Why did the group I was with make it a point to get out of Washington DC after we were done with the rally? Remember this post, DISINFORMATION OR NEWS?.

The hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media and our public schools make it a point to teach people to hate President Donald Trump and Christian Conservatives. They lie about our president and his supporters. We have multiracial crowds attend our events, and the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media will still call us racists. Trump can have a foreign policy favorable to Israel. His daughter can marry a Jew and become a Jew, and the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media will still call him an anti-Semite, and some people want to believe it. Some people want to hate. Some people want someone else to blame for their troubles, and our nation’s capital, unfortunately, is full of people who have been taught to hate. So, it is not safe there after dark, especially for Conservatives.

Just in same, don’t forget how hyperbolic the news media can be. The amount of violence was relatively small. Anyone who saw those boarded up store fronts knew Washington DC was no place to be after the rally. In a city run by a hostile Democrat administration, most of the violence was the fault of cowardly thugs seeking targets of opportunity.

The smart people saw the mission accomplished. They got the job done, and they got out of harm’s way. They did not hang around and make the police’s job more trouble. We already knew the mayor of Washington DC would not do her job.

You want proof?

The hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media wants to discredit Trump, but the storefronts in Washington DC were not boarded up because of Trump’s supporters. They were boarded up in case the Democrats lost, and everyone was beginning to expect it because no one believes the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media’s polls anymore.

Also note that the Conservative media posted the most telling videos about the nature of the violence, not the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media.

You want to know what is going on, or do you want to be propagandized? Check the news from both sides.


  1. I think it was a wise decision to leave early. When I looked for an update on a comic I follow, I happened to come across this press release, which the comic’s creator had linked to:


    What I see is Proud Boys gleefully burning “Black Lives Matter” banners using fire accelerant, and flashing white power hand signs. Going by the reporting, they tore down the banners from two churches of Black congregations. As to what they are chanting, as a native speaker you are better equipped to make that out than I am.

    1. @marmoewp

      Have you ever looked at the Black Lives Matters website. The organization was set up by communists. The purpose of organization is racist.

      Our so-called mainstream news media reports have become so ridiculous we cannot believe anything they say. So don’t bother me with anything they say about the Proud Boys. They are trying to find an excuse — an enemy — they can persecute as an excuse to implement tyranny.

      The same jackasses have no trouble with anyone who burns the American flag, and the idolize athletes who kneel in protest of of America’s anthem. That’s hypocrisy.

    2. It would be strange for an organization with a black president to “white power signs” but I suppose 2020 is a weird year.
      Do most “white power” organizations choose black leadership?

        1. @marmoewp

          The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate group, and you are referring us to them?😞

          When I was a kid over half a century ago, I used the okay sign just to let someone know I was happy with. Now it is racist?

          When I was briefly in pilot training, I was in a class that included six guys from Chile. When we were standing around waiting (lots of that in the .military), I caused them to laugh. Unbeknownst to me, in my impatience, I was displaying the Chilean version of the FU$K YOU hand sign.

          The Chileans were just amused, but when someone wants to be insulted, they can always find something. Such is the SPLC.

          1. “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate group” and the moon is made of blue cheese; I know, because I saw the documentary by Wallace and Gromit. Tom, “I am not … you are …” did not work well even back in primary school.

            Misrepresenting another person’s point does not make you look good, either.

        2. Marmoewp, Citizen Tome is correct the SPL center is a scam.
          I believe most people would agree with what BLM claims to stand for (and against) but their methods undermine their self stated cause.
          The “okay” symbol is ubiquitous here (though I know it is very very offensive in many parts of the world…not for racism, as most of the world is more profoundly racist than the US by far but it is generally a “vulgar” gesture internationally so I’ve taught our boys not to use it since one never knows who one might offend).
          If you believe this to be a racist gesture organizations are trying to normalize, you’re probably very confused when you look at an iPhone which helpfully provides this emoji.

          1. In case the new updates have eliminated it (possible) I assure you the “okay” sign was a standard emoji until very very recently. I had to correct our boys who used it a lot (again, NOT for racism, but because I am first gen American and have lived in Europe and Asia and recognize it as a vulgar gesture in some places).
            If anything the SPL center has made it a racist gesture, not the other way around.

          2. @marmoewp

            One thing to keep in mind. Most of us supposed racist don’t have much interest in what racists think important. To me the okay sign still means OK,

            Similarly, I am unhappy that the word “gay” has been rendered useless. Pity the people who had Gay as a name.

            Frankly, I get upset when propagandists appropriate words and symbols and destroy them.

  2. I’m glad you got out of there before dark. If there was a police presence during the march, where did they go when it was over? Didn’t they anticipate the coming violence from the left? The rest of us did. Couldn’t they see them assembling on the perimeter? Here’s where drones would probably come in handy. Probably mayors and officials told them to stand down. Just ridiculous. Seems safer to be in the old west.

    1. @Lisa V

      The Democrats have hamstrung the police in the cities they run. I think the real control on Antifa and BLW nuts was the sheer size of the Trump March. Had the police been allowed, I think the would have protected the Trump people at restaurants and at Metro stations, but I don’t think the mayor cares that much about her city.

  3. Tom,

    The media is controlled using an ancient method identified in The Republic as the Big Lie.

    The Big lie is a tool used by people in power to control people

    As religion wanes in the USA so will the Truth that sets us free from the Big Lie.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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