At this point the credibility of the Liberal Democrat news media should be approaching zero, but some people who should know better still believe them. So, one of my commenters asked if I was going to do a post on the title subject.
Given the lie is so obvious, I am puzzled why anyone would believe it. Why does anyone need to refute foolish gossip?

Because the lie is so obvious, I had not even bothered to read the “The Atlantic’s” news fiction. Why click on click bait? However, for sake of those still being fooled, I looked at the gossip. What a stink! The sources are unnamed. Why do the sources want to remain unnamed? The gossips are fearful of hostile tweets? Seriously? Senior military officers afraid of Twitter?

Read Goldberg’s gossip. Then consider why his brave, dedicated the public servants, his sources, won’t go on the record. They are afraid of tweets? You can’t make this stuff up.

If you still believe the Liberal Democrat media, then it is a cinch you never bother to research anything. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Bolton (named sources), say they were there and Trump did not fly to the cemetery because the weather made it unsafe. Of course, the fact the lie is obvious did not stop Democrats, including Joe Biden, from running with it and spreading it.

At this point the Liberal Democrat rank and file ought to be ashamed. We have gone beyond the point where gullibility is excusable. If you still believe the Liberal Democrat news media, it is because you are desperate to believe Trump is evil. It is about a problem with you, not Trump.

Liberal Democrats politicians and their news media allies have record of lying and lying and lying. That is all they have been doing since Trump won the presidency.

Here are some sources. Check for yourself.








  1. Fake news kills.
    Netflix just lost 9 billion (if what I read is true) due to Cuties.
    Time to make CNN et al pay for stuff like this.
    If I were in the family of these LEOs, I would start by suing California.
    This is what they do. This is who they are.

    1. That video is sad! Who ever thought the police would have to worry about just sitting in a patrol car and some piece of excrement just walking up and shooting them?

      1. A lone (perhaps crazy) gunman is disturbing in the extreme. But it could just be a crazy lone gunman. What worries me more is the mob of folks descending on the hospital blocking medical care, chanting against the police, praising the violence and encouraging more.

        1. @Liz


          We have some powerful people trying to start a race war and blame it on Trump and Trump supporters. They are lying so shamelessly they are making themselves absurd. The rich people going along with this are even endangering their children, whom they have raised to be ignorant of wisdom.

          Whoever that gunman was he sure wasn’t a Trump supporter. Who in his right mind thinks it is appropriate, much less peaceful, to protest at a hospital? How full of hatred do you have to be for that?

          1. And another “protest” broke out in Pennsylvania after a man was shot while waving a knife and running at the police officers in a threatening manner.
            Maybe we can portion out a bit of the country for these imbeciles?
            Like the movie ‘escape from New York” they can live without law enforcement if they choose. Just don’t force that on the rest of us.
            They can even continue to “peacefully” (or unpeacefully) protest all they want.

            Saw this quote earlier today:
            Liberal leaders have spent 4 years convincing their followers of 2 claims:

            1) Their domestic opponents are Nazis, fascists & White Supremacist Terrorists.

            2) Russia is lurking everywhere, an existential threat to US democracy.

            Ponder what that means for how they’ll wield power.

            I can’t imagine anyone looking at this could think this is a future they desire.
            Also, as a side note, there seem to be liberal articles now asserting that if you are “creepily” disturbed by pedophilia, you are probably a pedophile.
            It just gets more and more nuts.

  2. Because Doug asserted a complete fabrication about the absence of a quarantine process for people coming home from China, then did not believe the article I provided (from February),
    I am posting the actual State Department travel advisory here. Again, at this point there were only eight known total cases in the US:

    The Department of State has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for China following a decision by the World Health Organization to declare the coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.  Do not travel to China due to the novel coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China.  Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice.  Commercial carriers have reduced or suspended routes to and from China.
    The United States has imposed travel restrictions and quarantines on individuals traveling from China.  Foreign nationals who have visited China within 14 days of seeking admission to the United States will be denied entry, with the exception of lawful permanent residents, immediate family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, and certain others.  Read the Presidential Proclamation.
    U.S. citizens who have visited China’s Hubei Province within 14 days before reentry to the United States will face a mandatory quarantine,</b. while citizens returning from other parts of mainland China will face advanced screening and a self-imposed quarantine to monitor their health.  U.S. permanent residents, immediate family of U.S. citizens and permanent residents and others exempted from the entry ban are also expected to be subject to quarantine.

