Mildly interesting debate. President Trump was probably a bit too aggressive, but it is hard to blame him. Joe Biden’s stream of lies and empty promises, pablum for the empty headed, had to be quite annoying.

In addition, Chris Wallace was partisan. For example, when Wallace asked Trump why he had banned the requirement to instruct government employees in Critical Race Theory, which is obviously racist, he called it racial sensitivity training. Therefore, because Wallace would not do it, Trump had to ask Biden the tough questions.

Agree? Don’t as agree? Well, do your own factchecking. You are welcome to post the results here as a comment, and you can even include a few links.

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  1. I’d say Chris Wallace — and even some “liberal” news media are all complicit in the worst aspect of the debate & other comments Trump has recently made. People keep asking him whether he will accept the results of the election. He does NOT get to decide that. No sitting President does. That includes Democrats or Republicans or GreenNewDealers.

    1. @petersironwood

      Comming the Democrats and the news media the question is weird. No one remembers Gore/Bush? Did they ever accept the results of 2016?

      As you suggest, the Democrats accept their losses because they don’t have a choice.

  2. We have guests so I don’t have much time to comment.
    It pains me to say this, but…
    I think if he loses the election, this debate will go down in history as the reason he lost.
    With all the difficult things he has accomplished, this should’ve been a cake walk.
    I am not only disheartened by his performance, I actually feel physically ill.
    He obviously did not prepare at all.
    All he needed to do was let Biden speak long enough and often enough without interruption, and his mental shortcomings would be impossible to ignore.
    Instead he kept interrupting which gave Biden time, he was able to speak a lot less, and he could use it as conversation filler.
    Yes, Wallace’s questions were highly biased but he should have known that would happen.
    Trump didn’t even list his own accomplishments.
    Even I would have done a better job listing them than he did.
    And he should have disavowed all racism when questioned directly. That means white supremacists, as well as BLM/antifa et al. The “stand down boys” comment was the nadir of the whole terrible debate.
    Ugh, just ugh.
    Sorry Tom, you know I’m a huge Trump supporter (so are our houseguests, and they were similarly disheartened).

    1. @Liz

      It is always possible to do better. That is the problem with being imperfect.

      More than anyone else Trump is in the fight, and it was two on one, hardly fair. So, I am not inclined to complain or second guess.

  3. I thought much like you, Tom, it was “mildly interesting.” I do think Biden was kind of the 3rd wheel wandering around during the Wallace/Trump debate. Other than that, meh, it was just a debate.

  4. Gosh, Joe showed up and didn’t drool on himself or fall asleep once, even in the face of the screaming orange bully baby. I’m cooking vegan these days but for this I’d make an exception. How do you like your free range crow cooked big brother? 😁

          1. You sure have to come up with some obscure and innocent stuff to tarnish a long career where good old. Uncle Joe Biden has been beloved on both sides of the aisle. Trump’s endless lies and slanders come out by the minute and, in contrast, have deadly consequences for Americans.

            My fear with the debate was that the Dems would again figure out a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. As it was, it was just a train wreck that was unlikely to change anyone’s mind. In that sense, because he is poling behind, Trump had the most to loose.

          2. “You want to vote for a candidate accepting bribes, crow all you want.“

            You mean Trump’s hotels and resorts where he gets bribed by everyone from petty dictators to oil princes? Nope, I’m not the one voting for a lifelong conman. I’m not the one voting for Trump.

            Trump’s whole life is a bribe or one scam after another. He is not actually a successful businessman, but he did very successfully play one on TV. Seems that the difference has been lost on some of us.

            You don’t believe me? Probably not. Much of America lives in separate realities these days. Unfortunately, one third of us still live in Trump’s Reality TV Land, the land of game shows, survival shows, “beauty” contests, Trump vitamins, Trump University, Trump pyramid schemes and fake Trump pro wrestling wins. And he’s run the country exactly like he ran those monuments to “all glitz and no substance”.

            Trump needed to look just a little presidential to win over anyone beyond this core base. All Trump needed to do was pretend he had a clue what poor and average Americans are going through and show some plan to help, but it’s just not in Trump to do that, is it?

            As his tax records show, Trump is bleeding money from his hotels and resorts due to his own failed business investment mismanagement and exasperated by COVID-19. He has almost a half million dollars in debt coming due in the next four years, and that doesn’t even include the $100 million that he scammed out of the IRS..

            Trump just looked desperate and pouty at the debate when he needed to look like a leader. The scary part is that this desperate, pouty, unpresidential man still is in charge.

            Doug is right. This may get very ugly before Trump slinks back into the hole whence he slithered out of. Hope we have a country left.😒

          3. @tsalmon

            No, I don’t believe you.You just do what you see the Liberal Democrat press and politicians doing. You throw mud, as much as you can make up, and hope some will stick. That is your idea of a a debate. School yard nonsense!

            Yeah! Trump interrupted Biden, but all he was doing was attacking him. All Biden was doing was promising to fix the messes he helped make. Oh! Biden sounds spool sincere, and the lying news media loves him. Makes me want to throw up.

