Blaming Whitey Again

Is James Atticus Bowden right? Think about this.

The real suffering for millions of Black Americans is caused by the Socialist welfare state, fatherless families, impotent pandering churches, Judas leaders betraying their own people with identity politics, drugs and alcohol, worthless schools, unfair drug laws and the cynically skewed drug war, police and prison excesses, and the interminable excuse-making of perpetual victimhood. Not systemic White racism.

Then consider where systemic racism supposedly exists, where Liberal Democrats have been running things for decades. Why haven’t they fixed the problem?

Liberal Democrat refuse to open up their economies, using fear of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as an excuse. They have promoted riots using the death of George Floyd as an excuse. Why such stupidity? Is it because they don’t want Trump to succeed?

Blacks were getting jobs. Where Socialism had failed, capitalism was working. Even if they have to destroy the cities they run, will Liberal Democrats refuse to allow capitalism to succeed?

The obstinance of Liberal Democrats sounds crazy, but we know COVID-19 was not as dangerous as advertised. We don’t even know why that policeman killed George Floyd. Racism? Perhaps, but Liberal Democrats run that police force. Why would they allow systemic racism? What do they even mean by systemic racism?

Consider what is required to make a problem systemic to a society. There has to be a system and someone has to be in charge of enforcing and administering the system. If there is systemic racism, then race obsessed Liberal Democrats must be in charge of enforcing and administering systemic racism.

Deo Vindice

Blaming Whitey is another Big Lie.

Blaming Whitey Again

From Watts 1965 to Minneapolis 2020

“The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders concluded that the deepest cause of the recent riots in our cities was white racism.” From Black Rage published in 1968.

Let’s say white racism actually caused riots in the 1960s. Fast forward 55 years.  White racism doesn’t cause riots in 2020.

A white cop is captured on camera committing police brutality – that kills a black man. All Americans are outraged by the injustice they see with their own eyes. The widely-held perception of systemic injustice against Blacks mobilizes protests. This protesting is as understandable as it is laudable.

But, when protests become riots, the legitimacy of assembly is lost to the criminality of looting.

Meanwhile, fundamentally, while the emotions of the protests are genuine, the narrative of “what is what” is based on a big Lie…

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9 thoughts on “Blaming Whitey Again

  1. In my state, the solution seems to be to defund the police department and go to a self enforcing of the law. This seems to me just another means in which to enslave those who say they’re oppressed.


      Irrational, to say the least. Seeing the decline in our nations moral values makes the Old Testament stories about Israel all too believable.

  2. Went to the library in Golden today and had to wait in the car while the books I had on hold were brought out to me (at the designated time) by a person wearing a mask. He was not allowed to give them to me directly, but in a bag, placed in the trunk of the car I was required to open before he brought out the item.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, our second son received his diploma in the car, handed to him by a masked attendant (also at a designated time).
    These are small things of course compared to the folks who weren’t (aren’t?) permitted to see their loved ones in their last hours on earth.
    But it’s still surreal to watch the same people who were mandating and demanding these policies stay in place to turn around and encourage mass protest gatherings now.

    But then, just last week they were saying our first responders were heroes who deserved bonuses and pay raises and this week they are villains.
    Getting whiplash yet?

    1. @Liz

      When I was young, I was taught in school to arrogantly look back and call the generations who preceded us superstitious. I don’t feel that way anymore.

  3. As usual, Tom, it’s always the “they” that are the cause.. and are “wrong”. Only white Liberals are racist. It’s in the DNA. Judas leaders? Jeez.

    Well.. sorry… but you made reference to the quote I used …

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

    Yep.. I assigned that quote to Trump over two years ago in a number of posts. Since then most people either have seen through his lies and/or grown numb to any credibility toward anything he ever says and just ignores him. I’ve replaced that Trump “mantra” with a more appropriate one…

    “Just because you have the power, or think you have the power, does not mean you should exercise that power arbitrarily.”

    1. @Doug

      What is in the DNA is that we only consider people like us part of our group. That is why politicians use identity politics to divide and control us.

      The Bible divides us into two categories, those who have been saved and those who need to be saved. The Bible says we were all made in God’s image. Race doesn’t matter.

      Liberal Democrats have used George Floyd’s death to pit us against each other. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, they immediately blamed the police.

      The idea of defunding the police is insane, especially for the people living in black neighborhoods. If driven to it, my home owner’s association could hire security guards, but blacks in the inner city probably could not do that, and crime in those neighborhoods is rampant. Young black men routinely kill each other. Why? Democrat welfare programs break up families, and Democrat run schools undermine moral values.

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