    I do not see how this is disputable. And if CNN says differently (which I must assume, since it has been brought up repeatedly) they are begin purposefully factually inaccurate.
    Done with the internet for a few days. Hope you all have a good weekend.

    1. @Liz

      I do not see how this is disputable.

      One of the things I learned when I was growing up is that children will say things just to win or hurt another child’s feelings. The truth does not matter as much to a child as getting the desired effect. When we don’t honor the truth, lying is just a small matter.

      Look at the news media. Do most of the networks honor the truth? If that is where Doug is getting his news…… From people with the morals of children who never learned to honor the truth.

      I hope that in time Doug and Tony will do something besides going silent or into denial when confronted with contrary facts. Up to them.

          1. I blew away my blog sites for my own lack of interest and then tried putting together something different and WordPress “demanded” I set up a new name. and it seems it changed it everywhere. I will try and get it back to “Doug” again.

        1. It wasn’t so much about the “why” he did it but they way it turned out in reality and him and his base since then have made it the crowning achievement in controlling the pandemic… when it was hardly that at all.

          1. @Doug

            Amazing how you cannot answer my question.

            I think Trump only point is cutting off travel from China bought us time. The virus apparent came to New York from Italy, not China.

            Trump also brings up the travel ban from China to remind everyone how Democrats first reacted, “xenophobe”. At first Democrats acted like COVID-19 was not a problem. Now it is the end of the world.

          2. Hookay… let’s go there.

            1. If we accept that Trump “bought us time” with the travel restriction.. he completed squandered it for over a month after, especially now that we have the Woodward tapes to prove it. He has no problems passing on fear and panic about people from below the border being criminals and rapists.. fear of our voting system… I can go on and on. The man lives on building fear and panic to get his way. Sorry.. he NEVER had the idea that downplaying the virus was about fear and panic.. unless it was to the stock market.

            2. He (and his base) like to constantly bring up the Dems “xenophobe” critique as if it were some sort of “gotchya” moment. A president makes a decision and lives with whatever acclaim or complaints that arise. Nature of the job. Too much time wasted on an “I told you so” past…. even if questionable. Who exactly were “all the Dems” that made all that noise anyway? Did they represent “all the Dems”, or is the the usual Trumpian exaggerations?

          3. @Doug

            Dealing with a virus is mostly a medical problem. Trump turned our medical industry loose to deal with the virus. He also dealt with the economic issues related to the lockdowns instituted by state governments.

          4. @Doug

            Only about six percent of the people who supposedly died of COVID19 did not have a comorbidity. Fact is that we don’t know what killed 90 percent of those people.

      1. I should have turned off my computer.
        So now the goalpost has moved all the way to the first case in China.
        Of course.
        How could Trump NOT have closed all travel to and from China after the very first documented case of covid?!?
        The World Health Organization didn’t recommend travel restrictions until mid March.
        That’s when they declared it a pandemic.
        We closed travel before most of the rest of the world…way before. Since they were listening to the WHO. This is the “leadership” that Democrats are pointing to as better while criticizing the “slow reaction” to cut travel (which they criticized at the time) out of the other side of their mouths.
        This truly beggars belief. I’m done addressing this nonsense.
        I feel my IQ points slipping away, it’s dumber than Jerry Springer.

          1. Honestly…just for catharsis I’m going to do a quick review of this conversation with Doug:
            D: “Trump called our soldiers losers! You can’t prove he didn’t! Here’s a CNN video show me the fake news!”
            Me: “Well, there is fake news (provides example)”
            D: “That doesn’t mean it’s all fake! You can’t prove everything is fake just because some of it was. Also, Trump let thousands of people in from China after covid. There were no temperature checks or quarantine or anything!”
            Me: “Here is an article…”
            D: “That’s a fake article from your Trumpian friends!”
            Me: “Okay, this is from the record of the state department”
            D: “Take that! An article from the NYTimes that says we’ve let in hundreds of thousand of people from China since the covid first started!”
            Very profound.
            Very elegant.

