech/Pfizer, too. Both development and testing/production are important, so it is a very good thing these companies cooperate, each of them bringing the parts where they excel into the mix.

            “Considering the time zone differences, it is strange you are going to bed so late. I was already in bed and sound asleep. What was keeping you up so late?”
            You. 😉 Nah, I’m just a bit of a night owl at times. In this case, I was working on a problem I wanted to solve. Took some time, but I got it working.

          6. @marmoewp

            Got you got your problem solved. Don’t what it is, but some problems seem to require a bit of obsessive concentration.

            Everyone has a personal viewpoint. That viewpoint gives us a very limited and distorted vision of Creation. Until we pray and try to see things from God’s point-of-view we don’t even have the capacity to appreciate other people very much.

            Each person in his or her own way is marvelous and unique, a work of exquisite art. Yet until we strive to see another as God sees them, all we can appreciate is what another person can do for “me”.

            At first Trump struck me as a bit of a buffoon and self promoter. Almost everyone hides something about themselves, but whatever Trump is hiding it is not the fact he is happy with himself. Narcissism? I don’t think so, and after the struggles he has been through I expect he has learned a bit of modesty. Not many could withstand what he has survived in the White House. Moreover, it is rather obvious that he won reelection. Americans appreciated, but the Establishment wants him gone.

            Most of the criticisms of Trump amount to almost nothing. Trump has a solid set of accomplishments. That list was my most popular post this year, and not one person commented negatively. All Trump’s critics do is take cheap shots, or they just lie. That list apparently speaks for itself well enough that Liberal Democrats thought it more effective to ignore it. Burying the news they don’t like is what our news media does, and they have lots of imitators.

            What inspires that kind of behavior? I don’t know. Jealousy and fear are possibilities, but I suppose it depends upon the person. The sad thing is that so many people who should know better have behaved so poorly.

          7. “That list was my most popular post this year, and not one person commented negatively.”
            You mean the article, where you alluded in 4 lines or so as a side remark, that Trump undid a lot of Obama’s work and spent the other 98% of the post on bashing Biden? Have you considered the possibility, that absent of negative comments neither means your post was accepted as good, nor that others consent?

            “Moreover, it is rather obvious that he won reelection.”
            Is that why he is winning all those court cases, where you can not simply bullshit your audience, but must offer hard evidence. Where telling bullshit to the judge earns you real, hard, punishments, in contrast to just telling nonsense to the public?

          1. You defend Trump on Conservative blogs/sites alone. So if what I might use for getting my news and what you use in getting your “news”.. and that is saying a lot for the both of us.. then apparently the both of us are pretty transparent.

          2. @Doug

            I can only guess what you are trying to say.

            What news sources do I use? I use whatever does not have a paywall. So, I usually don’t cite the WSJ, for example. I also don’t have cable TV or the like.

            Since I prefer reputable news sources, I don’t trust outfits like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. I have found that they are too biased. In fact, most of the news media refuses to publish stories which doesn’t fit the story they want the public to believe. Instead of reporting the truth, they seek to mold public opinion.

            Say what you want about FOX, but the management at FOX has mostly been interested in turning a profit, not favoring a particular political party. Will that last? I don’t know. We live in sad times when too many people have little respect for truth or justice.

            We are sheep, not very bright, and we need and seek leadership. When America was founded, and people believed the Bible, we got relatively good leaders. For the time being, those days have passed.

            Conside. We have put people that no one trusts in charge of the education of our children. That is amazingly stupid.

          3. “Say what you want about FOX, but the management at FOX has mostly been interested in turning a profit, not favoring a particular political party.”

            That pretty much is an absolute falsehood… if you presume Trump is a party… and the Republican party is Trump.

            “We are sheep, not very bright, and we need and seek leadership.”

            Because of our natural diversity within our species, it’s far less about being “sheep” floundering about waiting to be led by the next Type A king of the mountain personality, and far more about those of us preferring leadership left to someone else because of our individual priorities. Literally, some of us are born to lead and some born to follow…. and as soon as you separate THAT importance you become the “elite” you so fear is taking over the world.

            “When America was founded, and people believed the Bible, we got relatively good leaders.”

            I can agree to that insofar as sometimes historical timing does present itself with a leader or two at the seemingly right time. But all those fellows who put their signatures onto that paper, while noble in their intent and risking their lives, does not in the least elevate them individually as being a “good” leader of any sort. I will admire their tenacity and collective determination in presenting a new kind of patriotism to define our freedoms… I do not worship them as all-defining impeccable saints of democracy like Conservatives do.

