Watch the mass media, and you learn THE TRUTH. Liberal Democrats care about people. Republicans of all stripes want to wheel granny off a cliff. That’s most certainly what is happening with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Republicans want to reopen the economy, and more people will DIE! YEOW!!!! Only Democrats can save us from Republicans and work.

Ohhh, the shock and the chagrin! Republicans think we ought to provide for ourselves and work, even if there are viruses, bacteria, rats, mosquitoes, rain storms, maniac drivers, polluting cars and trucks,…. Why do Republicans make such a fuss about dealing with the filth and getting back to work? If we all just stay at home until after the election in November, so what if Trump loses the election? Haven’t CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and so forth told us Trump is a bad man — always 100 percent wrong? What is wrong with people becoming impoverished and starving? If the insects take over, the planet will be so much cleaner. No messy human beings, and Mother Earth (Gaia) will be so appreciative she won’t be trying to kill us with viruses like Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If the economy crashes and lots of unimportant people starve (especially Republicans), we will have such a wonderful crisis. Just think of the opportunities for CHANGE! When those vile Republicans complain, we can implement gun control. We can put a wise leader like Barack Hussein Obama in charge, and he or she can complete the transformation of America into a Glorious, Pagan, Socialist state. Then we can make grocery stores feed everyone for FREE, make clothing stores give away FREE clothing, allow the homeless to move into any home or hotel our wise leaders think appropriate, and abandon indoor plumbing (would not want to shame the homeless since they do their business on the streets). Then every public restroom would be unisexual, and we will have taken care of the problems of food, clothing, and shelter. Equality at last! Wouldn’t plumbing-free homes significantly reduce the cost of new homes? Isn’t a shack in a lovely forest good enough for anyone?

Nature is so WONDERFUL! Therefore, our Dear Leader could decree a back to nature movement. He could compel everyone who wants to be a farmer to work on state-run farms. Wouldn’t our wise ruler know what we really need? Who wouldn’t want to be forced to work 16-hour days in pollution free air under a blazing, beautiful sun manually plowing fields, planting seeds, pulling up weeds, and gathering the abundant fruit of the harvest for our wise aristocracy? And just think! No more machinery, fertilizer, pesticides, or weedkiller. All natural! Doesn’t the very thought of such a pristine world make the heart sing?

In addition, we would not have to worry about voting by mail or ballot harvesting or election fraud of any kind. Rest assured our Dear Leader would take care of such matters for us.



  1. Tom,

    To answer the question of your post title, any liberal leadership that would accomplish all you described is obviously more caring than Conservative leadership.

    . Actually, in history, there was a leader who did accomplish most of what you describe by doing what you described.

    For example, he used forced labor to work long hours to build various projects in his Nation.

    He reigned for forty years and never engaged in any major wars.

    The only problem was when he died, the people rebelled against paying having to continue to pay the high taxes they paid in order to live in his utopian Nation.

    Although you did not mention anything about taxes, it must have been a slight oversight on your part because we all know anyone with the barest common sense knows someone, or those who lived and benefited in his utopian Kingdom under his wise and caring leadership had to pay for the utopia you described.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    PS The leader’s name in case you are interested was King Solomon.

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    1. @Scatterwisdom

      King Solomon serves as an excellent example of the best we can expect from Utopian rule. Ecclesiastes shows the problem. As wise as he was, even Solomon gave into the temptations of power. Before he realized that only God could fill the void in his heart, Solomon was old and worn, and his people had grown tired of paying the bill for his vain pursuit of happiness without God.

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      1. Tom,

        Spot on synopsis of King Solomon.

        If I was a college professor, I would grade you an A on your knowledge of King Solomon.

        Sad so many don’t even know anything about him in our contemporary times.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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  2. This article by Glenn Greenwald, is very good I think.
    It’s not exactly the topic, but on the other hand…it very much is the topic.
    Regarding Flynn.
    Of course this has been covered before,
    but it is worth a mention again now that the Judge who berated Flynn and called him a traitor without actually knowing what the charges were (and made a public apology), a couple of years ago is now pursuing a contempt charge.
    Calling this clown world jurisprudence is an insult to clowns.

    But the prosecution of Flynn — for allegedly lying to the FBI when he denied in a January 24 interrogation that he had discussed with Kislyak on December 29 the new sanctions and expulsions imposed on Russia by the Obama administration — was always odd for a number of reasons. To begin with, the FBI agents who questioned Flynn said afterward that they did not believe he was lying (as CNN reported in February, 2017: “the FBI interviewers believed Flynn was cooperative and provided truthful answers. Although Flynn didn’t remember all of what he talked about, they don’t believe he was intentionally misleading them, the officials say”). For that reason, CNN said, “The FBI is not expected to pursue any charges against” him.