            While we’re all concentrating on this new shiny object the NYTimes has provided for us did you happen to hear that over two dozen cell phones subpoenaed from Mueller’s team of investigators were wiped clean? Yes, apparently 25 people all simultaneously put in the wrong passwords so many times they all accidentally deleted all information. These were the people investigating Trump for obstruction of justice.
            Nothing to see there….
            HEY! Maybe the stock market will go down today and we can blame Trump. Maybe there will be some more firey protests the VP running mate is encouraging now…

          2. Serenity now!
            Someone tongue in cheek suggested God’s software was handed over to 11 year old programmers for 2020. This theory is starting to have some merit…..
            Okay, now I am truly done reading the internet for the weekend.
            So I can have an enjoyable weekend.
            take care
            -Grace and Peace,
            Liz out

          3. Yeah.. you guys gnaw on that “dossier” nonsense cause if all the investigations haven’t dredged up anything so far.. likely nothing will pop up… unless contrived for a smokescreen charge that has smash now but fails the in courts later when it won’t matter. Seems Durham is losing lawyers on that case due to Barr pushing the politics to come up with an October surprise. Why am I not shocked about that one.
            Appears to be nothing to see here. But keep gnawing.. you never know.

          4. Yeah.. you guys gnaw on that “dossier” nonsense
            Oh….the dossier is nonsense now? How interesting. That mean the Democrats will stop calling Trump a Russian puppet?
            Based only and entirely on the unsubstantiated and discredited dossier? I’m hopeful, but not holding my breath.
            But more to the point…
            it has just been revealed that over two dozen people deleted evidence after subpoena and you don’t even care.
            These are the people investigating others for obstruction of justice using those very phones. And you don’t care. Just shrug with “myeh”.

            cause if all the investigations haven’t dredged up anything so far.. likely nothing will pop up… unless contrived for a smokescreen charge that has smash now but fails the in courts later when it won’t matter.
            The democrats always blame others for exactly what they are doing.
            This is exhibit 1000000000+
            These are the people STILL claiming the Mueller report condemned Trump.
            They just prosecuted an FBI lawyer for falsifying a e mail.
            Perhaps what is actually happening is lost with you due to the nature of the news you choose to view.
            This is probably lost with a lot of other folks too due to squid ink everywhere.
            Here is a quick review:
            1) The entire justification for the surveillance on the Republican candidate for the primaries was obtained by a FISA warrant on Carter Page.
            From there is was just the “two hump rule” to bug everyone else in the campaign (Flynn, Trump, et al…gee, remember when Trump said he was “wiretapped” and everyone laughed and called him crazy? Yeah, that actually happened, except wiretapping is a landline bug…the surveillance performed on Trump was far more extensive than that).

            2) Carter Page was a CIA operative.
            He’d worked with both the FBI and CIA for decades. They knew he was legit because they had used him as a source.

            3)Comey received a private pleading letter from Carter Page indicating same. Way back in September 2016.
            See here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/r/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2016/09/26/Editorial-Opinion/Graphics/2016.09.25_FBI_letter.pdf

            In short, Comey knew the FISA warrant was illegal.
            He had to, just based on this letter. Even if he didn’t believe Carter Page having a sketchy surveillance on a presidential candidate is not something one would go into lightly. Surely upon receiving this he would have investigated.
            This would have been easy to do. The FBI lawyer (the first to be prosecuted so far) doctored an e mail from the CIA that indicated Page was working for them, to say that he was not working for them.

            4) Now about two dozen people involved in the investigation of Trump have deleted all their cell phone data.

            And the Democrats are somehow successfully STILL deluding themselves into thinking everything must be square here. This wouldn’t even make good fiction it is so blatant.
            They just didn’t think Trump would win. Since there was no chance, they’d never be discovered. But he did. And now they have no choice but to point the finger at him for everything they have actually done.
            And you don’t even care.
            I guess I can understand why the cognitive dissonance won’t allow you to ask yourself the hard questions.

          5. @Liz

            Why would anyone adopt the strategy of winning an argument by constantly attacking his opponent, Trump in this case, and never even consider the alternative? How is that a win? Yet that is what the never Trumpers are doing.

