I have gathered up several posts from my favorite blogs. Others are welcome to link to related posts in the comments. Whether you agree or disagree doesn’t matter. What I want people to do is stop and think. Are we going to lynch a policeman or give him a fair trial?

Why these posts? They are politically incorrect. Each runs full steam ahead against the prevailing narrative in the hysterically self-righteous Liberal Democrat news media. What is that narrative?

A racist cop killed George Floyd because of systemic racism.

What is the systemic racism of our day? Slavery? Jim Crow? Affirmative Action? The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations? The mere fact some people have a darker skin than other people? If you know, please explain.

What are the key “facts” in this narrative.

  • The video showing George Floyd’s supposedly cold, blooded, murder.
  • The assumption that George Floyd was as innocent as a new born babe and an asset to the community.
  • The conventional news media wisdom that blames every sin on Republicans and tells us that Democrats care so much about the poor, the aged, the persecuted, the children, the disabled, black, the LGBTQ, and so forth.
  • The presumption we can believe the Liberal Democrat news media.
  • The self-righteousness of a mob.

Are you a roadie, a dead head, a parrot head or simply part of the cult? ( illustrates the need for though. Julie, the author of this post doesn’t include this video, but I think it makes an appropriate addition.

This is not Christian. Asking forgiveness like this is virtue signaling. Trying to convince people that they are guilty of the sins their grandparents committed is just another way to put people on a guilt trip.

What does Julie’s post do? She reminds us how much we can be manipulated. We all have dreams of being in a popular band, singing and playing music with lovely people. What if a desire like that becomes perverted? Imagine being part of Antifa and traveling around, secret agent like, trying to stir of strife. To save the world from what? Your self?

In Do you know what really killed George Floyd? (, insanitybytes22 reminds us that George Floyd was a real person, not a saint to be canonized by Pope Al Sharpton. Insanitybytes22 points to other problems, less glamorous problems. She suggests we need to consider something besides racism as the primary contributing cause. Floyd had led a troubled life. He had criminal record, he was on drugs, and he had all kinds of serious medical problems. While there is no doubt at this point that it was an extremely bad idea to hold Floyd down with a knee on his neck for so long, the policemen who arrested Floyd probably underestimated the affects of his weakened condition.

Note also that neck restraint the policemen used on Floyd seems to have been used more often than we were initially led to believe. See Minneapolis police made 44 people unconscious with neck restraints since 2015 (

In Judicial restraint? ( ColorStorm reminds us that justice requires due process, not jumping to conclusions because we have seen the video. When we vote for leaders to lead us, we want them to know we are not a mob. We want an orderly process that requires a judge and a jury to impartially consider all the facts and then render a verdict.  Instead we have people rioting and politicians pretending that that is appropriate behavior.

You like the way 2020 is going? Year of Insanity by Tricia points to the cause.

No matter what happens going forward, 2020 will forever be known as the year we went bonkers.  It appears to be from a sickness that messes with the brain, causing acute loss of logic and critical thinking skills. Symptoms include extreme naivety in the goodwill of government officials, a complete disregard for civil liberties except when they align with preferred political causes, an eagerness to shame and censure others and uncontrollable urges to show wokeness through obnoxious, shallow acts of virtue signaling. (continued here (

Look in the mirror. You afraid of someone. Angry at them. Or is your problem something that frightens you, like a germ. Maybe you are terrified of losing your job, or you are afraid of working because you feel so inadequate. There is not anything that has not frightened someone. Even a shadow on the wall can do it, but none of us has a worse enemy than our self. That is because each of us has the desire and the capacity to disobey God. God cares about us, but we must obey Him.

Matthew 10:26-31 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

26 “Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 27 What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. 28 Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in [a]hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a [b]cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Additional References

Unfortunately, because the news media has its narrative, there is not much out there that indicates anything that is not positive about George Floyd. Even the head of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis (the police union) is being shut up.

Check out this year’s events too. We are only about halfway done. 🤔 And it is not going all that well.



  1. Hi Tom-

    Sent a decent reply and WP suggests I do not follow you. lol

    Anyway, a fair trial will be difficult, but the riots are no excuse in a country that is supposedly civilized.

    Tkx for the hook up.

    1. @ColorStorm

      Considering the son of the Attorney General of that state thinks highly of Antifa, I wonder if a fair trial is possible. We live in times when too many think justice is doing what seems right in their own eyes, that is, whatever pleases them.

      1. I would luuuuv to sit on that jury. I want to hear EVERYTHING and I would suggest to the jurors that they are to here evidence/ not opinion such as the leftist mob especially CNN.

        I would ask them: is it racist for a black man to kill a black man? Is it racist for a black man to kill a white man? And why pray tell, is it ALWAYS racist when a white man is involved in the death of a black man?

        I would go on record to set the foundation for everything that follows.

  2. It does not matter, whether George Floyd was as innocent as a baby or a mass murderer. This was not a high adrenaline, no time to think, action. This was an officer kneeling on a man’s neck for more than 8 minutes straight, without ever bothering to check on the vitals, even when Floyd stopped moving two minutes before the ambulance arrived. From what I have seen in the video, a policemen on duty has commited manslaughter, while his colleagues did nothing to stop him, but kept anyone else from interfering. All of that despite having bystanders asking them again and again to check for his health. And yes, I am taken shocked, that the ambulance crew could not be bothered to check for the vitals of an at least unconscious man, either.

