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Are we in the midst of the Second Cold War? Debatable? When there so many nations so hostile to each other and several of them are busy building nuclear bombs and sophisticated delivery systems, doesn’t that seem like a silly question? Oddly, it isn’t. Nuclear weapons, rocket engines, and highly accurate guidance systems are no longer the novelty that they once were.

What does the Second Cold War look like? Well, Russia is back. As President Donald Trump can testify, even the Democrats know that. However, in this Second Cold War China, not Russia, is our principal enemy. In addition, the most important points of contention have shifted thousand of miles from the German border. To contain the threat posed by China, we must work with India, Japan and the nations of Southeast Asia, not the nations of Europe.

With this in mind let’s consider CHINA CREATING AN ORWELLIAN WORLD WITH INFORMATION WARFARE. CHINA CREATING AN ORWELLIAN WORLD WITH INFORMATION WARFARE points to an article that SANDOMINA, that is, Cdr Sandeep Dhawan, has in the Chanakya Forum, a publication of an Indian military think tank. Here is that article, CHINA CREATING AN ORWELLIAN WORLD WITH INFORMATION WARFARE – Chanakya Forum Chanakya Forum.

What did I find most interesting about Cdr Sandeep Dhawan’s article? The fact that the Chinese dictatorship wants to become the world’s foremost military power? No. China is investing large sums in a new kind of warfare, information warfare. These efforts include both defending its population from outside influence and suppressing dissent and undermining the will on its enemies to resist. Consider this excerpt.

China is deeply active in the fourth estate businesses around the globe following top-down imprimatur from president Xi Jinping to “tell China’s story” to the world. Within the last few months, China has leapt into the front ranks of global media by launching its ‘Voice of China’ super-network. China has started an Asian blitzkrieg in Information Warfare. It has employed over 14,000 journalists and propagandists to neutralize American influence and spread disinformation on every continent. It is propelling to buy newspapers worldwide, and where it is not able to do so outright, it is taking the route of inserts. Cash-strapped newspapers are more than happy to help out China in spreading disinformation while helping them. In India in the recent past Chennai based newspaper, ‘The Hindu’ has been seen carrying many such inserts, glorifying China. China has a whopping $6.8 billion budget for this disinformation exercise called da waixuan (大外宣), or ‘grand foreign propaganda’.


You say this is no big deal? That all big nations spend money to tell the world good things about themselves, that even the United States spends money on propaganda. Not the same. China’s government spreads disinformation designed to weaken nations that it has identified as its enemies. For example, the United States did not set out to foment riots in Hong Kong. China’s government created these riots when the regime seized power from the people of Hong Kong. You want to live under a ruthless dictatorship? Neither do the people of Hong Kong.

Because of their proximity to China and border clashes, events have forced the people of India to confront the Chinese communist threat. The people of the United States, however, have been slower to recognize the danger, even among those who should know better. Consider how this article starts.

Not long before a virus born in China began spreading around the globe, destroying lives, devastating economies and, oh yes, shutting down the Washington social scene, I attended an elegant, off-the-record dinner hosted by a well-funded think tank of the libertarian persuasion.

The guest of honor, a senior figure in the Trump administration, excused himself before dessert, citing pressing matters of state. At that point, a distinguished professor from a prestigious university held forth, posing a question to those around the table: “Who here is in favor of starting a new Cold War with China?”

Scattered chuckles but no other responses followed, so I chimed in: “With respect, Professor, that horse has left the barn. China has been waging a Cold War against America for years. The current administration has recognized that reality and outlined a response, notably in the National Security Strategy. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do so soonest.” (continued)

The Cold War with China has begun – Washington Times

With respect to the threat posed by the regime running China, what does our national security strategy look like now? See United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China | The White House. That website links to this document, U.S.-Strategic-Approach-to-The-Peoples-Republic-of-China-Report-5.24v1.pdf (whitehouse.gov). Here is how that document begins

