Politics in this country have gotten crazy here of late. Why? Why are we fighting each other? We want power. Some of us want power over others. Slavery in some form has always been around. Some of us want the power to defend our neighbors, our friends, our families, and ourselves. Lots of us don’t know what we want. We just enjoy watching a good fight; we naively believe we will remain unaffected.

So, we end up with the Speaker of of the House calling her opponents “domestic enemies of the state” and Senate Republicans expressing their outrage, politely, of course.

Does President Donald Trump sometimes say outrageous things. Yes, but he usually does so in response to something that has been said about him, and the Liberal Democrat news media plays it up to make Trump seem as angry and mean as they can.

What about Pelosi? What does the Liberal Democrat news media have to say about her remarks when she has obviously stepped into what should be forbidden territory? Not much. This sort of thing is red meat for the hard core, not independents who might become alarmed.

Observe that Pelosi and the Democrats want something unprecedented, massive mail-in voting. We cannot trust the postal service with cash in the mail. So, we are going to trust it with our votes? That’s the plan, but our postal system was not intended to provide that kind of security.

What happens when someone points out that there might be problems? Those who question scheming Democrats become the “domestic enemies of the state”. Is it possible the Democrats want the election to fail in turmoil, and they fully intend to blame Republicans for the failure?

Do some digging. Mail-in balloting has not worked well. It has been tried. That includes this year’s primary elections in particular. If you want to be certain your vote counts, demand that your state and local governments stand up proper voting precincts where you can stick your ballot in the ballot box. If you don’t want Democrats sending out ballots to voters who have died and moved to a graveyard, insist that only those voters with a legitimate excuse can request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. Whatever you do, don’t let Democrats send out ballots to every register voter. That is just asking for fraud.

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  1. I take great umbrage with an elected official, speaker the the people’s house of all things, stating that those who vote on the opposite aisle from her are domestic terrorists— as tax payers, we pay her freaking salary for Heavens sake — just when I think she can’t lose what mind she has left— she goes and loses more!!!!

    1. @Julie

      I don’t think she is losing her mind. Lots of Democrats, including the Liberal Democrat news media, are involved in this. Apparently, they think this is a winning strategy.

      1. plus my husband and I will be voting in person at the good ol ballot box–or should I say, good ol computer screen. Yet we will go in person to cast our ballots.
        How hard is that???…we will go early voting.
        Maybe our states should run early voting for longer periods of time allowing folks time to go when it seems convenient…in person…even on Saturdays.
        Masks and sanitizer available all day long!

    2. I take umbrage with a bully president name-calling, blathering lies, selling fear, and promoting a national divide for the last 3.5 years. Pick and select whatever umbrage you like. But don’t presume a verbal offense offsets anything Trump has done. Goes both ways.

        1. All shapes, all sizes; my umbrage is equal opportunity…. not limited to race, religion, color of skin, sexual orientation,or political persuasion. In fact, I rain umbrage… hence I need an umbrella.

  2. There is absolutely no reason for universal mail-in voting. None whatsoever. It’s purely political. We shop at Walmart and go to grocery stores every day, we wait in long lines to be tested for COVID-19, thousands protest shoulder to shoulder in our city streets (where there’s absolutely no control of health environment). We certainly can stand in line at safety controlled polling place. Otherwise, request an absentee ballot. This mail-in frenzy is ridiculous and unnecessary. It should be outlawed. Get outside and vote (if your state lets you). I will be voting at my polling place like I always have. And if I wasn’t going to be home, I would request an absentee ballot.

    1. Don’t know about you Mel, but most of the folks who volunteer to work at my polling place are older than I am, right in the crosshairs of that age where Tom seems to think they somehow become expendable humans. I lot of people who vote also have age or other morbidity risks. I can’t imagine that there is anything either Christian or patriotic about not making it as easy as possible for the least of these to exercise their right to vote, but maybe I’m missing something.

      Because less than a dozen fanatics used airplanes as weapons of terror, and killed 3,000 innocent Americans, we turned to world upside down, reorganized the whole of government to create a huge new department, changed forever how we fly on airplanes, activated NATO Treaties to invade Afghanistan and used it as the excuse to preemptively invade Iraq. Going on 170,000 Americans have died in this country of COVID-19 and around 1,000 Americans continue to die daily but we aren’t supposed to exercise any mercy on a local, state or national level to meet the threat to a key component of our democracy in this international health emergency? And all we have to do is quickly dedicate the resources so that people can get their ballot in the mail and either mail it back or drop it in a conveniently located ballot container?

      During WWII, my Dad (Tom’s too) fought in N. Africa, Sicily an Germany. My Mom, a Gold Star Widow, lost her first husband. My wife’s father was shot down on a bombing mission and spent two years in a German POW camp. All this in part to protect the rights of free people, including the old and the fragile, to participate in our elections. I can’t know for sure, but I think they would think that the country that rose to the threat of Fascism (and later Communism) could also figure out a way to make it safe to vote. Otherwise, who are we? What are we?

      If you seriously think mail-in voting is just TOO HARD for American ingenuity and our democratic spirit to find a way to make it work, then where are all the plans to make sure every polling place is safely manned and open to meet the demand without long lines and super spreading situations, especially in poor neighborhoods where people are most susceptible to serious illness and death? How convenient it is that, without easy mail-in voting, the folks who are most likely to vote for Democrats also tend to find it most difficult to vote? And especially now that red and blue and purple states are short of the resources necessary to meet this national voting crisis?

      1. I can’t know for sure, but I think they would think that the country that rose to the threat of Fascism (and later Communism) could also figure out a way to make it safe to vote.
        Safe as in free of fraud? Or safe as in no covid?
        If the issue is covid, the solution is pretty easy. N95 masks, and hand washing/hand sanitizer. Mission accomplished.

        I’ve already posted a link to a very in depth study of mail in ballots in other countries. And they had extreme problems with fraud. Typically our elections are won by a tiny margin. Trust in the voting process is kinda fundamental to a stable election outcome.

