We Aren’t going to “Get Our Freedom Back…”

What insanitybytes22 is saying here is something I think we have all begun to fear. Social distancing is not going away.

Why would the elites want social distancing to go on forever? Doesn’t seem rational. Yet we must remember our enemy is ultimately Satan, and that is why people sometimes do things that otherwise make no sense at all.

Note that insanitybytes22 points to the harm being done to our churches. The social distancing rules were never appropriately applied to the churches.

Note also the expression “social distancing”. What the authorities logically wanted is “physical distancing”. Yet they called it “social distancing”. I think that is because separating us socially is the goal.

See, there's this thing called biology...

eagleSo listen, I don’t want to sound uncharacteristically somber and serious, nor do I want people to think I’m a total conspiratress. I am you know, I do love a good conspiracy theory. The problem being this isn’t a “theory,” it’s simply common sense. So, I just want to say, those who are waiting patiently for things to “get back to normal,” it ain’t happening. It ain’t going to happen.

Those who seem to believe if we just comply enough, just cooperate enough, just do everything they say, (wear your mask you idiot, so we can all open back up again) it ain’t going to happen.

If you’re waiting for covid 19 to go away, it aint going to happen either.  We could get down to no cases anywhere and there’s another “pandemic” right around the corner waiting for us. The media is already on it.

Government and public health…

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15 thoughts on “We Aren’t going to “Get Our Freedom Back…”

  1. They’re waiting for the November elections.
    They have to keep this going until the fear of a debate (where Biden has to actually answer questions in public) is over.

    1. Trump hasn’t answered a question in a debate with any detail… ever. I typically seldom watch debates as they generally reveal nothing you don’t already know about a candidate by time the debates start. Biden can get pretty detailed when compared to Trump. Besides.. all Trump does is call names and harangue about how good he’s done. I’m watching this one for sure.

      But.. on a more non-partisan topic… I think we all will agree this bit of political correctness is going way too far.


      1. Trump hasn’t answered a question in a debate with any detail… ever

        I’m not sure anyone has…at least not for a long, long while.
        The only thing that matters this point is the ability to answer a question coherently.
        This will be apparent if and when the democrats ever allow their officially anointed candidate to stand at the podium and answer a pre-screened set of questions.
        Heck, I’ll even let him have an earpiece so someone can feed him the answers.
        We all know how it will go.
        “We need the courage to range!”
        “Um, excuse me sir what was that again?”
        “The range! It’s all about the range…we need, er….ever mentioned I’ve wrestled steers before?”

        (yes, I agree the CNN piece is taking PC too far…but that ship sailed long ago. Oops, there’s that racist language again)

    2. @Liz

      I expect giving Biden an excuse to hide in his basement encourages this obstinate silliness. However, I think there is more to it. Choosing which businesses can stay open and which cannot give politicians a lot of power. Then there is the fine tuning like how many customers can be in a store.

  2. Thanks for the reblog, Tom!

    A bit amusing how everything always becomes all about President Trump. It’s no secret that I am a fan, that I am exceedingly grateful that he is our President, that I look forward to voting for him again. I don’t hide that truth at all! But that said, I almost never talk about him. I don’t mention him in casual conversation and I don’t really blog about him. I don’t have a maga hat or a Trump bumper sticker. It’s the more liberal partisans who are totally obsessed with Trump, not me. So, not that anyone will listen to me, but when your entire mantra is, “we’re going to gleefully make Trump supporters submit and bow to the god of science,” no one in their right mind should buy what you’re selling. That isn’t “science” at all, that’s just pride, tribalism, and foolishness.

    1. @insanitybytes22

      You obviously read Doug’s comment. I thought ending this with a laughing emoji, but it really isn’t funny. It is scary how obsessed these people have become.

      1. Yep, I read Doug’s comment, but he’s not alone in his mindset. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back to read something I wrote thinking, wait, did I mention President Trump? Was I even thinking about him? Is this is some way related to him? What in the world does this have to do with President Trump? It is kind of funny in a way! I don’t think people like Doug realize most of us are just out enjoying life and not really obsessing over President Trump at all.

    2. On the other hand, we exist right now as a result of Trump’s nearly four years (No, he didn’t start the pandemic). Trump supporters think the country is running great with the leader needing his own face on Mt. Rushmore for all he’s done. Anti-Trumpers generally feel the country is in complete chaos and led by an arbitrary buffoon. The perfect Twilight Zone. Of course Trump supporters find no reason to mention his name with any sort of disharmony… life here is great now.

      I’m sure I am not alone among the disenchanted in blaming him for creating all the chaos… which his supporters find normal and acceptable… and the pandemic is just inconsequential, the losses being acceptable collateral damage. Yep…. it’s all about Trump. Patriotism, or alleged patriotism, swings both ways.

      1. It’s interesting to me how very self governed we actually are in this country. We ourselves are often responsible for the quality of our lives or lack thereof. The chaos, division, and lawlessness is actually not President Trump’s fault at all. He has not advocated in favor of those things, nor has he promoted them. Blaming President Trump for chaos and division is like a self fulfilling prophecy. People must now ensure there is even more chaos and division so their biases towards Trump can be confirmed. So like literally people engage in lawlessness and division and then go, “See, see what Trump has made us all do!”

        1. Ah well.. matters not actually. I think it irks more when Tom or you… who I consider to have a level of articulation that’s not Neanderthal as many trigger-happy Conservatives… seem to defy MY level of common sense. That’s tongue-in-cheek, In fact, common sense is not all that common and only common to the person presenting it as a basis for argument.

      2. @Doug

        We exist right now as a result of Trump’s nearly four years (No, he didn’t start the pandemic).

        We exist right now? As the result of Trump’s nearly four years? And you still want to get rid of him?

  3. It simply astounds me how Trump has managed to seduce so many on this idea that science is wrong, science is a ploy by power elites to take away our freedoms, blah-blah…. and he made the wearing the masks a political ideology in itself.. a symbol of oppression, and the collapse of America.

    (First off, I thought Trump’s promise was to rid the power mongers and elites. If Trump has failed doing that in nearly four years into his chaos, then maybe you outta think of replacing him?)

    On the other hand.. if you are a Trump supporter you likely thought that goofy display at Mt. Rushmore was akin to the second coming of Christ. Sadly.. he spouts nothing positive.. just his mindless threat toward an imagined “enemy”, for contrived reasons to instill fear… on top of a world pandemic… which of course, Trump supporters don’t believe is happening.

    Lemmings you surely are.

    1. @Doug

      You can’t help yourself, can you? What has Trump got to do with this? At this point Trump doesn’t want anything to do with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) controversy. He just is not going to shut down the economy again.

      Science is a process, not an official announcement by someone who calls himself a scientist. We can arrive at a conclusion based upon the scientific method, but no one who just spouts off and calls what they say incontrovertible science need be taken seriously,

      There are other experts we can consult with different ideas than those being expounded by the news media and government officials.


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