Inescapable shock training in the shuttle box (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

I am a victim. You are welcome to treat me with kid-gloves and virtue signal all you want. It is easy. All you have to do is submit to my demands.

How am I a victim? I am a while male. No one likes me because white males exploit everyone else. It is in our DNA. We are not responsible and cannot change. Therefore, we have an excuse, and you don’t. We have the white man’s burden.

  • I am white. I have the innate belief (It is in my DNA.) that whites are superior. I cannot help myself. I innately believe (It is in my DNA.) that yellow, black, and red people are inferior. Therefore, yellow, black and red people must exist to do what whites tell them to do. Moreover, since yellow, black, and red people are not white, they cannot empathize with what it is like to have the burden of being white. So, they should submit and let us whites run things.
  • I am a straight male. I have the innate belief (It is in my DNA.) that straight males are superior. Since they are not straight males; females, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, and whatevers cannot empathize with straight males. It just not in their DNA. So, they should accept their obvious inferiority gracefully.
  • I have a proud cultural heritage. White men invented Western Civilization (Even if that were not in my DNA, it is in the primary source literature (and book burning is something only white males are allowed to do). Since females, yellows, blacks, and reds are not white and cannot even begin to empathize with what it is like to be inventive, they should gracefully accept the fact that white men allow them to use electric heat, modern plumbing, computers, grocery stores, and all the other amenities of a civilized world.

Okay! So I am not a victim. I am a joker, but are you a victim? Have you learned you don’t have to be a victim? Being a victim doesn’t have anything to do with race, sex, or sexual orientation. As a practical matter, the genetic variation among human beings is not sufficient to justify dividing us into races. Men and women are different, but both are equally necessary and capable. Sexual orientation is not in our DNA.

Think about this article, Learned helplessness. Some researchers learned that they could teach dogs to helplessly accept being shocked even when the dogs could avoid the shocks. Yet note! With a little help even a dog that had learned helplessness — had accepted its victimhood — could be taught to avoid the shocks.

As human beings, we can think. We are not dogs. We don’t have to accept good enough when we can imagine better. We don’t have to accept abuse, whine helplessly, and hate our tormentors. We don’t have to accept victimhood. We don’t have to use victimhood as an excuse to hold each other down. We can forgive each other. We can stop fighting each other. We can work together, or we can each separately go about our own business.

It is a big world and an endless universe, large enough for all of us. Instead of looking for excuses to dominate each other, we can learn to protect each others God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. And we can thank our Creator for the opportunity.

10 thoughts on “I AM A VICTIM

  1. I’ve been really pondering the whole nature of victimization lately, Tom. I certainly don’t want to play the “who is more wounded” game, but dang, all our “poor me” stuff has really been erasing black women! Aunt Jemima’s real name was Nancy Green. She not only endured slavery, she provided for herself, became a founder of a Baptist church and an activist. The next “Aunt Jemima,” was a single mom with a pack of kids, who stepped out of poverty and bought herself a house. Why do we elevate people like George Floyd to hero status and yet shame all these women? Speaking of “shame,” what about the pregnant woman Floyd held a gun to, terrorized, robbed and was sentenced for? I mean, SHE is the one who had to overcome victimization she had no hand in.

    I know, I know, these are all rhetorical questions, I just think that as a society we should be honoring the overcomers, those who took the crap sandwiches they were dealt and made something wonderful out of it. That’s how you build a healthy world, that’s how you lift up other people. Instead, we shame them. Arrggg…..

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    1. @insanitybytes22

      I could not agree more. When we admire someone who has overcome great challenges so that they could give more of themselves to others, that is humbling. We fear we cannot do anything like that.

      Identity politics is about pride; it is about using the power of our identity group to elevate ourselves and shame others. Because she refused victimhood, Nancy Green’s story inspires more than it shames us. So, the reinvented George Floyd, who died as a victim, better serves the peddlers of division.

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    1. @Tricia


      It is easy to be a victim, but most people resent seeing themselves that way. Our pride rejects it. The people who do see themselves as victims do so, oddly enough, to salve their pride. They want some else to blame do their failures. What we need to do instead is learn from our failures.

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      1. That’s an interesting and true observation Tom. And even more ironic, being a victim prevents you from actually having a joyful, abundant life because you can’t self correct and improve flaws, it’s always someone else’s fault. Vicious circle.

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