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Why are our schools still closed? They are run by our government. Given that the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for sending children back to school, private schools would be raising a stink over this.  However, government employees like public school teachers never lost a paycheck because of COVID-19.

We need school choice.

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31 thoughts on “TIME TO END THE PARALYSIS! Secretary Betsy DeVos says REOPEN OUR SCHOOLS

  1. Tom,
    Typical government bureaucracy problem to make a simple pragmatic decision.

    The Catholic school informed my daughter it will reopen. However, each child must wear a mask and their temperature taken before entry into building.

    Parents have option if they choose to internet leaning if they want.

    Seems like a simple pragmatic decision to me. Why the public schools can’t do the same is beyond my comprehension.

    Regard and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      We are giving bureaucrats more responsibility than they have any business having. The CDC is run by risk adverse bureaucrats. If someone gets sick because of their recommendations they get in trouble. The public schools are run by bureaucrats. If someone gets killed, they get in trouble, and they get paid no matter what they decide. If your Catholic school doesn’t reopen, are you going to pay them?

  2. I am surprised at what you say here, Tom.. yet somehow not. You love echoing Trump’s whacked nonsense in general. But being an advocate for education-without-government-involvement.. this is truly sick. You want to send kids back to school.. mix inside the world of a pandemic… just for the sake of the process itself and the kids be damned??
    I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the Pediatrics say. Trump doesn’t listen to institutional science anyway so don’t tell me he’s listening to these people.
    These kids are going to mix with other kids. You are COMPLETELY insane if you or any other adult in any school is going to contain children from mixing. Children reflect the human instincts to seek understanding of the world around them; it’s the essence of being a child.. to explore. Parents think they can contain them at home.. and you expect teachers of many kids to watch all kids? Ha!
    They are going to bring Covid into the school.. pass it to other kids.. who will take it home to parents and grandparents… who will in turn bring it back to school. It’s idiotic. Kid are resilient.. thanks to nature. They can miss a year of school… wait for schools to catch up with money and adaptive measures. When school can start up again then extend the school year over summer.. more online ed… extended hours… that will catch them up.
    This is completely ridiculous and completely Trump.

    So.. given you “think” parents will have a choice… if a parent chooses to NOT send their kids to this “grand opening” garbage, is the parent or the kid going to suffer from Trump/DeVos idiocy later down the line?

    Keep in mind, Tom.. remember when you were bellyaching about the need to re-open our economy? Well the current uncontrollable outbreak is a result of THAT nonsense. Now you want to experiment with kids??
    DeVos is a complete incompetent… couldn’t even answer the questions posed to her today. Ugh.

    1. @Doug

      Here is my summation of your rant (You are most certainly not making an appeal based in logic.).

      If we can save just one life from COVID-19, we should all stay at home until we starve to death.

      We don’t get perfect choices. The best we can do is optimize our choices. I don’t think you care about making the best choice for children. I fear you hate Trump too much.😢

      COVID-19 is a threat mainly to the elderly. Doesn’t much bother children.

      You don’t believe the CDC stats? Then what is the basis for your hysteria?

      1. You mock my alleged “hysteria”…. but nothing.. and I mean NOTHING… from covid spread, covis deaths, the economy, the unemployment, the political divide, the chaos in the land.. is getting any better at all. CDC?? When has that institution mattered to Trump? He’s discredited it.. and now Fauci is on his way out. Is this truly the world you wanna live in, Tom?

        1. @Doug

          Barring a cure or a vaccine, there is little we can do to stop the spread of the virus. The economy shutdown advocates moved the goalposts. The original object was to flatten the curve so we could keep the hospitals from becoming overcrowded. If few of the people who get the virus need hospitalization, what is the problem?

          1. I guess there is no problem. It will all go away soon. The President said so. Let’s get those kids off to school.

          2. Cute. What’s a defunded cop even look like? Let me guess how you will reply… same as a regular cop but with an empty holster.

          3. Here’s the problem as I see it, and you should too, because I am telling you to see it this way.

            1. No one should be roughed up or killed by any cop for any of the high profile reasons already illustrated… even if it’s only a 1/10th of 1 percent mistake.

            2. Cops are human and as such we expect them to perform in above-human ways, 100 % of the time. A total impossibility. We need to stop that as a society. The threats to police for simply being police are way out of line to the reasons for the original call to 911.