        1. Liz,

          Just looking at some of the primary debacles, it’s obvious that that’s not true. In any event, they need to make sure it’s safe for the poll workers and the voters. I’m just a spry 63 year old in decent shape, but I don’t feel safe voting, and I sure would not risk being in an inclosed room as a poll worker with hundreds or thousands of people passing through to vote. I’d sure love to be convinced otherwise, but so far Trump doesn’t have any plan – he just sells lots of snake oil.

          Why go to other countries? I voted in a total mail-in state. Loved it. Utah is a mail-in state. They love it too. On the other hand, I’ve seen election cheating in polling states like Mississippi (where I live) and Alabama (where I hold my law license) up close and personal. Not impressed with how safe or free it is in either place, especially in the midst of an international health emergency.

          1. Again, it all boils down to the viewpoints regarding respect for government and faith that at least in the beginning whomever was elected will serve our basic needs as a nation. To the point that they stop doing that, end up corrupt and in trouble for violating oaths and abusing their power, I go along with them. I’ve done absentee voting and given there are no WIDESPREAD historical issues… then like T said, we have no reason NOT to have complete mail-in ballots. There are no grand deep state conspiracies.. some hidden secret printing press cranking out illegal ballots, or alt-mailing lists of dead people or empty buildings with the explicit goal of keeping Trump from a second term. Trump himself is the only one keeping himself from that.
            I don’t care what other countries do or have done. We have the tech, plain and simple. Now, will that eliminate voting fraud in a remote precinct in Hoboken? Of course not. But nothing will be “wide-spread”.
            We have enough on our national table of problems in real problems that need to be solved rather than spenind time and energy “assuming” future problems just to create fear and doubt for the Trump base.

          2. Doug,

            With the exception of George W. Bush’s second election, a Republican candidate for President has not won the popular vote in any election since George HW Bush. Trump lost the popular vote to H. Clinton by around 3 million votes. It’s really hard to imagine a path the victory again for Trump where he actually takes the popular vote. In fact, a higher voter turnout in certain states eliminates even the possibility of Trump pulling an electoral college hat trick a second time. Voter suppression mainly by making it harder for people to vote is the only game in town for Republicans and Trump knows it.

            In private moments that are recorded, Republican operatives have admitted this more than once. Trump being Trump, he just says the quiet part out loud. He says that easy mail in voting will be the end of the Republican Party, and right now he’s right.

            However, in the longer run, I doubt that has to be true. It’s can be true only if one or both of two things are true: (1) if more voters vote, Republicans can’t possibly win; and/or (2) Democrats cheat more.

            As to (2), there is little evidence of widespread voter fraud and in recent times, it appears that, when it rarely does occur, Republicans actually are the ones more likely to do it.

            I just don’t believe (1). As someone who used to vote Republican, I think Republicans actually had the better message on less, but more effective government, on environmental laws that made good stewardship also good economics, on smart immigration that attracted necessary young exuberant workers who offset the lowering birth rates of current Americans, on promoting the competitive entrepreneurial spirit and on character first, pro-family oriented values that particularly attract many minorities, including Mexican, South and Central American Hispanic Americans and the often far more religious Southern Blacks.

            Donald Trump is pretty much the antithesis of all these former Republican values. That’s why I say that, I’m any traditional sense, Trump is not a Republican, not a conservative and definitely not an actual practicing Christian. I’m fact, Joe Biden is more of all these things than Trump is.

            So getting back to voting, there is something ultimately self defeating to democracy and to itself about a major Political Party that concedes privately to itself that it can’t win an election if more people vote, or else lies to itself that fake voter fraud will occur if they don’t do everything they can to actually suppress voter turnout.

            This is the sad state we find ourselves in Doug, but I’m optimistic that, before I pass from this life, the Grand Old Party that I remember will return and that I will be able to vote for it’s Presidential candidates again.

          3. With the Covid threat lurking about I find myself applying a little more meaning to the wish that I at least hope to be around when Trump is gone. Before when I’d say that it was a casual nonsensical quip for effect.
            But yes.. you are correct and you mentioned it.. voter suppression.. and it’s historically been the purview of Republicans to tinker along those lines with gerrymandering districts, etc. In fact, the loss of Wisconsin in 2016 seems to be attributed at least to some extent with the Republican-mandated voter ID in the state which apparently caused a low number of black voter representation. Perhaps what’s needed is less about tinkering with revising/removing the electoral process (likely very remote to do) but getting states to uniformly select and commit the votes of the individual electors.. and.. maybe some Congressional action on defining “voter suppression”.
            I’m old school GOP myself.. all my life… but never “staunch”. Not sure if I mentioned this before in another reply, forgive me if I did… after I vote this time I am changing to Independent. The reason that I am not changing it now is that I want my vote stat to show up in the post-election bowels of some computer as not simply an “Independent voting for Biden” but rather “Republican voting against Trump”. More like a double-defiance thing that only matters in my own mind. 🙂

          4. @tsalmon

            You define voter suppression as what? Ensuring people have the right to vote (citizenship) and only vote once? Nuts!

            Instead of just considering the issues — what is the best way — everything is all about attacking Trump. Orange man bad! Stupid!

            You say Republicans have not gotten the majority of the vote since the elder Bush won. How do you know? The way some states count votes we don’t if the count was honest or not. California, for example, has legalized ballot harvesting. For obvious reasons, that is illegal in most states.

            It so much easier to attack Trump than it is to think. Hatred is so much easier than admitting we don’t have a clue. Fact is we don’t. In the quest of perfection, we have made our electoral system so complex we no business trusting it. Unfortunately, we also don’t have an alternative.

            You want an honest system? Keep it simple and verify it is working. You want cheating? Make a system complicated and never verify it does what you says it does. Republicans want the former. Democrats demand the latter. And you think orange man bad?

          5. Why go to other countries?
            I assume you mean why use the example of other countries? Because when I want to see if something works, I look first to see if it has been tried…especially in countries that are more westernized and similar to us.

            I voted in a total mail-in state. Loved it. Utah is a mail-in state. They love it too.
            People enjoyed eating potted ham until the Jungle came out and they learned it was laden with rat turds. Enjoying the process isn’t an indicator the process is less subject to fraud.

            On the other hand, I’ve seen election cheating in polling states like Mississippi (where I live) and Alabama (where I hold my law license) up close and personal. Not impressed with how safe or free it is in either place, especially in the midst of an international health emergency.

