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The Family Research Council ( has just released a pamphlet that addresses sex education in public schools. As we already discussed in a previous article (PARENTAL RIGHTS? RELIGIOUS FREEDOM?), Richmond legislators earlier this year enacted a mandate for sex education K-12 in all Virginia public schools. That explicit curriculum and how it is to be implemented is currently being developed by the Department of Education and will be mandatory when the 2021-22 school year opens.

Cathy Ruse, author of the FRC pamphlet, has made clear and plain what concerned parents can and should do to protect their children. She presents so much information that to try to summarize it here would be difficult. Rather, you, the reader, are strongly encouraged to digest the pamphlet for yourself at:  “Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination.” The pamphlet is downloadable, so you can get it in…

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  1. I have always believed that the facts of life should be discussed between parents and their children. So someone asks, what if it’s not explained at home. I say, that’s between the parents and their children.

    1. @dolphinwrite

      It is best for the parents of a child to explain the facts of life. So, it is unfortunate that not all parents know how to deal with the subject. Nevertheless, I agree. This issue is something that parents and their children have to resolve without the help of government. Why? When it comes to a subject like this, government is at best a committee of busybodies. The last thing any child needs is a committee of busybodies trying to explain the facts of life.

      1. Wow! Thank you. One of the reasons I write is to meet people of understanding. The subject is too sensitive to be left to bureurocrats (Probably spelled that wrong). As a teacher, when they had me and a nurse speak with the boys, I kept it simple. Anything more, I explained, any student could talk with me on the side (One or two did.). But usually, I explained, this is something they should be talking with their parents. **My job, as I saw it, was to teach skills to prepare them for the working world. The rest I leave to the parents.

        1. @dolphinwrite

          I am nothing special. If I have any wisdom, it comes from reading the Bible and the experience of 68 years.

          Must have been awkward to talk to those boys about sex.

          I assume you taught in a public school. Sex ed did not exist when I went to school, but people were beginning to push the idea. The mistake we make when we listen such advocates is that is that we let them keep us focused on the problem, not the solution. We ignore what is working. So we fail to anticipate unintended consequences. And the news media is usually too busy advocating, not reporting, to be of much help.

          Old proverb: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. This is terrifying and not something I’d want schools teaching my children. Wish this information was out there more. Too many of us are walking blindly into this without knowledge. I also live in a blue state and do not want or need my boys learning this kind of mentality. Especially in terms of the child-sex. Children should be children and value their innocence while it lasts. That should not be exploited or something our government encourages or allows to be so.

    1. @Renee

      Don’t give up. Pray and help those candidates you support to win.

      The point of SEX ED is indoctrination. I would say it is a commie plot, but I don’t think it is. I think it is just politicians selling their votes to the highest bidder. Satan may be behind it, but most of us do bad things because we are foolish. Wisdom requires the grace of God and work.

      When people worship sex, stuff, science, state, and self, they devote their lives to getting sex, hoarding stuff, making science say whatever they want, empowering the state, and glorifying their self. That is, they become activists for their sacred causes. As Christians we need to see that when we worship the Father in the name of Jesus that requires us to seek good government. That is, we must becomes activists for His cause. We must promote freedom of religion so we can spread His Gospel. We must seek disciples for Christ, and that begins at home and includes instructing our children. We must protect our children from those who would exploit them, including devious politicians.

      We cannot stand by idly and let foolish people rule us. We must participate as good citizen in our government and ensure that our government is run by people who will protect the rights of our family, friends, and neighbors.

  3. Good post, Tom. Our “new and improved” mandatory sex ed passed here in Wa and it’s a real doozy. Absolutely, parents need to fight this and to keep their kids out of public school.

    1. @IB

      Now that we have Democrat majorities in both houses of the General Assembly and a Democrat governor, there is no stopping them. If they want something, ethics don’t matter. They will find some way to sneak it through, and most of the news media won’t complain. If it is embarrassing to the Democrats, they will even bury the story or try to make it look like it is the Republican’s fault.

        1. I only understood bits and pieces of it but what I did I liked, which is why I asked

          1. @TwistedMaze

            Education is a complex topic, but one thing is clear. Children need to be taught by people who care about them, not by people with an agenda.

          2. But isn’t it easier to learn things when familiarity isnt present. It’s easier to teach as well, because there’s no pressure, or expectations for both the teacher and student. Kind of like a doctor not being able to operate on a family member? I’m just questioning it, sorry

          3. @TwistedMaze

            It is not good to trust our children with people we don’t know. The world, contrary to what you might believe is filled with people who don’t have your best interests in their heart.

            Look at most of the governments of the world. They are authoritarian states. Slavery has existed for a long time. It is still more common than not.

          4. If that really is what people believe, you trust teachers enough to teach them about the general happenings of the world, it’s working and it’s history, and won’t trust them to teach something as basic as sex? All I’m saying is that sexual education should be almost as normal as teaching kids not to bully each other.
            And can you really compare the governments of the world to teachers, who have so little to gain, besides satisfaction?

          5. @TwistedMaze

            “Should” and “ought” are words that indicate that people don’t.

            Frankly, our public schools don’t do anything well because they have become too politicized. Part of the problem is something called “mission creep”, but the main problem is that politicians have their own agenda. People don’t do something the way you want them to do it just because we want them to do so.

            A politician gets elected by lots of people who all have different motives for voting for him. Think about that.

          6. I understand that the government does control a majority of the workings of the public schools and influences them. But I was referring to the fact about the comfort levels as well as the fact that when you can trust teachers with having to provide so much education to kids already, why not trust a bit more and let them do this as well

          7. @TwistedMaze

            When someone teaches a child or young person, that teacher serve as a role model, and they impart their moral values. That is especially true with respect to the subject of sex.

            Is sex a recreational activity or something far more serious? Different people have differing beliefs.

            Frankly, I think parents should pick their children’s teachers and the school they attend. Politicians cannot be trusted with responsibility. They are too easily tempted to cater to special interests.

        1. How was anyone supposed to notice then? It’s my first day here 🤷🏻‍♀️

          1. @TwistedMaze

            If you plaster the same comment all over the place, your comments will be spammed. Then the spam checker will start putting all your comments in the spam bucket.

            Treat the posts of others with the same respect you with which you want yours treated. Focus on what you learn. Dialogue.

          2. Thank you, I won’t hence further. I just wanted people to read mine since I’ve just started and seek validation. I do apologize for it, I wouldn’t have liked it either. Thanks

          3. @TwistedMaze

            You are welcome to comment. Just follow this rule, and no one will have a good reason to complain.

            Matthew 7:12
            New King James Version
            12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

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