            3. “De-fund” is not the word… “renovate” to a new purpose of law enforcement and social sensitivity to human crisis intervention. But recognizing at the outset that will NOT be 100 % effective in all cases. The reasoning is that not every 911 call requires a “gun” (or an exposed gun) to show up at a scene. This will not happen overnight and will take much training and coordination… and lots of money. But it’s time for the “old ways” of policing on the street be re-visited for alternatives.

          4. @Doug

            None of what you just said has anything to do with what is going on.

            They are defunding the police. They are using the police as an object of hatred to unite against.

            There is already relatively little evidence of racism evidence by the police. There is anecdotal evidence, but the stats don’t show it, not even stats collected by Democrats. We don’t even know why that cop abused Floyd.

            Democrats call anyone who opposes them racists. They play the race card to rally their base. What is ridiculous about the whole thing is they are screaming about systemic racism in places they have run for decades. When Democrats are hiring and firing the police, if the police are racists, then so are the Democrats who hire and fire them.

            When the people running the show are promoting racial hatred, and they have no intention of fixing the problem because they want the problem to persist, it is useless to negotiate a solution with those people. They have to be replaced first.

          5. For comparison, the US has about 190 new daily cases per million people, up from the about 60 cases you had, before you re-opened. In Germany we have 4 new daily cases per million people, a factor of 30 less now and a factor of 15 less even compared to your numbers a few weeks ago. We have had 110 dead per million and daily new deaths are in single digits, out of a population of 82 million. The US has 430 dead per million and a daily new death count of 700 and rising fast.

            Keep that in mind, when Trump and other Republican politicians point to Germany saying “Look, they opened their schools, too”. It took a lot of effort and pain over here, to bring the numbers back down to the low level we have today. We have just barely arrived at the level, where contact tracing can be used to effectively control the spread. We still have to wear masks inside of shops, restaurants are effectively limited to half or even just a third of their capacity. Concerts, funfairs, sport events have been canceled (or are performed without audience). And yes, this will destroy an awful lot of small business owners and may take out bigger businesses, like airlines. We have come to the conclusion, that the alternative is to have the same economic downturn, but garnished with hundreds of thousands dead and even more people crippled.

          6. As people scurry about trying to figure out how their particular family business can re-open and resume like the good old days… there are some very real possibilities and hard truths. Any business exists to make a profit for its owners… and depends entirely on supply and demand. Few realize that what was once in demand before the pandemic that made your business profitable… may not exist if and when the economies open back up completely. I had to close up my retail store back in the 1970’s because the Arab oil embargo forced a public to suddenly want smaller cars and the Big Three were not prepared for the shift in demand. The public went to imports to satiate the demand, forcing large layoffs from the Detroit manufacturers. My store location was smack in the middle of a Chrysler plant and a GM plant regional economy, and the layoffs nearly killed off the local economy. Businesses do not last forever.. and just because a family put their heart and soul into it for generations does not give any sort of economic perpetuity entitlement. Survival of the fittest. You adapt your business, or start over in another area of demand, or give up. These things happen after tornadoes and hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. A devastating pandemic is no different. That’s why after the event it’s called a “recovery”. Sift through the rubble of what was the family business and start over… or not.

          7. @Doug

            Here is a website that provides lots of Coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics. => https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

            The problem with comparing statistics worldwide is that we can easily end up comparing apples and oranges. What, for example, qualifies as a death from the virus? To die from the virus, victims (Don’t Liberal Democrats worship that word?) have to have a comorbidity. In other words, they have to have a serious weakness to start with. So what kills a COVID-19 victim? The virus or the illness the victim already had. That’s a matter of judgement. Therefore, we depend upon a judgement call to decide what to count as a COVID-19 death, and there is no reason to believe every nation makes the same call. Hence, comparing the statistics between nations may not be as straightforward as it first appears.

            Moreover, we don’t know how many people have had the virus and have never been tested. Therefore, even if we have a good definition of a COVID-19 death, we still don’t know the death rate for the people who get the virus, but we do know it is not as high as the alarmists first warned it was.

            Therefore, shutting down the economy for a disease that doesn’t look much more serious than the flu is starting to look quite foolish, but politicians will do what politicians do.

          8. @bluegrue

            I am a bit mystified as to what you think you are proving with the plethora of statistics. The United States should keep its schools closed? How so? Where are the statistics with respect to children? Do children even spread the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

            In the United States we are having an election. The people here who are now the most hysterical about the virus initially insisted our president was a racist because he cut off air travel with China. Since then they have done crazy things like insisting nursing homes take patients with the virus. So, we have had our share of problems. Politics and science don’t mix well.

