You don’t like Republicans? You think President Donald Trump a dangerous buffoon? Well, we have heard Democrats and their sympathizers wax angrily and contemptuously over Trump’s supposed sins. We have heard never-Trumpers endlessly condemn Conservatives for their alleged hypocrisy in supporting Trump. What we have yet to hear Democrats, their sympathizers, and never-Trumpers do is discuss the alternative. Who are you going to vote for? What is your alternative to Republicans? Why do you think voting for the Harris/Biden ticket the better alternative?

Look around the United States. What is most rare? Is it not a state or a city that has been run by Democrats for any length of time that remains well run?

  • Folks are fleeing blue states. High taxes. Failing schools. Shriveling economies. Because of the outrageous benefit/retirement programs Democrat politicians have set up for their government employee union allies, Democrat-run states and cities are anxious for a Federal bailout. That is one of the reasons for the three trillion dollar price tag on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) bill.
  • The forests in the states on our west coast are on fire. Why? Democrat politicians would have us believe the cause is global warming, but carbon dioxide does not burn. What is burning? Forest debris. If we don’t want big forest fires, then from time-to-time we have to clear out the undergrowth, remove the fallen trees, and thin the living trees. Even controlled burns are better than out of control infernos, but Democrats refuse to manage the forests. Instead of being good stewards of what God has given us, they worship whales, trees, owls, fish and so forth. These Pagan leaders won’t even let the electric power companies do their jobs. So, the citizens of California must suffer rolling brownouts.
  • Murderous thugs are killing our policemen, and thuggish Black Lives Matters mobs are cheering. Meanwhile, Democrat politicians would have us believe Black Lives Matters is a civil rights organization fighting for racial harmony, not a Marxist outfit promoting racial warfare. It has reached the point where only a suicidal fool would sign up to be policeman in a Democrat-run state or city. God bless the policemen who still feel obligated to protect us. Here WE BACK BLUE!
  • In spite of the ridiculous hullabaloo over their supposed incompetence, the Trump/Pence administration has a good record on foreign policy. That record includes destroying ISIS and bringing Israel and many of its enemies in the Middle East together in peace. Can anyone point to a positive accomplishment by the Obama/Biden administration? What did President Barack Obama actually do to earn the Nobel Peace Prize? Was bombing more countries than any president since WWII a peaceful act? How was giving lots of loot to the terrorist regime running Iran a positive contribution to peace?
  • Democrats have wreaked havoc upon our election system. You believe in one man one vote? Then you must believe we have an obligation to ensure we have confidence in the integrity of the outcome of each election. Yet Democrat politicians insist upon blasting out ballots to everyone and anyone and then sending out their goons to harvest the ballots. When we do that sort of thing, how do we know who filled out those ballots? When ballots disappear in the mail, and people complain their votes were lost, how do we explain that? Trump did it? How did Trump corrupt employees whose labor unions have endorsed Harris/Biden? Don’t be stupid!
  • Democrats have wrecked our schools. Instead of focusing on education, they have turned our schools into instruments of social engineering and indoctrination. This has become so obvious it is not even worth arguing the point. You want to know why so many blacks end up in jail. Too many of them come from single parent homes — because of the Democrat welfare system — and then go to such awful schools they never learn to read.
  • Democrats have wrecked our immigration system. For the sake of cheap labor and cheap votes, Democrats have wrecked our immigration system. Therefore, taxpayers — not filthy rich donors to Democrat politicians — have to pay taxes to support health and education programs for low paid illegal immigrants. In addition, everyone who cannot avoid persona security has to suffer from the criminal depredations of the illegal immigrant criminals Democrats refuse to turn over to ICE.
  • Democrats have made a mess of their response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). First, they called Trump a xenophobe for banning flights from China. Then they complained Trump did not ban flights because he let Americans come home? Was Trump supposed to leave American citizens in China? Seriously? Then, to wreck the Trump economy, Democrat governors tightly locked down the economies of their states even though the objective was just to keep our hospitals from being overloaded, which has not been a problem. In fact, Democrat governors failed to protect the most vulnerable. They actually insisted that nursing homes taken people infected with COVID-19 into their facilities.

