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Why did President Donald Trump need to be impeached and now removed from office? Here are the Top Ten Reasons of Trump’s opponents.

10. Donald Trump cannot be allowed to win in 2020.

Impeachment is the plan Liberal Democrats have adopted to win the 2020 elections. They have not accomplished anything. So, all they can do is attempt to discredit Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans.

9. Only Pro-Choice judges should be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Imagine you are one of the women who has had an abortion. Consider the guilt you must already feel. Consider the energy you expend trying to convince yourself that you have done nothing wrong. Then imagine the satisfaction you get making taxpayers, including Pro-Life taxpayers, pay for other people’s abortions. What happen’s to that satisfaction with someone like Donald Trump as our president.

8. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in global warming.

Trump’s attitude is preventing Liberal Democrats from implementing Socialism using global warming as an excuse. For true believers, that’s a real problem.

7. Donald Trump is making Mexico pay for the wall.

Don’t think so? Trump used the threat of tariffs to force Mexico to stop allowing people from other countries from gaining passage into the United States through Mexico. So, Mexico and its army have become our first barriers to entry into the United States accross our southern border.

6. Donald Trump says and does mean things.

Liberal Democrats call Trump and his supporters rude, crude, white supremacists, dumb, narcissists, tyrannical, liars, and so forth. Unfortunately for Liberal Democrats, people have begun to notice that Liberal Democrats seem to be projecting their own behavior, including crimes, onto their opponents.

5. Donald Trump is a nationalist.

Donald Trump believes in America. Trump has worked to make America Great Again, and he is working to Keep America Great. Liberal Democrats don’t like that. Do they think America is a hateful place instead?

4. The seriousness of the charges.

Liberal Democrats say Trump did something awful. He abused his power. He picked on the leader of a small country and threatened to withhold American aid if that small country did not do something he wanted done. In spite of the fact House Democrats lack any evidence that such a thing happened, they still insist the Senate needs to conduct a thorough investigation and remove Trump because the charge is so serious. They ask: are we afraid to know the truth?

3. Democrats bigwigs are immune from investigation and prosecution.

What is the charge against Trump? Unless they launched an investigation of one of his rivals, Joe Biden, Trump threatened to withhold American aid from the Ukrainians. Supposedly, the only reason Trump wanted Joe Biden investigated is to ruin Biden’s presidential aspirations. Whether Biden is actually guilty of corrupt behavior seems to be utterly irrelevant to Liberal Democrats.

2. Donald Trump is making Liberal Democrats look bad.

For eight long years, President Barack Hussein Obama made a wreck of everything he touched: foreign policy, the economy, the military, health care, gender identity, marriage, race relations, and so forth. Unless your objective was to get even with some imagined enemy and see them suffer, it is difficult to identify anything Obama improved. Obama just divided us into rival identity groups.

1. The swamp creatures are hungry.

When the elites of Washington, D.C. take a look at Donald Trump, what do they see? Consider one of those terms that Liberal Democrat love to stick on their opponents: tribalism. What does tribalism do? It separates people. Either you are one of the family, or you are an outsider. If you are not one of the family, you don’t belong.

So what happened when Trump won the 2016 election and became president? He shocked the D.C. elites. Trump had become president without the approval of the elites. The People wanted him, but they did not. The elites, therefore, saw Trump as a threat to their way of life, the prosperity they derive from their corrupt control of the Federal Government.

As an outsider, Trump is supposed to be the natural prey of D.C. elites, a small animal ready to be devoured. Because he has successfully fought back, the swamp creatures are mad with rage. We call the exhibition of that rage Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). TDS is why Liberal Democrats are demanding witnesses. Without any evidence he did anything impeachable, House Democrats impeached Trump. So now they are desperate for evidence, and they are demanding that Republicans produce that evidence in the Senate.


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    Liberal Democrats call Trump and his supporters rude, crude, white supremacists, dumb, narcissists, tyrannical, liars, and so forth. Unfortunately for Liberal Democrats, people have begun to notice that Liberal Democrats seem to be projecting their own behavior, including crimes, onto their opponents.