    More importantly, there was no valid reason for the FBI to have interrogated Flynn about his conversations with Kislyak in the first place. There is nothing remotely untoward or unusual — let alone criminal — about an incoming national security official, three weeks away from taking over, reaching out to a counterpart in a foreign government to try to tamp down tensions. As the Washington Post put it, “it would not be uncommon for incoming administrations to interface with foreign governments with whom they will soon have to work.”

    What newly released documents over the last month reveal is what has been generally evident for the last three years: the powers of the security state agencies — particularly the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ — were systematically abused as part of the 2016 election and then afterward for political rather than legal ends. While there was obviously deceit and corruption on the part of some Trump officials in lying to Russiagate investigators and otherwise engage in depressingly common DC lobbyist corruption, there was also massive corruption on the part of the investigators themselves, exploiting and abusing their vast and invasive investigative and prosecutorial powers for ideological goals, political subterfuge, election manipulation and personal vendettas. The former category (corruption by Trump officials) has receive a tidal wave of endless media attention, while the latter (corruption and abuse of power by those investigating them) has received almost none.


  3. LOL Tom, very well done! Just think of the utopia that would arise, with us mean and uncaring conservatives out of the way! Except who would be left for Doug to blame things on?

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  4. So let me put my foot down here and make a bold statement, No, no they usually do not. People who adhere to the ideology of democrats often have a very short sighted and immature understanding of love. Since I live in liberal utopia in an area heavily controlled by democrats, and I do mean “controlled,” I think I’ve earned the right to declare that truth.

    Love is a complicated subject, a many splendored thing, but ultimately when we love our neighbor, our love is other centered and will benefit them in some way, like serve to genuinely improve their lives or their circumstances. We don’t get to love people as we wish to love them, we love people as they need to be loved. It feels good to us to give someone an extra 20 bucks in food stamps. It’s a whole lot harder to make them a member of your community, to work to fuel their self respect, and help them open up a business, so they can actually become the ones who get to give back to their communities.

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    1. Love is what compels a medical person to risk their life staying at their job in caring for lines of people with a potentially deadly disease that has a high mortality rate when it walks in the door, with substandard personal protection to keep them safe.

      Not quite sure I would help a stranger open a business as that in itself is a reward of personal achievement and an incentive to achieve. Having a business is not an entitlement…. having the desire and knowledge to carry that forward is up to personal motivation. I would give the person the means to subsist on their own… and make their own choice on a future.


      1. @Doug

        Private banks help strangers start businesses all the time. Charity often consists of doing the work we do so that we honor our Maker when we do it because we have done it well.


        1. “Private” banks cater to more elite economic classes. The typical bank makes VERY conservative only highly collateralized loans.. and generally only if you have a broader, longer term, banking relationship. One of the problems with the last business bail out from Congress.
          Strangers do not.. as a rule.. get bank loans to start a business. Now.. if you as a charity would like to counter-sign to guarantee a business loan with your assets, then I suppose that MIGHT work.


          1. @Doug

            A business bailout financed by Congress is private lending? Seriously? Congress is just using the banks to give our money away. Why do you think YOU called it a bailout?

            If banks don’t make their loans carefully, soon they don’t have any money to lend. It is only when banks lend someone else’s money — someone who does not require accountability — that banks risk not being payed back. Easy come. Easy go.

            Do banks loan money to business startups? This type of loan is not much different from loaning money to a first time home or car buyer. To minimize their risk, lenders must insist that the buyer use some of their own money to make the purchase, and they same is true of a business startup. In addition, banks tend to require a higher interest rate when their customers lack a good credit history.

            Charity, in such cases, requires a bank to help their customers understand and account for the weaknesses in their business model. The object of a good banker is to help their customers succeed. A bad banker is just looking at the profit that can be made today.

            The typical bank makes VERY conservative only highly collateralized loans.. and generally only if you have a broader, longer term, banking relationship. One of the problems with the last business bail out from Congress.

            Strangers do not.. as a rule.. get bank loans to start a business.

            Every relationship begins as a relationship between strangers. Bad businessmen and bad bankers don’t work to establish a good relationship with their lenders and successful customers respectively.


  5. Feel better now, Tom?

    Now.. do yourself a favor and if televised watch (any moment now as I write this) Fauci, et al will be testifying before the GOP-dominated Senate. There will be no cleaning, filtering, covering up, what they are going to say.


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