Jesus drives Satan (right) away in this 1860 woodcut by von Carolsfeld (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

Here is another post that is supposedly about the death of George Floyd. It is not. In fact, by this time anybody who has been paying attention and studied the matter calmly probably wonders what all the fuss is about. Why does anyone need to protest Floyd’s death when EVERYONE believes the policeman who killed him abused his authority and committed murder? Putting a bad cop on trial for murder is not enough? Are we supposed to lynch him?

Consider the irony. When EVERYONE believes that that policeman murdered Floyd, why would anyone claim Floyd’s death proves systemic discrimination? Yet Liberal Democrats and their allies make that claim. That claim is entirely emotional, not logical. That claim is based upon the cold-blooded nature of the killing, not any proof of systemic discrimination.

We will believe something, and that is why we each must carefully seek out the truth. If we don’t believe the truth, then we will believe something that is not true, even lies.

So what is the point of this post? The object is to point you, the reader, to a couple of other posts.

The first post I hope you will examine carefully is the demonic narrative does not claim that all lives matter (cookiecrumbstoliveby.wordpress.com) by Julie (aka Cookie). Here Julie tackles what has become a very confused subject, the recent death of George Floyd and the politics surrounding it.

How does Julie deal with Floyd’s death? She reminds us that Satan lurks in the background, mouthing tempting lies. She also points us at a video, Catholic Unscripted No 11: All Lives Matter -From Floyd to Rowling; Questioning racism & Marxism (see below), where three gentlemen discuss the subject in the context of spiritual warfare.

In the video above three thoughtful men discuss the truths and the lies surrounding the death of George Floyd. Since it is almost 40 minutes long, this video may seem a bit lengthy, but keep three things in mind.

  • You can stop listening at any time.
  • The truth requires more time and effort to understand than lies.
  • These gentlemen provide a Christian perspective. If you are uncertain how a Christian should consider this matter, then listen.

The second post is something I wrote several years ago about Black Lives Matter (blacklivesmatter.com), DEMAGOGUERY AND BLACK LIVES MATTER. Black Lives Matter has served as the primary front group for the George Floyd protests. Since that organization does not have the best interests of blacks in mind, that is most unfortunate. Instead of furthering the creation of stable communities where blacks and everyone else can prosper, Black Lives Matter foments chaos and civil unrest. Why? Well, check out what I observed about Black Lives Matter several years ago and compare that with the current iteration of their website. Here, What We Believe (blacklivesmatter.com), is what Black Lives Matter currently says it believes. Black Lives Matter is still a despicable, anti-family, communist organization.

As a bonus, please read Evangelical pastors pander to radical Black Lives Matter (washingtontimes.com), by Everett Piper. Piper reprimands those pastors who have lent their personal credence to Black Lives Matter. He accuses them of apostacy. Supporting Black Lives Matter requires apostacy.


  1. I do not have an issue with police in general but it seems The United States of America is forming a few issues of their own and they will correct them too … and in addition to that, I am not a bigot of any kind regardless of how some probably toothless old bat might wish that I was.

    1. @John

      With Liberal Democrats in charge, we are going to correct what issues? How do you expect those power hungry busybodies to fix anything? By replacing the polices with race crazed idiots like themselves?

      1. I can’t wait to read Bolton’s Book! He has alleged already said some things that most Americans already suspect. I hope it gets published but if the great defender of the First Amendment who is now squatting in the oval office has his way, it will probably not. But somebody with balls will leak it …I hope … Where are the leakers when you need them?

          1. The title of your post is on point —so let us all read Bolton’s book and get at the truth for a change. And before you tell me that Bolton’s book is a bunch of lies, I wish to know if you have read it …and if you have read it, are you close enough to the daily happenings in Washington to be able to present an authoritative and unbiased conclusion concerning the book? If you are credentialed authority on the happenings on The Hill, I will entertain your response. If not, then I will conclude that you are expressing an opinion … which is fine … because that is what I do too … my whole blog is nothing but one big opinionated mess written for entertainment rather than information because, even though I have intgellect from on High, I do not pretend to be capable of interpreting what goes on in Washington, D.C., any more than any other common grunt on the ground in America.

