Why did I go to the Trump March on December 12th? Well, I kind of took Joe Biden at his word. Can’t imagine why he would make this claim if it was not true.

From Joe Biden Boasts Of ‘Most Extensive’ Voter Fraud ‘In The History Of American Politics’ (

You say Biden just made a slip of the tongue? Really? With slips like that, how did he ever get elected? Well, there was more to it than voter fraud. One answer is that the so-called mainstream news media and Big Tech social media companies ran interference for him. They put the focus on Trump’s alleged crimes, not Biden’s actual criminality and incompetence. The other answer is that many Americans were willfully ignorant. Why willfully ignorant?

  • We want someone to hate and blame for our troubles besides just our self.
  • We want to believe the promises of devious politicians, that they actually can give us what we want.

The founders, escaping the tyranny of European monarchies, realized that kind of nonsense is foolish.

There was another reason to go. The people who attend Trump rallies like a good time. Because of the issues involved, the rallies are serious, but the folks are there for a good time too. Lots of smiles!

How did I get to the Trump March? I went with five bus loads of people who left from the Eden Center in Falls Church, VA. Why the Eden Center? Well, that seems to be a focal point for our local community of Vietnamese immigrants.

Are my pictures the best of the event? No. Of course not. Check out TRUMP MARCH | December 12, 2020, for example. What I am doing here is showing how refugees from a Communist state have learned to value the freedom we have, and they are frightened of losing it. They also know we have nowhere to run for safety.

Folks assembling and having a good time at the Eden Center in Falls Church, VA
Not sure how they decided whether it is Saigon East versus Saigon West.
Arriving in Washington DC.
Marching to the Rally Site.
Assembling at the rally site.
Not exactly a Trump look alike, but the sentiment is easily understood.
Since the organizers had signed up so many speakers and we had a bus to catch, we headed to the Supreme Court early. So the street was somewhat empty. The Trump Hotel is on the other side of the street. They were several motorcycle policemen passing by.
The sun setting from the back of the Capitol. An omen? Hope not.

Once we got to the Supreme Court, one of the organizers made a short speech. He reminded those of Vietnamese extraction why they were there. Because of Communism, they had been driven from Vietnam. If America fell to Communism, they was no place else to go.

Matthew Truong for America – Posts | Facebook was one of the organizers, getting those five buses loaded with folks going to the rally. A megaphone is required equipment at a rally.


  1. Thank you for your answering comments. You may think that the rest of the world is in the dark but the truth is that your election and in fact the last 4 years of Trump’s administration and his attitude has regularly been front page news. Many find it great entertainment and a point of discussion either sober or not so sober as nothing like this has ever been so “off the wall” before in any election. I however, do not find the deaths of thousands of Americans entertaining in any way.

    One difference I think is the majority of the developed world has far more faith in their news channels than the US public do. No conspiracy here, no editing to manipulate speeches because thousands of European, Canadian, British and Pacific TV news channels will not collude to change what Trump says into a microphone or on social media, yet so many Trump supporters claim he was misquoted and of course it is all dismissed as fake news.

    I agree that Biden needs investigating for criminal activity but I also think Trump is by far leading the way. For one early example, a 60 year old man died taking a form of Hydroxychloroquine not intended for human consumption due to Trump’s claim against medical advice that it might cure Covid-19. Life appears to be less valued, I would bet that if any other Western leader had given dangerous medical advice to their people that resulted in a death they would be removed from office.

    Trump was careless with his virus management and people died while he thought a miracle would make the virus disappear, but it actually became worse and he seemed to care even less. This is one very good reason why he lost the election.

    1. @sklyjd

      Trump is responsible for us having a vaccine now instead a couple of years from now. Frankly, if anyone is responsible for the mess with the China virus, it is the Chinese Communist Party.

      What about your example? Trump made a joke. That is how this Russia! Russia! Russia! nonsense got its start. Trump made a joke, the news media pretended he was serious.
      Every time Trump makes a joke, the anti-Trump news media acts like he was serious. The amazing thing is that people fall for such big lies.

      Was the guy who died by ingesting fish tank cleaner an idiot? Do you make a habit of ingesting fish tank cleaner? Hmmmm. Possibly, but that’s another subject.

      Who know about the guy who died from ingesting fish tank cleaner? Like as not his wife murdered him.

      1. Nobody, but nobody could ever believe Trump was responsible for the vaccine even with all his threats of sacking people, and we all know he lies, he does not joke, if they were jokes they were sick and irresponsible, you are telling me the most powerful man in the world tells his people jokes about the virus that kills people, but nobody laughs, why is that do you think?

        1. @sklyjd

          That is the best you can do, Nobody believes Trump was getting a vaccine approved for use? Well, there is no shortage of nobodies.