            Right now the USPS is under investigation in our area…for fraud. At present, there is a piece of mail addressed to someone else sitting in my mailbox, delivered to me by accident. This happens at least twice a week. So whatever shortcomings in-person voting might have, mail in voting just adds another layer of potential fraud to the system.
            This election is likely to be close. It is also the most contentious I’ve ever seen.
            We have cities on fire and you really think the mailboxes are safe?
            If we change the voting process right before this election, whoever wins, at least half of the country will not trust the results. With good reason.

          6. @Liz

            When we use the mail for an election, we are just asking for trouble. No security.

            When we vote on election day in our neighborhoods, that can be a nuisance, but we have control of the ballots. We can see whether people are being coerced when they vote. We can check people’s IDs and verify who they are and that they only vote once. When Democrats call such things suppressing the vote, we should laugh. That’s sheer idiocy.

          7. When we vote on election day in our neighborhoods, that can be a nuisance, but we have control of the ballots. We can see whether people are being coerced when they vote. We can check people’s IDs and verify who they are and that they only vote once. When Democrats call such things suppressing the vote, we should laugh.

            I’d laugh except the Speaker just asserted that I am an enemy of the state for calling the mail in ballot system into question.

          8. @Liz

            You know what happens to enemies of the state? A bullet in the back of the head and bill sent to your family for the cost of the bullet.

            That’s how stupid and scary this nonsense is becoming.

          9. Honestly, Liz.. we are at the point where mail-in vs walk-in is pretty irrelevant concerning who trusts the results or not. Trump wants to stay in forever and will delay the process/transition in the courts for as long as he can. Burning cities? We are not even at the national level of what happened in the 60’s. So far this is all localized. But it’s gonna get worse and as I said, there won’t need to be a firm reason because the reasons will be for anything. Last night in Kenosha there has been alleged to have been an armed group patrolling the streets as vigilantes. This alone will set off such “armed citizens”. self-proclaimed militia, doing street patrols under the presumption they are some peacekeeping authority. I keep saying, as time goes on “reasons” will have less importance. The volatility of the politics, Trump’s fanning the flames of division, the social stress of the effects of the pandemic.. are all the reasons necessary for “cities burning”. Way too many people love their guns and prance around thinking guns alone make America great. Sheer idiocy. Embrace the horror.

          10. Perhaps to attempt an answer to your question we should ask the question….

            Why did Herr Trump feel the endearing presidential need to feature Machine Gun McCloskey and his pistol-packin’ wife at a national convention if not to agitate and inspire the Right to bring out their guns and protect themselves during civil unrest?

          11. The Second says nothing about any right (much less God-given right) to defend oneself. It says you can have a firearm. SCOTUS has said it’s all about the right to personal defense.

          12. Liz,

            Ah, if anecdotes and innuendo makes Republican Utah a hotbed of voter fraud, then a rare rotten apple means you should give up eating fruit. The post office, a constitutionalLy proscribed institution, is being purposely destroyed, and now you want to point and say see, it can’t do what it has essentially been doing for centuries. This is kind of like a man beating his child to death and then saying she deserved it. Our institutions are what we make them to be, good or bad, but never perfect.

          13. @tsalmon

            The Post Office is being destroyed? What rot!

            You would not trust the Post Office by sending cash in the mail. The Post Office tell us not to send cash in the mail, but you want to trust it with an election? That is transparently foolish.

            Our government spends six trillion a year and passes all kinds of laws and regulations. Yet Democrats think election security unimportant except when they lose.

          14. The post office, a constitutionalLy proscribed institution, is being purposely destroyed, and now you want to point and say see, it can’t do what it has essentially been doing for centuries.
            It can do what it has been doing for centuries…
            During those centuries (even months, weeks, days), mail is lost pretty regularly. A more regular basis than the tiny percentage elections for which elections have been swayed.
            In the case of a letter or package, the stakes are less dire (and there’s insurance…do you send your tax return in as “certified mail”? Certainly it is recommended…why do you think that is? Why even have a certified mail option if this is such a sleek trouble-free process?

            This is kind of like a man beating his child to death and then saying she deserved it.
            It’s….actually nothing whatsoever like that.

          15. “Well, I will be a poll worker helping people vote, and I did it during the primariy election in June.”

            Yes brother, but you voted for Trump and plan to do it again so you are willing to take some pretty crazy risks that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot face mask. I’m sure you’ll be fine though. Just don’t breath. I’d miss you if you were gone. 😊

          16. “You would not trust the Post Office by sending cash in the mail.”


            Speaking of rot. I occasionally send small amounts of cash in the mail and we used to get cash presents in the mail on birthdays and Christmas even when we were kids. I’ve also sent lots of other valuable stuff in the mail. I just recently sent my wife’s grandfather’s gold pocket watch off to be repaired. As the Framers knew, a good bit of our economy depends upon the mail being reliable, especially in those deep red rural Republican places where fedex and UPS won’t deliver things like farm parts and baby chicks. The Post Office is more popular than sliced apple pie in most polls. Like public school teachers, postal carriers are our neighbors, members of our churches, respected members of our communities. But yeah, you keep demonizing them – that’s a winning strategy.

          17. @tsalmon

            I don’t trust all my neighbors. Some of the vote for people I have good reason to distrust.

            Think about what you have said about Trump. Then read again the nonsense you just wrote.

            To some people politics is their religion. To others government is a threat. To a student of history, an election is a war fought with ballots.

          18. “You know what happens to enemies of the state? A bullet in the back of the head and bill sent to your family for the cost of the bullet.
            That’s how stupid and scary this nonsense is becoming.“

            Doesn’t seem to scare you when Trump repeatedly calls a free press the Enemy of the People. Ahh, the sweet stench of hypocrisy when it’s served in a sewer sauce of hyperbole. 😂

          19. “Ahh, the sweet stench of hypocrisy when it’s served in a sewer sauce of hyperbole.”

            I LOVE that. Worth being carved in granite at Rushmore under Trump’s image. 🙂

            But.. when it comes to Trump, nothing should be taken for granite.