          2. @John

            Bolton’s book has not been released. So, I cannot read it yet, and I don’t intend to do so. I don’t think Bolton should have written that book.

            John Bolton was the National Security Advisor. In addition to an ethical requirement for keeping his conversations with Trump mum, security concerns require him to keep his mouth shut.

            Can you imagine hiring a lawyer to represent you in high profile case and that lawyer blabbing your conversations with him in a book? Same sort of problem.

            Even our president needs people he can talk to who can keep their mouths shut. Unfortunately, Trump was a legitimate outsider. So, he did not have a bunch of people who were loyal to him that he could appoint.

          3. @John

            So, there is all kinds of pornography published. Not exactly what the educated read.

            Lots of books to read. Being choosy is wise.

          4. Yes, we have to be very careful to read only that which supports our own preconceived notions of how things are and should be. To do otherwise might be shattering to our precious egos.

          5. @John

            Well, at least you are honest about it. However, I suspect your ego is less fragile than you suggest. Sean Hannity is tolerable to you.

  2. Let them all quit the force! There are plenty of candidates out there to replace them once the policy changes about policy are agreed upon. We need fresh faces in the police departments.

    1. You really believe “there are plenty of candidates” who want that job?
      Think it would be the “fresh faces” that are leaving fastest. People close to retirement might be trying to hold on, since they’ve invested a lifetime into it…folks further from it are more likely to pull the cord and try for a different career.

      1. There are going to be plenty of fresh faces whether the forces like it or not because the new rules of engagement are going to eliminate a lot of the old guard.

          1. @Liz

            John has some kind of axe to grind. Because of what the police do, I fear there are plenty of people who have had bad experiences with the police. When we have a bad experience, we look for someone to blame instead of our self or chance. Because we are human, we tend to blame entire classes, not just individuals. That is illogical, but that is the nature of bigotry.

          2. Recruitment is not going to be a big problem because there are a lot of immigrants who will chomp at the bit to get a little authority under their belt and a chance to become real Americans …The are plenty of right wing independent militia gun loving types who will also rush at the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities with their penile extensions that they carry around all the time … No end to recruits.

          3. The Right Wing loves their immigrunts — now let them prove it by educating them to be cops and giving them jobs.

          4. We? I think every American ought to be forced to allow at least two families of them to share our personal residences. (Like in Cuba.) That way we could lay greater claim to being “A Christian Nation.” I love immigrunts. Some of them are really hot!

          5. @John

            Well, if Liberal Democrats were forced to house illegal immigrants, illegal immigration would quickly end. Don’t expect it soon. Read your own comment and see why.

          6. @John

            If the choice is between obey the government and making my lady happy….well, let’s just say she does not share your philosophy about immigrunts.

          7. I think we should recruit Robocop and Ironman. Oh, and Spiderman! He would be the friendly neighborhood cop.
            Problems solved.
            They could do the job for our military too.

          8. Also Jedis.
            We need a good Jedi program. We could make the population sponsor them in homes, too. I want to adopt a real live baby Yoda.

      1. You are judging me and that isn’t rational either. But to satisfy your curiosity, I am a bigoted, prejudiced, arrogant, self-important, selfish piece of s*it — and everybody who really knows me knows all that already so you have said nothing that is not common knowledge … can we move on now?

        1. @John

          You are saying stuff that does not make sense. We have a bunch of “mostly peaceful protests” about a sick convict high on drugs that a sadistic policeman working for Liberal Democrats killed. What is there to protest? President Trump?

          That cop has been charged with murder. Liberal Democrats will control the prosecution. They control the police forces blacks don’t like. The “mostly peaceful protesters” are killing and hurting people and destroying valuable property. Except to induce hatred and produce chaos there is no apparent reason for these “mostly peaceful protests”. What is it you think you are defending?

