“Commonsense Liberal Democrats” is, of course, an oxymoron, but these are people who don’t accept the meaning of words. Why is that? Perhaps Liberal Democrats believe that “real” is whatever the Law proclaims is true. Let’s consider some examples.

What’s the latest? Commonsense gun control. Google “commonsense gun control“. Because that phrase is the latest politically correct expression with which to hammer gun rights activists, it is all over the Internet. Unfortunately, what Liberal Democrats mean by gun control is really gun confiscation. Supposedly, if we all give up our Second Amendment right to bear firearms, we will be safer. For some inexplicable reason Democrats cannot figure out that any government tyrannical enough to prohibit the right of self-defense is far more dangerous than allowing law abiding citizens to own guns.

When we try to use the Law to change reality, we err for several reasons.

  • To work a law must be understood the People, but Liberal Democrats use words (like “commonsense”) to browbeat their opponents, not to explain the laws they want. Hence, they call the AR-15 an assault weapon.
  • To work a law must be enforceable. Are we going to shoot people to take their guns away from them?
  • To work a law must be widely supported by the People, but substantial numbers of Americans detest gun confiscation. Trusting politicians to protect us doesn’t work.

Apparently, Liberal Democrats lack the commonsense they claim to have. Other examples include:

  • Same-sex “marriage”. Instead of accepting the reality our sexual differences, Liberal Democrats promote the fantasy of “gender” differences, even to the point of hormone treatments and sex change surgery. How “real” is this fantasy? How many of us would seriously considered marrying a transgendered individual? “He” may look like a “she”, but  just as a real diamond is not a piece of glass, a real woman is not a man with his testicles removed. There is a difference in substance.
  • Abortion is “pro-choice”, not the killing of an unborn child. This is such a “real” choice that we all know of politicians who carefully explain that they would not do it, but they still have to “protect” abortion “rights”. They cannot force their religious beliefs upon others. Yet they do? Otherwise, how do they explain funding abortions with taxpayer money? What do they have against the rights of people who think the abortion of an unborn child is murder?
  • Socialism. Socialism is about giving people their “rights” to an education, healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, a job, vacation, and so forth. Liberal Democrats think they can pay for all these “rights” by taxing the “rich”. The “rich”, as it happens, is anyone with a job who can pay taxes.
  • “Global warming”, when our globe did not warm up as predicted, became “climate change”. Why hasn’t the predicted global warming occurred? Contrary to all the assertions, science is not based upon consensus. Science is based upon hypotheses that survive experimental testing. Except for dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we don’t have the capacity to test the theory of Global Warming, and the our globe is not warming as the “warmists” predicted..
  • Illegal immigration. Liberal Democrats would have us believe illegal immigration is good for our country. Some of these illegal immigrants sneak across the border, and some overstay their visas. So the people we call illegal immigrants are not a homogeneous population. Some of illegal immigrants actually arrive here knowing how to speak English and just decide to stay. Others don’t even know how to write in their native tongue. Still, Liberal Democrats consider it heartless to turn back any of these people. Flaunting their compassion they would open our borders to one and all. Apparently, Liberal Democrats do not believe running a constitutional republic requires an educated populace, or they just don’t care.
  • School Choice. Liberal Democrats are “pro-choice”, but they sure ain’t for school choice. Probably has something to do with teachers unions, don’t you think? For the sake of the teachers unions, we are suppose to believe politician-run schools provide the best way to run our schools. For the sake of the teachers unions we are suppose to believe that four distinct committees, a school board, a local government, a state government, and the Federal Government can all work together in concert and run our schools efficiently without stepping on the rights and responsibilities of parents to raise their children in a way those parents think appropriate.

So what about that giphy at the top? What about that man who can say anything with a straight face? It is true that the states with the most gun laws tend to have the least gun violence (see States with the most (and least) gun violence. See where your state stacks up ( We have to evaluate statistics, however, carefully. That’s because people (like that man in that giphy at the top) often use statistics to mislead us.

What is buried in those gun violence statistics? Six in ten gun deaths are from suicides (What the data says about gun deaths in the U.S. ( Gun laws don’t make us safer, but guns do (see The Safest States In The US ( When people can defend themselves, it is not safe to be a criminal.


  1. Tom, I would like to comment on the following: ““Commonsense Liberal Democrats” is, of course, an oxymoron, but these are people who don’t accept the meaning of words. Why is that? Perhaps Liberal Democrats believe that “real” is whatever the Law proclaims is true.” — My comment is, “They think they are a law unto themselves and because of that, the only “Law” they know or understand is their own locked-in thinking.

  2. Tom,

    The caption under your Obama feature image bears no relationship to any kind of sense in the City of Chicago which has the most gun laws and one of the highest murder rates in the States.

    Yesterday 13 victims of guns at one location and the Mayor of Chicago called the shooters cowards.

    I wrote a post to question if the Mayors choice of words to describe the shooters as cowards, terrorists, or fools according to the idiom that” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”.

    After reading your post, the same post question can be applied to the actions of liberal Democrats on just about every issue you highlighted in your post, in my opinion. Or in liberal democrats’ eyes, what they perceive as common sense in my eyes is pure unadulterated folly.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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