  2. Tsalmon,

    You commented

    “Trump’s personality is just incompatible with the Washington institutional structure and they don’t blame Trump, but instead blame the structure. “

    Frankly, I could not help but smile because this same problem occurred 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ had to buck the Pheresis “Institutional structure.”

    He was crucified.

    The question to discern in my opinion when are we going to wise up and listen and do what Jesus Christ told us to do to get along with each other?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

      1. Tsalmon,

        I have to admit I shared the same thought before I posted it.

        However, I really doubt anyone believes Trump is Jesus.

        Regards and goodwill blogging


      2. @tsalmon

        What you have been saying about Trump is too much. We are all suppose to strive to be like Jesus. Of course, we all suffer in comparison to the infinite.

  3. I’ve never been like you Tom— a vocal advocate to my local legislators— I’ve never been one to call or write expressing my concerns as a taxpayer and voter—opting rather to chat amongst family and friends and eventually show my support via the ballot box. On the other hand I have a very loud and vocal cousin who calls, writes… doing whatever she can to express her sentiments to her legislators as well as to those legislators in other states and even across the aisle.
    I’ve never given campaign contributions nor been a card carrying member of any particular party—I have however always leaned toward voting Republican—
    But this impeachment fiasco however has lead me to call both of my Georgia senators as well as Senator Susan Collins of Maine—I left a message with my name city and state telling each of them that I was tired of being held hostage by all of this political drama and that I expected each of them to move us all quickly from this mess back to the necessary purpose of running this country— of which has taken a tragic backseat to political tit for tat— I explained that I was tired, as a taxpayer, of paying for idiocy while the real issues of importance for this Nation were going ignored and being put in a back burner— I wanted this all to end NOW!! Otherwise I feared many jobs would be lost— their’s.

    1. That sent before I was finished— last night I saw a new commercial for Michael Bloomberg— a commercial where he calls for the Senate to do the right thing by removing Trump from office and if they don’t, he will. I immediately went to find where I could give a donation to the Presidents campaign.
      I latter caught the segment where CNN commentators were making fun of any one who voted for Trump — moving and ridiculing— as a middle American I am well past sick and tired of all of this— enough is enough— I suspect many Americans are beginning to feel equally as frustrated— alligator season is upon us!

    2. @Julie

      Good for you! It is our government. We must not forget that. Our senators and representatives act in our name. When they behave poorly, they do so to our shame.

  4. In one sense, you are right Tom. The witness argument is a political winner for the Dems no matter which way it goes. I think that the vast majority of Senators (more than two thirds) have already factored in that Trump did everything that the House impeached him for, and a majority of Republicans are ready to acquit regardless. The problem is that Republicans have two bad choices politically:

    1. Refuse to call witnesses and risk losing the Senate as confirming evidence of Trump’s guilt inevitably continues to build and vulnerable Republicans are continuously accused by their Democratic rivals of participating in a coverup. Politically, Trump will be hung around the necks of vulnerable state Republicans like a dead albatross.

    2. Call witnesses and risk that every fig leaf that they have been using to hide Trump’s guilt falls away under the glare of testimony from Trump’s own advisors and former advisors. Even if the Trump defense team uses the same tactics to block witnesses after the Senate votes to hear them, then they will only prove the second count of the impeachment and SCOTUS will either expedite a decision or refuse to get involved. As the obviousness of Trump’s guilt mounts either through confirming testimony or through his obstruction of the Senate Trial, vulnerable Republican Senators will be forced to either vote to acquit an obviously corrupt president or vote to convict and risk the wrath of Trump’s loyal base (people like you who have shown that they don’t care how corrupt Trump is as long as he gives them the items you enumerate above). There also is always a possibility the Moscow Mitch will decide that it’s more important for him to keep the Senate majority than save a damaged Presidency, and he will hatch a plot to have Republican Senators abandon Trump in mass.