            Is Trump that bad? Compared to whom? Biden? The field of Democrats who competed for the Democratic Party’s nomination? No and no.

            What it comes down to is the absolute hatred of Trump. Doug, if you don’t have a better candidate, and you hate Trump that much, you ought to sit out the election.

          6. “My” election vote is all about removing Trump at all costs because he has been, since the elevator walk, been a clear and present danger to the nation. Turns out, in that mission he was successful. I would vote for you to replace him.

          7. Again… someone somewhere has to make it stick. Although, as I said before, Barr can get a lot of election mileage, given the Durham investigation will not be done before the election, by simply doing one of his famous “interim” memos for an October surprise to suggest a pile of things are coming… and then nothing will come of any substance.
            Keep in mind… Mueller did not discount Trump being innocent of anything because you can’t indict a sitting president. The Senate GOP kept an impeachment trial from happening the way a trial should.. and ended up not proving Trump innocent or guilty.. just an acquittal based on nothing but partisanship.

            And, no, Tom. Given all the other priorities in the nation, frankly, who cares about the dossier right now anyway. Trump thinks it’s his “gift from the Gods” to save his butt… and his base assumes it would be some grand vindication… but of what and for what? A dream about locking up all his adversaries? Not gonna happen. Apparently the Biden/Hunter Ukraine thing was a bust.. after all of Guiliani’s globe-trotting efforts.

    1. One kinda had a feeling that would be coming. Trump’s presence has taken the honor and value out of the Medal of Freedom… and now the honor and credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize will be cheapened. Not to mention disparaging the military and their deceased memories. His existence as President has cheapened the office, a laughing stock of the world.

      1. @Doug

        The guy who nominated Trump pointed to specific accomplishments. Can you tell me exactly what President Obama did that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize?

        1. https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/2009/obama/facts/

          There.. I did your homework for you… which your entire point is to judge Trump for what Obama did.. as usual. More like nominating Herr Hitler for the Nobel Prize for constructing the Autobahn, which thusly led to our grand interstate highway system, and inspiring the Volkswagon, and rocket development that led to our space program.
          Oh dear… did I just compare Hitler with Trump? Actually I am illustrating that simply “doing a good deed”, or with Trump, “stumbling into a good deed”, does not necessarily make the person “good” for humanity. But again.. who cares anyway? It’s up to those people from Norway that Trump likes. It could also be that nominees are sparse for this year in the world and they had to pick someone.

          1. @Doug

            Didn’t you read the link you sent? Obama did not do anything except inspire. Then he dropped bombs in more countries than any president since WWII.🙄

            You are so biased you cannot see what is right in front of you. That is not good.

          2. You’re darn right I am biased! Nobel is just a side issue that matters nothing to the U.S.. Just today we learn that Trump betrayed the nation on not being honest about the progress of Covid in February and it’s on tape. He’s admitted to playing it down and hiding the truth from the American public. His downplaying deflection just served to divide the country all the more between those that think it’s no big deal and those who do. He likely spawned the mask wearing symbolism. There was no impending panic, no immediate national threat. Even in spite of his own medical task force doctors spreading the alarm he continued to downplay, broadening the divide, American against American. Thus schmuck is no hero. State governors were taking their queue on their state responses. His base… people like you and Liz who like him “for all the good he has done”, were betrayed by him. In fact.. even today you visit these off-beat pro-Trump fringe websites showing “encouraging” graphs that do not contain the entire picture of the threat to the national economy. He’s fed you all this “no mask wearing” nonsense and it’s all been lies. He’s pushed to go back to school.. sold you on it.. and now people going to school have been infected and forcing up the contagion effect… and killing people.

            Has all the good he’s alleged to have done been worth the price, Tom?

          3. I’m watching an idiot President trying to destroy the country to save his own ass. You’re damn right I’m hysterical… it’s MY country. The question is.. why aren’t you just as disturbed by it all?

          4. @Doug

            I am disturbed, but not by Trump. Do I think Trump does stupid things? Yeah! Some of his tweets are too much. He sometimes speaks too quickly. When I found he wasted a bunch of time with Bob Woodward, I did an eyeroll and scratched my head. Why did he do that? Why waste time with a reporter who is just going to write a hitjob?

