Going to the Trump March in Washington DC today. Big Tech and the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media are doing their best to sabotage the effort.

Have not got time to review all the nonsense in the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media. Will just observe two things.

  • Eventbrite took down sites organizing the rally. We are a bunch liars, don’t you know? Liberal Democrats have been spewing conspiracy theories based upon unnamed sources and Russian sourced nonsense for years, but Big Tech thought that was A-okay.
  • Some extremists may show up at the rally, supposedly. Any talk of the counter demonstrators being extremists? Like Antifa and Black Lives Matters? Nope.

Anyway, I cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but I will repeat an admonition from a source most people once respected.

We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.
Attributed to Benjamin Franklin
US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer (1706 – 1790)

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    1. @Angel

      Just got home. Sort of expected the goons to come out at night. That’s what the group I was with planned on. Out before nightfall. Don’t blame the people who stayed.DC should be safe, but it is not. Antifa and BLM are cowards. They hunt the weak and unwary.

  1. Have a safe and wonderful trip, Tom! I’m laughing at how the MSM is denying any voter fraud and that this is the “most secure election ever.” Let’s just laugh at that! It’s like the fox telling us there’s nothing to see as they guard the henhouse. The “powers that be” are doing everything they can to try to keep the American public from seeing the truth. Meanwhile, if allowed, we may be seeing the biggest case of voter fraud in the history of politics. This seems to go much deeper and darker than anyone ever imagined, including Trump. There’s literally hundreds of signed affidavits of wrongdoing and the number is growing every day.

    Meanwhile, Sidney Powell makes some interesting accusations about the Dominion Software in this interview today with Fox News. We’re seeing that this cesspool just keeps growing bigger.

    1. @Mel Wild

      That is while I attended the demonstration today. Big crowd. Even ran into a couple from Michigan. Of course, the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media will pretend nothing good happened.

  2. Here’s an interest Scriptural quote:

    New International Version
    All that day Abimelek pressed his attack against the city until he had captured it and killed its people. Then he destroyed the city and scattered salt over it. Judges 9:45 New International version.

    1. @tsalmon

      The Book of Judges is kind of a horror novel, except that is true. Remember the theme.

      Judges 21:25
      English Standard Version
      25 In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

      When we do what is right in our own eyes instead of God’s eyes, things get ugly.

      The people of Israel were supposed to make God their king. They did not.

  3. Be safe brother. Still don’t get what you hope to accomplish. Seems kinda deadender.

    But if Trump comes out and tells you to drink some of his special coronavirus preventing, hidden liberal pedophile exposing, election overturning Koolaid, then run brother, run for your life! 😉

    1. @tsalmon

      You sound like a high school bully. You spew vitriolic nonsense constantly, can’t defend what everyone knows your guy stands for, and I am engaged in a dead end activity? You can’t even define the principles you stand for. That’s why attack constantly.

      Your party is literally the party of the KKK, Black Lives Matters, and Antifa. Mine is the party of abolitionists and Tea Party Conservatives. We may not have the backing of the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media and Big Tech, but we also sleep better at night. We know the end does not justify the means.

      1. Calm down a little. It was just a joke big brother, but after a Trump pep rally, I guess you got yourself all worked up.

        As for Trump, like him, love him or hate him, I’m pretty sure it’s over. Biden will be President on Jan. 20. If not, I’m pretty sure that the country is over. As for the ends justifying the means, as Doug points out, Trump was/is the poster boy for that sentiment.

        You don’t believe me? Not surprising. One of us is clinging to a false reality. In my reality, I’ve got most of the free press, most of the free world, the electoral states where Biden won (including the Republican ones), the majority of Americans and I’m going to guess, the US government as well. If perception is reality, then that is a lot of perception for you to overcome.

        Peace and love.

        1. @tsalmon

          Would it all be a be joke if the hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media and hypocritical Liberal Democrat politicians lied mercilessly about you for four years? Couldn’t happen. Tell that to the people the communists through gulags and mental hospitals.

          1. Tom,

            I just think and thought Trump was a fraud. It became obvious pretty quick that Trump wasn’t Putin (or Stalin either) but just played a tough guy on tv. You’ve heard the thing about never letting a crisis go to waste? An actual tough guy would never have let such a desparate situation such as coronavirus go by without using it to take power. As it was, Trump couldn’t even use the power he had to keep hundreds of thousands of people from dying – the guy is a con artist putz, and now he is just a loser. You think Trump is going to stick his neck out to lead some kind of righteous coup against your evil liberal Democrats? Good luck with that. Trump will never stick his neck out that far because it will get figuratively chopped off. He’s a pretend bully, which means he’s an actual coward. He’s also a B player with a B team.