          4. “He has almost a half million dollars in debt coming due in the next four years, and that doesn’t even include the $100 million that he scammed out of the IRS.”

            Slipped a digit there brother – according to the NYT who has seen Trump’s taxes, Trump has nearly half a “billion” (not “million”) in personal debt coming due during the next four years, and he’s already borrowed against all his properties. Maybe The Proud Boys or the KKK can launch a gofundme for him after he leaves office. Maybe Putin will give him that Moscow Trump Tower deal that he lied to us about not negotiating before the last election. Absent some new con Trump definitely needs a some new rich Sugar Daddy . . . or maybe Putin’s not so new anymore. Why should Putin pay for new milk when he already owns the cow, and it’s run dry?

          5. Fascinating story, but no, not AMT. Altogether, another tax scam. This was a 72 million dollar refund that Trump probably took illegally, and is the subject of the audit he keeps using as an excuse. to hide his taxes.

          6. Funny Tom. Wouldn’t surprise me, but no, it was actually an Obama post financial collapse tax stimulus that Trump (apparently fraudulently) took advantage of.

            We already know some of Trump’s involvement in Russian oligarch money laundering from his partnerships in the Moscow beauty pageant and his ridiculous profits from an inflated sale of a Florida mansion to another oligarch. A full understanding of what Putin has on Trump will probably have to await a follow-the-money forensic investigation after Trump leaves office. From their investigations, however, the NYT has not made a Russia connection allegation . . . yet, but the NYT is promising more to come. This is some excellent journalism that presents a detailed narrative – I highly recommend everyone read it for themselves. 🤓

          7. You mean like Trump’s good buddy, Alex Jones? The guy that said Obama faked Sandy Hook and had his fans harassing the poor parents of dead children? The guy who’s radio show Trump Dirty Trickster Roger Stone (who is also connected to The Proud Boys) recently appeared on to urge the guy who commuted his felony sentences, Trump, to nationalize the Nevada state police so as to take over the election process there. Those kind of conspiracy theorists? Nahh, you guys take the cake on the that kind of tinfoil hat, crackpot cabal nonsense, and Trump is your conspiracy theory fomenter-in-chief.

          8. @tsalmon

            When you cannot find anything good to say about Biden — when he cannot even defend his own record — your endless stream of baseless accusations looks silly. The New York Times is your source. Who cares what those people say?

          9. I think you are confused Tom. Trump’s conspiracy theories about massive voter fraud being “the only way he can lose” (despite his being well behind in even the conservative polls) are baseless, undemocratic and dangerous. The NYT is just telling telling truths that are easy to refute if they really are false.

            Every serious Presidential candidate since Nixon has released his taxes. Trump can show the NYT a fraud anytime he wants, What’s amazing, if it’s all a big lie, is that he doesn’t release his records. Trump can’t keep himself from blurting our Top Secret SCI information just to impress the Russians, so seriously, can you imagine Trump being able to hold himself back from releasing all his tax returns if he really is some big successful businessman? Even if it showed he was great at “legally” avoiding taxes? What Trump have you been watching for the last few decades?

            Everything else concerning Trump’s finances that the NYT has turned out to be substantiated. You must at least suspect Trump is a gold plated business fraud.

            Here’s the question? If everything the NYT has written about Trump’s business failures and losses, his scamming, his lying and his cheating, if it is all substantially true, will you still support Trump?

            You would, wouldn’t you? You hate the Dems that much? If so, what difference does any of this make? If so, truth is not even really something on your agenda is it?

            I find facinating this cult like loyalty to Trump against these supposedly nefarious Democrat forces. The Dems, the media, the supposed Deep State may be stupid, bloated, self serving, idealistically naive, even scatterbrained, but diabolically ingenious? Uncle Joe Biden? Seriously, don’t you think that’s all just a bit of a stretch to waste all that gate on . . . and all that support for a fraud and a cheat on?

          10. @tsalmon

            The only issue you want to talk about is why you hate Donald Trump, and I belong to a cult because I am sick of it? I think you need to think about the source of what you call news.

          11. Hatred is your thing Tom, not mine. I don’t hate Trump. I just think that he is the worst President in the history of our nation. I don’t think a spoiled two year old should be President either, but it doesn’t mean that I hate spoiled two year olds.

            “I think you need to think about the source of what you call news.“

            This argument is as facile as it is tired. How do I prove to you that you are shaping your reality to fit your opinion rather than the other way around, that you ignore inconvenient truths that don’t fit your confirmation biases, and that you are indeed the one trapped in the most narrow, most one sided of news silos? Well, let’s make it simple. Your dear leader’s whole life has been the perpetuation of one fraud after another. This is provable. As long as the adulterous, conman demagogue Donald Trump is the measure for the credibility of the facts, the reason or the virtue of your arguments, you simply have no credibility to lecture me on where I get my news.

        1. Are you saying that you want Corn Pops as a side dish with meal of crow? Sure, but if you’re that hungry why don’t you just eat some more of your words? Seems like you’ve got steaming hot piles of them to chow down on already. 😂

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