            Apparently, Trump is still foolish enough to think he can charm people like Woodward, but such people hate what he believes and what he stands for. Their hatred looks personal, but like you they don’t understand the man they hate. They don’t want to understand Trump, which is one reason they have so much trouble beating him.

            So what disturbs me? Many of my countrymen, including people I love, have abandoned the principles upon which previous generations founded this country. We no longer school our children in those principles. In fact, many people, when they see someone, like Donald Trump put the principles that made America great put into practice, rage against those principles. That is what I find disturbing, but it makes me sad, not enraged. I don’t want to destroy anyone. Instead, I pray and try to educate people.

            If enough of us give up on the beliefs enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, then America as we have known it will soon cease to exist. Because of that I fear for my children and grandchildren. I fear the ignorance of our history and heritage, not Trump.

            So, if I fear, why am I not hysterical like you? I believe in a sovereign God. We are never actually in control of our destiny. We have always depended upon the providence of God. He gives us things to do, but He does not depend upon us. I am confident that some how some way He will save my children and grandchildren. How? I don’t know.

          5. Yet you shun.. ignore.. the the violation of Christian principles that makes up Trump’s natural persona and daily actions… all for some political expediency to your personal agenda. Trump is no god, no national savior, he’s an abomination of religious precepts across any number of organized religion. Yet you embrace him and all his non-Christian baggage. You are enabling everything that’s chaos in America right now.

          6. @Doug

            No. I chose the better of two candidates. You obsess with the problems you see in Trump and ignore Biden’s problems. You won’t even discuss Biden.

          7. I see the more immediate clear and present danger to the country being Trump hence I want him out.. and Biden just happens to be the alternative and happens to have some “presidential awareness experience” from having been Vice President for 8 years. I was ok having Pence run the show if Trump failed his acquittal in the Senate. In essence, anyone but Trump. He’s a recognized mental case.

          8. He’s fed you all this “no mask wearing” nonsense and it’s all been lies.

            I’m actually pretty up on mask wearing of all types. Having worked in the biz personally, and many many contact isolation rooms.

          9. @Doug

            Deifying, not defying.

            Be careful! Trump will fry you with a lightening bolt from Mount Olympus. Kind of like Obama having those Americans on his disposition list killed in drone strikes.

          10. When I wore a (surgical, of N95) mask in isolation precaution rooms, it was actually an OSHA violation to then go out of that room and wear the dirty mask around.
            Think about how this fits in to the current situation.

          11. @Doug

            He’s only saying it’s a hoax, because he wants to prevent a panic. Give the man credit, where credit is due. Few people could have prevented social distancing and mask wearing, as efficiently, as Trump has. Just look at his fans, who make not wearing a mask a political statement. Just a few days ago we had a German radio correspondent retelling her holiday experience on a camping ground, where she had gone to for years. The Trumpistas made a point out of deliberately breathing and coughing at anyone daring to wear a mask.

          12. Just a few days ago we had a German radio correspondent retelling her holiday experience on a camping ground, where she had gone to for years. The Trumpistas made a point out of deliberately breathing and coughing at anyone daring to wear a mask.
            Radio correspondent goes to a camp ground and folks go out of their way to breath and cough on her.
            I don’t know what camp ground this person went to but when I camp it is highly unusual to come within 6 feet of anyone I don’t want to be near. We are to believe people went out of their way to get close to this person and cough on her to make an anti-mask point, eh? Okay.
            My spouse was running (without a mask, good for avoiding a pneumothorax and/or the cognitive impairment induced in high CO2 environments) in Portland.
            There was another jogger coming in the opposite direction (wearing a mask). She saw him, and proceeded to get into the fetal position with her hands on either side of her face, facing away from him as he ran by.
            It was highly dramatic. I’ll bet she went home with some stories about a crazy non-mask wearing “Trumpian” coughing and breathing on her on purpose too.

          13. @Liz

            Still can’t figure out why people going outside to exercise think they need a mask.

            When the gym I go to reopened, at first they allowed people to exercise without a mask. Some idiot changed that. University run gym in a Democrat run state. No commonsense allowed. So, people go through the motions of following dumb rules. Because I would rather breath, I have no interest in an expensive N95 mask.