Since the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) established diplomatic relations in 1979, United States policy toward the PRC was largely premised on a hope that deepening engagement would spur fundamental economic and political opening in the PRC and lead to its emergence as a constructive and responsible global stakeholder, with a more open society. More than 40 years later, it has become evident that this approach underestimated the will of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to constrain the scope of economic and political reform in China. Over the past two decades, reforms have slowed, stalled, or reversed. The PRC’s rapid economic development and increased engagement with the world did not lead to convergence with the citizen-centric, free and open order as the United States had hoped. The CCP has chosen instead to exploit the free and open rulesbased order and attempt to reshape the international system in its favor. Beijing openly acknowledges that it seeks to transform the international order to align with CCP interests and ideology. The CCP’s expanding use of economic, political, and military power to compel acquiescence from nation states harms vital American interests and undermines the sovereignty and dignity of countries and individuals around the world. (continued)

U.S.-Strategic-Approach-to-The-Peoples-Republic-of-China-Report-5.24v1.pdf (whitehouse.gov)

To preserve both the lives of our people and our constitutional republic, we must have competent and trustworthy leadership. If Joe Biden becomes our president, how will our strategy towards China change?

  • Will Biden recognize the threat posed by the Chinese regime and forthrightly oppose it?
  • Will Biden seek to preserve our constitutional republic or continue leading Democrats in their malign efforts to transform America?

If Biden becomes president is there reason for optimism? Shortly after Biden is sworn in, will this document, U.S.-Strategic-Approach-to-The-Peoples-Republic-of-China-Report-5.24v1.pdf (whitehouse.gov), disappear? Therefore, please read this document, think about it, and share it with others.

Meanwhile, consider how the Chinese regime is already seeking to use information warfare to take advantage of our divisions. Consider this video, H/T Subterfuge, suppression, and hope for our future | In My Father’s House (wordpress.com)

As a people we Americans are making a huge mistake. Instead of seeing virtue in forbearing with what we perceive as the foolishness of others, too many of us are trying to make others accept our beliefs. We are even trying to use government power to force others to adopt our beliefs, a clear violation of the First Amendment. This intolerance, masked as an insistence upon tolerance, has created a huge amount of civil strife, as we saw in this last election. Unless we can agree to disagree and set these conflicts aside, settle these conflicts without abusing government power, we are in big trouble.

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  1. I have a great deal of frustration with us as a Nation these day….for all sorts of reasons obviously… but it is the lone fact that we keep pretending that the duck we see is not a duck is what is most maddening.
    When a wild dog bites you, you learn not to hold your hand out lest you are bitten again.
    And yet our Democrat leaders and the man who appears to be our president elect joyfully hold out our collective hands. Forcing us all to hold out a hand.
    I don’t want to be bitten, I know better. Lots of folks know better and yet these folks are forcibly holding out our hands.
    I can remember years ago watching an episode of Jeopardy.
    Back to when Alex was still sporting his mustache.
    I remember him asking one of the contestants a little about themselves.
    This particular contestant was a student who was studying linguistics.
    Alex noted that the student needed to focus on Mandarin…that we ALL would need to focus on Mandarin as that would be the language of our future.
    Seems Alex was a bit prophetic.

        1. So.. what you are saying.. is 74 million Americans are somehow “enlightened” politically.. and 80 million want to enslave everyone?

          1. @Doug

            I don’t recall saying, “is 74 million Americans are somehow “enlightened” politically.. and 80 million want to enslave everyone”. I just said: “The world has always been full of those who would enslave others. That includes the United States. We call them Democrats.” Still, I think your objection rather amusing. You voted for people who think the history of the United States began in 1619, when the first slaves were brought to the United States. Of course, the Indians already had slaves, but it is not politically correct to observe that.

            Slavery is an age-old sin. Do I think you capable of some form of it? Do I think most people are capable of enslaving others? Can you name a time in history when most governments were not authoritarian regimes? Consider all the words we can use to call someone a slave.

            Synonyms for slave
            bondman (also bondsman), chattel, thrall

            Words Related to slave
            bondwoman (also bondswoman), odalisque
            helot, serf
            bond servant, indentured servant
            attendant, domestic, drudge, handmaiden (also handmaid), lackey, menial, servant, slavey

            The United States will exist as a constitutional republic only so long as we recognize our propensity to abuse each other and keep those propensities in check. Instead of recognizing the propensities of people to abuse each other, including their own propensities, the leaders of the Democratic Party would have us believe that we are the people we have been waiting for, that those who vote Democrat will save us. Therefore, instead of recognizing their own propensities to abuse each other, the leaders of the Democratic Party are using our propensities to abuse each other as an excuse to correct the situation and make things “fair”. How will they make things “fair”? They won’t. They will just abuse everyone because they have the same propensities.