          You are getting ridiculous. Democrats including Biden and especially Harris said they were reluctant to take the vaccine BECAUSE Trump had accelerated the process. Now, after the election, the vaccine in okay, and the same jerks are saying we need an advertising campaign to encourage people to take the vaccine because Trump somehow undermined confidence in the vaccine. Look it up! Try Google is less trustworthy.

        2. Nobody, but nobody could ever believe Trump was responsible for the vaccine

          Operation Warp speed can’t be real, or effective.
          But you do believe recommending a medication will cause someone to eat fish tank cleaner.

          When Trump invoked the Defense Production act in response to covid, very early on, because (his words) “we need more ventilators and masks” what do you imagine that was about?

          1. Like Trump, did you not realise that there are correct procedures that must be followed when testing a vaccine on people. Even though some processes have been faster than normal there are no short cuts or “warp speed.” regardless of Trumps rhetoric and his threats to sack people. He had you all fooled again.

            Trump was warned about the virus more than a dozen times in January and February by intelligence reports but continued to down play the seriousness before he acted with invoking the Defence Production Act late in April. It was known weeks before that ventilators were urgently required and only after pressure from experts and some Democratic law makers who sent a letter to Trump in late March did he act. You need to check the facts before you defend your leader. What’s that, fake news?

            Recommending anything like a medication to millions of people by an anti science President who repeatedly contradicted Fauci a physician-researcher is more stupid than the poor dude who believed him.

          2. @sklyjd

            All those charges have been leveled before. Babble! Do some research. You don’t know what Trump said about anything in context, and Liberal Democrats, including the so-called mainstream news media, is notorious for taking Trump out of context..

            I will just deal with the two easy charges.
            1. The Defence Production Act is something that only should be used if a company doesn’t want to cooperate. Civil servants would do a lousy job of managing a company.
            2. One way Warp Speed accelerated making vaccines available is that government assumed the risks. That included producing the vaccine before the vaccine was approved. Think about the time and cost required to set up a production and distribution system.

            Question: How long did it take for Democrats to stop calling Trump a xenophobe after he shut down air travel from China?

    2. For one early example, a 60 year old man died taking a form of Hydroxychloroquine not intended for human consumption due to Trump’s claim against medical advice that it might cure Covid-19.

      A person ate fish cleaner and it’s Trump’s fault because he said a common medication might work?
      If we found out for certain it did work and someone ate fish cleaner who would you blame? In fact, medical staff were taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically at the time, en masse. Which leads one to believe it just might work.
      This is a perfect example of fake news.
      Thank you for providing such a perfect and ironic example.

      BTW, if you are interested in the real story that was covered on page D, in small print, his wife actually poisoned him, she claimed he took it to prevent covid.
      Maybe you shouldn’t trust your media so much?
      In related news, the AMA just rescinded it’s hydroxychloroquine prevention guidelines.
      They had to wait until after the election of course.

      1. Plaquenil is a treatment for arthritis.
        I have the beginnings of arthritis in my right hand.
        Going to start eating fish cleaner now!
        If anything bad happens I’ll blame…someone equally random.

      2. Recommending drugs for for something it was not intended for by an unqualified person as a President to millions of people is completely stupid is it not?

        The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) have stopped studies evaluating hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19 due to a lack of benefit and other multiple studies have also provided data that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in the treatment of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. Fake news right?

        Ok, the guys wife poisoned him, missed the small print, proves it does not work then, especially a treatment used for fish parasites:)

        BTW Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed that the American Medical Association rescinded a previous statement and came out in support of hydroxychloroquine, the drug pushed by President Donald Trump for months as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

        I think you also need to question your own media.

        1. @sklyjd

          The controversy over hydroxychloroquine is silly. Trump could endorse the law of gravity, and there would be Democrats jumping off tall buildings just to prove him wrong. Missed opportunity! Sigh!

          There were perfectly good preliminary studies indicating hydroxychloroquine might work. For all I know it does, but the controversy is what it is. Politics ruins science.

          Since hydroxychloroquine has been in routine use for decades, the drug companies were not going to make much money with it. So, they had little reason to advocate what had become a political minefield, but hydroxychloroquine seemed to be helping some people. Since there wasn’t much risk in taking it, and it could be a low cost treatment, it was worth investigating. To underline that point Trump took it.

          Rush Limbaugh? Apparently, he repeated an erroneous report. The AMA took their position on hydroxychloroquine largely for political reasons. Now that the election seems to be over (not over until Congress approves the results from the Electoral College), Democrats are suddenly in favor of the vaccine, think our election system is safe from the Russians and the Chinese, and want to cut Facebook down to size. Why not change their position on hydroxychloroquine?

          Too good to be true, I suppose. I use to get lots of too good to be true emails forwarded to me by friends and relatives. So, I would do a little research and correct people. For some reason, folks stop forwarding such emails to me.