          14. So.. your hubby was demonstrating his God-given freedom as an American.. wrapping up the entire symbolism of the Constitution.. into mask wearing (or not).
            When I go out and there’s no one or few around at some distance, I will just slip the mask up to my forehead. When someone approaches I bring the mask down over the face. Now.. admittedly it’s not overly stylish to look like from a distance that you just had brain surgery… but I am not one to adapt to fashion trends. As the opposite jogger approached, hubby could have very easily dropped the mask down for the less-than-five-seconds as they passed each other, tolerating the CO2 gibberish. I am passing judgement on your hubby.. not relishing in the entertaining response that you feel was overly dramatic from the opposite runner. But then again… rights are more important these days when you add “God-given” to them rather than just accepting they are being granted/made possible by the Constitution.

          15. @marmoewp

            Typical. You guys take stuff out of context, argue about, and then you run around in a fake panic because Trump is not in a panic. On the other hand, when Trump is banning flights from China, he is a xenophobe. Sigh!

          16. Actually there never was a “ban” on flights from China. It was a “restriction”, which led to a hundred+ thousand returning.. with most just scattering to the four winds of America and not held for quarantine, tracing, or even a temperature check. Now.. they may have all been Americans returning home, and that’s perfectly fine… but there was very loose checking if at all when they arrived. It was a “restriction”, not a “ban”.

          17. Yet he did nothing else. Woodward’s tapes prove that in Trump’s own words. He elected to play down the threat he already knew existed under some idea of not starting a panic. If anything he might have been more worried about a stock market panic. But he failed to listen to his advisors.. the scientists… to inform the public so that prevention could be started. He failed America (yet again) and this time it helped to kill people by keeping knowledge secret, constantly downplaying the effect and thus dividing the public further that there was nothing to fear.. that it would all go away… defying and denying his own task force scientists. In the civilian world that kind of incompetence is a felony called reckless homicide.
            Oh.. of course Trump supporters are pointing fingers at Woodward himself that if he knew the “real” Covid threat he should have whistle blown right after he interviewed Trump. That may well be but that’s on Woodward and his own personal moral responsibility. He was never elected to a public office and certainly was not president. Trump is President and has the responsibility. Just deflection.

            He is supposed to protect the country against all threat, foreign and domestic. He’s failed to protect with the pandemic.. and he’s failed to protect us against Russian election tampering. Total failure.

          18. @Doug

            There is nothing new in Woodward’s book. Even Doctor Anthony Fauci is on record saying Trump didn’t hide anything from us. All Trump did is try to avoid unnecessarily alarming people.

            This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days. (http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5057/)

            Try doing something about that hysteria.

          19. Still can’t figure out why people going outside to exercise think they need a mask.

            Notice how it is all based along partisan lines. TDS is strong. It’s nuts.
            I tried to go to our local gym but couldn’t exercise with the mask on.
            Felt like I was hyperventilating (because I was, we’re at two miles up here…running at this altitude isn’t easy without a mask either).
            Folks typically just push the mask down to their chin and pretend.
            Democrat run state here also.
            Our second son is having fun living with the first liberal he’s been near, probably in his life. I told him to just let the guy spout on. Our boy is very reticent and doesn’t argue, and gets along with people. But TDS is (again) strong. The guy will not shut up and keep politics to himself as a courtesy.

          20. Actually there never was a “ban” on flights from China. It was a “restriction”, which led to a hundred+ thousand returning..

            Yes, we know that when Democrats got the hives over those travel restrictions for foreigners they would’ve been all for preventing actual US citizens to return from China. <—-See level of TDS. It's just…sad.

          21. @Liz

            When people started saying there was not a travel ban because we were allowing Americans to return home, my jaw dropped. We are not going to let Americans come home? That’s kind of like a soldier on the battlefield not looking out for his buddies. Who thinks that way? Thank God Trump doesn’t.

          22. I realize “fact checker” and CNN (but I repeat myself) might state otherwise.
            But fortunately the internet is foreva:

            American citizens returning the U.S. from areas in China where they may have been exposed to the virus will be quarantined, while others coming from the rest of China will be screened for the virus.

            At this point only eight cases of the virus had been confirmed in the US.