          Meanwhile, thousands of elderly people have died from COVID-19 because Democrat governors, especially the governor of New York, sent people with that highly contagious virus back into elder care facilities.

          1. Youo DO realize that the Covid 19 hysteria is a Left-Wing hoax designed by the extremist Left to control Americans, getting them ready for Marxist domination … do you not? There is no Coronavirus and if there is, it is no more severe than the common cold and the regular flu is far more deadly — so what is all the hype about? The talk about dead elderly people because of the coronavirus is nothing but Leftist propaganda … do you know any old person who has died of it? Do you know of anybody that knows an elderly person who has died of it? — Actually raising a protest against the poor simpleton in the white house would accomplish nothing at all … leave him alone … he will undo himself as time goes by.

          2. Victims of Covid 19 — do you know any victims of covid 19 personally? I am guessing that you do not and neither do I and neither does anybody I know ….

          3. @John

            I answered your question. Why don’t you explain why you need the answer?

            Why do I think you want the answer? Well, the usual reason for that sort of question is that unless one knows a “victim” one cannot have a credible opinion. One doesn’t have empathy. The favorite issue for the question use to be homosexual rights. Now that they are out of closet the question is becoming silly. We all know people who are sexually confused, and I wish more than ever that the sexually confused would repent and turn their afflictions over to Jesus.

            Still, I wonder. How does anyone have empathy for a virus? Perhaps you are just trying to show so few have died that COVID-19 does not matter.

            Anyway, my point is that COVID-19 has caused a lot more grief than the death of George Floyd. However, I suppose Democrats intend to fix that by refunding the police.

          4. Why do I need the answer? Why do you avoid answering it? It’s a simple yes or no question. but it has suddenly become irrelevant to me in light of your unwillingness to say whether you personally know a victim or not. No biggie.

          5. @John

            Imagine someone asked you this question: “yes or no, are you still beating your wife”. If a question contains an incorrect premise, then we need to deal with the premise first.

          6. You are getting a little too complicated for my simplistic ass. A simple yes or no question cannot be answered? That is beyond my comprehension.

          7. @John

            Well, I am a little late to offer my regrets. I hope my rough attempt at humor did not sting, but I suppose it did. I apologize.

          8. @John

            Defund the police is what I meant, refund is probably closer to the truth. Liberal Democrats intend to replace the police with their own thugs.

          9. There is no Coronavirus and if there is, it is no more severe than the common cold and the regular flu is far more deadly —

            Do you know anyone who has died of the flu?
            What is your basis for believing it is more deadly?

          1. A commendable practice … concise and precise. Good for you. I like to be mouthy, wordy, confusing, combative, arrogant, virulent … more fun that way. It takes a great deal of intellect to fathom the depths of my literary genius. Let no one ever doubt that.

  3. That One Thousand plus number of civilians you listed as having been killed by police in 2018 is only the numbeer representing the year, 2018. The actual number of civilians being killed by police is more than a Thousand a year on average and those victims are disproportionately non-white.

    1. @John

      The crime rate was coming down. People with jobs behave better.

      Blacks have a disproportionately high crime rate. Broken families and intercity public schools. Where Democrats run things, things don’t work right.

      1. Your conclusion that “Where Democrats run thing, things don’t work right” sounds like a normal individual political bias and that is alright because that is what America is about but the bias expressed may not always be absolute truth … I am sure there are some places run by Republicans where things “Run Right” (according to the Republicans anyway.). “So what relationship, if any, is there between the political affiliation of a city’s mayor and the local crime rate? An examination of five years of murder statistics from the 60 largest U.S. cities with populations that exceed 250,000. found that cities under Republican control were slightly less likely to have experienced an increase in crime than those run by Democrats — but that the percentage difference, factoring in the very small sample size, is not significant. Not significant. Enough to support a personal bias perhaps but in general, not significant.

        1. @John

          Now you are throwing those worthless stats at me.