          2. I’m reminded of the Spielberg movie, Amistad. The true story of an illegal slave trade slave ship where the slaves had taken it over and drifted ashore.. and began a fair amount of litigation trying to declare them as free or property. A great case for a young nation (1802 I believe). In the end the judge declared that they were free to go back to Africa and ordered them transported there. The center theme was all about being enslaved by white masters. When the slaves return to Africa.. some find that their own tribes, from which they were originally captured for sale, had themselves been broken up and sold into domestic tribal slavery as a result of internal warfare. The theme meaning that enslavement is not just a white man’s imposition… but part of being human. This illustration supports what you said… enslavement is not just a white man “invention”.

    1. @Julie

      Never made a habit out of watching Jeopardy, but the observation that we would all be speaking Mandarin sounds something like a guilt-ridden soul would say.

      One thing that saddens me is the fact so many have been taught to be ashamed of our country. So, many Americans — Liberal Democrats in particular — actually want us to fail.

      Remember when Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama to fail. Liberal Democrats were outraged, but why did Limbaugh want Obama to fail? Obama’s policies were designed to cause America’s failure as a constitutional republic.

      China is a totalitarian state. If Americans find themselves forced to learn Mandarin, that will probably be because not very many of us are left.

  2. China has always required our attention–the most populous country in the world, and one of the oldest. The current government has learned a lot from us over the past several decades. Our government needs to continue to promote the interests of our country–which includes fair trade agreements with China and the sharing of true information about both countries to the populations of both countries. This is not an easy course to follow, but it will prove to be the best course. J.

  3. Interesting and frightening stuff, Tom. This rabbit hole goes very deep. We need to wake up and pray and do whatever we can to stop it before it’s too late. Unfortunately, we would rather blow it off as tin-foil hat conspiracies and pretend that it’s just politics as usual, but there’s too much evidence that is proving otherwise. On that note, there’s some fascinating interviews that Joshua Philipp is doing on his “Crossroads” show that are specifically about China and its global machinations. People should check those out on his YouTube channel:

    One interview in particular is with Curtis Bowers, who released a documentary in 2010 titled, “The Agenda: Grinding America Down.” Bowers has been studying the Chinese global strategy for more than a decade and in the interview talks about what he’s seeing happen now. He talks about the China’s globalist strategy and how they’ve infiltrated our education system, as well as political and economic systems.

    Bowers also talks about what will likely happen if Biden is the winner, and what will likely happen is Trump wins his case (they’ve planned for both!). What’s interesting is from the Socialist agenda, they want to create chaos and anarchy in America, regardless of who wins. Here’s the interview. EVERYONE, regardless of party affiliation, should want to know about this because it affects all Americans, and certainly will affect the world.

  4. Sometimes leadership changes things, at least in the short term.
    I am hopeful that Trump’s China policy will stay in place for the simple reason changing it would be uncomfortable now. Same for starting wars, blowing up the middle east, and so forth.
    It will be a hard sell. At first.
    The way Biden will re-establish the old status quo (I’m guessing) is this:
    He (and his horror of a pick for Secretary of Defense) will publicly keep China a “threat” so they can say they are “dealing with the threat”.
    This will enable a lot of military spending to counter said threat, which helps the political coffers of politicians all around (smart military contractors make sure key states have a vested interest in their companies).
    Our economic policies, OTOH, will go back to enabling China.
    That’s the path of least resistance. Which also happens to be the path of the Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations.

    Which will make the threat worse.

    1. @Liz

      Victory tends to make people overbold, and it may not seem like it to us, because they had to cheat, but to the Liberal Democrat politicians the very fact they got away with cheating so boldly will leave them convinced there is no stopping them.

      What will they do? Try to seize more power.