          23. I see your mental process…. “If mainstream media says it’s so or ain’t so, and it doesn’t positively feed a Trump narrative, then we can obviously dispute it all by finding at least one obscure blog or website who promotes the evidence of some friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend source, backed up by science.”

          24. I’m watching an idiot President trying to destroy the country to save his own ass. You’re damn right I’m hysterical… it’s MY country. The question is.. why aren’t you just as disturbed by it all?

            We aren’t hysterical because we aren’t watching CNN to get all our information.
            But that you for proving CNN is successfully provocative. You admit you’re hysterical? Thank you.
            If you are truly worried about the world view of us, you could ask Israel what they think. They have more of a vested interest in security and our relationship than most other nations. During the Bosnian air campaign, the US flew just about all night time sorties. The reason? The Europeans weren’t trained to do it…too many air restrictions over their airspace to allow it. That was about twenty years ago and it has only gotten worse. Much worse. Meanwhile, they are angry when we tell them to invest in their own defense as they are contractually obligated to do (because if and when they don’t, we have to fund their defense). And they’re relying on enemy countries for crucial resources that could just be cut off. And we’re the ones who should be embarassed?

          25. Bosnia??? Sorry, Liz. You’re on another planet. Maybe it’s more like… we are both on the same planet, but it ain’t Earth.

          26. @Liz

            You mean our allies are not anything to brag about? It is a funny thing. We sometimes make ourselves utterly ridiculous, but we are still number one. Makes me think of a certain Bible passage.

            1 Corinthians 1:26-31 New King James Version

            Glory Only in the Lord

            26 For you see your calling, brethren, that not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called. 27 But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; 28 and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, 29 that no flesh should glory in His presence. 30 But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God—and righteousness and sanctification and redemption— 31 that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.”

            Yep! When I see the rage of those who lose to Donald Trump because they find him so ridiculous, I think of this passage. Then I wonder if Trump realizes how blessed he has been. There are lots of people praying for that guy.

          27. I see your mental process…. “If mainstream media says it’s so or ain’t so, and it doesn’t positively feed a Trump narrative, then we can obviously dispute it all by finding at least one obscure blog or website who promotes the evidence of some friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend source, backed up by science.”

            This article was published in February, they just haven’t had time to bury it yet. 😆
            Seriously, Doug…..look at the date.
            You think they went back in time and rewrote it?

          28. Is that the same February that Trump decided not to tell Americans how serious Covid is?
            Woodward’s on his way to take down another Republican president.

          29. Bosnia??? Sorry, Liz. You’re on another planet. Maybe it’s more like… we are both on the same planet, but it ain’t Earth.

            Yes, Doug. There was an actual air campaign in the Balkans. Like, 20 years or so ago. There was bombing, and stuff. Are you truly this uninformed?
            Did CNN fact-checked rewrite this too?!?
            This is fun! 😆

          30. Ugh! My point with “Bosnia???” was that I could care less about Bosnia given our current state of affairs. The country is a mess and you’re using examples about Bosnia. My opinionated priorities aren’t on Bosnia at the moment. I’m impressed that you are an expert on the history of U.S. policy in Bosnia.

          31. Time to go. Thanks for the fun, Doug.
            I have a teleconference with a doctor in a few minutes.
            Made possible by Trump. Saves me a ton of money and time.
            (and I’m not picking up diseases at the clinic!)
            Thank you Mr President.

          32. Ugh! My point with “Bosnia???” was that I could care less about Bosnia given our current state of affairs.

            So you ignored every other word in the whole statement (which would place context on the reason I brought it up) but “Bosnia”. Dismissed it with “Haha! Bosnia! You’re on another planet!”….and strolled on.
            Great CNN tactic.
            I didn’t realize the bug in the programming was actually contagious. They should sell this to the army.

            Just saw this above:
            As the opposite jogger approached, hubby could have very easily dropped the mask down for the less-than-five-seconds as they passed each other, tolerating the CO2 gibberish. I am passing judgement on your hubby.. not relishing in the entertaining response that you feel was overly dramatic from the opposite runner.

            The public health guidelines for community related covid defines an “exposure” as being on contact within less than 6 feet for 15 or more minutes. There is no chance…zero….of catching covid from a person running past you within a few feet, for a second.
            If facts matter.