            “We have put people that no one trusts in charge of the education of our children. ”

            I realize that’s your standard to bear, but it alone carries no broad distinction to truth… other than personal opinion, given trust is subjective.

  6. Tom,.

    Great post to discern who the media and ‘high priest power brokers’ chose Trump to become their choice of who should be the sacrificial goat in 2020.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  7. To your title of this post…. for sure 2020 is the year of TDS because it affected nearly every American… across all political thought. “Oh wait..!” you say.. “it only affected those nasty Liberal Dem Trump haters!”. Well.. of course not. TDS also affected in the reverse way. Please tell me you knew that, Tom.

    Reverse Trump Derangement Syndrome

    “When you’re so worried about criticism of Trump that you fail to rationally distinguish between a reasonable concern and an outright attack.”

    Actually, reverse TDS has become far more apparent as every Trumpian continues to loud all of Trump’s chaotic disorder and disasters since he lost the election.. thusly enabling him and affirming his every move, their own denial that he is a complete psychotic nutjob. Don’t worry, Tom. Before he leaves office I am sure there’s more he can do to tear down our institutions and threaten the security of the nation you personally can agree to.

    1. @Doug

      When thieves robs people, then other people condemn the greed of thieves. Similarly, when politicians and a rabidly partisan news media set out to personally destroy an effective leader, the supporters of that leader should rally to his defense. Therefore, I will make no apologies for supporting Trump.

      You have had ample opportunity to make a case against President Trump. The best you can do is complain you don’t like him.

      Read the Book of Exodus. God got furious with the Hebrews because instead of being grateful they were always complaining. Nothing was ever good enough for them. Even God cannot please some people.

      1. “Therefore, I will make no apologies for supporting Trump.”

        That’s on you… and your conscience. Apparently there’s 74 million like souls that love what he’s doing to the country as well. No one owes me any apology for having a political opinion diverse from mine. But I am constantly suppressing the patriotic rage within me at the last four years and Americans dying, and the only relief is holding out for Jan. 20th.

        1. @Doug

          Patriotic rage? 🙄 You support a political party that wants to obliterate history because of patriotism? So, you now have a monopoly on patriotism? Patriotism to what ideals? Majoritarian tyranny?

          Americans dying from what? The China virus? What kind of silliness is that?

          Fact is that your patriotic rage is just an excuse for hating Trump, and you won’t explain why you hate him. You know, I think, but the motive is not something you want to reveal. So, you mouth a bunch of meaningless trash talk. The technical expression is BS.

          1. Not sure I implied I had any sort of monopoly on patriotism.. after all, any Conservative you talk to claims that they do because they are the singular torch-bearers for how the Found Fathers think, thought, walk, talk, conducted business, treated their slaves, loaded their flintlocks, etc. and can translate perfectly what they wrote.
            I’ve stated since Jan 20th 2017 that Trump was a clear and present danger to the security of the nation because of his mental state and he has yet to prove me wrong… and will continue to do so for the next 19 days. As for the Dems.. all I am concerned about is what the incoming administration is saying what they are planning to do with the team they are putting together… and I am not concerned in the least about the political blathering rhetoric of peripheral Dems on the sidelines who do not make or implement any policy.
            No, Tom, my patriotism is mine alone.. and the Trump chaos must finally stop… and it will.

          2. @Doug

            The “Trump” chaos is the result of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). That includes your own behavior. Why do I say that? You have hated the man without cause. Your TDS is your own doing, not Trump’s.

          3. …and your reverse TDS in needing to defend/worship the man in some cultish way. Also, people never hate without cause. Now, you can certainly dispute the cause as something unfounded… but hate itself is not normally an emotion someone just conjures up in passing. It’s a reaction to something… as is love. You’ve completely dismissed my “reasons” as being his mental capabilities and demonstrated anti-social behaviors, a conclusion from many psych professionals, including his own professional niece, but that’s not substantive enough for you; it’s nothing you can debate or throw facts and figures against. Sure.. I can say he totally embarrassed the country and shocked me greatly when he was at Helsinki with Putin and I am not the only one. Conservatives think he was great… trying to make some amends with Putin, or Trump is such a genius that he’s play Putin. You say potato, I say po-tah-to. If I’m blinded by the hate.. you are blinded by love.

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