            A month ago, you didn’t even think Biden could attend a debate without drooling. Now he is going to throw you into a gulag? Seriously?

            Have you considered that you’ve worked yourself up into hyperboleland? None of these people are what you think they are no matter how much wish wish they were.

            I’m glad you are safe brother. Stay safe. You have family who live you.

          2. @tsalmon

            All I said is that there is something wrong with Biden. I stand by that. He says and does some of the strangest things. One of the reasons Trump won the last debate is that he let Biden put his own shoe in his mouth.

            You want to make the discussion all about how much you hate Trump. Frankly, I think that would be stupid! Politics is about choices. Do we work to make the best choice or do we do what you are advocating, hate on Trump?

      2. BTW, I’m a bully? You are calling your political opponent a pedophile based upon nothing more than innuendo, hearsay and rumors of rumors. I honestly can’t think of anything worse to accuse someone of – I’ve never even accused Trump of anything that depraved.

        They say that if you wrestle with a pig, you both just get dirty and the pig likes it. No one who cares has come out of the last four years very clean, I’m afraid.

        I’m very sad for you sometimes though. Do you even remember how Trump treated your favorite candidate, Ted Cruz, back in 2015. Were those accusations true? Be careful not to become Trump.

        1. @tsalmon

          If anyone is behaving like a pig,… Have you read one of your anti-Trump tirades? What is the point? After four years, your are still pumping the same bilge out of your heart.

          Trump has done a good job. Your complaints are hollow, devoid of substance. So your have to resort to propaganda from 2016 and you dare not talk about the people you voted for.

          I did not accuse Biden of pedophilia. Liz surfaced that accusation. Nothing controversial about the pedophilia charge except the behavior and the fact Democrats ignore the vast majority of charges against their candidates. How do the Liberal Democrats sound? “It is just old Joe. He likes people. So he touches them and sniffs their hair.” The sex charges against Biden fall more into the weird or totally inappropriate category than criminal. There is one that is rape for all practical purposes. That last one is disputed, but mostly ignored. If it was against Trump, the news media would have interviewed the lady nonstop for the last four years.

          Senator Cruz has forgiven President Trump. You can’t? That’s a personal problem. Yours.

          1. I did not accuse Biden of pedophilia. Liz surfaced that accusation.

            Only to be illustrative.
            To make as close an example as I can to the Hitler accusation.
            The reaction is interesting though.
            Pedophilia is worse than Hitler?
            Hitler might’ve been a pedo.
            Would it matter? Is burning children alive better?

          2. “I did not accuse Biden of pedophilia. Liz surfaced that accusation.”

            It’s your blog. Biden is a public figure, but if someone on this blog said that about someone else, they could sue you. You’re responsible. Keep that in mind – free legal advice.

          3. @tsalmon

            “Free legal advice.” Says the man who constantly repeats baseless accusations against our president. When are you going to recognize your own hypocrisy? You cannot talk about anything except how much you hate Trump. When Liz turns the table, however, then you scream foul. You are lucky she has better things to do besides imitating you.

          4. “Senator Cruz has forgiven President Trump. You can’t? That’s a personal problem. Yours.“


            You miss the point. It’s demonstrative of what Trump did and does. It’s his MO on everything with everyone. Trump launched his whole political career on a false smear, a conspiracy theory – does birtherism ring a bell?

            I would have thought that you would be too smart to be susceptible to this sort of nonsense, but I don’t think Trump’s scamming has to do with intelligence or logic. It’s like some kind of strange spell he’s cast over less than half the country. I think it has to do with a kind of dark charisma he has.

            My daughter thought Trump’s appeal revolves around being a winner, and once Trump lost that appeal would away when it became obvious that he was a loser. Maybe that will happen eventually but in the near term I think Trump’s actual superpower is inciting fear and grievance. As long as Trump can con his followers into his re-election was stolen through evil Democratic fraud, then he continues to use that superpower, on his most gullible followers at least, Maybe indefinitely.

            You are one of the most logical people that I know Tom. Use that logic.