      2. Nonsense. This whole thing is just another area of overreaching, politicalized fear-mongering that has caused more damage than good with the unnecessary shutdowns. The “fragile” can vote by absentee ballot. No one is saying that they should be exposed unnecessarily. This issue is not about protection as much as it’s about politics. There are plenty of people who can volunteer who aren’t fragile or vulnerable. And the truth is, as Dr. Fauci said, it is safe to vote in person:

        “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week there is “no reason” Americans can’t vote in person for the 2020 presidential election, so long as voters follow proper social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

        This prolonged national shutdown has caused a fear frenzy like I’ve never seen before. And a national universal mail-in voting is asking for total chaos this November. It’s been a disaster already in NY and NJ and other places where it was used already. We have absentee ballots for those who are vulnerable. It’s time for people to not be so manipulated by the news media and get out and vote so that we can have a clean election. If they’re afraid, order an absentee ballot.

        1. “The ‘fragile’ can vote by absentee ballot.“

          Not in my state Mel.

          A national emergency requires a “plan”. We have to have a “plan” for getting out those ballots to the fragile voters and to get them back to make it easy for them to safely exercise their constitutional right to vote, but instead the “plan” is to slow down the mail and sew doubt and confusion. We have to have a “plan” to open more polling places, especially in underserved communities, to allow the necessities of social distancing, sanitizing and mask wearing, but the “plan” is to make people wait in lines until they just give up or the polls close. We have to have a “plan” to get younger healthier poll workers hired and trained at polling places with safety gear in place so that they don’t get sick and infect they rest of their family., but the “plan” appears to be to ignore the problem and simply close polling stations when the elderly volunteers don’t show up. Or we could have a “plan” to increase mail-in voting as a simple response to a national health emergency, but suddenly my mail carrier, Jill, can’t be trusted with my ballot because she’s supposed to be part of some grand Communist movement you’re touting lately. What “nonsense” is right!

          And add to all that the fact that my state, like so many other states is now in a Trump exacerbated economic crisis where they simply have no money to make any “plan” to handle the voting problems even if they wanted to. The major sports teams who have every economic incentive to do so can’t even hold sporting events in front of crowds, but it’s safe to get in a crowded room to vote? I know, I know the sports industry is part of your Communist plot too.

          I think you are confusing what Dr. Fauci is saying we could do if we had a safe “plan” with magically pretending that the virus simply doesn’t exist.

          Don’t you see that Trump can’t have it both ways? He can’t claim that everything is just MAGA everywhere because he’s in charge, but when everything goes to crap, there’s rioting in the streets, it’s always someone else’s fault and he’s the victim of exactly the massive voter confusion and delay that he perpetuated by not being a leader and having an actual plan? I know “the Socialists are coming”, “the Socialists are coming”.! What nonsense!

          You’re an inspiring apostle for Christ when it comes to a spiritualized and loving religion, but your politics is all about magical thinking, blame shifting and overblown revanchist red scaring. Why the disconnect where the rubber meets the road Reverend? I love and admire your theological knowledge and views, but this honestly confuses me.

          1. How ironic you talk about politics. All I’m hearing from you is a particular political narrative. And I didn’t say mail-in was a communist plot, nor do I think that. You are projecting and being dismissive now. I said that universal mail-in has been a disaster in NY, NJ, and other places already this year. This is not a conspiracy theory; it’s actual fact. Some political races still aren’t even settled months after the voting. That is a disaster. Now, we’re going to do it on a national level? But if you have no choice in your state, do what you must. We’ll see what happens in November.

            I appreciate your comment about my spiritual teaching, I really do. But we cannot compartmentalize the spiritual from the natural. We are called to be salt and light to our world. And the Christian worldview is not compatible at all with a lot of what’s going on right now. It’s not Christ’s love, or bringing us together as one, it’s intentionally divisive and full of revenge and violence. I think you’re being a bit naive about the agenda of some of these organizations. I’ve listened to what they’ve said and read what they’ve written. They’re no longer fringe, but have come to the mainstream. They’re aren’t hiding it anymore. Meanwhile, our cities are literally burning down and there’s mass anarchy and chaos. This has nothing to do with social justice. It’s pure revenge and hatred. People who live in these areas are in fear of their lives. Innocent people’s businesses are being destroyed and the police have been powerless to stop it because of politics and feckless leaders. This is not a conspiracy, it’s actually happening and it’s evil; the very opposite of the teachings of Christ,so, even though I don’t like politics and I don’t like having to be forced into this area, I must speak up about it as a leader. It is my relationship with Christ that compels me to speak up about what I see happening to our country. I wish I could leave it alone, but I won’t stand by while people are being deceived by what’s going on and our country is being plunged into such darkness.

            We can never put the culture narrative or our political preferences over Christ. And frankly, it’s insulting to dismiss it as “magical thinking.” I think you’ve been listening to too much propaganda from the news media. It would be good for you to honestly assess where your priorities are on some of these things. But that’s your choice. I wish you well. I don’t wish to discuss it further. God bless.

          2. And this guy calls himself a Christian leader?? I think he needs to re-establish his own priorities. And you folks listen and follow his religious interpretations? I am appalled at religious leaders who use their “popularity” pulpit to judge others because of political ideology as it places doubt on the true value of the Holy Word they are trying to present to those who seek it. Mel Wild’s arrogance and condescension toward someone (Tony) who obviously has appreciated what scripture inspiration has been received in the past, simply paints a picture of a voice with an animus toward human frailties, and a compromising of moral responsibility toward his followers for the sake of imposing a personal politic.
            You want to be a religious voice to celebrate Christianity.. great. But with that comes responsibility to present a measure of hope, love, and striving for a measure of peace through tolerance. Inserting your own agenda completely nullifies all that. Maybe that’s what you want. Nonetheless, you’re still an arrogant p****. But I am sure you’re used to being called that.

          3. Okay, you’re human, Doug. So am I. But you seem to think it’s quite all right to insert yourself into our conversation and sanctimoniously judge me, even though you know nothing about me or about our relationship. Disagreeing with someone or being concerned about some of the destructive things I see going on in our culture is not being judgmental or arrogant or a fraud. Tony and I have talked about what’s going on in our culture before (which goes beyond the subject of mail-in ballots. That’s actually not a big concern for me). We have some history on this and honest disagreement. As a fellow believer, I can be concerned about some of the things I mentioned without being judgmental or a fraud.

