This is so hypocritical it is funny.

WASHINGTON – Doctors, critics, and other Twitter users reacted after President Donald Trump ventured outside Walter Reed Hospital Sunday night to wave at supporters, calling the move “reckless” and saying he endangered the Secret Service members riding in the vehicle with him.

Liberal Democrats think it is okay to riot and burn down cities, but they get upset about this? 😂

Do Liberal Democrats have the ethical maturity of babies? Sometimes it sure seems like it.

13 thoughts on “REEKING HYPOCRISY

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  1. Tom,

    i agree with you about the format. However, i cannot envision in our contemporary times anyone would listen to either Trump or Biden for one hour.

    I wrote my suggestion in a post titled: Debate Wisdom or Folly,

    Perhaps the moderators should only moderate the time for each candidate to propose their plans for five minutes on each issue, and then give each candidate after both have presented their plans two minutes to explain why they agree or disagree with the other plans presented.

    For example, the economy, National Deficit, Job creation, trade imbalances, health care, poverty, education, school vouchers, abortion, immigration, racial injustice, military, foreign affairs, environment, etc.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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      1. Tom,

        Trump rallies are not the same as a political debate.

        Frankly, I find them as a source of information he uses to inform his audience what the press won’t. His style can even become entertaining when we hear the other side of the story being not told by the news media..

        I cannot see Joe Biden holding the attention of his supporters for an hour at either a really or debate the way Trump manages to do..

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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        1. @Rudy

          Scan the Lincoln Douglas debates. Lincoln and Douglas put each other on the spot. Each had to clearly defend their position on slavery.

          In a Lincoln-Douglas style debate, Trump would be very entertaining, and Biden would be scrambling in order to avoid being revealed. That would be entertaining.

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  2. They’re flailing and have no substantial argument, other than the President is thwarting their objectives. Their aim in my opinion is trying to pry his supporters away from being on his side, by any means. It’s quite entertaining but sad at the same time.

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