The trajectory of hate

I was at the rally and a participant. We were not there to start a riot. In fact, to avoid being victims of violence (We live near DC and know the character of the local government.), the crowd I was with left early.

The violence was unnecessary and could have been stopped. For all practical purposes, the local DC government allow it to happen. How do we know. This is hardly the first time this year this sort of thing has happened.

In My Father's House

Why would make Antifa and BLM thugs believe that harassing and violently attacking innocent families with children, even elderly, shoving them to the ground (child on left in picture was crushed under protective man with flag when BLM woman charged him. Click on pic for video), or shooting fireworks into a crowd of people at a restaurant, a justifiable thing to do?

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12 thoughts on “The trajectory of hate

  1. Thanks for the repost, Tom. More I dig into this, the more it looks like this has nothing to do with anti-protests or even rioting. It’s 100% political and quite dark. As I said in the post, their anger and hatred has been manipulated and ratcheted up by others. As Andy Ngo wrote in this recent book, “Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” their movement has always been Marxist. However, it appears that they’re (Antifa, BLM) just useful pawns for something much bigger and more global going on. They will be disowned when they have served their useful purpose. We’ll see in due time. There’s an interesting interview with Joshua Phillip (investigative reporter with Epoch Times) about this. He outlines the striking similarities between what we’re witnessing right now–election glitches, selective media narrative, poll suppression, big tech censorship, riots–with how Lenin took power in the Russian Revolution in the early 20th Century. The same M.O. with China, Venezuela, and just about every other Communist takeover in history. It may not be as overt as those regime takeovers, but it’s following exactly the same playbook. I may write about. Not sure how far I want to go down this dystopian rabbit hole!

    It will be interesting to see what is revealed when the evidence starts coming out in the courts in the coming weeks.

  2. Good writeup, thank you for sharing that.
    On the other thread Doug and TSalmon are asserting a Biden presidency might be “boring”.
    In their world it would seem tweets are exciting whereas actual war is comparatively boring.
    Imagine how much less…”exciting” things would have been if liberals weren’t fanning the flames of hate all around the country and launching baseless and divisive attacks on the presidency for four long years.
    But it is true if Biden were a movie part, he would play the uninteresting president who is tangential to whatever else is going on in the movie.
    Which doesn’t actually comfort me much knowing the DNC machine is the one in charge.
    I expect a Ruby Ridge or Waco type of event in the next 2-3 years.

    1. @Liz

      Conservatives look upon government as something of limited utility. God teaches us that He is of primary importance, that we should not idolize government. On the other hand, modern Liberals see government as their all purpose tool for improving mankind, “other people,” of course.

      Once we see government as the means for enacting social change (including that nebulous thing Liberals call social justice), it is all too easy to use the ends to justify the means. That includes looking the other way so long as our guy continues to demonize the evil opposition and promise the right things.

      As corruption grows, only that age old axiom begins to matter. To the victor goes the spoils. Unfortunately, we are just about at that point.

    2. Good point about Biden being tangential to what’s really going on. I don’t think anyone with a thinking brain believes that Biden won (if he actually did win; that’s still being contested in several states) because the people wanted Biden! He is just a pawn to the powers that be, and a tonic for those poisoned by the media with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      What’s interesting now is, while we always feared our government becoming totalitarian with their state-run news agencies, the truth is more likely that we have a media-run state. The tail is truly wagging the dog here. When big tech can censor the President of the United States, you can know for certain that we’ve wandered very far away from being a free society.

      1. tsalmon


        Kind of makes my point. It seems all you really care about is winning. Am I jumping to a conclusion?

        Consider. Since we don’t read minds, we cannot be certain of another person’s motivation. Yet Democrats insist we charge people with hate crimes. Based upon what? Not a problem. We can presume racism and endless forms of other types of bigotry. No problem making an accusation. Thus, charges of lying, racism, colluding with Russians, and so forth until Democrats win. Then, we suddenly have the most secure election in history. Don’t we know Democrats are as pure as anyone could possibly imagine? Don’t we know elections are impossible to steal?