          You are assuming that blacks behave just as well as whites. They don’t. They are not being properly brought up and educated. When teacher’s unions are solidly in the camp of Democrats, other than voters who should we blame?

          Blacks commit much more crime and they are much more likely to regard the police, even if the policeman is black, with hostility. The police don’t have the tools to fix these problems, not when the people who run their departments are not even interested in their success.

          Liberal Democrats get the votes of blacks by playing the race card. If they actually fix inner-city problems, they won’t be able to play that card. Blacks won’t have any reason to hate whitey.

          In May when the economy started to rebound, blacks did not share in the rebound (https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/05/may-2020-jobs-report/). That was not an accident. Trump had been bragging about reducing the unemployment of minorities to historic lows. Now, he is trying to restart the economy, and Democrats are foot dragging for all they are worth.

          The Democratic Party is just as racist as it ever was.

          1. Boy oh Boy! There is nothing racist at all in the comment, “You are assuming that blacks behave just as well as whites. They don’t.” — nothing racist in that comment at all. LOL.

            Nothing racist about this one either, is there? “Blacks commit much more crime and they are much more likely to regard the police, even if the policeman is black, with hostility.”

            Yeah, I get it! Blackie is a real threat to the community because of the way he was raised — right?

            A threat that has to be dealt with in a different manner than the less-hostile and less criminal whiteys, right?

            This sounds a lot to me like it is coming out of the deep South somewhere.

          2. @John

            I am just assuming that what people believe makes a difference. It is not about race; it is about culture. Why do you think the Nazis took over the German education system?

            If you have been thoroughly conditioned to deny that cultural differences never ever correspond to differences in skin color, that doesn’t make me a racist.

            Think! We have these people, Democrats mostly, screaming charges of systemic racism. If systemic racism exists, but significant racial differences don’t, then there must be cultural differences that correspond to skin color.

            Who do we put in prison? Lots of blacks? Well, lots of those blacks cannot read. Were they born stupid? No. Just like the rest of us they were born ignorant, and nobody did a decent job of teaching them.

          3. @John

            “White trash” is still permissible, but “nigger” is not? I am amazed by the racism of virtue signaling.

            Are there ignorant white human beings? Do ignorant people tend to behave poorly? Yep! We are all born as savages. We all need to learn how to behave and to learn the skills required to work.

            To the elites you and I don’t amount to much. The Romans used educated Greek slaves to suit their purposes.

          4. I am definitely a savage who has never been educated any farther than learning how to press buttons on my desk at work to bring me experts in everything I need to know …and yes, I was an am the worst kind of white trash — born on the wrong side of the tracks to poor, ignorant parents who never had the gumption to even wish for anything better than a leaking roof and ragged hand me downs — but they did manage to feed me enough swill to get me to adulthood so that I could strike out on my own an amass my fortune taking advantage of whomever I could. I am still trashier than hell.

    2. It is the job of police to face violence so it shouldn’t be surprising they are the ones more likely to be in positions where they encounter violence. About 52 percent of violent crimes are committed by black men, so it is not surprising that ratio would be larger.

  4. The problem with all this argument about the “Poor mistrusted police” and “The murderers in a police uniform” does not rest with a single incident such as the demise of Mr. Floyd. It rests among the burned out embers of an entire history of such events playing out with an over aggressive white cop killing a black victim being the usual scenario.

    These events point out an escalating trend in the flaws involved in police procedure and it has acknowledgedly become a nation-wide problem over the intervening years.

    The militarized police forces of today are viewing themselves as warriors at war against an enemy (The “Clueless Horde” as they often describe civilians) and the enemy is the mass of ordinary citizens. But to focus on the death of Rayshard Brooks, I believe the question could be asked, “Why did Mr. Brooks have to die because he fell asleep in a restaurant parking lot?”

