A man stands on a burned out car on Thursday morning as fires burn behind him in the Lake St area of Minneapolis, Minnesota (from here (en.wikipedia.org))

Why are Democrats destroying their own states and their own cities? This is a manifestation of gangster politics. This is what happens when we vote to fill our own pocketbooks at the expense of our fellow citizens. Thieves and robbers put other thieves and robbers in charge of their gang, and the thieves and robbers in charge just rob the gangs they lead.

Did you know that U.S. spends twice as much on law and order as it does on cash welfare, data show (washingtonpost.com)? Sounds important? Right?

The aggressive law enforcement response to demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s death has spurred a chorus of calls to defund and reform the police. ( continued here (washingtonpost.com))

There has been an aggressive law enforcement response? Seriously? What is the Liberal Democrat news media up to now?

This Washington Post article isn’t about race or the police. We don’t even know why the policeman who killed George Floyd murdered him. Liberal Democrats and other activists have prejudged the cop as racist. This is about political warfare, and our policemen are caught in the middle of it.

Pray for our policemen. There are about 700,000, and they rarely kill anyone, much less someone who is unarmed with his hands in cuffs. One of reasons we are so upset about George Floyd is that it is so unusual for a policeman to kill someone that way.

The policeman’s job is to protect us, and policemen usually do a good job. Perfect? Of course not. We can all be accused of something.

Unfortunately, the partisan, Liberal Democrat news media needs an enemy, and they have chosen to stereotype the police as bigots. What the Liberal Democrat news media is encouraging is a type of bigotry. They are trying to make the police the enemy of the people. Instead of telling the truth, the Liberal Democrat news media is trying to suppress it. So, we need to pray for the people in the news media. They have a lot of power, and they can abuse it too.

Why would the news media pick on the police? To win in November, Liberal Democrat politicians need to turn out the black vote. Hatred is a good motivator. Liberal Democrats need to drive blacks to the polls in November. Hatred of the police is one way to do it. People remember hearing stories about people like Birmingham’s Bull Connor. Connor was a politician who abused his authority over the police. So, there is an element of truth, even though the Civil Rights Movement was in the 60’s, and the policemen Connor led retired long ago.

Ask yourself a question. What is systemic racism? Why would the police be systemically racist in cities run by Democrats, who, supposedly, are against racism? Is it because Democrats (now including black Democrats) have been using race as a political weapon all throughout our history.

This is not rocket science. Look up the statistics. Black on black crime is much more serious than police bigotry against blacks. When Liberal Democrat politicians run everything in our inner cities, why are we letting them get away with blaming somebody else, especially the policemen who they are responsible for organizing, training, and equipping?

Cutting funds to the police serves two other purposes.

  1. The economic shutdown leaves lots of cities and states broke, and most them were already up to their ears in debt. Big, fat pension plans for the folks in public employee unions, for example. Because of the failure of their policies — because they have been spendthrifts — Liberal Democrat politicians cannot afford to maintain services. They have to cut some place.
  2. Cutting the police budget gives Liberal Democrat politicians additional funds to buy votes with welfare benefits. Unfortunately, when we vote for welfare, we corrupt the people who receive it.

Please observe that the Washington Post’s article does not address how much money is needed for policing. It says nothing about the fact that maintaining law and order is the primary function of government, not spreading around other people’s money like Robin Hood and his merry band. If we don’t maintain law and order, stealing the wealth of the rich and giving it to poor won’t do any good, Liberal Democrat politicians will just connive to rob us all and reduce us to serfdom.

We need to vote in November, and we need to vote for people who love America and Americans, including the people who live in our inner cities and the police who protect us. What we don’t need is yet another manifestation of the sheer stupidity of identity politics.

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  1. Tom,

    There is one more possibility to explain the logic why the Democrats are destroying the cities they love.

    A song was written to explain the logic why.

    “You always hurt the one you love.”…….and the reason is “because I love you most of all.”

    In other words, if your reasoning doesn’t make any logical sense, then the song reasoning has to be the logical reason in my opinion.

    Sad.When will the voters “wise up?”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @Scatterwisdom

      When will voters wise up? I am just hoping us voters will realize we don’t have the wisdom to choose a good dictator and stop giving our leaders so much money and power. We are supposed to follow God, not a man. Are we wise enough to choose God?

  2. Question: Why did the chicken cross the street?

    Answer: To pose for a profane photo in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

    “Build that Wall”! “Build that Wall . . . around the White House”?

    I think until his next big fail, we should just call Trump “Bunker Boy”. What do you think?

    Sorry, could not resist a little levity aimed at your failed Richard Nixon “Law and Order” ploy. Ah, the nostalgia for the seventies, when stoking racial fear of blacks actually worked.

    Now I’m back to Tropical Storm prep . . . at least until Trump magically sharpies the storm back toward Mexico.

  3. Good post Tom. Sadly all the stats you will be completely ignored and we will continue on down this road of insanity under the fake news of our country being saturated in systemic racism. Tragically this mindset makes it harder for blacks to succeed, which makes you wonder what is the real motive here? Like you said the news media has a very strong incentive to keep us divided and Liberal politicians are equally invested in keeping minorities down and dependent on the government.

  4. The US has cops kill at rates multiple times higher than any other Western country. Maybe, you are doing something wrong, maybe the rest of the Western world is.

    1. @marmoewp

      We have Liberal Democrats in charge of our large cities. So, we have a crime problem in our large cities. In particular, we have too many young black men who have not been brought up properly.

      Black families use to be fairly strong. Liberal Democrats running our welfare state messed that up. Then they compounded the proper when they started running the inner city schools.

      Are we worse off than Europe? No. Are your Muslims immigrants assimilating? You don’t have government busybodies with grand dreams of Utopian power?

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