          Anyway, we all make mistakes. Get over it.

          1. Silly is not the word I would use, it is not the people of the political persuasion you would like to blame for the controversy over hydroxychloroquine it is the medical experts and disease specialists who have conducted tests and come to a decision.

            What is silly is the fact the same old story is wheeled out time and time again by a doctor or a specialist of unknown political affiliation instigating medical risks against the consensus of their colleagues.

          2. @sklyjd

            The sacred god of consensus! How dare anyone risk all, the lordship of the expertship of the consensus, by thinking for themselves! We must bow before the wisdom of the self proclaimed majority and stolen elections. The loudest voice, the massive megaphone of the so-called mainstream news media has spoken.

            Yeah! Silly is not the word you would use, but it the one I use.

  2. Tom,

    Boy that tin foil hat really does protect from anything penetrating it . . . including facts, logic or even common sense. Go ahead, show the whole interview, where it is obvious that Biden is referring to the legal team he has put together to fight voter suppression and voter fraud and to respond in court to just the frivolous voter fraud allegations that the “Team Trump” legal clown car has repeatedly made and failed at. I heard that full podcast interview on a morning run soon after it was recorded. Here is the WHOLE quote in context:

    “When podcast host Dan Pfeiffer asked, ‘What’s your message to the folks who have not yet voted or do not yet have a plan to vote?’ Biden responded:

    ‘Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote. Particularly people of color to vote. So go to Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won’t be counted. It can’t be counted. We’re going to challenge it and all these things.’”

    Here is a USA Today fact checking article on this latest conspiracy theory and others:

    You wrote:

    “You say Biden just made a slip of the tongue? Really?”

    Yea, really, and in context, it’s pretty freaking obvious. Really.

    “With slips like that, how did he ever get elected?”

    Because over seven million more people voted for Biden because he was the “decent” alternative to a sociopathic President who golfs and tweets lies while Americans die.

    “Well, there was more to it than voter fraud. One answer is that the so-called mainstream news media and Big Tech social media companies ran interference for him. They put the focus on Trump’s alleged crimes, not Biden’s actual criminality and incompetence.”

    Yep. The Democrats, the press, and big tech Illuminati are all diabolical geniuses who formed a massive conspiracy to rig the election that is, to paraphrase former Trump National Security Advisor, John Bolton, so vast and so secret that there is absolutely no evidence of it. They did all this from their secret enclave on Mars. That is why Trump created the seemingly wastefully duplicative SPACE FORCE to attack and defeat these baby killing satanists in their evil lair.😄

    “The other answer is that many Americans were willfully ignorant.”

    Indeed. As you have proven with this easily debunkable nonsense.

    “Why willfully ignorant?

    We want someone to hate and blame for our troubles besides just our self.”

    You nailed it.

    “We want to believe the promises of devious politicians, that they actually can give us what we want.”

    Bingo again! Like grievous appeals to the Supreme Court. Have those Republicans given you what you want?

    Not sure what you hoped to accomplish but I will defend to the death your right to protest even when you are acting irresponsibly with that right. Either way, please stay safe and be careful. This is a dumb reason to risk the Rona and spread it to your lovely family, but we all have to take responsibility for our own risks.

    Much love to you and them.

    1. @tsalmon

      So Biden accuses Republicans of racism, just a blanket charge without any justification, and I am supposed to be ashamed of playing that video? Sometimes quoting a jerk out of context is a well-deserved pleasure.

      Consider the context, right? We are so use to Democrats playing the race card it doesn’t matter anymore? You voted for a liar and bigot who calls other people liars and bigots.

      Do me a favor. Next time you find a Democrat CANDIDATE like Joe Biden making an outrageous charge against his opponent, check out the context of the his opponent’s words.

  3. Tom,

    You just might now be classified by the bias press for going to the event as a crazed Trump follower, or a member of some illegal power group.

    If you are accused and taken to court of any of the above, your blog phots will be used as evidence against you for anything that happened while you were there..

    1984 is in the air, watch your back..


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Rudy

      There is a point where it is useless to worry too much. When Stalin ruled Russia, those in authority did not need an excuse to send someone to gulag and work them to death.

      1. Tom.
        You are right about useless to worry. In my case, it is not worry, rather listening to the news today can cause people to become cynical and frustrated, including myself.


        Regards and goodwill blogging.

  4. This whole nightmare has left me numb— yes Trump has been totally railroaded — ‘they’ now think that they have finally won— finally did him in when everything they tried before unraveled — but in the end God will be the one who is triumphant and they won’t be able to do a single thing. Do I compare Trump to God? No! I just know that in their very outward hate of Trump they have shown equal disdain for God and His word— but the thing is, they will not be able to quell God like they have a president!!