    As you claim to be so concerned about the rule of law, where was the due process for Floyd before he was killed, while held on suspicion of forgery? What level of misconduct warrents a no-trial death senctence in your opinion?

    1. @marmoewp

      I have not condoned what the officer who kill Floyd did. Yet that is what you are suggesting. Your response is emotional and unthinking.

      The point of due process is to get at the truth. The point of due process is to prevent an irrational conclusion. The point is to prevent opportunists from driving us to a hasty conclusion. The Reichstag fire provides a classic example how people can be driven to make bad decisions.

      The officer in question and the three who worked with him have been arrested, but the publicity surrounding the matter has been absurdly hysterical.

      What level of misconduct warrants a no-trial death sentence in your opinion?

      What kind of question is that? Are we suppose to allow someone to shoot the four officers just to balance things? Are the riots justified just because Floyd was killed by a white man?

      1. For somebody not condoning what the officer did you are spending a lot of time pointing out just how bad a person Floyd was. Insanitybyte goes so far to suggest, that it was drugs and not the kneeling on the neck was what got Floyd killed. Everything is looked into in detail, except for the elephant in the room: That an officer on duty kneeled on Floyd’s neck way past his unconsciousness and could not be bothered to ever check for Floyd’s vitals. This can be seen on the video and will undoubtedly be established at trial.

        And yes, of course the officers should get a trial, just as Floyd should have gotten one.

        I do not condone the riots and I would like to point out, that the vast majority of the protestors simply do not riot. But hey, as long as you can point to riots you can focus on those and ignore the injustices that underly the protests. Yay you. And in ignoring I mean, that I have yet to see an article of yours on trying to understand, why black people in the USA see the need to protest.

        1. @marmoewp

          What I am obviously doing is pointing out how people are using this event to further their own ends. Part of that is trying to point out the simple fact that Floyd was not a fine, upstanding citizen. The police had a reason for arresting him, but you would hardly know it from the news coverage.

          If four policemen deliberately killed Floyd, the people running that police department, including the mayor and the rest of the city government, need to be held to account, and that won’t happen if people like you keep up this emotional blathering.

          1. According to court filings, Floyd stopped moving at 8:24:24 pm and appears to have stopped breathing at 8:25:31. It was then, that Kueng tried to find a pulse and failed to do so, but the officers kept their positions. Only at 8:27:24 did Officer Derek Chauvin lift his knee from the neck.

            So I have to retract my assertion, that they could not be bothered to check for vital signs. It’s just that finding none did not cause them to change their positions, including on George Floyd’s neck, but instead to keep positions up for another two minutues on a body that no longer moved and that they could no find vital signs on, until the ambulance arrived.

            See? I _can_ do dispassionate.

          2. @marmoewp

            Dispassionate? ☺ Not really.

            In my limited experience (Everyone’s experience is limited.), the police, emergency medical personnel, and firefighters take their jobs seriously. People die when they don’t.

            When something like this happens, and four policemen plus the EMT people seem indifferent, what the video is showing doesn’t explain it. The video is jawdropping, but just saying the police are racists doesn’t explain it. There is an extremely serious cultural or management issue. Exactly what? Don’t know for certain, but pretending Floyd is a saint, constantly screaming about the video, and rioting is no substitute for demanding a thorough investigation and an airing of all the evidence.

            Thus, all too many people are doing is demanding the heads of those policemen on a platter. I just think that sort of hatred of the police is as damnable as racism.

          1. @Liz

            Well, it was a good thing it was mostly peaceful. Can’t you imagine if it had been a riot? 😀

            What a hoot! It is weird what we laugh at.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Tom. I think that as a country protecting the rule of law and the rights of the accused, is critically important. Kind of ironic, run by mob rule and lawlessness, what do you even protest in the Floyd case? By what legal standard has a potential crime occurred? Ironically, also, without people being made in the image of God, you also have no moral basis in which to declare that lives matter in the first place.

    A bit funny, the Babylon Bee just did a spoof about how nihilists say no lives matter. In fact, nothing really matters! That’s some rather dark humor, but there is some profound truth there. We need the rule of law, the rights of the accused, and imago dei, or else justice ceases to exists and with it, “injustice.”

    1. @insanitybytes22

      When I read your post I got the idea for this one. God does tie it all together.

      Will have to read that Babylon Bee article. Thanks for mentioning it.

  4. Tom,

    Interesting question you have. Why did the four policemen take him down before he was to enter their vehicle?

    The reason will probably be explained by the defense lawyer at the trial, if, he is not lynched before that time.

    I remember from my police experience a number of instances of having prisoners resist entering a vehicle after being arrested and cuffed..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      We have had lots instances in recent years where the news media prejudged legal cases involving the police. They are instigating riots with their outrageous reports. That is getting more people killed. So, like you I hope we have an orderly trial and get our questions answered.

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