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Whenever we have a presidential election, the turnout is huge. This year, because the election has been contentious, the turnout is likely to be even larger than usual. So, lots of election officers will be needed to help. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus (COVID -19), it is possible the polls will be difficult to staff. Mail-in voting may alleviate that problem somewhat, but the vote still has to be counted. Therefore, volunteers are needed. Good citizens need to volunteer to give lawful voters their ballots and to count their votes.

Is the outcome of this election important to you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors? Of course, it is. Don’t you want to make certain we have an honest count of the vote? Then volunteer. How? Check out Become an Election Officer (

The hours are long, but you can work near home, get paid, and you will receive…

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  1. Tom,

    If a person who has high risk for deadly complication if they contract the virus, they are not wise to volunteer.

    This year, in my opinion, the National guard or other government groups should be enlisted for one day from their normal duties instead of the usual group of retirees who volunteer.

    And masks should be mandatory for all voters and available at the door and temperatures taken just like they do if you enter any hospital.

    Along with many advanced opportunities to vote in polling places in city halls for voters who want to avoid standing in lines.

    After all, this year is not an ordinary year so we need to make adjustments to the normal way we do things including voting..

    As for mail in votes, I don’t blame Trump for being concerned about fraud after his experiences of what he has endured both before and during his term in office.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      I don’t think it is necessary because I don’t think the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is that dangerous. However, many older people have been persuaded that it is, and many of the election officers are seniors. So, I have no problem with using the National Guard, but the decision has to be made now. If the National Guard is used, those soldiers need to be taught what they will have to do.

      1. Tom,

        If I tell my doctors I am going to volunteer with my present health conditions they will without a double consider me a fool.

        I agree that a decision needs to be mans now and that there should be exceptions made based on individual age or health.

        I linked you post to mine tilled, 2020 Election Polling Plans?

        Thanks again for the inspiration.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

    2. This year, in my opinion, the National guard or other government groups should be enlisted for one day from their normal duties instead of the usual group of retirees who volunteer.

      I think this is an excellent idea. Guard and also Reservists.

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