    With either option, politically at least, Democrats win. Something like 75 percent of Americans, including almost half of Republicans, want witnesses. Trump can be acquitted but, as truth of Trump’s corruption continues to drip out, in the minds of swing Republicans and Independents, Trump will never be actually exonerated, and more likely he will be seen, like OJ Simpson was, guilty as sin.

    Actually, I think the riskiest option for Dems is if the witnesses get called and they don’t turn out to be as damning as the Dems hope. They are all Republicans after all. It’s like the prosecutor calling the Defendant’s loving wife or brother to prove guilt – you never know how that will turn out.

    If Trump had shown the slightest mea culpa early on, as Reagan did with Iran Contra and Clinton did with his affair, it’s unlikely that this would have gotten to this point, but that is just not in Trump’s DNA.

    I’m reading “A Very Stable Genius” and I’m almost through. I’ve got a whole new appreciation for how Trump’s supporters think Trump’s personality is just incompatible with the Washington institutional structure and they don’t blame Trump, but instead blame the structure. There is some truth to that, but it seems to me the problem also is that Trump is simply incapable of basic political leadership. The book documents Trump constantly pooping all over the place and then stepping in his own crap over and over again, only to blame someone else. Pretty interesting read.

    1. @tsalmon

      The district attorney brings a case into court. Then he expects the judge to gather the evidence, including getting the witnesses and documents he suppose to produce himself? What self respecting judge would do that?

      The Democrats are just shameless. Just because they act like we should take them seriously does not mean we should.

      1. Tom,

        Ok, that is an interesting procedural argument if we actually were arguing The Rules of Criminal Procedure. However, this has happened only three times in our entire history. The Constitution doesn’t say much about process. Quite frankly, the Impeachment rules are whatever the majority of the House says they are and the Impeachment Trial rules are whatever 51 Senators say they are. The only recourse or remedy to failures of due process on either side of this case are not really in the courts, but instead at the ballot box. (Seriously, do you think that if Trump is removed by the Senate, he gets to go whine in the SCOTUS? Do you think they’d hear it if he tried? Do you think the House Managers get SCOTUS appeal if they don’t get witnesses?)

        When the House decided to pursue impeachment, it had dramatic constitutional consequences, but the real risk was political. If the Senate decides to convict or acquit, it will certainly lay a future constitutional predicate for presidential removal, but there is nothing really binding or reviewable by any future Congress either way – the real appeal will be the next election.

        So quit trying to argue legal procedure with a lawyer. It doesn’t really apply. The big picture is all politics and the rest is just lawyerly smoke and mirrors. But judging from your political harangue above, I think you already know that, don’t you? 😏

        1. @tsalmon

          The Democrats are trying to steal the vote too. Of course, when I say that, I must be an extremist because the crony capitalist news media says so.

          Think! The Russians can steal our elections (even after Obama said they could not do so), but the Democrats cannot do it?

          — No voter ID. No confirmation of who is voting
          — Motor voter registration. Illegals can vote even though they are not suppose to do so.
          — Registration lists that are full of dead people. With a little help the dead can vote
          — Vote anywhere anytime. Makes it easier to vote more than once as different people. Makes more sophisticated fraud easier.
          — ballot harvesting:collecting and submitting of absentee or mail-in voter ballots by volunteers or workers.
          — The unwillingness of Democrats even to consider investigating voter fraud by Democrats.

          When Democrats are so full of doubletalk, why do you keep believing them?

          1. Who says I’m here to be your foil for Democrats? Rant about them all you want. Just don’t pretend it’s any more than histrionics that, with Trump as your fearless leader, you’re shocked that politics is going on on the Dems side.

            This is historical – Trump is only the third President in history to be impeached. Although I’ve always been skeptical of removal, it’s not because Trump doesn’t deserve it or because you should believe the nonsense that constitutional Impeachment is “stealing an election”; it’s because the politics were always uphill for removal. The question remains what the politics of Impeachment means in the next election.

            You put all your money on Trump, and he lost you the House. You keep backing that corrupt horse for the sake of hating the Democrats and your Republicans are likely to lose the Senate and the Presidency. Then what do you have? A country that a Republican Congress and a scheming supposed billionaire President bankrupted for the rich? A foreign policy without an actual plan? And you expect the Dems to clean up your mess, again?