Democrat politicians don’t understand the point of our Constitution. Government does not exist to make us do the right thing, whatever the Hell that is. Government exists to protect us from EACH OTHER. Human beings, because we are selfish, rob, enslave, rape, and murder other human beings. Therefore, we have to organize to protect each other from each other. That backfires when we try to use government to make each other do the right thing, whatever the Hell that is. Then we end up giving our leaders too much power, and then our leaders abuse us. And abusing us is exactly what the Democrats are doing — because they refuse to understand the point of our Constitution.

Seriously? You still a Democrat?  You still believe the Liberal Democrat news media? There is a point when that excuse begins to wear thin, and we passed it months ago.

So I ask, are you still a Democrat? Why? What is it about Democrat politicians that makes you want to vote for them? Do you really think that the people who refuse to reopen our schools care for the children? Do you really think that the people who support abortion even after the birth of a child care for the children?

We know you like Trump, but what is it about Democrats that makes you want to vote for them? You think a Harris/Biden administration would be better? What do you think a Harris/Biden administration would do better? Because Harris and Biden say they would do better? Because the propagandists that make up Liberal Democrat news media say a Harris/Biden administration would be better?

45 thoughts on “YOU STILL A DEMOCRAT? WHY?

  1. Tom, I think you know from experience talking to people that the only logical reason for someone voting for Biden is because they hate Trump so much. At least that’s the only reason that seems to generate any excitement. Just watching Biden makes any objective person cringe because the guy can’t hardly finish a sentence without a teleprompter or prepared question. Some of his attacks on Trump are just incoherent. No one would vote for him under normal scrutiny. I know we’ve dubbed it “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS), but it actually seems to be like a lot like a politically-induced neurosis.

    All of this is why the the never-Trumpers only make vague generalities, attacking his personality, his tweeting, or his attacks on the press (the same press who relently show him in a negative light), rather than accepting or even acknowledging his actual accomplishments. And we need to remember that this attack on Trump actually started BEFORE he was elected. Furthermore, Pelosi’s response that the Middle East peace treaty signed this week was a “distraction” shows how deeply this neurosis has taken hold of Trump-haters. This is the absolute worst aspect of a political spirit at work in people.

    And when you are so angry and hateful, you’re not thinking logically or rationally. You are in your “reptile brain” (amygdala- fight-or-flight). This is why angrily voting against someone instead of voting for someone is so dangerous. We end up electing incompetent fools who should’ve retired a long time ago instead of the candidate who has shown they have accomplished the most for the American people.

    1. Tom, I think you know from experience talking to people that the only logical reason for someone voting for Trump in 2016 is because they hated Hillary so much.

      1. @ Doug

        False equivalency. While it may be true that many hard-core Republicans voted against Hillary Clinton, it’s also true that many Republicans voted for Hillary, or didn’t vote at all, because they didn’t want Trump. He didn’t fit the Republican narrative. Add to this, no one in the media thought Trump would win and they relentlessly mocked him.

        And this is what the Washington elite and mainstream media don’t understand. What they still don’t understand in 2020. I’ll explain it this way. I live in swing state. The bordering state that I spend a lot of time in is also a swing state. I am a registered independent. Most people here are politically moderate. Both states went red in 2016 because they most definitely voted FOR Trump (more are registered Democrats than Republicans here). And they voted for Trump because he said he would put them first for a change–over global interests, over politics as usual. So, Trump didn’t win because people voted against Hillary. They voted for Trump because he promised them them to put America first. And he has delivered on most of those promises. So, if we voted against anything, it was against the D.C. “swamp.” And I include the good-old boy Republicans as well as the crony Democrats. And, btw, Biden represents the very bottom of that crony swamp.

        And let me say this. While most people took a chance on Trump last time; they are most enthusiastically voting for him this time! Thousands are walking away from the radicalized Democratic party (#walkaway).

      2. @Doug

        We are not children. I answered this issue. Unless you are five years old, you should know by now that just repeating yourself over and over does change anything.

