Donald Trump, the President of the United States since January 20, 2017 (from here)

Have you noticed that Joe Biden’s campaign is mostly about trashing President Donald Trump? Here is an example. On September 4, 2020, Joe Biden climbed out his basement and gave a speech followed by an equally scripted press conference. This is the guy never Trumpers want for president? It is no wonder they never want to talk about him.

Here, Joe Biden Press Conference Transcript September 4 (, is a transcript of the video above. The transcript includes times. So we can pick and choose what we wish to listen to.

Note that the news media starts pitching softball questions at about 30 minutes into the press conference. Here is an example of the commentary on that, Reporters blasted for ‘shamefully embarrassing’ softball questions at rare Biden press conference ( The press conference was obviously scripted. The news media is obviously letting itself be used. Prostitutes have less cause for shame than these so-called reporters.

So, what are Joe Biden’s accomplishments? Is he running on his accomplishments? No. Will you find his accomplishments listed proudly on his website Biden/Harris ( No. People talk about Biden’s biography, not his accomplishments. However, there is a list of accomplishments front and center at Trump/Pence (, right on the menu bar. See Promises Kept.

Why doesn’t Biden want to talk about his accomplishments or at least the accomplishments of the Obama administration? Biden doesn’t wants to bring attention to what he has done.

What is Joe Biden’s biggest accomplishment? Being “somebody”. That’s why his list of accomplishments always looks like a biography. Biden has not used the power he has had constructively. Instead, he has been a man to fear. For example, if you were a Conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, Biden would do his best to destroy your reputation (Biden Takes Credit for Defeating Robert Bork’s SCOTUS Appointment (

Because he does not have a record of doing anything constructive, Biden damns his opponent and talks about all the wonderful things he will do if we elect him to be our Fairy Godfather. However, when we hear Biden making endless promises we should remember how the Nazis and the Communist kept their promises.

Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. — Gerald R. Ford (from here (

Freedom is not free. No one can give us freedom or food or shelter or clothing and so forth except God, and He expects us to work. In fact, work is one of His gifts to us. So, when politicians offer us something for nothing, even something as seemingly innocuous as allowing us to vote by mail instead of going to the polls, we should be suspicious. What is in it for them? In the case of mail-in balloting, we should wonder how are they going to cheat.

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  1. I more I watch and the more I listen and the more I see, Trump is hands down the man with a plan.
    He has energy, he has focus, and he has America first at his heart…how hard is that for others to see?
    Do they prefer violence, fear, stagnation…I just don’t understand…

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    1. @Julie

      I can only guess, but I think the problem is the way propaganda works. It is the difference between facts and feelings.

      The Liberal Democrat news media doesn’t report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and I would not be surprised if the average reader knows that. Even the Conservative news media tends to tell its readers what the want to hear. We like to hear our own views reaffirmed. We don’t like being forced to hear contrary views.

      So what is the difference between the Liberal Democrat and the Conservative news media? Because it has 90 percent of the market, the Liberal Democrat news media can ignore that part of the news that does not fit their narrative. They can focus on making Liberal Democrats feel justified in their feelings. They can even lie in order to do it. The Liberal Democrat media can lie using unnamed sources and ignore the hypocrisy of Liberal Democrat politicians. They can pretend Socialism works in spite of the economic collapse of any economy where is it fully implemented. The can pretend power does not corrupt even though it obviously does. They can pretend government-run schools do not override parental authority and interfere with religious freedom even though they obviously do. They can even pretend same-sex marriage is real and produce an endless stream of fiction that supports their views.

      The same outfits that produce the news produce fantasy entertainment. They are the business of helping us escape reality, not helping us deal with it. They are in the business of entertainment — making the unbelievable real — not factual reporting.

      But why you may ask is the news media so partisan? Money. Five or six big corporations own 90 percent of the news media. They have cronies in government they want to keep there.

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  2. The real point is, Biden had 47 years to do something. Why do people want to keep doing the same things over and over again for five decades and expect different results. That really is insanity. We need real change, not the same old crony politics. Trump came to drain the DC swamp and Biden and Pelosi are the swamp monsters extraordinaire. That’s Biden’s message….protect the Swamp from Trump! 🙂

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  3. Tom

    I consider the biggest accomplishment of Joe’s 40 years in office was that he convinced voters to keep reelecting him. Either he is a good election gatherer of votes, or the people he ran against were maybe not so good, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  4. So, what are Joe Biden’s accomplishments?

    He has the long running accomplishment of repeating fake news and hoaxes.
    I suspect he will win with 700,000,000 votes.
    Anyone who questions will be silenced as white supremacists.

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