          4. Yep… I was responding, sanctimoniously, to your sanctimonious reply to Tony. I am certainly not his brother’s keeper by any stretch and he is more than capable to stand up to his own preferences without me. But I’ve not seen you comment in Tom’s blog here before as I recall, although I have seen your moniker in other blogs in which I seldom interact. So I’d surely be unaware of any history you and Tony might have in here and that your conversation was not some “unfamiliar” encounter. It doesn’t necessarily change what I said in substance but I’ll apologize to you for the “p****” reference and to the both of you for the “fraud” reference given your joint history and my respect for Tony… and Tom given this is his blog.
            These are certainly the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls.

          5. Mel,

            While I appreciate the inspired defense by Doug, I’ve been condescended to by experts, Marine Corps Drill Sergeants and law school professors, and my wife of forty years beats them all when she wants to, of course. Mel, my friend, you are obviously a neophyte at this game.

            “Projecting“? I think we should at least go on a first date before you start pop psychoanalyzing me. However, I think you may be conflating projection with a little rhetorical hyperbole used to make a point. Mel, I think that if you are honest with yourself, you would see that you are the one who has now become captured by a certain political narrative, and in joining this rising chorus of Trump’s Right wing tribal mob in chanting conspiracy outrages about the the “Socialist” menace, well, I think the psychological term one uses to describe those kinds of mass cognitive distortions are “overgeneralizing” and “catastrophizing“.

            Doug could probably explain this better than I, but the motivations driving the human heart are rarely just one thing, although our minds naturally seek that kind of good-verses-evil dualism and simplicity, don’t they?

            You don’t strike me as such a literalist though, so it makes me wonder if you are being disingenuous as Doug suspects. If so, you put on an amazing show for a secret cynic. Personally, I give people the benefit of the doubt, even perhaps long after I shouldn’t. I think that’s part of what you may mean when you throw out terms like a “Christian worldview”, but I have to admit it worries me when you use such a term to sanctify your mere political view and thus demonize the supposed Socialist enemy camp. I do hope that you are well meaning child of light, as Reinhold Niebuhr described us, and you are not one of those secret children of darkness that manipulate religious sentiments for money and power. If so, perhaps Doug is right about you and you are right about me – I am hopelessly naive.

            This worries me though:

            “It’s not Christ’s love, or bringing us together as one, it’s intentionally divisive and full of revenge and violence.“

            I think the same was said about MLK. As Doug said, what happened in the 60’s makes the current protests and the violence on both sides look like nothing. I don’t mean to minimize the harm or the wrongness of it, but you seem to be inflating it and making it into am us against them narrative. Is that your “Christian worldview. Now explain to me how I’m wrong like Im a big boy Reverend who has actually seen and done things in life that most people can’t even imagine.

            Like I said, nothing is all one thing. Even Trump, as divisive and prone to incite violence as he is, is more of a symptom than he is even one of the many causes for the failure to love each other with the love and compassion you often artfully preach, but now in a time of crisis, we all must live those words, don’t you think? But you have now picked a side and taken up the Trump socialist menace jingoism, haven’t you? My good brother Tom, who is a literalist, likes everyone to have a nice neat label, but no, I have not picked a political side – I’ve voted for both Political Parties, and I see flaws and favorable policies in both. I have taken a few oaths to defend the Constitution though. So I have some allegiance there, but only the Lord is my only Savior, not Biden and certainly not that pathologically corrupt liar,Trump.

          6. I feel more “benevolent” than earlier….

            Perhaps, Tony… forgive them all for they know not what they do. 🙂

          7. After Ivwrote the above, I saw the exchange between Doug and Mel. Glad everyone is friends again, I guess. 😇

  3. Washington does mail in voting. It does NOT “work great”. I’ve ran about trying to dispel that myth for days now. People seem to have the shortest memories! Anyway, in the governor’s races we’ve had so many scandals, recounts and more recounts, “missing” ballots discovered at the last minute in a basement, hundreds of thousands of ballots disqualified. In 2004 the election was flipped over in a recount and Dino Rossi lost by a 129 contested votes, the smallest margin, the closest gubernatorial election in the history of the United States. It was crazy, bags of mail where being found in the back of truck, a closet somewhere, etc, etc. That’s just one governor’s election! For the sake of time, I’ll spare you all the other tales of mail in voting election shenanigans.

    1. IB,

      Please correct me if I’m wrong here, but full mail-in only balloting did not fully go into effect in Washington State until 2011, whereas the close governor’s race where Rossi was a candidate took place November 2004. I distinctly remember voting (for Rossi-he went to my church) at my local polling place at the elementary school building in Burien, WA. Although absentee ballots may have been an issue, Trump is in favor of absentee ballots. This was one of the closest large elections in the history of the country and actual voter fraud was not found attributable to Rossi’s loss.

      Until someone comes up with a perfect system that is easy, safe and accurate (perfection in politics?), close elections are always going to be the subject of some controversy no matter how they are held. (Bush vs. Gore was decided by five votes at the Supreme Court and it didn’t end the democracy). All types of voting methods require some trade-offs, but we are in an international health crisis right now you know.

      1. Several counties have voted by mail (and absentee ballot of course) but it didn’t become a state wide thing until 2005, due to election reforms triggered by those issues with the governor’s election. Also, it was discovered that 1/3 of this state’s voters resided in just one county, King. People’s residency was challenged, because with absentee voting, you don’t even have to fully reside in the county you vote in. A lot of vacation homes, rentals, and the homeless without addresses were allowed to vote in that election claiming to reside in King. That’s totally legal as long as you aren’t voting in another state too, it’s just really unjust and hard to verify. The state in their “wisdom” decided the best way to fix that mess was to make everyone use mail in ballots.

        Kind of funny, where I live in a real Dem stronghold, nobody mails in their ballots, they hand deliver them to a ballot box. So while people are all taking about how “safe” the USPS is, we actually have separate ballot “mailboxes” at courthouses and libraries so people can bypass the post office entirely.