        1. Actually Trump is the gaslighter-n-chief. That being said.. you’re welcome. I’m glad I was here to let the Trump crowd vent their real life frustrations. I said I would play along… to the feeding frenzy. To be sure what I said is how I feel, but we all know the words from either side don’t travel well in here. While the folks in here are languishing in their Utopia of Trumpian-induced melancholy and confident in their preferred outcome in the election (and that damned mask-wearing loss of personal freedoms) will all be over very soon because He said so… I consider you all completely blind to what is coming. No.. it’s not the idiocy of a threat. We are frankly way past that. For the next couple of months and likely beyond things are not going to go well for the country.. and that means across the board. I’ve been warning of this for months. It doesn’t matter who wins.. the nation loses.

          1. Indeed. One human case in the entire state.
            This is a headline news topic.
            Good job, Doug! You might find a way to blame this on Trump!
            Pssst…I think every now and then an armadillo is infected with leprosy.
            Far more often than this random strange case you’ve provided.
            Also, the hanta virus is a lot more prevalent than this.
            For that matter, so is the bubonic plague….
            better get on this.

          2. Sorry, I spoke wrong.
            One “suspected” case in the entire state.
            Not a documented, certain case.
            Well…there’s obviously nothing to do but shut down the entire state now and blame whatever happens with the economy on Trump.
            Talk some more about the politics of fear, Doug.
            I remember you bringing that up before.

          3. The government had better issue it, or it’s Trump’s fault!
            In fact…even if the government hands out free mosquito repellent it’s still Trump’s fault. He should mandate everyone wear it! And stay inside until mosquitos cease to exist.

    2. @Mel Wild

      Liz found an article that more or less expresses what you just said.

      Frankly, it has reached the point where TDS should inspire pity, not anger. Are those with TDS destructive to those around them? Yes, but they are even more self destructive. They are like crazy people who burn down their own homes with their own children in them. Even the greedy, power mad ones, like Pelosi and Schumer, are just selling their souls for worthless things they cannot take with them.

  2. Tom,

    After reading your post and comments, I read the following article which in my opinion may touch on the answer to your question why voters will vote Democrat is answered in this ending statement.

    “Reality is not the most important thing,” Murphy said. “The perceived reality is what’s important.”

    If interested

    How some Wisconsin voters are seeing the economy through a political lens — filtering the facts they want to see, and those they don’t”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  3. Tom,

    You presented a question based on logic of Trump’s accomplishments while in office in comparison to his campaign plans and promises.

    I have read Joe Biden’s web site and list of promises of which none list his plans how he will accomplish everything he is promising.

    For example, how will he fund his promises.

    Perhaps if Doug would make a list of logical reasons why he should vote for who ever he intends to vote for based on their accomplishment in office, rather than their promises, perhaps he might change his mind?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

  4. I will be the first to admit.. and embrace.. my HUGE personal frustration with Trump as President to the point of some level of internalized “rage”. After all, I’m a “patriot” exactly as much as those Right Wingers that have to wear MAGA hats, use the flag… also MY flag… as a political prop for nationalism.. and assign non-mask wearing to prevent disease as a sign of American independence. I simply hate where Trump has pushed our country.
    I can see from your recent posts… pushing prayer and Christian ideals.. and posts like this which are obviously reflecting your own frustrations that it looks very much like Trump will not win… and you fear trouble for the nation will be associated with that. I also think you are seeing Trump has let his own base down.
    You said…

    “What is it about Democrat politicians that makes you want to vote for them?”

    I keep telling you, that’s not the question to ask. I can only speak for myself, but it appear all too prevalent that It’s not about voting for Democrats but entirely about not voting for another four years of Trump. It’s the exact same reason you gave for not voting for Hillary in ’16… you voted for Trump because you didn’t want Hillary. I’m voting for Biden not because I “want” him.. but that I don’t want Trump that much more. The more appropriate question to ask…

    “Why is nearly 55-60% of the population not liking Trump?” or “Why is liking Trump a voter minority?”

    Here’s where you and I hugely differ, Tom. I believe in the basic “good” in humanity. I do not view my personal religion or an interpretation of Christian ideals as assigning guilt for being human. I do not view every waking hour with the conscious preoccupation that I am a sinner that needs to constantly fight to control my natural instincts. I do not believe anyone.. Dem or Conservative, wakes up in the morning wanting to spread crap around the globe. Who wakes up and decides.. “Let’s make education suck.”.. or.. Dem governors wake up every morning and say to themselves, “Let’s see how much power I can grab today and screw up people’s lives.” ..or.. “I think today I am going to interpret the Constitution my own way.. flip off the Founding Fathers.. and just impose MY will across the land.”
    This is the same reason I do not believe in wild, wide ranging conspiracies, secret handshake deep state nonsense. You see… what Christian ideals I have I assign to humanity collectively.