    Couldn’t a little de-escalation technique served a far more noble purpose than shooting Mr. Rayshard in the back twice? How about it the police in this incident would have just offered to drive him to his sister’s place? Would that have provided for a better outcome? Wouldn’t de-escalation in this case (and in most of the other cases) be a more Christian action than killing? (By the way, Christians are law abiding are they not? Here’s information for you: More of these incidents are now being classed as homicides by the investigating authorities.) Are the police ever above the law? When did the police get the authority to become judge, jury and executioner?

    When we are talking about the devil and demons lurking around these incidents, let us get our associations straight — It is the devil who comes to steal, to kill and to destroy, not the poor innocent victims of unwarranted police rage in a moment.

    1. The problem with all this argument about the “Poor mistrusted police” and “The murderers in a police uniform” does not rest with a single incident such as the demise of Mr. Floyd. It rests among the burned out embers of an entire history of such events playing out with an over aggressive white cop killing a black victim being the usual scenario.

      Except that isn’t the usual scenario. Not by any data we have available. A white officer is actually more likely to be aggressive with a white culprit under the same conditions.
      There have been a number of studies on this.
      One was the 2015 Justice Department study of the Philadelphia Police Department.
      It found black officers were 67 percent more likely than white officers to mistakenly shoot an unarmed black suspect.
      It also found that Hispanic officers were 145 percent more likely than white officers to mistakenly shoot an unarmed black suspect.

      Some quote about “things we know for sure that just ain’t so” comes to mind.

      1. Statistics are nice and often convenient (and often doctored to fit somebody’s agenda) but the sad fact is that today’s Militarized Police are getting out of control and the lid has to be put on before they become a force all by themselves and start getting cocky enough to believe that they can get away with anything because of the sympathetic judges who hold biases all their own.

          1. You’re asking me?
            Good question. Why isn’t there?
            Probably because there’s an agenda that is driven by emotion and not facts.
            Citizen tom posted a video (think it was last week) that showed an unarmed white guy getting jumped and beaten, and pepper sprayed and shot in the subway in Chicago by two black LEOs. DIdn’t make headline news.

          2. Heck, there is a video out Tony Timpa in his death throes too, from a cop sitting on his back. Note the lack of rioting after that one, also, did not make headline news.

          3. You believe what you hear on American News?

            Everything I hear? No. What I try to do is check the source if/when that is possible.
            It often is. So, for example, if there is a quote I look for the original quote. That provides context. Context is everything.

          1. @John

            I grew up listening to the big three networks and reading news magazines like Time. I can be a bit thick, but after a while I realized they were lying. They lie right from the start by calling themselves objective news reporters.

            Time calls Trump a racist just because he is unwilling to flood our country with cheap labor that cannot speak English.

    2. @John

      The police kill very few people. Most never use their guns. Most of the outrage against the police is in areas run by Liberal Democrats, often blacks, and it has been that way for decades. So, I don’t think you are making much sense.

      Unfortunately, because Liberal Democrats are racists, they have used government to make blacks dependent. Thanks to lousy innnercity schools and a welfare system that breaks up families, young black men disproportionately commit more crimes, and everyone knows this, including the police. Yet the Liberal Democrat news media insists upon ignoring the obvious and blaming the police.

      The police killed that guy in Atlanta after the guy surprised the them by resisting arrest, seized tazer from one of the officers, used the tazer, and ran. That guy had a record. He wasn’t a choir boy.

      What I think is going on is that Liberal Democrats and groups like Black Lives Matters are trying to stir up racial strife in order to turn out the black vote for the election. They are just using the police with the same sort of calculation that the Nazis used the Jews.

        1. @John

          You think it is difficult to find an article like that? Liberal Democrats routinely call Conservatives and Republicans racists and Nazis. The highest officials of the Democratic Party have spent the last four years either trying to dig up dirt on Trump or trying to frame him. For the sake of power they will do anything.