  5. I tend to agree with the FBI assessment and while that means pretty much nothing given I am not privy to any sort of secret info on China nor am I a China policy wonk… I can still process an opinion on what little I know or can assemble. If anything I think one might call the relationship with China a bit of an information “Cold War”. But lest we get too crazy willing to toss around that term to describe our current relationship, there are some observations to make.
    The post-WW2 Cold War with Communism in general was one more about ideology.. with the primaries being between the US, the Soviets, and China. We are in a totally different world. Communism today itself is less about some spread of Marxist ideology and far more about economic expansion… at least as it relates to China. Russia is not the old Communism anymore, albeit it is going through an “age of Putin” which is rather like an old populist right wing Soviet dream than anything else and will fade when Putin fades away. But the major difference today is that the West and Russia and China are all bound economically. More so with China. So to presume we are entering some “cold war” the same as the 50’s and 60’s is not accurate. No one wants to “conquer” anyone by military force. If anything, China and Russia want recognition.. especially China… want recognition at the world table of economics. Oddly… one of the dispositions created in a democratic free market (capitalist) is the maneuvering for power and influence from which advantages are created in the marketplace… not the battlefield. It’s about money this time around.

    1. @Doug

      Whenever we are talking about the threat posed by a totalitarian dictatorship, the ideology is just an excuse. What the people in charge want is power, and they have no scruples about how they get it.

      As a practical matter, there was not a particle of difference between the World War II era Nazis and Communists.

      What about today’s Russia and Chinese leaders? Both are spending huge sums on weapons systems. The Chinese Communist Party, however, have had a stable leadership for years. So, they are better organized. They still have a big problem, however. They cannot resolve the contradictions between the type of government they have (totalitarian) and an economic system that actually works.

      Capitalism requires the regime to permit the people to exercise their right to own the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately for the regime, once they start giving up any control, people start wanting more control over their own lives. So, a totalitarian regime that doesn’t look like North Korea is difficult to maintain.

      What is the solution for the regime? Enemies. The regime justifies its tyranny because of enemies, enemies like us. That is why Hong Kong is being taken over. Its very existence calls the regime a bunch of liars.

      1. @ Tom.

        I agree with your assessment. I am hopeful that the Chinese globalist strategy will eventually fail in the U.S., at least its current one. I have this hope because it looks like millions of Americans are now waking up and not being silent about it. The belly of the beast has been exposed in the 2020 election. We have a good chance of mitigating against this, but it will likely be very a chaotic ideological civil war (including violence on the streets) in the meantime. Especially, if Trump prevails. We now have two generations that have been indoctrinated by our education system in critical race theory, intersectionality, identity politics, equal outcome, postmodern deconstructionism, and other offshoots of Marxism.

        What we have on our side is the truth. As you pointed out, Hong Kong proved an embarrassment to Communist China. This emperor truly has no clothes. Socialism and communism has failed wherever it’s been tried. That’s why the CCP had to have a Capitalist economic system in order to survive. People will always seek freedom whenever possible.

      2. Interesting your last paragraph there, Tom.

        “What is the solution for the regime? Enemies. The regime justifies its tyranny because of enemies, enemies like us.”

        Rather sounds like the mental mindset of Trump who relishes power for the sake of power. His fear & grievance philosophy is totally about establishing “enemies” to acquire loyalty. We need not have to travel all the way to China to witness the derangement of power mongers.

        1. Trump isn’t the one forming enemy lists.
          Liberal politicians and their hacks are the ones doing that.
          Unlike the power of your imagination, there or lots of direct examples of this available upon request.

          1. Yes there are, sadly. The last four years of Trump. BUT.. that’s all old news. And yes, I brought up Trump to Tom. Old habits die hard.

          2. BUT.. that’s all old news.

            No, those enemy lists are very current news.
            Some of the dumbest of the dumb still advertise it.
            Most of the politicians have deleted those threats rather than advertise so blatantly.
            But the internet is forever.

          1. @Doug

            A swamp creature? Fumigate the place?

            Biden is an old alligator, a large swamp creature. When an alligator catches something too big to swallow, he takes it to the bottom lets it rot until he can easily pull it apart to eat it. That’s is the character of the man you voted for.

          2. @Doug

            TDS is not terminal, but the party you support believes in euthanasia. Would not surprise me if an expression of admiration for Trump would garner considerable sympathy. Go to the right state, and I suspect you can get the right cocktail of drugs. Less messy, and I don’t have to be around the explosion.

          3. @Doug

            🤨😣🤔Politics is charitable work. We get involved for the sake of our family, friends and neighbors, and we do what we can to protect each other’s rights. When we make politicians our god or mix politics up with entertainment, we lose the proper perspective. Politics is serious. Politics is real, but politicians are just fallible people like us. God is to be feared, not any man.

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