    “Since I work for CNN I am going to happily spend my time today presenting biased news reporting.. lies… and propaganda just to make Trump look bad.. and I will do all that for a paycheck.” Really.. you believe that happens?

    If I were in the market for a religion, Tom, I’d not be at all that interested in the angle you are selling. Now.. realizing we humans also reflect our own lives in the things we say and do.. you are entitled to interpret life… religion… any way you wish and I have not certainly walked a mile in your shoes to pass judgment.. nor am I qualified to do so. But I can say this from simple observation… your religious conviction is NOT reflected in your choice of president… and you are a major cynic toward humanity in general. I’m sure you have your reasons.

    1. @Doug

      Selling a religion? No. Practicing my Christian beliefs? Yes.

      Would I like you to become a Christian? Yes, but I don’t have a say in that. That is between you and God. Just as I cannot make a horse drink water I cannot make anyone believe.

      I can see from your recent posts… pushing prayer and Christian ideals.. and posts like this which are obviously reflecting your own frustrations that it looks very much like Trump will not win… and you fear trouble for the nation will be associated with that. I also think you are seeing Trump has let his own base down.

      You can’t answer the question, and I am suppose to worry? Well, since my faith is not perfect, I worry, but what I worry about is the fact people refuse to see what is right in front of them.

      The corruption of our political class is hardly a secret. Think about your own words about Trump. If Trump is so terribly awful, if our political system is not corrupt how did Trump become president?

      You do realize that most of Trump’s supporters were desperate for someone who would do what Trump has done? I suppose not.😯

      I keep telling you, that’s not the question to ask. I can only speak for myself, but it appear all too prevalent that It’s not about voting for Democrats but entirely about not voting for another four years of Trump. It’s the exact same reason you gave for not voting for Hillary in ’16… you voted for Trump because you didn’t want Hillary. I’m voting for Biden not because I “want” him.. but that I don’t want Trump that much more. The more appropriate question to ask…

      Instead of answering a direct question, you are trying to justify IGNORING the flaws in the alternative candidate. You don’t know because you have not looked. You have refused to look at Biden’s flaws.

      Am I being a hypocrite about this? No, but that is your best argument. It is also hypocritical. If I ignored Trump’s flaws, then I was wrong to do so. Ironically, you have often condemned me for ignoring Trump’s flaws, but you have found it frustrating. I know more about his record than you do, and I have no trouble defending it.

      FACT. I compared Donald Trump with H. Clinton in 2016, and I have evidence of that on my website. Before the election in 2016, I could tell you what Clinton would do and why I did not want her in office. I also investigated Donald Trump, wondering, who is this guy? I thought of Donald Trump as a relatively unknown quantity, and I was astonished and disgusted when he won the Republican Party’s nomination. I blamed the news media for giving the Republican they thought would be the weakest candidate lots of free publicity.

      Nevertheless, I read Trump’s campaign book, read his campaign website, looked over his background, and listened to his speeches. I was suspicious, but I figured he would at least buy some time. At least Trump was saying the right things, and successful businessmen have to be somewhat honest. Otherwise, no one will do business with them.

      Turns out Trump has done what he said he would do. So, I am happy with him, and you don’t have specific complaints. As far as I can tell, you just don’t like his style.

      Now? Trump has a record and so does Biden. This is no pig in a poke election. If the best you can do to defend Democrats is attack Trump, that is pathetic.

      What Democrat politicians are after is power.

      I do not believe anyone.. Dem or Conservative, wakes up in the morning wanting to spread crap around the globe. Who wakes up and decides.. “Let’s make education suck.”.. or.. Dem governors wake up every morning and say to themselves, “Let’s see how much power I can grab today and screw up people’s lives.” ..or.. “I think today I am going to interpret the Constitution my own way.. flip off the Founding Fathers.. and just impose MY will across the land.”