        1. I relate to the frustration of anyone who has to put up with the ideological magic thinking of the city mothers (and some fathers too) of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Seattle. However, as we used to say there (and we may be the only two who get this), if you want fair you have to go to Puyallup (which being a Southern lady, my wife used to pronounce “pull y’all up”).

          Is your problem with any type of mail-in voting? Trump also votes by mail, from his part time residence. I don’t think Trump has a full time residence – it certainly isn’t DC.

          Utah is as red as it gets, and that state seems happy with its universal mail-in system, but maybe they have better voter roll verification systems. Don’t know. Mississippi, where I live now, allows absentee ballots, but you need a good excuse, and having one’s life and loved ones lives threatened by a highly contagious disease ain’t a good one. My wife and I plan to vote, however, even if it literally kills us.

          1. I think some forms of mail in voting are good, like absentee ballots for the military. A last minute, sudden decision to mandate voting by mail for everyone because of the virus? Not a good idea at all.

    2. @insanitybytes22

      Do a post. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. If you link to your sources, I will be happy and pleased to reblog it and encourage others to do the same.

      For all practical purposes postal workers are government employees. We have seen how partisan teachers can be, and we don’t expect postal workers to be partisan. We don’t expect votes to be “lost” and “misplaced”. That’s just not realistic.

  4. What does the Liberal Democrat news media have to say about her remarks when she has obviously stepped into what should be forbidden territory? “. Because it is no longer forbidden territory Tom to label the opposing party as evil. Politicians on both sides have been playing footsie with this strategy for years, but is the Left, with it’s hyper focus on identity politics that have brought it to an art form. You want tighter borders and believe in immigration policies that support assimilation? Racist! Think that promoting systemic “isms” (racism, sexism, etc…) does more harm than good by creating a victim class and dividing up the country? You’re part of the problem by refusing to acknowledge your inheriting racism/sexism. Believe that low taxes and less business regulations on help everyone, poor people succeed? You’re a selfish fat cat that wants to see poor people die in the streets.

    I could go on but you get the picture. Today’s left has no answers and so demonizing and generating ysterical news headlines that a compliant media is only to happy to go along with is what they do. Constantly.

  5. Is Nancy picking on the poor widdle Republicans just because Trump wants to make it as hard as possible to vote during a Pandemic? 😢

    In Washington State they switched to full mail in voting some years before I left there. We got our ballets in the mail and generally waited until close to Election Day before mailing our ballets in, or sometimes we dropped them off in the drop box conveniently located walking distance from our house. Worked great! But like everything, it has tradeoffs.

    Any close election in a small electorate will have problems and a possibility of cheating. However, the larger the electorate (such as for statewide and national offices), the more difficult it is to effectively commit voter ballet fraud of any kind, get away with it and have it matter. And given the penalties, it’s just not worth it.

    In the most controversial and close national election in our history (Bush verses Gore), fraud was not the issue, but instead “hanging chads” on an in-person system of voting. (The results were not known for weeks and the world did not end). The scariest possibility of hacking an election isn’t where there are actual paper ballets (such as in mail in voting) to authenticate and count, but where reliance has been on a totally computerized voting system.

    It is also worth noting that in the worst case of mail in ballet voter fraud in the 2018 elections, a Republican operative that the Republican candidate “had employed in Bladen County, Leslie McCrae Dowless, whose operation, according to investigators, included filling out at least a thousand mail-in-ballot requests, many without voters’ knowledge, and deploying a team of friends, family members, and other associates to pose as election officials and collect them.” And this is exactly the kind of absentee balleting that Trump claims to like and which Trump himself uses to vote.

    The reason why Republicans actually love absentee ballet voting, which is actually more susceptible to fraudulent solicitation such as happened in N.C. is because the majority of absentee ballets generally go to Republicans. On the other hand, Trump claims to hate universal mail-in voting which is essentially identical to what Trump does.

    Either way, the interesting thing about universal mail-in ballet voter fraud is that it is expensive to attempt on a large scale, and it is hard to get away with because the fraud is so easy to discover and the perpetrators to prosecute.

    Now let’s talk about Jerry Falwell, Jr. and how he likes to watch. Have you every noticed that, with few exceptions, all of Trump’s most famous supporters are caught up in their own forms of corruption. I think that’s because, like misery, corruption just loves lots of company. Trump keeps populating his own swamp with corrupt cronies . . . until they inevitably get found out or arrested.

    1. @tsalmon

      I suppose you have not noticed that “Nancy” is the Speaker of the House, and I guess it is no big deal when major Democrat politicians incite nuts to kill or injure “poor widdle Republicans”. And don’t deny that is happening. The riots and the demonization of the police are plainly Democrat projects. Antifa and Black Live Matters are what the KKK use to be to Democrats.

      I will have to do a post on mail-in voting issues. I just find it ironic that you think mail-in voting is A-Okay, but then you start in on voting fraud accusations against Republicans. Yeah! Except for all the things Republicans do voter fraud never happens. And you think Trump’s supporters have got problems?

      Is the point of this post to tear down Speaker Pelosi? No. The point is that we had a voting system that worked. Great? No, but people accepted the results. Now we have two problems.
      1. We have made government far too important. So, we fight tenaciously over the outcome of each election. Our government once existed largely to protect us from each other. To further that goal, Americans fought a terrible Civil War. Why a Civil War? Because the South had made government so important when their leaders used government to keep blacks in chains. Unfortunately, as people are wont to do, Americans lost sight of the purpose of their government. They began to see government as a means for achieving human perfection, but any government that seeks to perfect us will deprive us of our rights. Instead of “perfecting” us, leaders with the power to perfect us will inevitably use their power to “perfect” themselves at our expense. Hence, our government has slowly grown larger and more powerful. Therefore, we cannot risk losing an election.
      2. Tyranny is a hard sell. Therefore, would be tyrants look for ways to “modify” election outcomes by cheating. To facilitate cheating, Democrats have offered up convenience and the prevention racial discrimination as excuses for eliminating various forms of election security. COVID-19 is just another stupid excuse for eliminating election security. If we can go to the grocery store, we can vote.

      When you bring up Jerry Falwell, Jr. that says more about you than it does anyone else. When the only way we can justify ourselves is by tearing down others, we have a problem.