            You’ve worked at the polls. Because people are human, we all can imagine a poll worker messing with a few ballots, maybe even hundreds, but all the poll workers messing with all the ballots, and in red and purple states too. The Democrats can’t even stop fighting amongst themselves when they win, the press can’t stay focused past “hey look, a squirrel”. But you somehow think they can stage, not just a state wide, but a nation wide conspiracy big enough to steal the White House. And yet they can’t steal the senate while they are at it, and they lose seats in the House? Or is that all part of Joe Biden’s evil genius to throw you off the scent?

            You think I’m being a bully for laughing at Trump’s defeat, but that is not what is ludicrous about this.

          5. @tsalmon

            You call me logical, but you just say it to flatter me. Logic requires us to make choices, sometimes complicated choices. However, you have made the choice a very simple, stupid choice, Trump or not Trump. What is not Trump? Doesn’t matter.

          6. What have I said that is baseless? That Trump started his political career with a lie and a conspiracy theory, birtherism? That he smeared Ted Cruz and his other opponents with lies and conspiracies? That he has done that with Biden? That hundreds of thousands of Americans have died on his watch? That he has a B teams of lawyers who are being laughed at of court (something like 12 times so far) for bringing in nothing more than hearsay on hearsay and rumors of hearsay? That his legal eagle, Rudy, held his big press conference at the back of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping next to the sex shop ,not even near downtown Philadelphia and that a guy (not even from PA) who he brought as his proof of being denied poll watching is a convicted sex offender? That Trump lies and misleads constantly? How about that Trump paints his face orange and has the most fantastical helmet head comb over ever ? How about that Trump forcibly shoved another country’s leader out of the way just to get to the front of a photo shot? (And Biden acts weird?). That he tried to hold the G7at his own resort and that he has continued to feed hundreds of thousand of government and party funds to his own businesses? That the US government’s organization in charge of these things (CISA) said that there was no election fraud, and has continuously debunked all the false claims our own president keeps fomenting? That even these Dominion software claims are just a one of those debunked hoaxes? Find the lie?

            Oh well . . . at some point even telling the truth to people who desperately want to believe lies and a liar is like pulling the wings of f a bug, even if it is a very poisonous bug. Eventually you will figure out on your own that Trump is perpetuating lies and conspiracies that his own government agencies and the courts won’t back up, that this is what Trump does and has always done. I just hope that you all don’t inadvertently do too much damage to the credibility of the country and it’s democratic institutions in the meantime.

            Take care.

          7. @tsalmon

            The only thing — THE ONLY THING — you want to talk about is how much you hate Trump. You don’t know anything about the man. You have just accepted the constant stream of hypocritical Liberal Democrat news media propaganda as Truth. I use to do it too. Sad! It is part of what is destroying our country.

          8. After all the violence and destruction the left has perpetrated in the name of combatting Trump the “Nazi” and his “fascist supporters you’re kidding me, right?
            I guess we can sue Pelosi for using terms like “stormtroopers”.
            You’ve used “brownshirts”, “goosestepping” , “and some analogy to a musical about Hitler in the park (or some such) and that’s just off the topic of my mind.
            Pretty sure there’s was also references to white nationalism and white supremacy. More than once.
            And, again, this is while violence is actually happening.
            Doug’s first post in months here was race-bait. For no reason,

          9. Truly this is incredible.
            After screaming about Trump the white supremacist nationalist Nazi for four long years, reaping destruction and violence (mostly peaceful when they aren’t throwing bricks, burning, looting, shooting, beating and so forth) now saying,
            Well, Biden likes to sniff little girls’ hair.
            What if I called him a pedo and the masses started looting and burning too.
            “Oh, you could get sued for saying that….”
            Guess we’d better get busy suing. After all, it is easy to point to damages.
            Especially all these news sources who have fed the population the Hitler garbage. Think I’ll start with Biden’s video likening Trump and his supporters to white supremacist Nazis. The video you sent around and really liked.

          10. BTW, I’m sure you know political speech has been (up until I suggested Biden is a pedo, for illustration purposes) pretty sacrosanct. It is the most protected of all speech. Which I’m sure you know. You just don’t like hearing Biden called a pedo.
            As a person who has been called a white supremacist fascist for supporting Trump (sans all evidence of white supremacy or fascism) I can understand that.
            But Biden is both a public figure and a political figure, the same excuse everyone has been using to spread lies about Trump ad nauseam even while people are actually hurt in the process applies. Or it doesn’t.
            I’d prefer it doesn’t and the conservatives could start a scorched earth policy against leftists and their political hacks.