            Nevertheless, since children and the elderly react to the virus very differently, your stats should consider that issue or they will not be helpful.

          9. I am curious, as to how much training a police officer in the US has to undertake, before being allowed on the job. In Germany it takes about three years of training.

          10. @bluegrue

            We have police hired by local governments, state governments, and various agencies in our Federal Government. I don’t think there is a uniform standard, and I have no idea why there should be.

            I would not be surprised if the standards vary in Germany. I doubt that your government has consolidated all law enforcement responsibilities in one agency.

      1. I read Tricia’s post the other day and simply chose not to reply… nor would she even care if I did anyway given we are worlds apart living inside the same reality.

          1. Your posts leave me frustrated and wanting to bang my (your?) head against the wall.
            Yeah.. we’d miss each other, I’m sure.

      2. Tricia’s base of argument is flat out wrong

        “First, keep in mind that COVID deaths as a percentage of California’s population is .0164325%. For San Diego it’s .00003076%”

        That’s a factor of about 530 different. That should give anyone reading this a pause: Can this actually be true? If you have results like that, it’s time for a sanity check.
        Johns Hopkins reports today 7099 dead for California and 422 for San Diego County. That’s 0.018% (slightly higher, to be expected as a few days have passed) and 0.0126%, respectively. The incidence of Covid-19 deaths is about 30% lower than the California average (good for them), but miles away from the factor of 534.

        When somebody bases her or his argument on numbers that are egregiously, glaringly obviously wrong, and the accolites all but spend applause and pat the shoulder, walking away as Doug has done is a sensible option. That’s not about being tongue tied, but realizing that the other side does not care for facts and debate is fruitless.

        1. @bluegrue

          I think you have a point. When other side does not care for facts, debate is fruitless. Let me know when you stop trying to score points and imperialistly dismissing anyone who dares to disagree.

          BTW, did it occur to you to ask Tricia where she got her numbers?

          1. “For San Diego it’s .00003076%” is equivalent to a single Covid-19 death out of the entirety of the 3.3 million inhabitants of San Diego County. You think there is a legit source for that?

            If you want serious debate, make serious points.

            From what I can gather over here, the impact on nursing homes is bad across the board in the US, irrespective of political leaning of the state or city administration. The core problem is lack of testing capacity, the lack of PPE and that many of the workers are on low-paying jobs and work in several homes. Mix that with the pressure to work, even if you do not feel well, for fear of losing income or your job, and you have a recipe for desaster. But looking at systemic reasons is less fun than sticking the blame to a political opponent.

          2. @bluegrue

            Serious debate? With you? Not likely, but who knows?

            I have played Zork. I understand the reference to bluegrue. The last thing the grue want is light shed anywhere in their vicinity. For some reason, I have even lower expectations of a blue monster.

            I pointed out your your statistics, although numerous, were not especially relevant to the subject of this post, and you made a stink out of what looks at worse like a math error on another blog. If you don’t like Tricia’s numbers, why are you asking me about them?

            Anyway, your comments indicate you are into the blame game, not a dialogue. No wonder you like Doug. Blame Trump! Blame Trump! Blame Trump!


            Most people are sick and tired of treating a virus that probably is not much more dangerous than the flu like the bubonic plague. It is fairly obvious, even from the statistics, that children are unlikely to get sick, much less die. The elderly, especially the frail, are vulnerable. So they need to be protected. Otherwise, the fuss over COVID-19 is beginning to look absurd.

            Some Democrat run states, especially New York, had governors who made nursing homes take patients with COVID-19. Criminally stupid!

          3. @Tom
            Hi, just a heads-up. This is marmoewp speaking. I have a couple of online monikers, each of which I use in a different area / community. I mean to keep them seperate, but I forgot to change back to marmoewp by accident when posting here. My apologies for any confusion this may have caused, but I guess you were wondering anyway, where you would have picked up another German reader.

        2. Yep.. agree totally. Bottom line.. the problem, any problem, that even hints that Trump’s an idiot, the Right Wing Praetorian Guard circles Trump and finds .. rather creates… doubt. That’s gotta be the most amazing argument to defend Trump I have heard to date… the pandemic is being used by the Left to disparage Trump. Trump does a great job on his own.

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