        2. @tsalmon

          Let me add a bit more. It is okay with you if the House blows off its responsibility to get impeachment right and makes a political play. Then what is wrong with the Senate ignoring the blankety blanks. You wrote a bunch of nonsense? Your favorite “Republican” pundits take the House seriously?

          It is patently obvious the news media and the Democrats cannot be trusted. The results of impeachment process in the House was preordained. It was a political hit job that had nothing to do with any misconduct by Trump. So there is no reason for a trial in the Senate. You believe otherwise? If you are willing to believe those people when they are spewing such crap, I don’t much care.

          Read this=>

          1. “Blankety blanks”? And I thought this was a family website. 😊

            “Those people” are “spewing crap”? Do you honestly believe even half of Trump’s scat spreading? I know you are not that naive.

          2. @tsalmon

            Who says I’m here to be your foil for Democrats?

            I think you made that determination. You are here, and you are toeing the Democrat party line. You keep calling Trump a liar, but you have repeated far more lies than Trump has told in his 70 plus years.

            This is historical – Trump is only the third President in history to be impeached.

            Based upon the notion that we have a major crisis ever four generations, I have been expecting a major conflict like WWII to pop up soon. I am skeptical that the impeachment of President Donald Trump qualifies, but I wonder. Trump impeachment and trial are just part of the culture war. We have not shot at or beat each other up very much so far, but the conflict continues to intensify. I hope a shooting war does not start. Still, we now have a crisis even if one does not start. Wars decide who rules, whose beliefs prevail, and that is the nature of this conflict.

            Because we have allowed our government to become so huge and powerful, we are fighting over it.
            1. When we created the public school system, we put bureaucrats (people parents do not choose) in charge of children. That interfered with the bonds that tie communities together, and children suffer directly from the lack of proper Christian education. Children also never learn how to properly participate in politics, and so few do. Increasingly, education has become more and more about “isms” such as multiculturalism, environmentalism, socialism, transgenderism, intersectionalism, ableism, ageism, secularism, amoralism, and so forth.
            2. When we increased the taxation powers of Congress (16th Amendment), we made it easier for Congress to buy us with our own money.
            3. When we allowed for the direct election of senators (17th Amendment), we broke the Senate. Now state legislatures cannot restrain Congress.
            4. When we let FDR establish Social Security and other welfare program, we initiated the beginnings of our still growing Welfare State.
            5. When Congress passed civil rights legislation that gave the Federal Government extraordinary powers to combat racism. Congress enjoyed exercising these powers so much they decided to apply them to age, immigration status, gender, disabilities, and so forth, and we let them get away with it.
            6. When Congress discovered environmentalism in the 70’s, they decided saving our cities from air pollution and our lakes, streams, and coastal waters from water pollution did not give it enough power. Therefore, they latched on to global warming, and we did not stop them.

            God help us from the people who insist upon “saving” us and calling our resistance “spewing crap”.

          3. You may have a rather exaggerated view of your own place near the pinnacle of historical Armageddon. I suppose we all tend to do that to some extent though. By comparison, most of our human history of war, famine, slavery and oppression, we are now living in a shangri la lull, a moment of peace, freedom and prosperity, especially in this country. The generation that raised you and me saw a Great Depression, a devastating world war and the real repression of Holocaust.

            They also knew to be grateful. I think our father and mother would scoff at our whining self importance, don’t you? (I would like to know where my flying car is though).

            That doesn’t mean things will always get better or that they can’t get much worse. During the last 100 years half the species of the world have gone extinct. It is very predictable that in the next 20 another 50 percent will go. But public schools are the cause of all evil? Right. . . .

            Ah well, I read the other day that, if the history of the Earth were a 24 hour clock, all of human existence would only have lasted the last few milliseconds. And yet God knows what happens to every sparrow I the field. That kind of puts things in some perspective.