          33. I’d be a bit cautious about any “no chance… zero” claims of catching that virus. I was not aware “we” had complete knowledge of what it does. It presumes to suggest that your husband knows more about an unknown disease and will “impose” his knowledge about it on others by defying current procedure directly in front of them so that he can laugh at all the “little” people that pass him in shock & awe. How much more elitist (if not arrogant) can one get.

          34. I’d be a bit cautious about any “no chance… zero” claims of catching that virus. I was not aware “we” had complete knowledge of what it does.
            It is true there is only “incomplete” knowledge. But you seem to be comfortable with incomplete knowledge…or even 100 percent inaccurate knowledge, as long as it gives you the solution you want (whatever CNN says).

          35. I should warn you now as a courtesy (since you’ve done it twice).
            Don’t denigrate my spouse.
            It will not go well the third time you do it.

          36. You’re suggesting I should not “denigrate” the image that you set up regarding your spouse in no mask wearing… or else.


          37. @Doug

            Trump knows where you live. California isn’t big enough to hide you. In deep dark dead of night one of us will sneak into your bedroom and cough on you.

            Seriously! That is how dumb all this has gotten.

          38. I know. Trump said there’s people in dark clothing flying around the country to visit riots.. likely riot ninjas. I don’t want them at my house. I have no place to bury the bodies.

          39. @Doug

            Now you are beginning to sound like that couple that brought out their guns when the BLW rioters visited their development. Maybe there is hope for you after all.

          40. @Doug

            Works with road kill. Unless the deer is on the highway, VDOT lets the buzzards clean up, and we have lots more of them these days. Probably vote Democrat, too.

          41. @Liz
            The radio reporter is a correspondent in Washington D.C. and was on holiday with her family. They went to a camping ground they have been going to for years.

            And yes, there are morons on the loose in the USA:

          42. @marmoewp

            Have no idea what that video has to do with Trump. Kind of weird that the guy doing the video was in in just the right place, and they got her name and former employer. Someone set out to to “cancel” that lady. Coughing in someone’s face is stupid, but that was a setup of some sort, a rather vicious revenge, perhaps by a reporter.

            You do realize that some people just hate wearing the stupid masks. Everything is not political. At least, everything did not use to be political. Miss those days. Sigh!

          43. I’m not sure where the Washington DC correspondent went to camp.
            I lived in DC once myself. Call me suspect of her claims.

          44. of course, with over 300,000,000 people here anything is possible.
            But I believe a radio correspondent would have more incentive to fabricate an interaction (in particular one the rest of us aren’t seeing) than most. Just to have something to talk about if nothing else.

          45. You’re suggesting I should not “denigrate” the image that you set up regarding your spouse in no mask wearing… or else.

            I’m not suggesting. I’m just telling you.
            After a description of the moronic drama queen Portlander who you obviously hold in comparatively high regard.
            You should probably not critique anyone’s fitness or give them tips about the hygiene theatre they should adhere to in order to comply with the standards based on the monumental ignorance of your imagination.
            Least of all my spouse.

          46. Never heard of a drama queen Portlander.

            Well, I’m pretty sure this time last year you would’ve viewed someone behaving in the manner as dramatic.
            Of course, two years ago I’m pretty sure you never would’ve wanted to save a terrorist at the cost of soldier’s lives either.
            Democrats are getting weirder and weirder.
            CNN ain’t helping.

          47. Unless that was tongue in cheek?
            In which case I apologize for missing the joke.
            Kind of hard to tell these days without a smilie (or some sign of obvious sarcasm)
            Especially in a thread like this.

          48. You do realize that some people just hate wearing the stupid masks.
            You make it sound, as if people love to wear masks like a fashion statement. The sooner we can get rid of them the better, but as long as they are a neccessity, I will wear them.

          49. @marmoewp

            When we make it our business to make others live by “our rules”, some of those other people will resist. Given the people making “our rules” cannot explain what they are trying to accomplish, some of those people have gotten quite skeptical.

            You want wear a mask? Not my problem. You demand that I wear a mask? I am not a rebellious sort, but I would like to know why.

  3. Topic related.

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