          11. Just reread and you did bring that point up about a public figure so it is covered political speech. Okay.
            Perhaps judging by your hyper over-reaction to a hypothetical, understand a modicum of what the conservatives have been going through being subject to lies and even violence? No?

          12. @Liz

            Except in warfare you know Christian Conservatives don’t lie. Doug and tsalmon actually believe their tripe, at least the anxiously want to. So, I don’t think they even understand the threat. They have already convinced themselves Conservatives are either liars or unwitting dupes. That’s is how stupid this situation has become.

            We fight evil with good. Liberal Democrats pretend to do that, but even as they pretend to care the rape, pillage, enslave and kill.

            Think of the some of things they support.
            — dumbed down education that includes sex ed that preaches recreational sex
            — taxpayers funded abortion
            — Socialism including wealth transfers to their donors and voters
            — squelching dissent. Just look at any government financed university
            — and so it goes
            — Liberal Democrats have a tyrannical bent, and they justify it by believing the worst about us. No point in helping them believe their own crap

          13. Just for sheer entertainment value alone this would be a good thing.
            Hey! They could make it into a court reality television show.
            Liberal hacks to the judge, “You Honor, there is no proof that nonstop references to fascism and Hitler had any impact.”
            Roll the tapes….
            Thousands of violent offenders referencing Hitler and fascism while destroying lives and property….
            Must’ve all been a coincidence.
            They came up with this stuff on their own.

          14. I think TSalmon’s daughter has a point about “winning”. And as soon as the public perception turns away from that he lost votes.
            But there’s a greater underlying difference between people and perceptions, IMO. The world is filled with politicians who make empty promises. The world is filled with “good feeling” programs that not only don’t help but actively harm…yet they sound good and the pamphlets are glossy.
            I was talking to our oldest son (21) yesterday. Our boys are Trump supporters and (ostensibly) voted for Trump.
            But our oldest says he thinks it is best that Trump doesn’t get another four years. Due to the nature of what a poor statesman/public speaker he is. He thinks even with the long long list of achievements that he readily admits only Trump could have pulled off (I like Ted Cruz but he wouldn’t have done what Trump did with the Middle East or China) he thinks the nature of Trump’s language is so deleterious it undermines his accomplishments.
            There is a divide between people who look for results and people who look for language.
            Trump kept his promises to a degree I have never seen in a politician. Which is an irony coming from a reality television personality. It is easy to give a flowery speech. They have speech writers and teleprompters for that. Results are much more difficult. Results are what count.
            But people don’t believe their own eyes.
            We see the leftist politicians inciting violence, claiming fascism when they themselves are behaving as fascists. Claiming racism when they are the racists (race baiting is an inherently racist behavior). But they say the “right things” in spite of what they do, and to a lot of people that is what counts.

          15. @Liz

            I roll my eyes at some of things Trump says, but we all need to learn something. We are better off with people who care and say what they think than those who don’t care and say whatever they think we want to hear. Point that out to your son. The politician who stays on message stays on message because his suit is empty.

  4. One more post, and then I’m done for the day.
    Will have a full house with our sons coming home….
    I posted this before, but I think it should be posted again before it is lost:

    Here was have an anti-Trump ambassador to the Middle East. He was against Trump in 2016, and again screamed against him in 2018. To the point he worked to be purposefully misleading.
    Now he admits Trump’s policies have been good for the US and good for the middle east.
    He admits Trump brought more stability than his predecessors policies.
    Something anyone paying attention should have been able to see.
    Which means about half the population has not.

    Much like news of the vaccine, they of course waited to publish this until after the election.
    And few people read Defense One anyway.

    -Grace and Peace,
    Liz out

  5. Apparently Hillary has been selected to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations.
    That should be profitable.
    At least she isn’t getting another round at being in charge of the State Department.

  6. If one Conservative person does something violent or destructive during the protests, the Southern Poverty League will document it as a hate crime.
    On the flip side, if one is a leftist protestor, riots, looting, mass violence and destruction of billions and billions of dollars of property will be met with a “it’s mostly peaceful…hey, how many cities are actually burning? Not enough to call it unpeaceful, surely…”

    Good times!

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