    1. @Julie

      Just remember we have already won. That is sometimes all we can do.

      When I blog about politics and religion, I don’t expect to change minds. God changes hearts, not me. I also cannot claim that I am always right. I am not God. All I can do is point to the Bible and make an observation. If we are not doing what that Book says we should do, why do we think what we are doing will work? Of course, that question just amuses those who have little use for the Bible.

      Even among those who call themselves Christians, does pointing to the Good Book solve our problems? No. During the Civil War, Southerners insisted that the Bible shows God approves of slavery. People who hate Christianity and the Bible still say that, but I don’t we can rightfully accuse Civil War Southerners of either hating Christianity or the Bible. They just desperately want to believe something that is not true.

      Wisdom is of God, not man. Fortunately for us, the battle is ultimately His, and He has already won.

    2. You have intertwined your emotional feelings and your faith not only with politics but with a man who has lied and cheated his way through his whole life. That is a historical fact whether you like it or not and you only have to listen to the many words that have come out of this man’s mouth over the last 4 years to understand how terrible and wrong his thinking is. You say you do not worship him but you defend Trump as if he were your God and condemn Biden and his party as the evil satanic people.

      “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” (Romans 13:1-7 ESV)

      Does this passage not tell you to respect the governing authorities and understand that your God instituted Trumps loss and God instituted Biden as the winner and that no massive vote cheating took place to simply show the American people that Trump truly is a huge lie and the wrong man? Maybe your God also instituted the hate within American politics where people go into the street with guns? This has gone well beyond healthy political debate.

      From our perspective the idolisation of Trump is understood more like a mass hysteria or indoctrination similar to the fervour of an evangelical church leader whipping his flock into a trance and into parting with their hard earned cash to fund their new mansion or twin engined jet.

      1. @sklyjd

        You can quote the Bible, but understand it? Not yet, apparently.

        You sit on the opposite side the world, and you really think you know all there is to know about President Donald Trump? And you apparently think you know all there is to know about the people who support him too? Because our news media is so biased, the people who live here argue about Trump, but you have judged the soul of the man. You would send him to the Hell you say don’t believe in. America is also quite diverse. We have every shade of opinion. It is massively arrogant to think you can judge Trump. It positively silly to think you even know Liz well enough to write that tripe.

        What is Romans 13:1-7 about? Is it something Atheists can use beat over the heads of Christians? That is what Christians are supposed to believe God had in mind?

        When we apply that Romans 13:1-7, the first thing we have to do is figure out who the governing authorities might be. Otherwise, we don’t know who to give the proper respect due the governing authorities.

        Did Trump or Biden win the 2020 election? Still being determined. Our Congress will try to settle the matter on Jan 6. Frankly, where politics are concern, “try” is operative word. When Trump won in 2016, Democrats never accepted him as their president. Conservatives, because we actually accept the need for a government, will not try to undermine Biden the way Democrats undermined Trump. Of course, we won’t have to fabricate A Golden Showers dossier and Russia! Russia! Russia!. For example, Hunter Biden already forgot to pick up a certain laptop at a repair shop.

        So, we in America will feud. Many Christians will do so because they don’t idolize government. We cannot give to government the respect due to God, and we don’t want to be punished when we refuse. We know people with your arrogant attitude, people who despise Christians for believing in God, will gleefully use the power of government of punish us.

        In this life you may have a victory, worthless, but seemingly a victory. In the next? Eternity is a long time to sacrifice for so little.

          1. Yes it is still early as I somehow managed to send my full comment the send again half of it— and I agree with your responding comment no matter to whom it is directed because it is spot on— I do so wish others would focus on their own nation’s politics and not so much ours as we are living it— that must live their own— the question is/ how many dogs do we have in one another’s fight?

      2. Oh I don’t idolize him nor do I dispute the fact that he is arrogant, rude, a bragger etc…
        And so at that first election, I thought “this is all I’ve got to stand against Hillary?”
        But I was pleased with Trump’s handling of policy. He did what he said- he followed through and actually went beyond false or empty promises.
        The guy was not a politician- something I found wonderfully refreshing—
        Plus he supported the values I supported!
        So, ‘my God’ as you say, would offer both Trump and Biden the same hope of Salvation that He offers to you and me—the question is will either man (or even you and me) take it?
        I would hope and pray that each one would, but I cannot speak to their personal choices between themselves and God—

        Biden, however, is a professed practicing Catholic—-I don’t see how Biden can, in good conscience, support abortions that runs directly against Church doctrine— so that is just one of my issues with Mr. Biden

      3. Oh I don’t idolize him nor do I dispute the fact that he is arrogant, rude, a bragger etc…
        And thought “this is all I’ve got to stand against Hillary?”
        But I was pleased with Trumps handling of policy. He did what he said- he followed through and actually went beyond false or empty promises.

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