        1. @Doug

          I don’t read minds, and I don’t have much interest in guessing. So, I will leave it to you to clarify your meaning and to provide an example.

          1. You said….
            “When the only way we can justify ourselves is by tearing down others, we have a problem.”

            Provide an example?? Slept through the last 3.5 years, have you? Well, heck… you sleep through the Authoritarian-in-Chief’s last Tweet storm? You been sleeping through the last 24 hours?

      1. You don’t think that there is anything to learn from the fact that one of Trump’s biggest religious character witnesses was forced to resign his position at a major religious university because he himself makes poor character choices? Once again, it is evidence that, as long as you support Trump, you must concede that basic character and decency in leadership just doesn’t matter to you anymore. (Apparently, it still matters to Liberty University though).

        Say, let’s talk about evidence of how Trump’s most fervent NRA supporters are raping that organization? Or maybe we should talk about how another one of Trump’s former campaign managers just got arrested for a fake “Build the Wall” (and make the donors pay us) scam that Trump used to enthusiastically support until now he never heard of Steve Bannon. Or how the Republican held Senate just released a report that basically says that, yes, Trump did collude with Russia through Wikileaks to release stolen emails. Or maybe how the Senate Report also says that, while he was Trump’s Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort colluded with known Russian agents for help to win the election. Or let’s go small. Have you looked up the rep on the two gun pointing nuts Trump just got to speak at the platformless Trump worship fest that now passes for a Party Convention? They have actually been trying for some time to sue for adverse possession (squatters rights) of the green space next to their house that was set aside by the neighborhood covenants to be a common use area. One of the reasons they were pointing guns at the protesters was to keep them off this area because they are trying to prove that their ownership of the common area is “open and histile”, one of the elements of an adverse possession claim, so it was less a “protect my property from rioters” motivation and more of a “steal my neighborhood’s property” scam. And that is just one of many examples of extreme personal litigiousness that this couple likes to practice for fun and riches.

        There are a couple of extremely decent individuals (maybe just a couple) speaking on Trump’s behalf at the Convention (Senator Tim Scott comes to mind) but upon very little research, most just turn out to be flimflam artists, liars and crooks, just like Trump. 😏

        1. @tsalmon

          Falwell was one of many people who endorsed Trump.

          We now have a record, and that record is respectable. Look at the stuff you have to mudsling. It is a bunch of endless innuendo.

          We don’t get a perfect choice. When we vote we choose between candidates. I can list reasons I support Trump. I don’t have to point to his empathy or sweet talk that makes me feel good. I can say what he has stood for and what he has done. I can also do some research. I can point to crooked lies Democrats and their news media allies have told. I am not a racist, and I am disgusted by the racists who lie and say I support racists. Democrats have policy positions that are racist.

          Democrats are wrecking the places they run. Their tax rates are so high people are leaving. The governor of New York sent people with active COVID-19 infections into nursing homes. Democrats are encouraging riots, wreaking havoc on the people who voted for them. You want that sort of leadership? Then move back to a blue state.

        2. Or maybe we should talk about how another one of Trump’s former campaign managers just got arrested for a fake “Build the Wall” (and make the donors pay us) scam that Trump used to enthusiastically support until now he never heard of Steve Bannon.
          Much like the Flynn case, there is much to this case that doesn’t add up. So I expect the story to change as the facts come out. The main thing is the sniff test…although there have been many fraudulent GoFundMe activities (anyone can start a page), typically they don’t garner attention until they are widespread and have collected a great deal of money. In this case, Bannon is already rich, and he knew the page would be subject to a great deal of public scrutiny. So, again, there is likely much more to this than the headlines would indicate.

          Or how the Republican held Senate just released a report that basically says that, yes, Trump did collude with Russia through Wikileaks to release stolen emails.
          That didn’t happen. But more interesting to me is the fact the DNC got away with fixing the election for Hillary, pretty directly. If Trump says “sh*t hole countries” in a private room, and it is leaked to the press instantly. Hillary keeps a private server for years and the DNC talks back and forth on insecure e mail about fixing the election and the only thing the democrats care about is how Wikileaks was able to crack a security code that was the word “password”.

          1. @Liz

            Liz, exercise in futility, I fear. Talk about easily demonstrated charges against Democrats and the lack of a serious investigation by the Liberal Democrat news media, and tsalmon will just throw up more innuendo against Trump and Republicans.

            So, I try to debate issues and point out where the parties stand on the issues, but that does not work. tsalmon just attacks the “issue” by attacking Trump.

          2. Conspiracy theories verses indictments and guilty pleas and convictions. Connecting skeins of red yarn around push pins to form plots out of wild dreams versus a 1000 page Republican held Senate report. Reality keeps intruding on Trump worship doesn’t it?

            “Build that Wall, Build that Wall”, build that ridiculous, wasteful, ineffective Wall and you pay for it, or the military will pay for it, or the taxpayer, but where is Mexico in this formula now? Sure, Trump keeps his promises . . . Corruption breads more corruption. You take a dumb, inherently corrupt racist idea and you get a dumb, corrupt, racist result. No big surprise here. It’s pretty predictable that, if we elect a guy Liz once admitted is just a conman as our president, we get a string of corrupt cons for government.

          3. Conspiracy theories verses indictments and guilty pleas and convictions.

            Bannon did not plead guilty.
            Flynn’s charge was coerced and dismissed.
            Manafort was not a personal friend of Trump’s, he had been a campaign consultant for decades for other presidential candidates.
            The fact he was in the spotlight as soon as he worked for Trump is the real story there.

          4. “Bannon did not plead guilty.“

            Not yet. But do you think Bill Bar’s justice Department is part of the Democrat plot too?

            “Flynn’s charge was coerced and dismissed.“

            Gosh, poor ignorant Flynn, unable to afford effective legal counsel? Sure. And again, not yet.

            “Manafort was not a personal friend of Trump’s, he had been a campaign consultant for decades for other presidential candidates.”

            Sure, he was just the Chairman of the Republican Presidential Campaign during the Republican Convention, one of many proven thieves and crooks and traitors that Trump hired to steal from and sell out the country. Naaa, hiring good honest people isn’t important to leadership . . . .

