Supposedly, Tucker Carlson is suffering a loss of advertisers because he spoke poorly of Black Lives Matter.

Carlson’s offense? He exercised his free speech rights and stated his carefully reasoned opinion.


Consider this quote from the video.

Here is the new rule, and it defines everything. You are not allowed to question Black Lives Matters in any way. FULL STOP!

The effort to silence Carlson demonstrates he spoke truly. Please listen to the video. Then stop, and take a few moments to reflect upon what Carlson said. Carlson’s true crime is that he criticized lying Democrats, chicken Republicans and the cowardly and foolish wealthy among us. Black Lives Matter? Not so much. He just said Black Lives Matter is not about protecting black lives. Defunding the police is about replacing the police with supporters of the Democratic Party.

Want to know what the blacks need from you and me? Has nothing to do with race. Listen to Black Community Broken by Broken Homes: Tim DeMoss and Garry Cobb (christianoutlook.com). Hear former Philadelphia Eagle Garry “G” Cobb to discuss how many black men get involved in gangs and drugs as a result of fatherless homes and poor schools. His explanation of what we erroneously call “systemic racism” and what we need to do about it is surprisingly lucid and clear. We don’t need a government solution. We don’t need a race-based solution. What government has done created the problem. We need to encourage fathers to stay with their families and help raise their children. We need to make certain children learn to read.


  1. I watched that segment, as I usually do watch Tucker— I had decided I really need to pray for Tucker and his family as he is usually very truthful with his observations— truth of what is actually happening-people don’t appreciate others pointing out the truth to their agendas-and so I worry for his safety— we are living in surreal times when the truth has become poison — sigh

    1. @Julie

      Those who appreciate history have “seen” this sort of thing before. We can now see for ourselves how the Nazis got everyone to hate the Jews. Liberal Democrats are just doing it to the police instead.

      What I did not understand was that the Nazis did not have to get a majority of the Germans to hate the Jews. They just had to get most Germans afraid of those who hated the Jews. They just had to get most Germans apathetic and indifferent to the fate of the Jews. That indifference was the true sin of Nazi Germany. That apathy and indifference is becoming our sin today.

      What the majority of Germans failed to realize is that we either stand to together, or fall one at a time. We are either one with God, or we under the heel of a tormenter who has no mercy.

      The power mad fear and hate everyone, not just the police. They want their own police to control everyone. After they gain full control of the police, their police will look a lot like the Gestapo. That is what defund the police means.

  2. Carlson’s offense? He exercised his free speech rights and stated his carefully reasoned opinion.
    AFAIK, free speech means the state can not punish you for the ideas you espouse. It does not include, that other private people need to like what you are saying or keep paying you for what you are saying.

    1. @marmoewp

      I agree. Free speech does not include making other private people like what we are saying or paying for what we for what are saying.

      Our right to an education does not include making other private people pay for our education.

      Our right to health care does not include making other private people pay for our health care.

      Our right to food, clothing, and shelter does not include making other private people pay for our food, clothing, and shelter.

      Our right to do most anything does not include making other private people pay. Glad you realize that.

      1. I had not expected you, to make no distinction between the obligations of a private company (keep paying ads for a show they do no longer want to be associated with) and governement as a representative of society, e.g. seeing into children having a comparable chances to make it in life by getting an education, irrespective of the economic status of their parents.

        1. @marmoewp

          As you so clearly stated, you are making distinctions. Unjustified, but not unusual.

          Tucker Carlson has a desirable audience for advertisers. He is not promoting some kind of vile agenda. Yet because of the hysteria being whipped up by the Liberal Democrat news media and the likes of BLM, some advertisers are ostracizing him. Do they have that right? Yes, but they are supporting racism, not honest debate.

          BLM has problems with people who say things like “all lives matter” and “all buildings matter”. They use the charge of racism to bully people, and that is obvious. There is nothing to gain by supporting such an organization.