          List the things Democrats stand for.
          — Abortion and eugenics
          — Socialism, that is, government-given rights.
          — Identity politics including the LGBTQ Agenda. Identity politics is devisive
          — Setting aside the Constitution. Democrats consider the Constitution an obstruction
          — Democrats use government dominate the culture through the schools and mass media. They are using this power to suppress free speech

          Anyway, we usually agree. So, I am a bit surprised. Would not have expected you to have such a problem with the police. Do you really want the police to be dominated by the Democratic Party. Look at what they have done to the schools.

          1. I just want the police to stop killing people for little or no reasons. I don’t care how it happens — the methods and procedures of policing need to change — it is too militaristic –It is too much “Us vs Them” — It bothers me when I hear police referring to civilians as “The clueless Horde.”

          2. @John

            The police don’t kill people. They maintain law and order.

            Look up the number of police who have been killed in the line of duty. Then look up the number of people the police have killed.
            — 48 police killed in felonious acts
            — 1002 people were shot and killed by the police
            — 14,123 people were murdered

            There are about 330 million people in this country

          3. Well now that they have ignited the current movements to get some changes made, let us see how good they are at maintaining law and order and let’s see how many civilians die in the attempt. Then I will be open to more discussions.

          4. @John

            Well, Black Lives Matters, the Democrats, and the news media ignited the current movement, and they don’t seem to have much interest in law and order. Throwing bricks seems to be what they are about.

          5. They have interest in law and order but the problem there is no law and order because the law thinks it is above the law and the only way it knows to restore order is through violent means.

          6. @John
            Check out this.

            Kind and gentle politicians are rare because very few are effective. Most kind and gentle politicians are just pandering.

            Government is force. Read Romans 13:1-7.

            God is willing to save us, but read the Book of Revelation. Nevertheless, if we don’t obey God’s law, as our King He will put us in Hell.

            We have lawful ways to protest and effect change. Rioters are just destructive, and they are most destructive to innocent people, not law enforcement. So, they need to be locked up and punished, not allowed free reign.

          7. God puts nobody into Hell. People choose to go to Hell on their on their own free will by ignoring Jesus Christ or by refusing to accept His Salvation.

            I can imagine King George saying the same thing about those rebellious thugs at Concorde Square — “they need to be locked up and punished, not allowed free reign.”

            And we all know how that one turned out, don’t we?

          8. @John

            Comparing what King George III was trying to do to the American colonies to the murder of George Floyd is foolishness.

            Does God put sinners into Hell or do sinners choose Hell? Here is a distinction without a difference. If we choose to disobey God — if we hate Him too much to obey Him — God will separate Himself from us, and there is nothing we can do about it except repent and trust Him.

            Similarly, if we refuse to obey the laws of our society, as lawbreakers we make a choice with consequences. However, instead of Hell, society uses prisons to separate lawbreakers from the rest of society. Unlike God society is not omnipotent or omniscient. So, no society can be as just as God or judge lawbreakers as well.

          9. Well said except for the very first paragraph. I do have exponentially superior knowledge and judgment in all things (as everybody who can think already knows) and there is never a rational or logical way to disagree with me onb anything — because I am so humble and kind-hearted … Why I would never even think of beheading a snake … a sweet little snake … for any reason … although I might be tempted sometime to stuff it down the drawers of some fat prude if I were to get the chance. LOL

          10. Well, I’ve read that police are walking off the job in Atlanta and elsewhere.
            Can’t say I blame them.
            We may get a look at what the world without law enforcement looks like outside of the “autonomous zone” as well.
            A friend of mine said the home of one of the officers was shot up recently.
            It happened while he was at work and it was just the wife and kids at home alone. None of them were hurt thank God.
            She said they seem to be trying to follow officers home from substations so they can find out addresses. She has four kids, all under 10 (she just had a baby recently). This would be really scary.
            And since a lot of these areas are now voting to defund the police departments…
            Really, I can’t blame them for quitting.

          11. My spouse was actually considering joining the police force after all this. He spoke a close friend of ours who was a LEO (and also enlisted military, retired), he talked him out of it. Thank God.

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