      That is dead wrong. Read some history books. Think about Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Xi, Kim, and so forth. Tyranny is the norm, not the exception. When we cannot see that, we are not naïve, we are blind. Unrepentant sinners are blind because they are blind to their own sins.

      Take education, for example. The objective of an appropriate education is to instill a desire for knowledge and wisdom. Most parents want their children to grow up to be good citizens who honor their Creator.

      The Nazis and the Communists did not hide what they would do with the schools. Democrats, however, because they lack a secure hold on power, hide their intensions. Nevertheless, Democrats clearly use their control over the education of children to strengthen the teachers unions and please donors, including LGBTQ activists. As a result Democrats are turning our schools into indoctrination centers for Marxist activism. In the metropolitan area where I live, some of the public schools actually give children permission to miss school time in order to attend protests. Nuts!

      1. Well… if nothing else, what is currently happening in the country we can say is a test. You can call it a test of our morality as a nation, our religious sensitivities as a nation, our Constitution, our American cultural identity, our democracy, you can pretty much fill in the blank and add anything you want to that list. If we get past this “test” it doesn’t necessarily mean we passed the test… it just means we took the test and are awaiting the grade… assigned by history. But one thing is for sure.. the test will not be over on election day. It won’t even be turned in for a grade. Whether Trump wins or loses… Trump, in some form, will be a catalyst for the tough times ahead.

        1. @Doug

          I asked a straightforward question. You attempted an excuse for refusing to answer. That was a test, and you can still attempt to answer it before you vote.

          1. Ok.. I’ll play for a while.
            I’m GOP and I don’t even believe the generalizations you listed there make a lot of sense. Has nothing to do with defending Democrats.

            Point 1 – The “fleeing blue states” thing. Who exactly is “fleeing”? You suggesting that there’s some unifying Dem party coordination between states to all govern the same.. good or bad? Those “shriveling” economies are in every state experiencing the pandemic.

            Point 2 – The forest fires. Well, like Newsome told Trump.. 57% of public land in CA is government.. and 3% is state. So who screwed up not raking? Brown outs? I live here and haven’t had one so far last year or this year.

            Point 3 – The thuggish mobs. Seems a fair number of antagonists and gun totting shooters have been Right Wing Conservatives. Seems to be enough mob nutjobs to go around. So.. what you are saying is that besides all the Liberal state governors getting together in perfect unity to exploit their state economies… we also have all the cities with Liberal mayors unifying to push their cities into the dumper? You really need to stop listening to Orange Man. It all sounds idiotic. If all this Liberal organizing were true across the board.. why isn’t the GOP organized like that?

            Point 4 – The “ridiculous hullabaloo foreign policy” comparison thing. Your entire paragraph is hullabaloo.. and again comparing to Obama. I have heard a fair amount of “I wish Obama were back.” But that’s because the Presidency itself was respected and a stable part of our government… along with our institutions. Nothing about “I wish Obama were back so I can be happy he won the Nobel Peace Prize.” Jeez. Your priorities are whacked, Tom.

            Point 5 – The “Democrats have wreaked havoc upon our election system” thing. No, sir. Never in modern history has a president disparaged our election system without having any proof of foul play. He’s setting the process up so he can bring fear to his base. Doesn’t matter though… mail-in ballot or not, he will challenge it all just to delay.

            Point 6 – The “Democrats have wrecked our schools.” You would have to define “wrecked” and then attribute only to Liberal leadership over the last couple decades of many administrations.

            Point 7 – The “Democrats have wrecked our immigration system” thing. I was under the impression that the system Trump inherited was a culmination of decades of disrepair and ignoring the problems among many administrations. Scapegoating for Trump?

            Point 8 – The “Dems have made a mess of the Covid response” thing. Again.. the Liberal states all got together and unified under the idea that they would mess up their Covid responses? More to the point, which GOP state did any better? Florida? LOL Jeez, Tom. The entire affair happend under Trump’s watch and he completely failed. I explained away all that earlier credit about the China restrictions not being so big a deal that the event itself becomes Trump’s shining response to Covid.

            Been a nice game, Tom. But the usual nonsense repeated yet again. Maybe someone else can answer your question better than me. I’m sure Liz can do that.