            Oh, and let’s not forget to make excuses for Trump’s long time self proclaimed political Dirty Trickster Roger Stone, or Trump’s convicted “Fixer” attorney, or his assistant campaign manager or his children banned from charitable trusteeship, or, oh well, you have to wrap yourself into a pretzel like a contortionist to keep up with apologies for Trump’s corruption, don’t you? At some point, if it quacks like a duck . . . .

          5. “Bannon did not plead guilty.“
            Not yet. But do you think Bill Bar’s justice Department is part of the Democrat plot too?

            As I said before, time will tell. I’m not the one who has been jumping to wrong conclusions from snappy inaccurate/premature data and getting it wrong over the past three years. Vast examples available upon request. So I’m not going to do so here either. Never believe the first battlefield reports.

            “Flynn’s charge was coerced and dismissed.“
            Gosh, poor ignorant Flynn, unable to afford effective legal counsel? Sure. And again, not yet.

            When it’s you against the government, the government has vast and unlimited funds. I’ve explained this again and again…it’s exactly why my spouse told all of his subordinates to get a lawyer the minute the OSI wants to talk to you. Even if you are completely innocent. I do tire of repeating myself.
            Poor whittle Flynn getting strong-armed by the FBI, poor whittle conservatives getting called enemies of the state by the Speaker. I’m starting to notice a trend. What will you “poor whittle” next?

            Think I’m done for the morning.
            Did you happen to see the “mostly peaceful” mob in Seattle tried to seal the police station doors with concrete while igniting the building in an attempt to burn them alive?
            Poor whittle police I guess.

          6. At present, my spouse is in Portland. He talked to the hotel van driver last night and asked if the media was hyping up the destruction or was it really as bad as they say. She said it’s really bad and they’re destroying a lot of property and the government isn’t doing anything about it. The mayor was on this morning promising to try and preserve the BLM spray painted murals when all of this is over.

            Reality Killed the Satire Stars.

      2. When you bring up Jerry Falwell, Jr. that says more about you than it does anyone else.

        I guess Falwell’s failing is not loudly and proudly pushing his private sexuality in everyone’s face and mandating acceptance.

        1. @Liz

          Odd thing is Falwell was loudly and proudly pushing his private sexuality in everyone’s face and mandating acceptance Democrats would still have been angry. They would have accused him of not be a real black — I mean not being a real LGBTQ person.

          1. “Odd thing is Falwell was loudly and proudly pushing his private sexuality in everyone’s face and mandating acceptance”

            Don’t make it a grand gay conspiracy . . . this is just plain old vanilla white hypocrisy Tom. Falwell was criticizing other people’s sexuality while watching another guy commit adultery with his wife.

          2. Diet guru says, “don’t eat this, it is bad for you…”
            Private photos indicate diet guru sat down to a big box of chocolate.
            Does this make the advice wrong?
            Juxtapose this with a diet guru extolling the virtues of being a gluttonous pig.
            Especially to children.
            Wouldn’t want to shame gluttony!
            I’d say the latter is more problematic than the former.
            Especially since we’re funding and mandating the latter.

            We negotiate with terrorists all the time. But formally we don’t negotiate with terrorists.
            It’s better that way because it makes terrorism less likely. In Italy, they do negotiate with terrorists/kidnappers regularly. And as a result, terrorists go around specifically looking for Italian journalists to kidnap.

            As an aside, my opinion is different for people in leadership positions where some sexual activity is actually illegal. In that case, it should be illegal for him or her as well. As far as I know, this is exclusive to the military.

        2. No, just the opposite Liz, his accuser says Falwell likes his sexuality right in his face, apparently with his wife. But yea, gay sex is way too kinky . . . .

          1. You must be confusing me with someone who wants the details of someone’s private sexual activities. I don’t. That’s the point.
            It’s kind of strange you’re so incensed by something that should be private remaining private, but mandating education to children about cross dressing and sodomy is fine. I’m struggling to understand this.

          2. So it’s not all about sex . . . except when it’s all about sex.

            I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

  6. In VA, I already got a “Request for Ballot” mailed TO ME about two weeks. I didn’t request it. It was mailed by some non-profit who then wanted my SS#. Hell no! It went in the trash.

  7. Oh please, Tom… get it correct…. here’s the quote…

    “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States.”

    See that in there? “domestic enemies to our voting system”.
    Where is “enemies of the state” in any of that? The states that have had mail-in voting have been very successful for years. NO evidence exists of WIDE SPREAD mail-in voter fraud (except in the imaginary minds of Trumpians).
    Again.. as I have said for the last 3.5 years…. just because Trump blathers it out does not mean it’s true or meaningful or important to anything but him. Trump has cast doubt and has incited fear on our most treasured democratic process simply to give himself an edge.

    I hope you are hunkering down, Tom. Trump is going to get far worse as the election looms closer…. riots will increase across the land for whatever reasons, cop shootings, BLM, doesn’t matter. It’s a pressure release for Covid isolation if nothing else. Trump will be the first president in history to avoid any sort of smooth transition “when he loses” as he will challenge every state vote count in court. Covid will get worse (because everyone just HAD to go back to school)… and Trump and his minions will continue to ignore it. Absolutely NO hope has come out of the GOP “convention” .. it’s all about fight, fight, the Dems. It’s all sheer idiocy what Trump is feeding his supporters.. and the crazy whacked conspiracy fears. Compare to the Dem convention.. all about Trump. Seems the GOP could care less about ALL Americans.

    1. Where is “enemies of the state” in any of that?

      It was the last thing she said. Perhaps you didn’t listen to the whole thing.
      I don’t blame you, Pelosi is very hard to watch.

    2. @Doug

      This is from the Speaker`s own website.

      And again, support the postal system, which is Election Central. They’re doing everything they can: suppress the vote with your actions, scare people, intimidate by saying law enforcement will be there, diminish the role of the postal system in all of this. It’s really, actually shameful. Enemies of the state.

  8. I am showing up to vote-In my district there is little chance of the candidate I will vote for getting elected. I was able to vote with protocols in the primary. In my opinion, the Democrats just want to introduce doubt about the result which is becoming clear to them-They losing

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