        You want to associate yourself with hypocrisy of that sort? Sigh! Pity how ridiculous we can be.

        Such obvious hypocrisy is hard to ignore. It plainly indicates Democrats think we are suckers. Are we? Probably. Most of us are just foolish sheep following the wrong shepherd.

        1. Tom,

          The only reason I responded to this missive in outrage hypocrisy at all was because Liz invoked my name.

          How about “shrug”? You like that better?

          I’m not a pacifist, but violence, even for the sake of justice, should be a last resort. And, as I’ve said before, as a Christian, I don’t believe there is any real justice without love, especially for one’s enemies.

          It’s all a matter of being bored by these strange priorities that you all choose to echo your outrage at each other about, it seems to me, being more as a matter of political biad than actual love for the plight of the least of these, much less your arch enemies these days, BLM and Antifa. (Doesn’t Antifa stand for “anti-fascist” and doesn’t BLM stand for “Black Lives Matter”? Yep, pretty demonic sentiments).

          Let’s keep in mind that the second largest terrorist event in this country came from someone whose ideology is more like yours than BLM’s. Let’s keep in mind that in Charlottesville, VA the only person who got killed wasn’t killed by Antifa. And how about that poor deranged kid who crossed state lines and killed two protesters. He wasn’t acting in a political outrage vacuum any more than was the left wing nut who was shot and killed by police after he in killed a member of the Proud Boys. So sure turn up the rhetoric – that’s the Christian way to calm things down.

          It is an unchristian tribalism on BOTH SIDES that stokes outrage and dehumanizes the other side that is the source of the violence. People resort to violence when they think their institutions fail them. Everything is “unconstitutional” with you folks and yet you don’t know dick about the Constitution.

          Perhaps more than 300,000 Americans may be dead by the time he leaves office and Trump spends his time playing golf and rage tweeting that the election was rigged. So yeah, please forgive me if I yawn at you privileged white folks puffing yourselves up with grievance and outrage. I would not even have bothered to comment if Liz had not chose to bring me into this drama queen ball. Now I’m done. 😘

          1. @tsalmon

            When it comes to politics, you spout the word “love” as excuse. It doesn’t excuse anything.

            People put themselves into tribes. You put yourself into a tribe. You put other people into tribes, and then you complain about tribalism? Condemning others of tribalism doesn’t excuse supporting a party that practices identity politics as its primary method of gaining people’s votes. Yet that is the tribe you have joined.

            You throw around COVID-19 as accusation against Trump. People die. Trump is president. That makes it his fault? You cannot point out anything Trump could have done to stop it. It is as stupid as saying a president is responsible when you have a cold. So, you are just being hateful, and you use the word “love” as an excuse.

            Do I point out things that are unconstitutional? Yep! That is what the Constitution is for. If nothing is unconstitutional, what good is the Constitution? If the People cannot use the Constitution when their leaders violate the Constitution — if only men and women wearing black robes can use it — who is going to protect us from those men and women in black robes?

            Are there idiots on both sides? Yes. I am one of them, and so are you. However, the mass media ignores the violence of Antifa and BLW thugs. They have such great names.

            The NAZIs called themselves the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. They were German workers, a real civilized bunch, don’t you know?

            Those who do evil do it in the dark. That is when Antifa and BLW do their deeds. The people at the demonstration I attended were home or going home when the thugs attacked them. Conservatives sometimes get angry, but few go looking for trouble. Doesn’t make sense.

            You care about election integrity? Then instead of ridiculing people and trying to shut them up, why don’t you try to instill confidence in the system? You cannot. You are not certain Democrats did not steal the election. Why would you be certain? You know those people better than I do.

  3. Tom,

    When we do not teach our children the philosophies of a life of wisdom and love, what you described should not be a surprise.

    You were wise to get out of town early based on what is known as street smarts that o people who live in high crime areas learn how to survive in areas where gangs rule.

    Antifa is a form of a gang rule, in my opinion. Mayors serve whoever votes for them. Rule by people never taught philosophy in life of wisdom and love have no qualms to make people become their pawns by influencing them to use force as a means to obtain their Rights.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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