          2. @Doug

            I list a bunch of the things Democrats have messed up, and your reason for voting for Biden is that you are Republican, and nothing on that list is true? What do you want, a quote from the governor of New York about people leaving his state because of the taxes? Believe me. It is out there.

            Why are you voting Democrat? Simple question, but you cannot give a straight answer.

          3. @Doug

            Here are some references. Really have not got the time to do your research for you.
            1. ttps://
            2. Federal lands? and California, Oregon, and Washington state don’t have big enough Congressional delegations to get the money for forest management? Seriously. Where else are these fires?
            3. Right Wing Conservatives? That is actually an oxymoron. Even the Liberal Democrat covered this stuff until it started hurting Democrats. Now it is Trump’s fault? Stupid! What is Conservative about being a Nazi? What is Conservative about rioting? Why would Conservatives go to Democrat run cities to riot and attack the police? Why would the local authorities paint Black Lives Matters on the streets to celebrate? Extreme Left = Extreme Right. Extreme Right = Extreme Left. No difference. Liberal Democrat = Extreme Left = Extreme Right. Liberal Democrat = Big Government.

          4. Really have not got the time to do your research for you.
            Doug maintained for years that Antifa didn’t exist, essentially. And if they did they weren’t really violent and/or not significant enough to worry about.
            Now that we see them all over attacking people, destroying businesses and buildings and burning things. Very loudly and proudly….well, there are probably some right wing wackos in there somewhere making them do it!
            So whatever research you have done is going to be lost with Doug.
            As is middle east peace.
            In 2016, ISIS was the most compelling security concern on the planet.
            This is the hubristic policy Doug misses:

          5. Remember when Nancy called anyone who suggested mail in ballots were subject to fraud an “enemy of the state”, and CNN agreed? For weeks we were treated to information about just how safe and wonderful this process was in general, and how USPS in particular was infallible up to so close a margin it wouldn’t matter.
            Then Doug helpfully provided a LARPing war games exercise entitled “integrity”….”with real retired generals!” asserting what should happen in the event of a “questionable or ambiguous Biden victory”. Well, bring in the troops of course! Nothing unsettling about a one-sided military coup.
            Now there are chants of “no Biden, no peace!”
            and….looky there….
            now CNN has called the mail in ballot system into question (side note: did they just identify themselves as the enemy of the state or was that too five minutes ago?)

            A person just might just start to believe they are trying to undermine the results of this election. All while pointing to Trump of course.

          6. Oh wow.. I guess you guys found enough off-kilter sites to show me what-is-what in (your) reality. You’re right.. Trump IS wonderful! I’ll be changing my vote for sure (should I ever visit your reality)!

          7. More to the point.. from the very beginning.. my “against Trump” was totally centered on his mental incompatibility for the job and leading the country and I surmised, like many, that the country would be thrown into a wild ride into some Trumpian-Nationalist abyss of divisiveness and bullying chaos… which it has. The pandemic has just made it all worse.. and his continued inability to lead has driven the pandemic into a death machine he ignores daily. I don’t need to take side on “all the good he has done for the country” because not one thing he has done has been worth what he’s put the country through and the deaths he has caused.
            Oh wait… “Trump caused Covid?” No.. he’s not not level of a god.. only to his base perhaps. He caused deaths because of his lack of focused leadership and turning science into a political aberration, and our institutions into laughing stocks for the world. Trump IS a mental case and even though we might assign the old bromide, “even a broken clock is right twice a day” to his impulse actions and Middle East “victories” (sorry.. history will have to determine that one.. not current opinion), he’s still the chaos master in charge until election day. And again… we’ve not seen the worst yet to come from him as he feels the pressure and gets more cornered.
            Taking all his “but look at all the good he’s done” myths, even if true, are not worth one bit the damage he has done to the nation.

          8. @Doug

            You can’t answer the question. So, I will make it easier. I will rephrase it. What makes you think Harris/Biden would do a better job than Trump/Pence?

            You want to talk about COVID-19? Fine. What makes you thing Harris/Biden would have done a better job? And try to be specific. Look at the nonsense you just wrote. It is all vague generalities.