            On that cheerful note, Happy Birthday old man! What are you, 70 or 80 now? 🎂

          4. Oh.. Tom’s birthday?? Well.. given all the crazy stuff in the world.. let’s hope we all make it to Tom’s next one. There are times I’d not mind giving him a few spankings.. or in the least the proverbial slap upside his head. But for now I’ll just leave him with the thought that I hope he gets past blowing out all those candles. 🙂

          5. @Doug

            The Democratic Party respects the Constitution? That’s almost as “funny” as Democrats suddenly deciding Russia is a threat. What did Obama say to Mitt Romney?

            “The 1980s, they’re now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” Obama said, seeking to paint Romney as out of touch on a key foreign policy issue. (

            Even when he was right Romney did not know how to win.

            Trump knows how to win. Will we get tired of winning? Well, it seems you already are.

          6. Where have you been? Seems this country has lasted 240+ years and has done damn good, regardless of the ups & downs of a variety of administrations and the variety of domestic and world crisis. Trump comes along and tosses fear, doom, and gloom onto the land and 48% of the electorate just scarfs that up like ravenous dogs (note I didn’t say “deplorables” and I did say “like”) and buys into him.. wait.. Him.. as being the country’s messiah.. and now we in are in the greatest divide since the Civil War.. and you think the last three years have been great??
            I would trade EVERYTHING he is alleged to have accomplished in a heartbeat.. to get him outta the White House. But that’s just me. I refuse to sell off my morality and the Constitution to this guy for ANY reason. Pence would be better.
            The best is yet to come, Tom… this is going to be a wild year for the country… and not necessarily in any good way.

  5. Tom,

    I believe you missed the core reason in your post which is hate.

    Why Trump hated is complex and needs to be communicated to promote understanding about hatred in our Nation.

    Some psychology reasons are in this link

    You listed ten reasons in your post, all of them can be linked to the core basic reason of hate.

    Today’s conflict hatred fad is Trump haters. Recent history were Jew haters. Colored folk haters, Catholic haters, etc. etc.

    King Solomon observed the same when he wrote this proverb.

    Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. (Proverb 10:12)

    Since it is unlawful to teach the 90 percent of children attending public secular schools this following religious understanding to control hatred,

    “Love thy neighbor same as you love yourself,”

    the same hatred core factor will keep repeating and intensifying more and more in future generations, in my opinion.

    Or until we wise up, in my opinion.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      I don’t believe I have spent a lot of ink accusing my opponents of hating. Why not? The problem with that accusation is that it does not go anywhere, not even when the hatred appears obvious. We cannot prove what someone is thinking. We can only describe their behavior. That is one reason why the whole notion of hate crimes is ludicrous.

      There is another reason I don’t spend a lot of time accusing my accusing my opponents of hatred. There is something worse, indifference.

      There is no love without hate; and there is no hate without love. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference; the opposite of feeling can only be the absence of feeling. Disinclination, which is coloured by feeling, often only serves the purpose of concealing and protecting oneself against an inclination. Love and hate must go hand in hand; and the people we love most we hate also, because hate is grounded in the nature of love. — Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Stekel from =>

      Check out =>

      A few comments on that Psychology Today article.
      The Southern Law Poverty Center is not a respectable organization. They smear their political opponents with lies and then they try to rake in donations for inspiring hatred with lies.

      Liberal Democrats promote a war culture. Articles like that one will be used as an excuse to stifle political speech by calling it hate speech.

      1. Tom,

        Your comments on indifference are interesting.

        I wonder though if indifference is the result of people lacking either of the two main emotions or drivers in life, love or hate?

        Problem is more people nowadays are being motivated by hate than love, in my opinion.

        Why so, is what our leaders should be focusing on, That requires wisdom, in my opinion,

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. @Scatterwisdom

          Think about what pride involves. If a person loves their self to the exclusion of God and everyone else, then any person they know just becomes an object. We use objects. We may like or dislike and objects, but we don’t love or hate an object.

          Are people more motivated by hate than love these days? Probably. With less Christian instruction, that is sort of inevitable.

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