The “We Believe” sign above looks like something this outfit, Signs of Justice, is selling. So, if you are eager to signal your virtue, visit their website. No doubt they will happily take your money.

How will you signal your virtue?

WE BELIEVE: The world will know you are one of the cool kids.

BLACK LIVES MATTER: The world will know you understand why it is politically incorrect to say: ALL LIVES MATTER.

NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL: The world will know you believe in making the finest nuances. You don’t call someone who has sneaked across the border an “illegal alien”. You call them undocumented. You believe undocumented foreigners should do the work that documented Americans won’t do.

LOVE IS LOVE: The world will know you don’t accept the differences between sexual attraction, the bonds that family members share, friendship, and the motivation that inspires one person to give up their life for another.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS: The world will know that you believe that any baby that is not wanted by its mother is an illegal human being.

SCIENCE IS REAL: The world will know you don’t question the “experts” except when you do question the “experts”.

WATER IS LIFE: The world will know that because you believe SCIENCE IS REAL you believe in the zero tolerance of pollution,

INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE: The world will know what an admirable busybody you are, that you are an enthusiastic social justice warrior.

Please buy and proudly display the WE BELIEVE YARD SIGN. Your public will thank you for the warning.


  1. There’s virtue signaling and then there’s virtue signaling in steroids. What do you call Trump’s violent sashay into Lafayette Park just to pose with a Bible (upside down) in front of a church that he doesn’t attend if not virtue signaling?

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  2. I especially like the “Science is Real” bit.
    Science is just one thing. And that thing is real!
    It’s like meta humor but in this case the irony is unintentional.

    In our home we call masks “the science”.
    “Did you remember to bring the science?”
    “Yeah mom”
    “I have science in my pocket!”
    “Me too…”

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    1. Now you can enjoy Trump’s science pertaining to shower heads.
      Truly.. this guy, and his whacked priorities, have to go.


  3. Funniest thing I ever say was one of those signs. Not far away was another one this guy had made explaining exactly what he planned to do to the people who had been walking in his yard and stealing his garbage can lids.

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  4. Please buy and proudly display the WE BELIEVE YARD SIGN. Your public will thank you for the warning.

    Oh boy! And these little beauties are sold in sets of ten, minimum order of ten!

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  5. Doug,

    Will the sign you put in your front lawn read?

    We believe Joe Biden was very great for Hunter Biden

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    1. Actually, my sign would read…

      “We Believe God Sent Us Trump As A Test Of Our _____________.”
      [erasable marker will be provided to fill in a word]”

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      1. @Doug

        Christians believe God chooses our leaders. That includes all of them.

        Romans 8:28

        Often, we don’t know why we get the leaders we get, but sometimes we get the leaders we deserve. Joe Biden would be a good indication that God thinks well of us.


      2. Doug

        I’m not too interested in what some other person might want to insert on your sign, Too many people have grudges against Trump for some reason. Mainly because they are being indoctrinated by news sources with owners who doo’t like Trump because they like making money on China stuff made by workers in China and Trump wants it made by workers in the USA.

        What word(s) would you insert?.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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        1. @Scatterwisdom

          China has bought some of our politicians. Given how bad our track record was before Trump took office, it would be naive to believe otherwise. Of course, we have to forgive some people because they get all their news strictly from the Liberal Democrat news media. Tolerant and open-minded, don’t you know?

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    1. @Doug

      Well, I would. It isn’t about making Trump GREAT. The object is to make America GREAT, that is a great place to live. Trump succeeds because he lets us succeed.


  6. Tom,

    Perhaps you may have misinterpreted the meanings of the statements in a similar manner as the idiom “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    The way I “see” the sayings is as follows:

    We Believe in Trump to support our values.

    Black Lives Matter. That is Blacks and every other culture believe it matters for parents to choose the best education possible to support their religious values and believe in school choice or school vouchers supported by Trump but not by the Democrats. Perhaps because they obtain their campaign funds from Teacher Unions.

    No human is illegal after they apply for legal citizenship.

    Love is Love as taught in the Bible instead of portrayed by Hollywood.

    Women’s rights are human rights same as unborn babies’ rights

    Science Is real testament to the power and majesty of our Creator.

    Water is life same as an baby in a fetus state before birth.

    Like I said “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging..

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