          9. They are only “vague generalities” because you and others refuse to acknowledge Trump’s human deficiencies in favor of the expediency of his promoting your personal agenda. The end DOES NOT justify his means. It’s his “means” that are appalling behavioral narcissism in action. It’s the need to ask the “why” is he wanting to do things because the reality of his existence was so dominated by lies, falsehoods, and bullying of others like a schoolyard bully. He is NO manager.. no leader.. no promoter of anything American except his own biases.. and financial interests. He’s gone where no modern president has dared to go because he serves no one but himself. He has zero credibility because he lies constantly. On the other hand, he has wonderful credibility because his base loves the lies. He can’t even hire the right people.. and any that might turn out acceptable end up quitting because of his chaotic environment he thrives in and encourages around him. But you and other will never accept that… to you that alone means nothing.. it’s all about what he does, and to hell with the reasons he’s doing it as long as it fits your personal political preferences.
            I don’t have to debate what you might allege makes him “so good” because I already know as a human being he’s so inept at leadership in general, much less leading an entire country. See, Tom, to me, you and the others are enabling him to wreck the country. I told you before.. I’d prefer you being president. The man is a nightmare and a clear & present danger… and certainly his pandemic response alone qualifies for that.

          10. @Doug

            The man got himself elected president. He withstood a campaign of smears and fabricated accusations created and organized by the previous administration (including the heads of the FBI and the CIA) and the opposition party. Most of the news media, blatantly partisan, has supported the Democrats. Yet Trump overcame the opposition and made huge progress moving his agenda forward.

            Trump has a long list of real and decent accomplishments. And you don’t think he is a decent leader or manager? The fact you say such things just says your bias is completely out of control.

            So, we have come to this election, and there are lots of people like you who have been so indoctrinated you can’t let go of your hatred and fear. Once I might have been tempted to laugh, but it doesn’t seem funny anymore.

            There but for the grace of God, go I. — John Bradford (1510–1555)

          11. They are only “vague generalities” because you and others refuse to acknowledge Trump’s human deficiencies in favor of the expediency of his promoting your personal agenda.
            No. See how you’ve answered with another vague generality. I was able to supply a long list of actual reality based specific results based reasons I did not like Hillary (and others). I did not simply assert they had “human deficiencies that you refuse to acknowledge” and of course I could provide no evidence but I’d been studying their minds so I just know.
            Weirder still, as you say “the ends don’t justify the means” here when you’ve asserted that people who support Trump “get when they have coming”. You’re de facto legitimizing the violence and destruction and fires all in the interest of getting the person you think is the wrong guy out of office…and in fact blaming him for the mass violence and chaos of his opponents whom you support.

            You won’t read this, but Tom or anyone else interested:

          12. You do an awful lot of putting words in where there weren’t.. but really doesn’t matter. We are all frustrated, on our respective planets. The reality is going to come for sure at the election and very likely after.. whomever wins.
            More former Trump admin people going public this week, revealing the “real” Trump. It’s gonna get worse.

          13. BTW, there is no doubt (enemy) foreign governments are involved in trying to capitalize on the chaos. DHS has identified that some portions of the antifa groups are supported by foreign money and AI. Tik tok is a Chinese app. They don’t even need an interest in a candidate in particular their interest is in undermining the democratic process by throwing the results into question. It’s very easy to brew chaos, especially when a good portion of the country legitimizes it, and undermines the legal authority to protect citizens and property.

            The fact we’re hearing crickets from the left is all anyone needs to know about how much they really care about foreign interference in our elections.

          14. Crickets from the Left?? Who cares! Where’s the President and what is he doing that’s protecting us from anything foreign? He’s tossing fear about the elections without any evidence… he failed keeping our elections safe from foreign tampering… and he’s failed keeping the virus out of America (200,000 dead Americans can attest to that). The guy is a loser… and we are as a nation because of it.

          15. and he’s failed keeping the virus out of America (200,000 dead Americans can attest to that).
            I am unaware of any first world nation that “kept the virus out”.
            I think the average age of death from covid is about two years less than the average life expectancy.

            The guy is a loser… and we are as a nation because of it.
            I disagree strongly.
            And I have lived around the globe, so I have some basis for comparison.
            But it is a free country so feel like a loser if you need that sort of thing.

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