1. Pence did well and I agree with Liz on the moderator not being overly biased. I mean she was definitely biased but we conservatives have to be happy any time it’s not the all out cray cray type you see on Morning Joe or CNN.

    I want to say Harris came across horribly but my opinion of her, I will admit is very biased. I just can’t stand her plain and simple and every time she opens her mouth I sort of shut down.

  2. These things are always more about style than substance anyway. Two minute soundbites do little to delve into complex issues for either side of the argument. Because Trump has always been all surface and no substance, Pence naturally benefits in this way from avoiding accountability for his disastrous administration in a platform that substitutes platitudes and jingoism for actual for nonexistent plans and policies. That said, because they are behind, Pence was the one under the most pressure to do more than throw out his usual boring bromides. Pence failed. He failed to please anyone except those like you that Trump already has firmly in thrall.

    My initial reaction therefore was that this won’t move the peg either way. Pence is better at this format than Harris is, but Harris didn’t hurt herself or her candidate either. Then I talked to my daughter. She was hesitant about Harris during the primary, but she said she fell in love with her during this debate. She said she felt enormous pride that a woman, and a woman of color at that, was not patronized for her sex, but instead was respected for being to formidable, if it was noted at all.

    Despite all his Jim Crow era “LAW AND ORDER” race baiting to try to turn the tide, Trump has lost the suburban white woman voters that he barely won in 2016 by double digit numbers right now. The White Identity grievance politics of Trumpism just ain’t working and perhaps this debate showed that failure more than I initially realized. Enthusiasm, especially during a Pandemic is key so it would be stupid to get lazy, but right now I’m cautiously optimistic that we are about to show the door to the worst, most racist, most indecent, most divisive president President in the history of our country, along with many of Trump’s enablers in Congress. Then perhaps sanity and competency can return to a chastened GOP. Hope the nation survives long enough for that to happen.

    1. They’re rioting in Wauwatosa because a black police officer shot a guy who was armed with a stolen gun and pointed it at the cops. If you still think any of this has anything to do with “racial justice” or “police brutality,” you are mistaken.

      1. Apparently, “they” were plotting to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan too.

        1. Yes. The FBI were tracking “them” in March after a local police department learned members were trying to obtain addresses of local law-enforcement officers, the FBI agent wrote.
          “At the time, the FBI interviewed a member of the militia group who was concerned about the group’s plans to target and kill police officers, and that person agreed to become a (confidential source),” the agent wrote.

          What groups enjoy targeting police officers?
          I can make an educated guess, based on headline news for the last several months.

          1. On Next-door I recently viewed a post by a resident of our community.
            She started a post “in opposition” to what she perceived as a Nazi salute, made by an old man handing out Trump/Biden signs.
            See, when someone would wave or honk their horn, he would raise his hand in greeting. This she interpreted as a Nazi salute.
            I’m trying to think how far gone someone would have to be to see this old man waving to people as a Nazi salute. Pretty far gone.
            But that’s what constant race baiting will do.
            You have the culprit entirely wrong. Conservatives are not the race baiters. They do not make everything about race.
            Nor do they make everything about sex.
            See the person who brought up race in that debate.
            See CNN talking about “mansplaining” as though having a debate without sexism between a man and women isn’t possible.

          2. “What groups enjoy targeting police officers?
            I can make an educated guess, based on headline news for the last several months.“

            Ok, I’ll bite. What is your educated guess of what kind “anti-government” all white militia group of men would want to kidnap a sitting Democrat Governor (and other governors) to try her for supposedly violating their radical view of the Constitution in the hope of sparking a civil war?

            Personally I’m glad to hear that the good, nonpartisan career men and women of the FBI and the Justice Dept (better known here as “The Deep State”) are watching these armed and dangerous Trump supporting kooks in case they want to try something before, during or after the election.

          3. Ok, I’ll bite. What is your educated guess of what kind “anti-government” all white militia group of men would want to kidnap a sitting Democrat Governor (and other governors) to try her for supposedly violating their radical view of the Constitution in the hope of sparking a civil war?

            I didn’t check all the races because I’m not obsessed with race so I will have to take your word for it.
            The short answer is: Anarchists

          4. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

        2. @tsalmon

          “They” arrested “them”. If “them” had been child molesting Antifa radicals Senator Harris would have been promoting a fundraising group to bail “them” out.

          1. Don’t forget the “mostly peaceful” part.
            Only 550+ massively destructive riots (to include targeting officers and politicians), out of 11,000 protests!

          2. “Peaceful” anti-Trump speech from the ringleader.

  3. I thought Pence did a fantastic job as well.
    The questions were biased, but not terribly so, in my opinion.
    I was actually surprised it wasn’t worse (with the exception of the last…implying Trump won’t leave office if he legitimately loses. That was over the top rude and uncalled for)
    Because facts matter little to debates (she threw down lie after lie, accused Pence of doing same, then continued to lie) I thought they both did quite well.
    Far, far better than the presidential contenders.
    And that was the minimum requirement.
    I don’t know if anyone switched their vote from watching last night.
    Maybe some folks who switched, or decided not to vote after that presidential debate, will come back.
    (it is not a popular opinion, but I am of the opinion the presidential debate lost Trump some votes. True debates rarely determine elections…unless something really exceptionally terrible happens. That debate was exceptionally terrible, beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Hope the next one is better)

  4. Vice President Mike Pence handled the debate well. He calmly and firmly waited for the right time to respond. Very few people would have managed his dilemma as well.

    1. The moderator was obviously biased. Her questions were often loaded, and she repeatedly interrupted him. Instead of responding, Pence decided what he wanted to say and said it. Effectively, Pence turned the moderator into a timekeeper.
    2. Senator Kamala Harris had no trouble stringing together blatant falsehoods. Instead of being rattled, Pence saw Harris’ accusations as opportunities to get out the Trump/Pence message.

    Overall, Pence did a fine job. Pence once again demonstrated Trump’s wisdom in selecting him to serve as Vice President.

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