    1. @marmoewp

      Old trick. Instead of debating the issue, we say our opponent just doesn’t understand or appreciate the problem.

      I will try to get around to listening to your video, but one person’s testimony about their personal experiences is just an anecdote. As an expert in statistics, you should know that. However, since you obviously appreciate anecdotes, I will offer one my own.

      I grew up as the son of a noncommissioned officer, not as a recipient of white privilege. I grew up regarding myself as privileged to be an American. I was in the first generation of Americans to go to racially integrated public schools in this country. When my father was assigned to a base in the Washington D.C. area, we discovered that judges were requiring the locals to integrate their public schools. The locals made sure the children of military personnel experienced the lion’s share of the busing required to integrate the schools. For some reason, the locals did not want their children bused. So I spent hours on the bus every day. Supposedly, that was so I could rub shoulders with blacks, but the blacks segregated themselves. One of the oddest things I have ever seen. Busing did not work. Force is not an effective way to make people like each other. Judges should not make law, but some judges have their own ideas they want to make law.

      Over the years I have befriended some people with dark skin. Nothing special about that. All I have learned is that skin color does not make much difference. What matters what people believe. I have also learned some people are determined to control what we believe, and that matters.

    2. @marmoewp

      I listened to Amber Ruffin’s video. I have my doubts about the veracity of her stories. Consider the first one. She is driving in heavy traffic, blasting music, and a policeman standing on the side of the road makes her stop?

      The lady is a comic. Did she see an opportunity for some publicity?

      1. Yes, I am aware of that bit. I filled in the gap with the police car I expect the officer to sit in and the bullhorn that car has. I may be wrong, of course.

        As I understand it, she is one of the writers usually working off screen.

        1. @marmoewp

          Don’t know anything about the lady, but the number of hoaxes intended to defame the police has been considerable. I don’t see any reason to take her seriously. She has a bunch of stories.,So what?

  3. A few years back we had community organizers teaching mostly white kids how to disobey and resist the cops. I was running about totally ineffectively trying to stress the importance of compliance, of diffusing the situation, going up the chain of command with your complaints, and living to see another day. I so wanted to teach some of these people about how Jesus can heal your problems with authority, your resentment towards cops. That didn’t go over well, of course.

    So one of our local kids, had addiction issues, went to Seattle and challenged the cops while brandishing a knife and got himself killed.

    Love is complicated, it’s sacrificial, it is invested in the well being of others. Strengthen black families, support fatherhood, help people understand their issues with authority and the results, the outcome for people, will be much better, much healthier, much more life affirming. BLM is a wealthy institution that believes black lives matter…. but only when one party needs their votes. Like it or not, you are worth far more to them dead as a martyr, then healthy and successful.

    1. @insanitybytes22

      One of the things that amazes me is that BLM blows its stack when people say “blue lives matter”, “all lives matter” or “building matter”. Supposedly, those are racist statements. Well, if BLM thinks only “black lives matter”, that is just about as racist as it gets.

      BLM is not about love. It is a bunch of communists fomenting revolution. If “BLACK LIVES MATTER = DEFUND THE COPS” (their claim), then BLM equals undermining our country, especially minority communities.

  4. The question whether these companies buckle before the leftist mob or whether they truly support BLM, which is a marxist influenced organisation, is irrelevant.
    The calculation is simple. If they cater to the mob while those who watch Tucker still buy their products/services it’s a win-win.
    If you want to keep Tucker on air, you should boycott these companies and let them know and you should buy the products/services of the companies advertising on Tucker’s show and let them know also. That’s the only way to change their calculation.

  5. Tom,

    Tucker is going to lose advertisers if he believes and acts same as in Matthew 5:17 verses.
    That is if you believe or have faith his opinions are the truth.

    Takes wisdom to understand what is a truthful or wise opinion. However we really don’t teach any proverbial wisdom courses in secular public schools.


    Regards and goodwill blogging..

  6. “The group consisting of mother, father and child is the main educational agency of mankind.”

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